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  5. keep wilderness as it is now, just few more items that has to get fixed or removed, and more wilderness updates aka rework drop tables because wilderness is dead you can honestly go kill lava fire giants and make more per hour..
  6. Skovos

    Prayer Guide

    Figured you'd need some help 😜
  7. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, but I don't really see this adding much to the wilderness tbh
  8. Skovos

    Prayer Guide

    1-99 Prayer The first step on your journey to 99 Prayer is going to be clicking on the Prayer skill to be teleported to the training area located just outside of ::shops and north of the ::home tele. Presets Presets are going to be your best friend training any skills near a bank booth or that requires a variety of items. This will speed up leveling time tremendously. In this example, we use a full inventory of Superior Dragon Bones (The Best Prayer XP in Simplicity). The preset allows us to instantly fill our inventory back up with a single click. To use these bones with the altar, simply right click on the item from your inventory. Select the 'use' option and then left-click on the altar. This will then load a prompt over the chat box allowing you to select how many you would like to use. When going for 99 it will be easiest to leave 'All' selected. Once you use all of the bones from your inventory re-load your preset and rinse and repeat. Best XP Rates This list will be XP rates from best to worst in Simplicity with any relevant notes for each item. 1. Superior Dragon Bones These can be obtained from Kurasks, Demonic Gorillas, Long-Tailed Wyverns, Ancient Wyverns, Dawn, Porazdir, Vorkath, and the wildly mini-boss Workath. Workath drops 3 noted Superior Dragon Bones %100 of the but is located in the deep wildly mage arena. 2. Frost Dragon Bones Dropped from Frost Dragons and Lava Dragons 1 at a time we do have several NPCs that have a chance to drop multiple Frost Dragon bones in noted form at a 1/850 rate. Galvek, Tekton, Muhammad Ali event, Warmonger, Crystal Ankou, WildyWyrm, Callisto, and the Maiden Completionist zone Boss. 3. Hydra Bones The third best Prayer XP in simplicity. Hydra is one of the most farmed bosses in the current state of the game and Hydra Bones can be plentiful. Compare prices if buying from the POS or other players to Superior Dragon to ensure the most value for your GP. 4. Dagannoth Bones These will be dropped from the 3 Dagannoth, Prime, Supreme, and Rex. Even those these are the second best bones to use, these NPCs are not commonly farmed and only drop 1 bone at a time. Using/farming Superior Dragon bones or other options will prove more efficient. 5. Dragon Bones If you can't get your hands on the bones listed above regular dragon bones are great XP to train prayer on a budget. You can use the command in-game ::findmonster 'item name' to search for any bones or items to see what NPCs drop them, how many, and at what rates. Brawling Gloves Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for Prayer we would be using the (prayer) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls.
  9. I guess my overall goal is to bring some life into the wild, cause right now there is nothing worth risking items for. Workath was nice and stirred the pot but every time I see the text in chat is says 1-3 people at most in wild. Just adding monsters doesn't seem to be enough. Most of the pkers only fight each other or people skilling.
  10. Honestly, I think this would make the wildy too safe. What's gonna stop me from going into wild with a fully untradeable set and a Sang X, making it impossible for PKers to get any loot? I can understand your point and where you're coming from, but just in my opinion I don't think it would help the wilderness scene very much. The whole point of the wilderness is to risk items, and if I don't risk ANYTHING besides food and pots, it would make PK less active than it already is.
  11. Maybe Maybe add a wild bossing point shop? Where it only counts boss points in the wild, and you can use those points on items/weapons/ for wild. So say you have to gain 2000/5000/8000 Wild boss points to imbue an item or all items/weapons that are able to be imbued are sold in this shop for wild boss points.
  12. Which is why I added to make them non usable on other players if possible. I don't want people being able to pk with op weapons, maybe then only allow items/weapons that are already able to bring into wild to be imbued. This way people who work hard for there twisted bow have a way they can bring it into wild to pvm with. No one unless they are skilling or pking go into wild as it is. There are many monsters in wild that no one kills simply because of people pking them. very few people kill wildywyrm/galvek/callisto/scorpia/skeletal mystics/chaos elly. This will bring some life into the wild I think and expand on pvming. Unless you have the money to afford multiple Twisted bows no bring one into wild to get pk for anyway.
  13. Sang X in wildy doesn't sound like a good time tbh
  14. I dont like the idea of bringing op items into wildy.
  15. that removes the sole purpose of pking, there is no reward for pking as it is this just makes it 100% useless.. might as well remove wildy but thats me
  16. So if your like me and like pvming, but hate going for into wild for fear of someone pking you or simply miss clicking and skulling your self. What if we had a way to imbue items other than rings already in game? Say you want to take twisted bow in wild, but hate the risk of losing a item some people have worked really hard and put in time for. My thought was to make something like superior scrolls for pets but for imbuing scrolls for items, where only certain items can be imbued to prevent people from being able to bring ice twisted bows and scythe of vitur xi's into wild to pk with. Can either make it able to be purchased with coins like superior scrolls or maybe add it into donor store. I don't want this to sound like people will be able to start bringing crazy op weapons into the wild to attack players with. This is catering to those players that want to venture into wild for pvming mostly without risk of losing said item. Items I'm thinking of include but not limited to Twisted Bow/Fire Twisted Bow, Scythe of Vitur/Scythe of Vitur X, Sang/Sang X My other thought was to prevent pking with said items, was to make imbued weapons in wild not able to attack players with. I have no idea if that is even possible but an idea i had to help control the pking with said items. Let me know what you think Thanks
  17. Congratulations boys especially @ Charmie well deserved.
  18. Yeah, its a pretty shitty one to get to be fair. Comes with negative drop rate bonus.
  19. Heard thats a hard pet to collect tbh good luck!
  20. 1-99 Firemaking The first step on your journey to 99 firemaking is going to be clicking on the firemaking skill to be teleported to the training area. Skilling Area Skilling NPC You can then talk to the NPC Ignatius Vulcan to purchase logs or a tinderbox directly from him. Level Requirements: Regular Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 To level the firemaking skill as quickly as possible, simply burn the highest level requirement logs available. To maximize XP gains, we suggest training woodcutting prior to filmmaking, saving the logs, and then following this strategy. DONATOR TIP: In the donor zone / ::di there is a fire that never goes out 🙂 AFK XP The Evil Tree is will periodically change locations through-out Simplicity. To find it's location you can check under the quest tab or simply type ::tree into the chatbox and you'll be notified where it's currently hiding. The reason the evil tree is useful to firemaking is the kindling you receive from cutting the tree stacks and can be used for easy afk firemaking experience. The xp is between that of Yew and Magic. Brawling Gloves (FM) Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for firemaking we would be using the (FM) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Inferno Adze The Inferno Adze has a chance to burn logs as you cut threes granting firemaking XP and is a great choice to use while leveling. Inferno Adze is not trade-able but can be purchased from the Mining Expert for 350 Stardust which is trade-able. To get to the Mining expert simply click the smithing skill to be teleported to where he's located. Welcome to 99 firemaking!
  21. 1-99 Mining The first step on your journey to 99 Mining is going to be clicking on the Mining skill to be teleported to the training area / mining guild. From here you can purchase a pickaxe from the Mining Instructor. Leveling Levels 1-15 From level 1 to 15 mine copper or Tin Ore. Levels 15-40 From level 15 to level 40 mine, Iron Ore. Level 40-55 Mine Gold Ore until Level 55 Level 55+ Option 1: Mine Mithril Ore until level 80 for Star Dust Option 2: Mine Mithril Ore until level 85 for Rune Ore . Adamant Ore is less XP per hour due to the time to mine Pick Axes The general, and maybe obvious, rule of thumb is to you use the best pickaxe you can. After rune a good next step, especially if you're going to be going for 99 wood cutting and firemaking, will be purchasing the Inferno Adze (350 Star Dust) from the Mining Expert at the mining guild. You can teleport directly there by clicking the smithing skill. The best in slot pickaxe will be 3rd Age (1,000 Star Dust), also acquired from the Mining Expert. Brawling Gloves Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for Mining we would be using the (mining) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Star Dust Star Dust is a stackable resource and is acquired by mining the fallen star. The fallen star will change locations after being depleted and reappears after about 30 minutes similar to the Evil Tree. To see the Fallen Stars location you can type ::star in the chat. The game will respond with its location or you can also check from within in the quest tab.
  22. My goal is the become the next pet-collector master. Next one my list is a wildy Charmie.
  23. No i agree with you i want an active wilderness, but i know from experience if people are killed in wilderness while pvming all they do is moan and curse in cc thats all
  24. i agree but thats why wilderness bosses should be rewarding so its worth risking it in there, because right now the bosses bosses that are there all the time dont really have nice drop table, compared to wildy wyrm ^^ i just want an active wilderness hehe
  25. To make friends?, Get a certain amount of gold or rank?, or just enjoy it, My goals were to hit max exp be comped and make friends,
  26. I feel like the more wildy bosses we had, the more people will complain that people will kill them when they are farming this boss but its not a bad idea
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