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  2. very nice 2incher if u need any gear or items to help with this just let me know
  3. welcome to the server mate
  4. Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your stay. PS. I did edit your post as your discord tag was taking me to a website, not sure if that was intentional or not. Hopefully not lol. but you can join our discord by typing ::discord ingame
  5. GUIDE TO THE GEAR ON SIMPLICITY! This thread is going to be very long so remember to use CTRL+F to search for anything specific Melee Weapons Dragon Scimitar (or) https://imgur.com/dJECcOs Abyssal Whip Volcanic Abyssal Whip Abyssal Tentacle Abyssal Vine Whip Vorkath's Vine Whip Chaotic Rapier Chaotic Longsword Chaotic Maul Primal Rapier Primal 2h Sword Primal Maul Korasi Drygore Mace Anger Sword Ghrazi Rapier Demonic Armadyl Godsword Viggora's Chainmace Dragon Hunter Lance Elder Maul Scythe of Vitur Scythe of Vitur X *faster than the regular Scythe of Vitur and has a special attack! Scythe of Vitur XI *faster than Scythe of Vitur X and has double the special attack! Melee Offhands Dragon Defender Flameburst Defender Avernic Defender Dragon Defender (t) Dragonfire Shield Dragon Kiteshield Dragonfire Ward Chaotic Kiteshield Divine Spirit Shield Melee Armours Verac's (with flail and without) Torag's (with hammers and without) Guthan's (with warspear and without) Dharok's (with greataxe and without) Bandos Vesta's Statius's Torva *hp and damage boost with full set! Justiciar *hp boost with full set! Sacred Clay *hp boost AND recoil damage with full set! Dark Sacred Clay (DONOR EXCLUSIVE) Range Weapons Rune Crossbow Dragon Crossbow Dragon Hunter Crossbow Chaotic Crossbow Armadyl Crossbow Toxic Blowpipe Magma Blowpipe Crystal Bow Zaryte Bow Craw's Bow Handcannon Handcannon X Twisted Bow Dark Twisted Bow *+20% accuracy compared to normal Twisted Bow and it acts like an ava's device! Fire Twisted Bow *comes with a powerful special attack! Range Offhands Unholy Book Eagle-Eye Kiteshield Twisted Buckler Elysian Spirit Shield Range Armours Karil's (with and without crossbow) Armadyl Morrigan's *degrades in 500 hits Pernix *has an hp and damage boost with full set! Sagittarian *has an hp boost with full set! Light Sagittarian (DONOR EXCLUSIVE) Magic Weapons Ancient Staff Staff of Light *all recolours of the staff of light (including staff of demonic) have the same stats! Chaotic Staff Toxic Staff of the Dead Trident of the Seas Thammaron's Sceptre Sanguinesti Staff Magic Offhands Mage's Book Farseer Kiteshield Spectral Spirit Shield Arcane Spirit Shield Demonic Spirit Shield *has hidden magic bonuses! Magic Armours Ahrim's (with staff and without) Zuriel's *degrades in 500 hits Virtus Ancestral Celestial Other Equipment Slots Helmet Slot Sepentine Helmet Magma Helmet Regular Slayer Helmet *used to craft red, black and green slayer helmets that have only cosmetic differences Full Slayer Helmet *used to craft turquoise and olm's slayer helmets that have only cosmetic differences. also the same stats as slayer helmet (charged) Glove Slot Barrows Gloves Flame Gloves Flame Gloves (e) Boot Slot -Melee- Dragon Boots Steadfast Boots Primordial Boots Guardian Boots -Range- Ranger Boots Glaiven Boots Pegasian Boots -Magic- Wizard Boots Ragefire Boots Eternal Boots -All Styles- Devout Boots Angelic Boots Amulet Slot -Range- Amulet of Ranging -Magic- Arcane Stream Necklace -All Styles- Fury Fury (or) Blood Necklace Split Dragontooth Necklace Anguish Anguish (or) Ring Slot Warrior Ring (i) Berserker Ring (i) Archers' Ring (i) Seers' Ring (i) Ring of the Gods Ring of Bosses *provides 15% drop rate increase AND the ability to toggle auto-looting your drops to your inventory or bank! Cape Slot Fire Cape Tokhaar-Kal Infernal Cape Max Cape Death Cape Veteran Cape Completionist Cape Infernal Max Cape Fire Max Cape Boss Capes (provide 20% drop rate increase at their respective boss) -Nex- -Vorkath- -Raids- -Corporeal Beast- -Alchemical Hydra- Sack of Presents *provides the effect of an ava's device! Angelic Cape Miscellaneous -Void- Normal *showcased with melee helm but all styles have the same stats Elite *showcased with melee helm but all styles have the same stats Hope this will help clear up some confusion on the gear in Simplicity for everyone! If you have any requests for gear you think may be missing/could be benefitical to list please let me know
  6. hey johnson, welcome bud hope you enjoy the server, hmu ingame if you need some help @ thalite
  7. Hey guys I'm johnsonj55 and I like to boss and pk with other players so if you're interested hit me up on discord discord tag:
  8. Yesterday
  9. I'd love a wiki of simp, it would give us more attention for sure, All new players would be in heaven! haha
  10. I agree not many people that i've seen want to donate with a phone. Paypal is probably one of the best/safest, i use it regularly
  11. Thank you for the suggestion, I can have the conversation with the owners about this being a possibility. The majority of our donator's pay via PayPal, it saves your card details and can be logged into via mobile. If you don't have this payment method I would highly recommend. (Obviously in this case, your card details are in the process of changing) Edit: After speaking to management, this service will most likely not be available in the future due to the cost of making this payment method available / demand for a payment method of this type.
  12. Last week
  13. I'd love to see the pk gear not degrade bringing life to PvM with vestas etc.. I think wildy wyrm should get a drygore drop like callisto and a few other drops.. i would love to see some new range and magic weps that are decently priced but under tbow and sang/tham, for new players its hard to get up to that gear unless they gamble everything and get lucky, but most players see alot of people in it already and get to feeling down cause they take 5 mins to kill something someone with a scythe/sang can kill in 2 seconds
  14. There's already been talk about the pvp gear a bit with the staff team as that's been suggested a lot and we went through all the suggestions and voted on them. We all agreed they're worthless currently so hopefully sometime soon we can see a change for them. Also +1 to Kevin I'd like your post if I had the option
  15. What i can personally accept and work on right now is: I can do re do the wildywyrm drop table is wilderness is profitable. I can most likely get something mid tier into sapphire zone so these donators don't feel left out.
  16. A new gold bag with a better cash reward or something that wont affect the prices of some ''easier'' bosses that new players grow a bank on.
  17. I agree with the nex and spirit shield drops, but what would you suggest in it's place for the higher donators? whatever they add it'll decrease the value...No win situation to me
  18. New weapon that isn't a scythe or tbow!! New better ranged armor than sag!
  19. 1. adding new and better rewards to the wildywyrm to encourage some people to actually kill it, a new weapon? ruby boxes? something to make people want to kill it. 2. MAKE REV GEAR NOT DEGRADE IT HAS NO VALUE. oh sry caps 3. Teleport to target scroll for x ammount of bloodmoney. 4. Just taking it up again, sapphire zone needs a upgrade of any kind. 5. a new magic X version of a weapon ? 6. A demonic version of dragon claws would be a thing maybe idk. 7. i know onyx+ donaters should get some benefits and perks, but adding the nex gear and spiritshields to their table dropped the prices to ground 0, nex and corp is barely worth for new players cause you can just buy it for a ridiculous low price. let me know what you think in the comments, thanks and goodluck on your drops
  20. Would be nice if you could donate with the phone ive lost my Credit Card waiting for the new to arive and times like that i would pay with the phone i Think much more would donate because you just pay with the phone and it comes with the bill that you pay end of the month. Best regards.
  21. @Master Cut22 is there a loot table for this wilderness key tho? You said it was moved because of the loot but all i get are uncut gems and 20k.... stuck in 46wildy lol
  22. I will put this suggestion to the staff team and see if we cant get this approved and implemented into the game soon.
  23. I agree, a Wiki is always a useful tool, if we are able to get the right informative people involved with this kind of thing reach out to us I'd love to see it on Simplicity
  24. Hi

    Welcome to the server
  25. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will be looking into the issue and will hopefully have this resolved. If you have any other bugs/suggestions, feel free to PM me or make a forums thread here Happy Gaming
  26. i agree with this i think we need a wiki
  27. Revenants are currently using melee when you stand far away from them and mage/range when you stand close to them. All monsters seem to hit 40, 50, 60 through prayer and considering the low level revenants smash you 60s 70s is a bit ridiculous I understand there is custom gear/weapons but that damage is nutty.
  28. Hi

    Lets fight noob pm me in-game
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