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  4. As many players know, The Barrows mini-game is nearly dead content. Only players who are there are iron men which makes sense. The profit per/hr just isn't there even for straight off the island new players. I think a major help would be since the demand and prices for barrows sets are relatively low, besides maybe Dharoks and Ahrims. My suggestion would be to raise the High Alch prices of these items. As of right now their High Alch prices are: Karil's Coif: 32,400 karil's X-bow: 333,200 Karil's Leathertop: 2,100,200 Karils skirt: 524,500 Total set: 2,990,300 Ahrim's Hood: 68,000 Ahrim's Staff: 75,100 Ahrim's Robetop: 1,100,200 Ahrim's Robeskirt: 830,200 Total set : 2,073,500 Torag's Helm: 389,100 Torag's Platebody: 640,400 Torag's Platelegs: 883,100 Torag's Hammers: 111,600 Total set: 2,024,200 Verac's Helmet: 1,200,200 Verac's Flail: 110,500 Verac's Brassard: 310,500 Verac's Skirt: 856,000 Total set: 2,477,200 Guthan's Helmet: 1,100,200 Guthan's Warspear: 942,700 Guthan's Platebody: 579,100 Guthan's Chainskirt: 339,400 Total set: 2,961,400 Dharok's Helm: 1,600,200 Dharok's Greataxe: 478, 200 Dharok's Platelegs: 977,300 Dharok's Platebody: 668,200 Total set: 3,723,900 I was thinking maybe make Karils, Guthans, Torags, Veracs alch for 15m a piece, and dharoks and ahrims alch for 25m a piece This in my opinion would increase the flow of new players to barrows, and would give an alternate option other than campin ::lava for hours. I'd also add Amulet of the damned as a new item to boost barrows sets effects or something along them lines.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, this idea have been implemented successfully into the game. Keep it up
  6. I won it from a goodiebag..
  7. Appreciate all the work done for this guide, and it will be very helpful for most players especially new ones
  8. Add and option on the POS (play owned shops) that you can request to buy x amount of items for x price ea, (ex: 5 dragon claws @500m ea) I feel this would be a very good update so we dont have to search endlessly through the stores and can make using POS faster.
  9. Very good suggestions! Loads of these suggestions haven't been suggested before and you've also gone into detail and expanded on your points. All of which I feel like would improve our server tremendously. All these suggestions will be passed on and I hope you'll see some of these implemented in the near future! Mak3
  10. you have covered a lot of what i would like to be changed very good work i hope they take them into consideration
  11. The way i see it, most people i see use well isnt for bp's etc. and it will make a way for lower tier players to make $ besides derwen and voting
  12. i like it, but as far as the alching it would be pointless because of the magic well. those items can be taken out by dumping into magic well for a chance to upgrade them for better (bp to magma, etc)
  13. Some good suggestions, some will be looked into. Big love-
  14. Love the idea spud +1
  15. So i'd like to start this with slayer: At this stage there arent many decent slayer tasks to do for profit besides a few boss tasks and slayer store is out of whack (no point in buying anything with points). Suggesting revamping shop by adding for example Sapphire boxes 5k points, Emerald 15k points and for the real grind Ruby for 40k. Smaller tasks like Abyssal demons, nechryaels, dark beasts that type of npc add a rare drop to them something simple like legendary mboxes or a bronze mbox or something. Even a different key with the same concept of a crystal/stone key for slayer. Could give items to help with slayer like extremely rare - nex loots ie; torva, pernix, virtus. But less rare things like regular blowpipes, vorkath's whip, chaotics, dragonfire shields, blood necks, furies, glacier boots. Tasks in themselves: Have an option to extend a task like frost dragons example you get 7ish as a task there should be an option to extend that task by 50 kills or something roughly to gain larger bonuses at the end like 75 pts instead of 30 or something. Add Hydra, Zulrah, Olm, Verzik to tasks available aswell maybe even the game can recognise you're maxed and can give derwens or something. Upgraded slayer helms: Add a feature to be able to add serp helms to a slayer helm to help with venom on tasks, larger boosts for accuracy and damage with higher tier like full slayer helm (1) 10% boost, Full slayer helm (2) 12% boost. something as simple as that, have something in the slayer shop to add to a helmet at 1k slayer points to upgrade it. Next is a daily task system: Simple yet makes people do other things. A task system; Mine x amount ore, fish x amount of fish etc. Add either task points with a task point shop to have once again, boxes in them or even $10 scrolls for 400 points. things beneficial and not a useless store. Specific amount of points for tasks, request either easy to elite difficulty so itll range from for example Fish 40 rocktail as an easy to fish 3.5k rocktail as an elite type of thing. range from 1 point for easy to 15 for elite. can do as many tasks a day if you want so if you have time to grind and dont feel like bossing you can. also makes life nicer and more appealable to skillers. Next in line: Add a price to sell or alch item that theres an abundance of like blowpipes, dragon kites, glacor boots, pvp armours, etc. like blowpipes on the market are 300-400m. maybe add a alch value of 200m so people that have an abundance of $ would just alch them. Dkites are 200-250 so alch maybe 100m? itll drop a fair few of them out of the game and make the grind a bit better rather than selling votes and getting a good enough setup to skip all early game stuff. if there arent many in game that arent being used people wont sell therefore people are forced to do bosses etc which will make the game in more enjoyable in the long run.
  16. pretty accurate, i would change some prices tho. gold mbox 250-350m sapphire 10-14b ruby 35-40b celestial 50-60b a piece sagittarian 10-12b a piece dark tbow 135-150b fire tbow 300-250b clay set 180-200b party hats 10-15b angelic cape 600b-1trill depends on seller well done, nice thread
  17. Hi all, some people have been asking about prices etc, so I've decided to put together a price guide (with some help from @Sean4755 so big thanks to him) Before we get into the actual list, if anyone would like to dispute the prices then please just put a reply and I will confer with some people about it and then change it (as we all know the prices change daily). Item Price Mystery Box's Bronze Mystery Box 200-300m Gold Mystery Box 500-700m Diamond Mystery Box 1b - 2b Archery Box 250-400m Warrior Box 250-400m Wizzard Box 150m (doesnt get sold often) Elite Archery Box 1.7-2b Elite Warrior Box 1.7-2b Elite Wizard Box 900m (doesnt get sold often) Six Month Bag 400 - 500m Sapphire Box 11-14b Emerald Box 25-30b Ruby Box 35-40b Infinity Box 20-25b Kevins Birthday Box 6b +- Raid mBox ** 20b +- Mage Gear Virtus Robe Top 800-900m Virtus Legs 800-900m Virtus Mask 800-900m Ancestral Hat 10-15b Ancestral Top 10-15b Ancestral Bottoms 10-15b Celestial Hat 50-60b a piece (250-300b a set) Celestial Top Celestial Bottoms Celestial Shoes Celestial Gloves Sanguinesti Staff 150-170b Sanguinesti Staff X 2-3 trill Flame Gloves/ Flame E 300-400m/ 25-30b Demonic SS 8-10b Range Gear Pernix Chaps 1.8-2.1b Pernix Cowl 1.8-2.1b Pernix Body 1.8-2.1b Sagittarian Body 50b a set (10b a piece) Sagittarian Boots Sagittarian Gloves Sagittarian Legs Sagittarian Mask Magma Blowpipe 4-5b *price is going up Twisted Bow 70-85b Dark Twisted Bow 135-150b Fire Twisted Bow 280 - 300b Handcannon 100m Handcannon X 175-200b Melee Gear Torva Helm 1.4-1.8b Torva Platebody 1.4-1.8b Torva Platelegs 1.4-1.8b Justiciar Faceguard 10-13b Justiciar Chestguard 10-13b Justiciar Legguards 10-13b Sacred Clay Helm 160-180b for full set Sacred Clay Body Sacred Clay Legs Dark Sacred Clay Helm 3-5t Dark Sacred Clay Body Dark Sacred Clay Legs Vorkath Whip 300m Scythe 170-200b Scythe X 600b Scythe XI 1.5-2.5t Item Price Party Hats/Rares Red partyhat 8-10b Yellow partyhat 10-15b Blue partyhat 8-10b Purple partyhat 10-15b Green partyhat 10-15b White partyhat 10-15b Black partyhat 4-5b Rainbow partyhat super rare idk Sky Blue Partyhat 30-40b lava partyhat 25-30b Pink/lime partyhat 20b Santa hat - black/reg 4-5b H'weens 10-15b Pink/Lime/Lava santas 15-20b Misc cosmetics 5-10b ^bunny ears, sleds etc Capes Quest Point Cape 4-4.5b Deathcape 8-12b Corp Cape 20b Nex Cape 20b Vorkath Cape 20b Raids 1 Cape 35-40b Hydra Cape 30-35b Angelic Cape 650-1t (depends on seller) Verzik Cape 400-500b Rings/Amulets Ring of Bosses 15-20b Split Dragontooth 800m-1b Anguish (or) 12-15b Scrolls $10 4.5-5.3
  18. +bump
  19. Hi Mandi! Welcome to simplicity!! Hope you enjoy your stay with us! Feel feel to message me in-game or on ::discord! Mak3
  20. hiya all name is mandi from Australia tho i am probably goin be on server all hours of the day/night, am female and i enjoy skilling and collecting will do combat and bossing but not much of a pker look forward to getting to know u all and become part of what looks to be a great community p.s. shout out to dutch thanks for helping me when i 1st landed here :))
  21. Granite maul (or), for pking. uses 30% spec and has more strength bonus then reg gmaul, would be a great addon to do some sick combos Also can we get a fix for flameburst defender so its on the correct hand, its very annoying for my ocd and stuff with it being bugged.
  22. Nice nice, loved it keep it up mate <3
  23. +1 love the ideas. I hope to see this soon!
  24. Great suggestion! Keep and eye out this may be coming very soon
  25. I'm interested. would definitely like to see some new bosses.
  26. nice suggestion mate
  27. Earlier
  28. Grotesque guardians would be a great mid tier boss for players with a certain slayer level maybe level 90+ also would be nice to make it so you could only kill while on a gargoyle/grotesque guardian task as it is on osrs, this could prevent it from being farmed too much The main drops would be obviously the dope pet "noon" Also they'd drop the black tourmaline core that when used on Bandos boots would make Guardian boots This would make Bandos boots have somewhat of a use possibly making Bandos more money for new players, also creating another mid-tier players who don't have twisted bow or scythe yet but could still kill it with a magma bp They also drop Granite dust as a 100% drop, this would make granite cannonballs which could increase the cannons max hit by 5
  29. more bosses and weapons to collect? I'd like to see some new items and bosses. Hopefully the devs find interest in this after some much needed updates.
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