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  3. RIP 😂 Good for players to see the potential you can get from each though!
  4. Whenever I used to do Hydra, I'd always open my stone keys/magic knife's at the end of each day. I decided to hold onto my drops until I had 100 Stone keys, 100 Magic Knife's and 100 Gold bags. I ended up hitting 8k boss points at the same time so I also got a Ruby Box. I've obviously obtained more than 100 of each during my 3300+ kills at Hydra. Also, in those 3300+ kills of Hydra, I've obtained 4 Hydra Capes, 5 Necklace of Anguish (or), 5 (useless) Dragon Hunter Lances and 2 Ikkle Hydra pets. This is what I ended up with.. Ruby Box: (This was the worst Ruby Box I've ever seen, I'm glad I wasted 8000 boss points on these.) ((I suggest everyone else just saves their boss points until the store gets reworked because that was a load of shit.)) Sapphire Box that I got from the Ruby Box: (Just as bad as the Ruby Box..) 100 Gold Bags: 100 Magic Knife's: 100 Stone Keys: Boxes obtained with Stone Keys and Magic Knife's: Diamond Boxes: Warrior Boxes: Archery Boxes: Wizard Boxes:
  5. Scarlette


    Im sorry I suggest a lot 😮 But I think maybe adding who buys stuff from your POS would be interesting. It could give the community a way to thank someone for buying from their shop, just adding a little more respectful communication into the game.
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  7. Hey guys, heard about some suggestions so i thought this could be a good idea. ive been playing as Iron man and i feel adding SOF to the server would help get a little bit of gear or useful items for new players especially Iron man ones. if you feel there should be other ways to achieve SOF spins that would be great too. p.s would rather not have to donate for them as im brokeee XD. thanks for your time. IGN:poopoo56
  8. This could be an interesting concept.
  9. Hello, welcome to simplicity. I believe we've talked a few times before. anyhow, Pm in-game if you have any questions!
  10. Hey everyone it's Scar, If you read this give me a follow and add me in game, I love having people to talk to 🙂 ❤️
  11. I think if loot share worked we could have more fun and communicative events, like boss masses for the community. it would give the people who don't spend a lot to get high level gear a chance to get in on some drops from tougher bosses like Corp or Nex and so on.
  12. Wowww that's incredible bro! Nicely done
  13. Fully agree with this! Only thing I can say from staff point of view would be that they've heard this a bunch and from what I've heard are already working on it. This has been a big issue for a while and they're taking the time to figure out a stable way to fix it. Wont be easy and wont be a quick fix but they're definitely aware. Love the in depth post and it's great to hear from a newer player about this!
  14. Welcome to simplicity! Hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions shoot a staff member a PM!
  15. Last week
  16. Welcome to simplicity!! Enjoy your stay and if you need anything shoot a ::staff member a pm!
  17. welcome mate hope u enjoy your time on the server
  18. Hi Simp Peeps I'll try and keep this short and sweet. Name's Nathan. I have been on and off Private Servers for a while now and finally found a RSPS that I like, so thank you all for welcoming me to the Simp Family. I'm working in IT as a helpdesk Manager and this year is going to be a massive year for me. I'm newly engaged (about 10 months now) and I am currently going through the process of buying a house in the next few weeks and also getting married later on in the year (Wish me luck!) I enjoy games, I'm an Xbox man myself and a PC gamer, and I love my Anime! Those of you who are interested in Anime. You must check out Kimetsu No Yaiba, Black Clover and My hero Academia these have to be my top 3 at the moment. Other than that, there is really not much else to know. I'm simple which is maybe why I'm drawn to Simplicity PS! Thanks for reading and I'll see you all in-game!
  19. Him the 13 year old here I've played OSRS for almost 2 years but never played the original OSRS, got into this server cause after my membership ended on OSRS I was like "not making money fast me need st0nk" and now im here i'm also on ORSC (classic runescape server) you'll find me as He but anyways you'll mainly see me at Edgeville, Afkzone, donator zone, and in any skill training area (until I max) uh idk what to put here other than personality stuff and some other stuff idfk very fun facts about pea brain kid I suck at pk'ing I suck at bossing My store is constantly full of junk Born and currently in venezuela Learned english from tv and classes I'm in the discord My bday is on December 22nd I was born in 2006 ok did I get too personal I have anger management issues ok i think thats all ok idk
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