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Update 09/10/2018

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Hi All,


Here are the latest updates.
I'll be posting the Update Log every one to two weeks for more structure instead of pushing out a new log every few days. This does not mean that the updates themselves will only release every one to two weeks. Updates will come out at any time that the Rees decides to push them.






Game Updates:

  • Blood Spirit Shield added.
  • Commands added. (::benefits ::youtube ::facebook)
  • Reward Boxes now have a chance to not be deleted based on rank.
  • Justicair Model fix.
  • OSRS God cape offsets and model adjustments.
  • OSRS NPC Animation fix (for some monsters)
  • Fixes for teleporting interface.
  • Special attack now saves after logout.
  • Max Fire Cape now has it's own creation path. More on this when the items are available in game.
  • Lava Dragons & Vorkath drop tables have been adjusted.
  • Name changes for the new teleporters added in the last 2 updates.


PvM Updates:

  • Ancient Wyvern now drops for 3 players.
  • KBD & Cerberus instance fixes.
  • Gorillas and combat fixes.
  • Armour piercing effect for godwars dungeon fixed.
  • Vorkath and King Kurask now give boss points on death.


PvP Updates:

  • Fixed Familiar combat in single target areas.


Donator Store Updates:

  • Donator store items have been rearranged.
  • Diamond Mystery Box added.
  • Ghrazi Rapier (r) added.
  • Dragon Scimitar (or) added.
  • New Katana added.


Dev Updates:

  • Great Olm is almost finished. There's no set release date yet but we'll provide one as it comes closer to completion.


-Simplicity Staff Team

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1 hour ago, I Alex I said:

Nice! Did they fix  the 2x drop for diamond+?

I was told it was fixed twice and it ended up remaining the same so I'm avoiding adding it to the update logs until I can officially confirm double drops is back to it's original state.


As of right now, it only gives one 2x drop every 12 hours. This 12 hour timer should be removed next update. Hopefully.

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