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  2. Agreed. would make it a little faster to get onto the next raid
  3. I've got a rune full helm (t)
  4. Today
  5. Just a small suggestion regarding the Raid's loot after killing the Olm. Add an option like 'Bank All' to send the raids reward straight to the bank instead of inventory. I think it will be very convenient for players that camp raids all day, so that we dont have to keep banking the loots every so often.
  6. I agree with this. I was going to put an option where the bonuses from these prayers were increased slightly but didn't think people would want that. I would totally support this idea though.
  7. Yes these pets should be usable in raids again. Something with 2: Bonus increases that are the same as rigour/piety/augury would be a lot more easier to code into the pets instead of overloads/others. Add the same bonuses as them besides the defensive portion. +1 though for changes
  8. I agree I was really upset when they removed them from raids as my max mage set only has 99hp so when I raid in a group and lag I'm likely to die.
  9. I don't really know how to start this so I'm just going to get right into it. In their current state, Superior Pets (Olmlet, Tzrek and Vorki) are barely useful. To get these pets you need to first get a 1 in 900 rare drop (or 1 in 50 for Inferno) from one of the hardest bosses in the game (Vorkath, Olm or Inferno). This is hard enough as is and most players camping these bosses already have near max gear. Secondly, you need to pay 50B cash to upgrade that pet into it's superior form. Now, the issue I'm seeing is that, there is/was only one place where these pets were useful and that was at raids. All other bosses are either easy enough without them or you're unable to use protect prayers anyway, forcing players to already use soulsplit which doesn't stack with the pets effect. If these pets are going to be some of the hardest items to obtain in-game (seeing as they aren't tradeable and you can only get them from donating or getting the drop yourself), I don't understand why their effect is ultimately useless. I would like to offer two potential changes to these pets that would make them useful again and worth the hefty price of obtaining them (including time and cash). 1) I would say make them usable at raids again, but seeing as that was removed recently I would imagine that's not on the table. So instead, perhaps these pets could offer a drop rate increase of some sort (something minimal like 3 - 5%). This would provide a large enough incentive for players to spend 50B on these pets since they could potentially make that money back in the future via drops and it wouldn't be game breaking in any way as many items of similar prices offer much higher drop rate increases (Boss Capes). 2) Allow them to provide some other useful effect (Overload stat increase, anti-poison, recover special attack). Just give them SOMETHING that is different, that is actually useful to players willing to spend 50B on them. When I started on this server a few months back I saw these pets and they were always one of my goals. I love the way they look, I love that they are so challenging to get, but once I heard that their effect is basically nulled by the fact I can barely use them at any of the bosses they'd actually be useful at, that excitement was kind of deflated (and I just got my Tzrek pet LAST NIGHT - and I was HYPED). I hope these pets can be reworked in some way to provide some sort of benefit to all players that would like to own and use them. The soulsplit idea was an awesome idea and still is, but I think that currently, that effect isn't as important or helpful as was initially intended. Thanks for reading! - Liquids
  10. I have zamorak and saradomin coif, but the rest of the items are currently unobtainable in-game
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hope to see you grinding for that comp cape once again enjoy the server man
  13. Hey man! Welcome feel free to join our ::discord (command ingame) and pm myself or any other staff member if you need help / have questions
  14. Thank you for taking the time to make this forum post. I will be sure to make a note of both the missing items and the unwearable ones to be fixed in the future. We will also take into consideration your suggestion for clue scroll drop table additions at a later date.
  15. First of Im graceful for the addition of the canafis boots! #Fashionscape From the beginning im pretty much collecting all items from clue scrolls and im pretty much done with my collection. Im missing a few items which are shown in the pictures. The following items are missing or nobody has ever got one (I guess): Rune full helm (t) Saradomin Coif Saradomin chaps is not wearable Zamorak Coif Zamorak chaps is not wearable Robe Top and Robe Bottoms from all three gods from the vestment set <-- link to forum Also the mitre and stole are not wearable (from any of the gods) Black shield (h3) Adamant shield (h2) Rune shield (h1) (h4) (h5) I would like to see these additions since I'm sure more people are trying to finish there collections. A nice addition could also be the Ancient Rune set to the Trivia shop, since there is already Bandos rune and Armadyl rune in the Trivia shop.
  16. Great suggestions most will be added as always moosh keep up the great suggestions! thank -ohio
  17. This topic has been discussed and is on the list for updates! Thank you for the suggestion!
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. Yea we had this in mind for quite awhile. And we are gonna have a general complete overhaul of minigames to make them more attractive. Very good suggestion, keep em' coming
  19. Hi, this will get implemented thanks for the suggestion
  20. thank you for the suggestions, we plan on reworking the prestige shop in the future as far as the other we decided as the staff to deny these suggestions. Feel free to keep posting suggestions in the future! thanks -ohio
  21. thank you for the suggestion most of these will be implemented keep the good ideas coming! - ohio
  22. These 2 will be implemented, thanks for suggesting it. Yea we will also increase the value of mbp, it only makes sense. And yea Wyrms are quite difficult to kill, and players should be rewarded for their effort, we will tweak drops. When sell / withdraw / deposit x is entered it should be remembered like it is on osrs. So that when you click buy x or withdraw x it has whatever value last typed instead of (x), so its just a clickable button This will also be implemented. Infernal eel should be considerably cheaper in donator store - its currently the equivalent of $100 and makes a cape several behind BIS. My suggestion would be to make it purchasable in the boss shop or add it as a drop from jad. Considering the other part needed is an infernal cape which is kinda tough as is. We will make it obtainable outside of donation. Perhaps a 1/900 drop from jad and 1/200 drop from inferno, and buyable for tokkul for a large amount. When grinding mobs theres a noticeable time between kills where it still says you're in combat and this should be reduced for sure I feel We will decrease the timer Thanks for these good suggestion, they will all be implemented.
  23. ty for the suggestion we will be implimenting things to put melee and magic on par with range. thanks -ohio
  24. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. We will make the set have the same HP increasing bonus like its counterparts.
  25. Hey thanks for the suggestion. We have discussed this with the rest and chosen not to implement this since there is just way to many cons than pros, and not enough usage for it. But very interesting suggestion, please do keep em' coming
  26. We have been discussing this with the rest of the staff team and we have concluded, there definitely needs a buff for its usage, we are not completly sure if make it 100% not degradeable is the way. But we would like to increase the charges to around 2000 or higher instead of 500, and take it from there. Thanks for the suggestion and input.
  27. yeah i dont like this suggestion as the boss is easy to kill, i understand where u are coming from tho but its too easy to get
  28. -1 from me nex is stupid easy i could do it with my eyes closed, it should be hard to get superior pets
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