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Donator refunds

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Hi all,


I have decided that we will be refunding 50% of all the donations that went to Simplicity RSPS in 2018. You might be thinking why only 2018 and why only 50%? Well that is really simple, the donations never went to me or my partner, Supreme. The donations went to Graham and Blake. I should not be refunding anything at all, but I have decided to refund anyways. So it will be a partly refund in donator points and rank.

Please search all the invoices and emails you have received from Simplicity RSPS in 2018. These are BMT invoices. Forward them to "dubstepofficialuk@gmail.com"

Pm me on discord if you have any questions!
Official discord here: https://discord.gg/VJy7QAH

Thank you,


Rees & Supreme

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