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  1. Hey, I'm back Some of probably know who I am, Simplicity of coming on 2+ years. Been a great time and I'm glad to say I'm here to continue the journey. PM me ingame!
  2. Hey, just some suggestions for the normal melee, range, and magic stores, and some skilling stores. - Instead having the stores sell 10 of each item, make them have 100k or so of each item noted, and have an option to "Buy x amount", and make the max amount like 5k or something. Very frustrating buying items by the 10's, or waiting for the store to have more, especially in the basic melee shop. - Make it possible where you can spend your money directly out of the pouch. Cant think of anything else at the moment, but definitely will come back to this. Thank you
  3. Hmu if anyone plays PUBG mobile! I am usually almost always able to play and it's really fun. Love to meet new people too. I'm pretty good too.
  4. 100% support to this getting updated. It's very frustrating trying to see any exp unless it fits perfectly or the middle row.
  5. Thank you! And yes, was ridiculous lol.
  6. Couple drops from today Got 3a range legs from opening 25 clues today too End Result:
  7. Nice start, I like this
  8. I think it was around kill like 1300 lmao. Had 0 rare drops from tormented demons and didn't expect to ever get claws. Was a glorious moment
  9. Lmfao, nice.
  10. I agree with this. Not every single person needs to see what everyone's issues are. Especially when it comes to promotions/punishments.
  11. First! And first Simplicity update I've seen in 2 years. AMAZING! Thank y'all!!
  12. The Rebellion The Rebellion has been a clan in Simplicity for 2+ years growing strong. Founded by Abuse long before even my time on Simplicity, TR has always dominated. Throughout the months, many clans on Simplicity have tried to come up, and literally every single one has failed. TR used to be strong with 15+ members active daily. Now it's just a few old friends fighting to keep the name alive. Jumping from server to server, waiting for Simplicity to finally have a strong foundation. Now we are prepared to come back and dominate Simplicity PvP once again. The Rebellion is a friendly community that used to be massive in the pvp/pvm world. Requirements are simple - Discord - Max combat - Decent knowledge of Simplicity Application - Copy and paste Age: Location: Stats: Clanning history: About yourself: Basic deep wild setup: Example of a return bank setup:
  13. It's a market lol, this seems pretty selfish imo.
  14. Started playing in December of 2016, and I can safely say this server has taken me on the biggest rollercoaster. All the resets, ownership changes, dupes, cleans, just everything has been ridiculous. Hands down my favorite server of ever. D Claws were on kc like 1300 btw.. lol. I apologize for lying saying I didn't know why Clawedout got banned, I totally got paid like 1b from I forgot who for that. And, if anyone remembers, who could forget when Biotech opened Letalis, and the Havoc Rsps was opened, both which failed very miserably. A lot has happened over the past almost 2 years and I've known some people here the entire time, it's crazy. I can't wait to see where the road for Simplicity leads to.