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  1. Great work keep it up
  2. Welcome to the server. and enjoy ur stay i am on server if u need help with anything feel free to PM me in game/Discord or on forums.
  3. Hey i have an suggestion about how we can get tickets from vote shop to sell to other players if we dont want it. other then just selling the vote scrolls and u make 1m for each scroll or 30% of xp each scroll. i think it is a good idea for people to resell their vote points if they dont want it. to other players that needs it.
  4. Hello i think the swordfish in the cook's items need to be added because there isnt swordfish in there. https://gyazo.com/70335caf4d290238fed568b693321343
  5. Hello im just here trying to get things straight out. i have seen people logging into multi accounts main,alts and not just pking on 1 account but 2-3 accounts at the same time in wild and i dont think that is allowed in the server not sure if Rees put a rule out there saying that its not allowed to multi log and pk on 2-3 accounts at once. but i know people have alt accounts for wc,fm,fishing and stuff to make money but some people just use accounts to pk people and i think it needs to stop because from what i think thats rule breaking. ~ FYI you know who you are. ~
  6. Hey guys im Jessica Chen IGN JessicaC1156 nice to meet you all just ask me questions or if u need help feel free to pm me in game for help. see all you guys in game.