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  4. That would be nice lets see what the rest will say about this!
  5. hey, i dont know if this would be possible but hear me out... make a 1 hour event where drogo or kevin spawn bosses in a room. like for example the first 5-10 minutes you spawn bandos boss, then zulrah, corp, hydra, warmonger, exct... to end it off spawn in demon boss or solak. maybe we can make this a weekly or monthly event.
  6. Thanks for this positive feedback! ❤️
  7. I agree, can't get funnier then Teno :kekw: if you'd like you can also give feedback in the #staff-feedback section in our discord server.
  8. Shout out to tenogard Tenogard is admin I think and is a cool as fuck guy down to earth inside and out very polite and always willing to help he's also very relaxed and funny as fuck when he's joking around keep up the good work my man. ❤️
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  10. Thank you @ Owndurazz . Gz for your Comp Cape, wow! Also, gl on these next grinds, you see me excited to see you wearing that ovl cape too.
  11. I got to agree with Lau here @ Syrex Opening the 10k of each for the update of this guide well done bro seriously well done!
  12. @ Syrex the GOAT for opening 10k of each to update this great guide!
  13. Goodluck! i just finished my Comp Cape so now I'm working on Crystal (Onyx atm) and ovl cape as well good luck brother see you out there grinding!
  14. Thank you @ Ytmillsey for your encouraging words! Oh my my, the custom ovl will be crazy. I cannot wait to see you wearing it! hehe 1i.
  15. Rob (i) easy to do and having on all 3 of the accounts is a good one, Obtaining crystal rank is on my personal list to do currently Onyx but It's worth the grind for sure! Obtaining a fully black nightmare staff/necro for dawn, will be a interesting watch to see you obtain all of this, I just achieved my overlord cape a week ago and its a nice thing to obtain something I'm very certain you will enjoy when obtaining, My next step now is custom ovl and to obtain a mythical set as well! I wish you the best of luck with all your goals.
  16. chengyang


    I know everyone is going to think my suggestion is dumb either you like it or you don't It's not going to hurt me because it's your Opinion. The past few days of coming back to play and seeing if anyone wants to PK at edge I got no one to PK with and what I want the Staff to do is discuss about my Opinion about the PVP system on this game because it's probably the only way for people to come and play this game. I know some people would decided to PVP cheat the system so they can win What I was suggesting was Add a pvp system where the TOP 3 Pker of every week sunday to saturday gets (#1 Pker gets 75m osrs GP Or x2 $10 Scroll) (#2 Pker gets #35m osrs GP or x1 $10 scroll) (#3 Pker gets 15m osrs GP or $5 Scroll). Add a Wilderness Keys that will spawn at rogue castle,lava maze, ice platue that will spawn every 30-60 minute which Gives Vesta's, Statius, Zuriel's, Morrigan pieces, Gano pieces, korasi,dragon claws, armadyl godsword, armadyl crossbow, Nex Pieces and other stuff that I cannot name on the top of my head right now, 500 hits isn't enough to make last 1500 hits until it degrades or just don't make it degrade. I Know some of the Op stuff is Disable from entering the wilderness which I think you guys already did Add a wilderness boss that is like a global boss that spawns every hour with 5000 hp but will be in the wilderness that drops 1/1 50m coins every kill 1/150 on all nex pieces 1/1000 for a $10 scroll drop 1/1500 for a x1 OSRS token that will allow you to transfer get 25m OSRS GP or sell ingame for 100b yes I know this idea on the OSRS token that will allow you to get 10m osrs gp might sound a bit dumb because everyone on here is already rich... 1/2500 on some of the boxes I know i still got a bunch of list to start with but please comment down below to suggest what they should do to the PVP system.
  17. 1. Obtain a rob (i) on my third account to have all 3 accounts geared and ready to grind properly. 2. Obtain Crystal rank (Emerald is my actual rank) 3. Obtain a fully black Nightmare Staff + fully black Necrolord set to grind dawn until i obtain an ovl cape and holy mythical set! (actual is not color customed)
  18. Nicee, good luck in these goals!:) @ Benjamin1
  19. 1i

    Hi, i am 1i:)

    Hello, I am 1i. I want to present myself a bit for those who may be interested. I am a player that joined the server only 3 weeks ago approximately. I enjoy it a lot. I have never played nor any other private servers nor official osrs before but i saw a youtube video and publicity of Simplicity on a rank server and from both ways my attention was grabbed. I gave it a try and playing simplicity is for me now a big passion I think. I enjoy it's community and the gameplay. I am a bit shy in game because of the barrier language I think. I am canadian but from a french community and when I have to speak in english or especially to chat I feel like I will be clumsy and it makes me a bit afraid. A disease that I was recently diagnosed with also probably does not help, I was diagnosed with a disease that makes me better at accomplishing repetitive things than at being good socially but I still try my best at being positive and at helping or at least supporting others the ways that I can as much in game as IRL. Both are not easy for me, but both are often very fun and presenting myself to the community today may hopefully help me be understood in the moments that i might behave differently. Like i was about to say higher, I enjoy this server for the gameplay, but also for it's community. I feel like for the moment 99% of the people that i have met were amazing and nice to me and it makes me want to do more in return. So I try to never miss a vote and an opportunity to help others in need too. Also, I felt like when I feel ashamed of myself or a bit shy I am always included or understood and this is something that is very important for me when i am being part of a community. Thank you for being so nice to me and for making my gaming experience always feel more cool, It is nice meeting you and I am excited to be making new friends in game in the future too. Fun fact, my biggest goal in the game would be to one day maybe (if I am able haha) obtain a fully black Necrolord set + fully black Nightmare staff. I have seen a player wearing those and I think that he looked amazingly badass and it instantly made me want one too! IRL I am 23, I was studying uni math from home but will stop soon to work in a shop because it makes me a bit anxious to have the feeling that i am not ''settled'' yet. My mother is sick and we need also better incomes to be able to keep our house. Before joining Simplicity I was a League of legends player and a Dofus player since 2006 (Dofus) and 2014 (League of Legends). Simplicity seems way more fun to me and also it's community is way nicer and it's important for me. When I don't game I used to be an okay runner, even the accomplishment that I am the proudest of was running a 10 kilometers in a canadian winter competition in february 2019. But now, other than Simplicity I honestly don't do much. I still live at my parents and try to help and take care of them as good as they take care of me but it's difficult to sometimes satisfy them as much as they would want me to. I still always try my best since they really appreciate me. Here is me (you can call me Col) with one of our 2 dogs. This dog is called Cocotte and she is super sweet:) One of the sadly only few times that i felt very proud of myself. Was probably more proud of Cocotte tho!;) Thank you and it is nice meeting you all! 1i
  20. Thank you for sharing, it's even hyping me up! Great guide. @ triplem177
  21. Nice stream bro! I am definitly looking towards being part of some of these incredible nightmare sessions in the future if possible. @ triplem177
  22. An absolute gem! Great work. @ Ytmillsey
  23. 1i

    Master Cape

    Niceee, I have dreamt of wearing one of these capes more than once!
  24. 1i


    Hi Carluz, I agree with you. Sunsetj as always supported me too. Always so comprehensive and sweet, generous and attentive he is an absolute gem!
  25. Oh trust you to leave such comment
  26. Once again streaming LIVE on YouTube getting the Nightmare squad rolling, come watch me get some fire loot and chill with me listening to some good music and vibing! Can watch the stream via the link below: Help get my reputation to 30 ❤️
  27. Registering on forums is separate to in-game if it's telling you invalid username/password chances are someone has already used the username you are attempting to use in-game. If you did in fact make the account in-game but is now showing invalid login please create a ticket on discord and we will be able to assist.
  28. good job on the guide now i cant grave dig all the others :c xdddd
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