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  1. Or request a patch for it.
  2. Hi all, Ok so obivously we have been fixing tons of other stuff before this official update log post, but here is everything you can find for todays update. Also from now on we will keep posting all the new updates in this section! IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT LAUNCHER: http://simplicityps.org/play/SimplicityLauncher.jar - Fixed multiple exploits with the clan chat messaging - You can no longer interact with objects if you don't enter your pin - Construction objects and rooms now save - Re-wrote how trivia functions with answering and storing winners. - Moderators+ can no longer teleport to players while they are dungeoneering - Removed donator benefit from saving your casketing when opening them - Steel titans should no longer attack the person who summoned them - ::thread command has been added so players can search forum posts etc. - You can no longer use :duelreq: :tradereq: in the clan chat - Re-worked SQL connections with safe threadding - Added the max hit stone to edge, south of the general store. When attacking it, you will hit the maximum hit with your current weapon. - Added Ghrazi rapier (strongest rapier ingame) (didnt want to release this yet because im planning to add this drop to the new bosses, same with scyte of vitur) - Added Scythe of vitus (really op and slightly better than ghrazi rapier) (we will make it 1 on 1 like real osrs soon) - Added Death cape (Has some nice stats but not better than dung master cape) (can only be obtained by donating & voting) - Added Bronze & Gold boxes - Added new client background (teaser for next update maybe? who knows) - When a player gets a rare item+ from a bronze/gold/normal/legendary mbox it will display a message. - When 5+ players have claimed their voting rewards with ::voted a server message will appear saying 5+ players have voted for a reward at ::vote - Buffed Ags + spec - Buffed gmaul spec - Buffed T bow for pvp - Removed gold hammer spec - Buffed dds spec - Fixed prices for kindling - Fixed prices for stardust - Fixed some other prices & amounts in shops - Fixed vote scroll - And a bunch of other fixes that we cant remember, also much more fixes to come. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON OTHER CONTENT (BIGGER UPDATES) AND STILL ARE WORKING ON IT DAY AND NIGHT. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND WAIT FOR MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW. WHAT WE DON'T APPRECIATE IS PLAYERS ASKING EVERYDAY FOR WHEN THIS GETS RELEASED, IT WILL GET RELEASED WHEN WE ARE FINISHED CODING & TESTING IT. THANK YOU. Simplicityps.org Development Team
  3. Policy on purchases from the website & game simplicityps.org By purchasing anything on this site you agree to the term that staff or management of simplicityps.org can revoke your items or remove your account at any time. Refunds Any purchases made on this store come with a strict non-refundable policy, Once a purchase is made it's set in stone! In the event of attempts to bypass our refund policy via filling a dispute with PayPal and/or your credit card company, your access to the network and possibly anything related (website, store, teamspeak, discord, Game Server) will be revoked. How long will it take before you receive your items / points / donator rank? Normally every purchase is instant if you do not receive your item type ::support ingame for assistance.
  4. Hi all, I have decided that we will be refunding 50% of all the donations that went to Simplicity RSPS in 2018. You might be thinking why only 2018 and why only 50%? Well that is really simple, the donations never went to me or my partner, Supreme. The donations went to Graham and Blake. I should not be refunding anything at all, but I have decided to refund anyways. So it will be a partly refund in donator points and rank. Please search all the invoices and emails you have received from Simplicity RSPS in 2018. These are BMT invoices. Forward them to "dubstepofficialuk@gmail.com" Pm me on discord if you have any questions! Official discord here: https://discord.gg/VJy7QAH Thank you, Rees & Supreme
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