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  1. Replace the seeds & rings loot from Bird Nests with the Ring of Life, Ring of dueling, Ring of Forging, Ring of Wealth and Ring of Recoil and if deciding to keep seed loot around change the seed loots to be of 5-50 Watermelon seeds and 5-50 Herb seeds. Add Crystal Halberd, Crystal Pickaxe, Crystal Hatchet & Crystal Saw to Crystal Chest loot. The saw, hatchet and pickaxe should be untradable. Crystal Saw will gives a construction exp boost when it is in inventory while training construction. When using the Crystal Pickaxe to train mining, instead of receiving gems the player will receive Crystal Keys. The hatchet would have a similar effect, where when you have the hatchet equipped when you loot a bird nest it would give you Crystal Keys instead of seeds or rings. Add Clue Hunter outfit as a reward for completing certain amounts of clues. There is 6 pieces to the outfit so make the pieces be rewarded after completing 50,150,275,400,500,600 clues. Add Bloodhound pet as reward for completing 1000 clues. The Pet would give a 10% increase in your likelihood of receiving clue scrolls as loot while killing npcs. Add Mudskipper Hat, Frog Mask, Witchdoctor Mask, Silly Jester costume set as possible Clue Loot. Add Golden Chefs Hat, Goldsmiths gauntlets (provides a susbstanial xp boost while smelting Gold Bars while wearing) and Gloves of Silence (provides a 5% increase in the amount of GP you receive while Thieving from stalls at ::Dzone, or 5% increase in GP you receive while Thieving outside ::Dzone) to Prestige shop. Add Prospector Helmet to Stardust shop. Add Talisman staffs to the Runecrafting shop for each respective rune. If you have the staff equiped in your weapon slot, clicking the Runecrafting skill will automatically teleport you to the specific rune altar instead of the regular Runecrafting home. Also while casting a spell if you have the staff equiped you will not require that specific rune to cast it. Add Death runecrafting gloves that give double exp and a 5% chance of making double Death runes when crafting Death runes when equiping the gloves. Add Blood runecrafting gloves that give double exp and a 5% chance of making double Blood runes when crafting Blood runes while equiping the gloves. Add Anglers outfit and Pyromancer outfit and also Ring of Fire and Barb-Tailed Harpoon. Make the 4 pieces of Anglers outfit be rewarded after talking to the Fishing master and completing the 4 seperate tasks of Fish 500 Lobsters, Fish 500 Swordfish, Fish 500 Sharks and Fish 500 Monkfish. Once you possess the full 4 piece Anglers outfit you will have the the ability to receive a Barb-Tailed Harpoon which gives the person wielding the harpoon a 5% chance of fishing double Sharks. To obtain the Barb-Tailed Harpoon you would need to fish 1000 Noted Raw Rocktails from the barrel at Rogues Castle. Make the 4 pieces of Pyromancer outfit be rewarded after talking to the Firemaking master and completing the 4 seperate tasks of Burn 500 Oak Logs, Burn 500 Maple Logs, Burn 500 Yew Logs and Burn 500 Magic Logs. Upon obtaining the full 4 pieces of the pyromancer outfit, you will then be able to attempt getting a Ring of Fire which provides a 2-5% Firemaking xp boost. To obtain the Ring of Fire you must burn 1500 noted Magic Logs on the fire spot at Rogues Castle in the wilderness while wearing the full Pyromancer outfit. Add a 1 in 500 chance of possibily receiving Golden Barrows armour pieces from the loot chest at the end of a Barrows run. Since the lottery only draws once a week on Fridays, make the Saturday event Double exp & 1.5x Dungeon tokens. And make Sundays event Double exp & Double Boss Pts. Add Daily Tasks. Have 3 tasks to complete each day. Possibly have different tiers for difficulty of the tasks (Easy,Medium,Hard). You would be assigned 1 task of each difficulty per day, in which you would receive 5m for easy, 10m for medium, and 25m for hard. If You complete all 3 of your tasks that day you would receive an additional 10m so in total the reward for doing all your tasks per day would be 50m. Some examples of what daily tasks would be: Craft 50 Black Dragonhide Bodies, Craft 300 Nature Runes, Cut 200 Willow Logs, Search 10 Bird Nests, Steal 25 Scimitars, Do 10 laps of the Wilderness Agility Course, Eat 30 Lobsters, Cook 50 Monkfish, etc. I feel liike it would be very refreshing to a few new spawn locations for Evil Tree and Crashed Star, as I find going to the same 8 spots gets boring and stale after so long of playing on this server. Also sometimes when the spawn locations end up in the wildy they end up being totally abandoned. So I think spreading out some locations further out into the map instead of being centralized in so closely to Varrock or Edgeville would be nice and hopefully reduce the amount of times spawns come up in the wildy. Having the Tree and Star spawns being in areas that require you to run for a bit to get there, but being in locations in which are clearly defined and not hard to find would keep the process interesting. new Evil Tree spawn locations: in Draynor Village market, south of Legends Guild, outside Crafting Guild new Crashed Star locations: at Rimmington, outside Al-Khadrid bank, outside Lumbridge castle Add Bonfire event. Bonfire is a little energy orb that would spawn randomly while your firemaking and the player would have 30-40 seconds to click on the orb and respond to it before it would disappear. If you respond to it in time you will then be rewarded with either a Dragonkin Lamp, Charm Box or a Mystery Box. Penguin hide & seek event that would similar to evil tree and crashed star in the way it spawns in different locations throughout the map. But this D&D event would spawn once every 1-2 hours in one of 6-10 locations around Runescape and broadcast a global message in chat announcing it has spawned. It will also broadcast a message saying the Penguin has been found once someone finds the location. It will reward the first player to get to the location and find the hidden penguin. Upon discovering the penguin that single player would receive a wide range of loot such as 1-5 Mystery Boxes, 1-2 Legendary Mystery Boxes, 5-10 noted Crystal Keys, 5-15 noted Tooth/Loop Crystal Key Halves, 1-5 Caskets, Charm Box, Clue Scrolls, 1-2 Dragonkin Lamps, 3-10 Bird Nests, Penguin Mask or possibly a $10 scroll! Jade Vine event that spawns near one of many of the different farming patch locations around Runescape. You would need Magic Secateurs to prune the vines. Total of 500 Jade Vine branch need to be pruned to destroy the Jade Vine. The Branches would be worth 20-50k each at General Shop. Once all 500 branches have been pruned the Vine would then transform into a Wild Jade Vine which can only be damaged using any type of hatchets. The Wild Jane Vine would have 500-1000 HP. Slaying the Wild Jade Vine would give the top 3 damage dealers a decent amount of Woodcutting and Farming experience upon killing the monster. Those same top 3 damage dealers would also receive a range of potential drops such as Magic Secateurs, Dragon Hatchet, Noted Maple-Magic Logs, 100-300 Jade Vine branches, 10-50 Herb Seeds, 30-200 Watermelon Seed, 20-100 Noted Grimy Herbs, 10-30 Noted cleaned Herbs, 10-50 Noted Extreme Potions, 100 noted Compost, Magic Watering Can (Used in place of the normal watering can and gives an unlimited supply of water)
  2. Slayer ideas Add Slayer Gloves, Slayers Staff, Headhunters Thrill bracelet, Headhunters sacrifice bracelet, Flame Gloves, Legendary Mystery Box and Dragon Slayer gloves to Slayer reward shop. Give the Slayer gloves a damage boost when used against a monster that is your assigned task. Give the staff a magic damage boost when used during a Slayer task and make it similar to the Trident of Seas where it doesn't require any runes to cast a spell. Headhunter's thrill and Headhunter's sacrifice bracelets with 25 charges each. Headhunters thrill has the effect while wearing the bracelet, there is a chance that killing a monster on a Slayer assignment will not count towards the slayer counter, but experience is granted. And Headhunters sacrifice gives the effect While wearing the bracelet, there is a chance that a kill on a slayer task will count as two kills, granting no additional experience. Give the Dragon Slayer gloves a 10% damage and 10% accuracy boost when worn while killing any type of Dragon. Add a new Slayer Master that only assigns tasks for NPCs located in Wilderness. You would gain double the amount of Slayer points that a task from Summona etc. would give. Tasks would include Abby Sire, Chaos Elemental, Scorpia, Vennenatis, Lava Dragons, Revenant Dark Beasts, Revenant Orks, Revenant Goblins, Elder Chaos Druids, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic and Vetion. Add a series of tasks that Summona assigns you once you reach 99 Slayer. Talk to Summona after achieving 99 Slayer and ask her about obtaining Slayer Masks. They will tell you about the list of NPCs that have this task. You will need to kill 1000 of these Monsters each after reaching 99 slayer and asking about this task (all previous kills wouldn't count). The monsters you need to kill would be Dust Devils (Mask of Dust), Black Demons ( Mask of the Black Demon), Gargoyles (Mask of Granite), Aquanites (Mask of Aquanites), Abyssal Demons (Mask of the Abyss) and Bloodveld (Mask of Crimson) Wilderness additions. Using bones on the altar at the Chaos Temple would give you a 35% exp bonus. Add Lava Eel fishing spot in Lava Maze. Add Dark Crab fishing spot along. the east border of lvl 35 wildy. Add Gem rock mining spot to the mine south-west of Lava Maze. Add Black Salimanders Hunting location. Have the salamanders be sellable to General Shop for 50k each. Add a new clue scroll location (Dig near the altar south of Ice Plateau) Add Muddy Key Chest at the end of the Lava Maze. Make the Muddy Key a possible drop from all NPCs in wilderness. Have a good variety of loot to be received from it like Whips, Crystal Keys, Mystery Boxes, etc. Add Ankou at the Forgotten Cemetary that drop high amounts of Death and Blood runes and Dark Fishing bait that is used to fish Dark Crabs. Add Runite Golem near rune rocks teleport that drops 2-100 noted runite ores. Add Ents north-east of Chaos Temple that drops noted logs. Add Elder Chaos Druids at Chaos Temple. Add Odium and Malediction shields into the game. Be able to get the shield by collecting the 3 shards from the 3 wildy bosses. Add Malediction shard 3 and Odium shard 3 to Scorpia drop table. Add Crazy Archaeologist boss at the Ruins near the Forgotten Cemetary with the drops Fedora, Odium shard 2, Malediction shard 2. Add Chaos Fanatic to the west of Lava Maze. Drops Tyrannical ring, Tormented Bracelet, Malediction shard 1 and Odium shard 1. Add Vetion boss with drops like Ring of the Gods, Vetion jr pet and Kodai wand. Add Mage Arena minigame. Gain points by killing Wizards in the arena. Put Imbued God Capes, Book of Darkness, Robe top of Darkness, Gloves of Darkness, Boots of Darkness, Robe bottom of Darkness and Hood of Darkness to Mage Arena reward shop.