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Death Upon

Gre's Wildy Wyrm Guide

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Here's a guide on spawn/locations for Wildywyrm, I hope this helps and makes it easier to find!

(All of the locations where the Wildywyrm spawns are multi PK zones. This means you can get killed by other players whilst trying to kill the Wildywyrm!)

The fastest and easiest way to kill Wildywyrm is by range using a good set-up and ruby bolts (e).

There are only 4 locations at which the Wyrm can spawn.


(As mentioned above, all of these locations ARE multi-PK zones so be careful as you will use items here.)


How to get there?

First, open up the teleports screen (Bosses 2) and teleport to Venenatis


Once you get to Venenatis, head west. After running for around 20 seconds you will come up to an area completely covered with bones on the floor, in level 28 wilderness this is where the Wyrm will spawn.


To get to the Rogue Castle spawn location is really easy;

First, open the teleport tab and use the Rogues' Castle teleport (Player-Killing teleports)


Once you arrive, walk round the the east of the castle on the outer side of the fence and you will find the wyrm.


To get to the Spider Hill spawn location, first tp to Rune Rocks (Player-Killing);


Walk east from there until for about 20 seconds you get to the wyrm.


To get to the Graveyard spawn location, use the Chaos Altar teleport first (Player-Killing);

From there, walk North-West untill you see the building with the obelisks;

The Wildywyrm will spawn at the location near the trees.




Stay careful in the Wilderness.

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