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  2. Hi

    welcome back
  3. Hi

    Welcome back! I didn't play the old one so i'm a complete randomer to you, but i'll be more than happy to change that Enjoy your second stay here!
  4. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! HELL YEAH. WE HAVE ADDED 5 SUPER EXCLUSIVE LIMITED BIRTHDAY DEALS FOR EVERYONE THAT LIKES TO HELP THE SERVER OUT WITH A NICE DONATION! ! These deals expire on January 20 ! 🎉BIRTHDAY DEAL 1: $50🎉 Claim $50 Donation To Get: ► 120 Donator Points + $20 scroll ► 5 Arthur's Birthday Box (Worth 20 Donator Points) ► 20 Archery / Wizard or Warrior boxes (Worth 40 Donator Points) 🌟 Total Value of the Deal 1: 200 Donator Points 🌟 - 🎉BIRTHDAY DEAL 2: $100🎉 Claim $100 Donation To Get: ► 250 Donator Points + $50 Scroll ► 40 Archery / Wizard or Warrior boxes (Worth 80 Donator Points) ► 15 Arthur's Birthday Box (Worth 60 Donator Points) 🌟 Total Value of Deal 2: 440 Donator Points 🌟 - 🎉BIRTHDAY DEAL 3: $200🎉 Claim $200 Donation To Get: ► 550 Donator Points + $100 Scroll ► 80 Archery / Wizard or Warrior boxes (Worth 160 Donator Points) ► 30 Arthur's Birthday Box (Worth 120 Donator Points) 🌟 Total Value of Deal 3: 930 Donator Points 🌟 - 🎉BIRTHDAY DEAL 4: $300🎉 Claim $300 Donation To Get: ► 800 Donator Points + $100 Scroll ► 160 Archery / Wizard or Warrior boxes (Worth 320 Donator Points) ► 50 Arthur's Birthday Box (Worth 200 Donator Points) 🌟 Total Value of Deal 4: 1420 Donator Points 🌟 - 🎉BIRTHDAY DEAL 5: $500🎉 Claim $500 Donation To Get: ► 1400 Donator Points + $100 Scroll (3x) + $50 Scroll (1x) ► 1x Angelic Boots (Worth 200 Donator Points) ► 100 Arthur's Birthday Box (Worth 400 Donator Points) ► Full Ancestral or Sagittarian Set (Worth 220/250 Donator Points) ► 200 Archery / Wizard or Warrior boxes (Worth 400 Donator Points) 🌟 Total Value of Deal 5: 3000 Donator Points 🌟 Visit this link to purchase one of the donation deals: https://simplicityps.org/store.php If Arthur is not online, Pm one of the staff members if you have claimed the donation to get your extras. It is also possible to directly donate to Arthur his paypal email, Pm him on discord or ingame for this. And donating with OSRS / RS3 Gold for this deal is also possible as well. Thank you for the support, Simplicity Team
  5. Zero supprt. Just dont afk. Bring an alt for pking or stay geared to fight back.
  6. Yeah i support! Should give some exp 2.5-5% and maybe small chance like 1/10 of getting 2x runes?
  7. Bump?
  8. Hi

    I remember the name :), glad to see ya. My name was Dead Tree
  9. Congratulations man
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi

    Hoi, A couple of weeks ago when I started, 2incher told me to make a forum account. Well, today's that day. I'm coming back from a long break from this server (left after Graham broke it & I'm sure at least SOME of you remember that awesome dude). Needless to say it's nice to be back and starting fresh. This server's always held place close to my heart because of how chill the community has been. I've already got a few accounts going (this one, Gemi my ironman, and my afk alt Pacifist). Everyone's been super awesome so far, and I'm looking forward to sticking around! Cheers all =)
  12. Congratulations Now go for comp cape
  13. I 100% agree with this suggestion, most servers I've played on slayer was my favourite skill and love grinding to 200m/2B xp, but with the current items in the store the desire to do this just isn't there. Hopefully with these changes it'll motivate me.
  14. gz bro
  15. First time getting a max cape on any private server
  16. Support there is literally no point to do slayer atm.
  17. Full support, slayer is too boring right now...
  18. About time slayer shop gets an update!
  19. I support this suggestion since the shop is way to outdated +1!
  20. I think most of us would agree that the Slayer Point shop is terribly outdated and the rewards aren't very rewarding at all. I feel the shop needs an update badly. I came up with a Reward shop list that I feel would help give the Slayer shop the long overdue boost it deserves. Please tell me what you think is a good idea, and what's not. What would you change? What would you put in there? I tried to keep the rewards reasonable and not be too OP, but I think they are still sufficient rewards. SLAYER SHOP Flame Gloves - 600 pts Archery/Mage/Warrior Boxes - 500 pts Quest Points Cape - 400 pts Gold Mystery Box - 350 pts Slayer Helm - 350 pts Blowpipe - 350 pts Steadfast/Ragefire/Glavien Boots - 325 pts Legendary Mbox - 275 pts Lava Dragon Boots - 250 pts Gold Bag - 225 pts Holy Elixr - 225 pts Barrows Sets - 200 pts Dragonkin Lamp - 200 pts Charming Imp - 200 pts Seers/Warrior/Archer/Zerker ring - 200 pts Golden Maul - 175 pts Ring of Wealth - 150 pts Charm Box - 150 pts Bonecrusher - 150 pts Saradomin Sword - 150 pts Barrelchest Anchor - 150 pts Balmung - 150 pts Zammy/Sara/Bandos Hilts - 150 pts Fighter Torso - 150 pts Mystery Box - 130 pts Zamorakian Spear - 125 pts Staff of Light - 125 pts Dark Bow - 125 pts Abyssal Whip - 125 pts Dragon Boots - 100 pts Amulet of Fury - 75 pts Ranger Boots - 75 pts 100 Dragon Arrows - 50 pts 100 Dragon Darts - 40 pts Super Combat Potion - 25 pts Steel Titan Pouch - 15 pts Overload (4) - 10 pts Crystal Key - 5 pts Ring of Slaying (8) - 5 pts Cooked Rocktail - 3 pts Now, part 2 of my suggestions. I think a good idea for duo Slayer, which I feel would benefit the community by allowing and encouraging people to interact, would be to give the Duo the ability to both teleport to an instance for EVERY monster assigned to them. With more and more people online, the bosses are often occupied, and I see that as an issue that negatively impacts the server as it disheartens some players because they don't have a chance to boss. A neat way to remedy this issue is this Duo Slayer instanced dungeons idea. Have an option on the slayer gem or something like that that would teleport the player to the instanced dungeon and their partner would do the same and they would get teleported to the dungeon as well. I think allowing the duo to actually be together and not in their own separate dungeons would be best as it feels like that's the way Duo Slaying was meant to be done. In some of these instanced dungeons there would be multiple npc's to attack, like Slash Bash, Lizardman Shamans, Phoenix's so each player can earn boss pts and help accomplish the slayer task. However bosses like Corporeal Beast, Nex and the other "end game" bosses like that would just have 1 npc to be fought. I am unsure of what the proper solution to wilderness bosses would be, as I don't feel like having Abby Sire, Scorpia and Vennenatis in a safe instanced dungeon would be a good idea. I think it would likely be best to have those Wilderness bosses not available to be assigned if your in a duo. Please leave your comments and tell me what you think of this idea and what you would change etc.
  21. Last week
  22. I agree with you idea. I would also like to add that there should be another 2 or 3 colors of the robes added to the shop there as well. Doing so would give the people who grinded out 2b exp or trained a long time and amassed a large amount of tokens to have something to work towards. And variety is always cool.
  23. Makes sense that it should give boss points. I support
  24. No, I dont think this is a good idea at all. It would totally defeat the whole purpose of the area. You take the risk to reap the rewards. Thats the trade off on the idea. And I am also greatly opposed to the suggestions about messing with the star and tree spawns in the wilderness. The only thing I would have to say in regards to that topic is to add 2-3 new spawn locations located outside wilderness to add onto the already existing locations in game. That way there would be 2-3 more chances that the spawn would not be in the wilderness. However, I would also support another location in wilderness added for tree. But I absolutely would not remove or alter the timers on the existing wilderness spawns.
  25. Or we can reduce spawn timer on evil trees/ stars in wild. I mean half the time they sit there for a couple of hrs cause people like no namer camp them and kill anyone who tries to clear them. Over and over and over and over.... Its pkp farming thats safe to do. and they don't clear it themselfs becuase why would they? Decrease the timer on them when they are in the wild. Still gives them a chance to get some pkp points but won't make it impossible for people to get decent exp rates for a couple of hrs.
  26. Was killing King kurask the other day and at the start wasn't giving any boss points. then it started giving points randomly for random amounts. as a ruby member I should get 2x boss points meaning Im pretty much never suppose to be odd numbered but I'm sitting at 623 right now and I haven't spent any as I'm saving up to buy a bunch of blow pipes to drop into the well of suffering.
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