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  1. do ::getdrop (monsters name)
  2. not badd
  3. dev made a mistake and removed that perk from donators
  4. i love this one i have to keep typing mine and its horrible
  5. very nice eybss
  6. nice guide
  7. nice keep it going
  8. also elite tasks there is 12 i will make the changes
  9. nah just answer a few trivia questions when people are sleeping on a double xp day and theres your 99 lol
  10. like your idea will mention it
  11. 9 times out of 10 there is 5 or more players on ww, plus we are new and are gaining more players as we speak. So atm im not gonna change the rule but if alot of people are thinking the same as u it might change. nice suggestion tho
  12. Cant make it too easy to get items i think the drop rates as they are is decent
  13. very helpful for new players