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  3. Such a long run, impressive and GG! This should be useful for reference to new players asking for an Olm guide.
  4. Well any noob saying they cant solo olm watch this plz
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/JTooSquared
  6. Thanks, I appreciate the response. It would need to be looked through carefully to make sure no form of abuse could be exploited, and that the pricing is averaging to the previous day is a possibility.
  7. Congrats Nate (and everyone who i haven't met yet) !! Well deserved! 🎉
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  9. @ Fastforce , I love this suggestion! When I was new to the server, I definitely had my concerns with financial stability and making money. Something like this would be very interesting to see it implemented, and I'm sure once any caveats are worked out this has the potential to be not only a great money-maker for new players, but a good money sink for all players! +1 overall!
  10. Hi, Relatively new to the community, and have played for a few days. Not sure if this has been suggested before. It's hard for the newer players to start off as the drops early on aren't really easily sold since the player base isn't high enough where drops can be sold often. My thought, if possible would be as followed. A shop that buys rare drops similar to the general store at a loss of 15 to 25 percent of its value. You get the value based on the traded value of the previous day similar to the G.E in runescape. At least new players can off load their goods knowing it'll be at a loss, but players looking to purchase something quickly could possibly buy from it with a tax imposed on the item. Seem like a good way to sink some cash out of the game. Thanks,
  11. +1 for this, it adds unnecessary kill time and makes raid runs feel more chore-y and tedious.
  12. This is what we've all been wanting; thanks for taking the time to make a concise, easily-readable version! I'd love to see this implemented! +1!
  13. Hey, welcome to Simplicity forums I can kinda agree with the current benefits page that it's not the best way to compare the different type of donator ranks we have even though it's easy to read. The picture you posted is easy to read which is ideal to compare. if this post gets a lot of attention, you may be able to make a more detailed overview for newer players Personally I like this idea a lot and give you a +1
  14. Hello everyone, I'll start off by saying i'm new to forum posts and creating topics but I wanted to come out of my shell to see if i can help the admins. I really enjoy playing this server for it's content and the community. It made me SUPER interested in the Donator status but being new I felt uneasy to look at the store and understand how to become one. When i got to the benefits tab every status had great perks but it was hard to compare the value with them. For other new people this might be hard for them as well and discourage them from donating. So to help with that i made a little comparison for the first 6 statuses (minus a couple of things left out). It's a very rough draft but i hope this would make it easier for some people. If the admins like it i can complete it so that way we can have one for everyone to feel better and hopefully fuel the server for more content! Stay safe! Play more! 😁 The Gestalt ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (Update) Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and special shout out to everyone (who i might've bugged a little) in helping me make the complete version! I feel this helps the way it was created for and to those who prefer a more visual approach. I hope to create more content for future needs so feel free to leave a comment if you think there is help needed in more areas. As always Stay Safe, Play More! The Gestalt
  15. @ KingTwix Thank you for your input on the suggestions, I really appreciate it! I agree that the forums has a special place and definitely needs to be more active. If anyone else has suggestions or can point out any problems we may currently be facing, don't hesitate to drop them on this thread!
  16. As mentioned above, regarding discord vs. forums vs. clan char vs. ingame; there are some unique uses for each. Forums should be more deliberate posts regarding suggestions, ideas, comments, guides, progress, etc. Not so much shit-posting, but rather thought out posts from users about anything really. You do not see these in game or on discord, as messages move fast and topics change. I +1 the forums suggestion, and wish it were more active myself.
  17. @ Nate that explanation does offer some knowledge in the vein of why the activity is low, and for that I am thankful! However, as stated even by yourself, activity is not where it could be. Personally, I'm more of a forums-oriented guy when it comes to private servers; I speak in VCs on Discord but I feel as though a forum is a more organized and efficient method of communication. Even though these other outlets are being fulfilled, the forums still exist and thus need to be tended to. If Discord and clan chats can replace the forums - why have them? It could be argued that all pages containing information could be hosted on a static website and dynamically linked in-game as opposed to referencing threads on a forum page. The forum exists, in my eyes, to be a community center where all users can interact, get to know each other, and discuss relevant information in and pertaining to the community. I feel as though we should all be doing more to participate and encourage activity.
  18. Hi Xelta, I can agree with you about the activity on the forums to an extent. The reason I believe that there isn't as much activity here is due to the fact that everyone is either on Discord or ingame. There are a few different threads at the moment that are encouraging players to get more involved with the forums however. Namely the staff feedback section. Yes there is currently a full thread on there at the moment where players can leave their feedback on staff but you can also create your own thread in there too if you feel that is better / easier for you. We also have others at the moment like the ffa section Bernard has spoken about and also a new clan chat section for those who are in a clan in-game. Both of these mentioned threads do have incentives too when posting in there and it does get mentioned in game. I do see your point, but we have a fair amount of outlets at this time for everyone to communicate and it seems that the outlet of choice right now seems to be Discord. Either way I do appreciate the thought that's gone into the post and I hope some of my reply has shed some light on forum activity.
  19. Thanks for the positive feedback man! I'm glad to hear it!
  20. I really like the idea of this Xelta! Nice job with elaborating on some ideas! Would love to see what everyone else has to say about it! Keep it up bro!
  21. Hello fellow Simps, I think it's fairly reasonable to say that our forums aren't near as active as they could or should be. We often have anywhere from 200-400 players online, yet only a handful use the forums. Why is this? Well, there are a couple reasons. Forum Participation isn't encouraged in-game or on-forums! Explanation: By this, I mean that actively participating in forum discussions is never suggested or encouraged. Frequently, you'll see "do ::benefits" or "check ::thread XXXX for more info", but this simply lets users see the forums; it doesn't actively implore users to contribute. Possible Suggestion: Encourage more community discussions to take place on the forums! Make new players abundantly aware of everything the forums have to offer. This could be the marketplace section, the player / staff report sections, the general discussions, the guides, etc.! Forum Participation isn't incentivized! Explanation: By incentivized, I am not referring to paying users to contribute to the forums. I am talking about incentives for the users to be active and engage and participate in forum discussions, suggestion threads, etc. Possible Suggestion: Implement a "Forum User of the Week" (UOTW) or "Forum User of the Month" (UOTM), implementing a small reward for each (maybe an mbox, 5 1b notes, etc.). You could go as far as giving them a temporary forum award to show off this accomplishment. This would encourage users to be active and participate, as they have a chance to be recognized and rewarded for doing so! There are many more things that I'd love to suggest or to throw into this thread, which I most definitely will do when I have more time. I'd mainly like to open this thread up to suggestions from others in the community. Perhaps we can all brainstorm and find a satisfactory middle ground that encourages posting and promotes social activity within the community!
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