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  1. You've copied this from another server, it does not spawn at graveyard thooo
  2. Make sure to watch my latest pk video! Huge giveaway at the end
  3. You've probably already heard about us, but our name is Divine Forces and we've been on a couple of servers together, thus making our clan so organized and clean. We're mostly a Player killing clan (PK) but we do occasional PvM and also clan events. We are mainly in the deep multi so watch out 😉 Recruitement format: (you’ll need to fight a Captain+ as a try-out) (You'll have to hybrid/tribrid cause we're a multi clan) Username: Discord name(required): Age: How would you rate yourself as pker on scale of 1-10?: What is your favourite pk style, and why?: How would you rate yourself as pvmer on scale of 1-10?: What is your favourite pvm style, and why?: Why do you want to join DivForces?: 1) Server rules does apply in Divine Forces. You can find them HERE 2) Respect everyone’s opinion even if you’re not agreeing with it. 3) Do not start a offensive discussion or attempt to provoke. 4) We're ONE clan, act like it. 5) No Pay for safety(Instant kick) 6) No backstabbing. Accidently attacking someone can happen, if we find out you’ve attacked/killed a clan member you'll be banned from the clan. 7) Stay at “DF” clan chat when pking for easier ways to communicate or join the discord voice chat. 8 ) Planned to be inactive for a few days? Report it at the Inactivity section on Discord 9) If you are at Wildy bosses(hourly) with us, we expect you to help us out with killing other players outside of Divine Forces(if a friend is joining let us know before going). Everyone is free to join, but remember you’re not offical part of Divine Forces unless you are ranked and you’ll gain access to Divine Forces section of Discord. But you as non ranked you have still rules to agree on our Discord server. Pm for invite link!