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  3. @ Couvee Jr has been promoted to Head Admin @ The heavens and @ rhysware has been assigned Trial Support Xelta has been demoted from his mod position rytech has resigned from his mod position we wish them the best of luck in there future endeavors
  4. I'd say long range may need some tweaking it doesn't reach with long range when someone is frozen with barrage/blitz for some reason. I'm not sure why but i used key (from killing another player) where another player used one just seconds before didn't seem to work needed to go second one i'm not sure if it was ment to be like that or not. I'm not sure was it magic potion or range.. blue one regardless didn't seem to pot up either stayed at (4) sips for me. also the runes didn't spawn in the pouch (showed essentially that you don't have runes) Key gave weapon but just as question for the end if killing another player and getting key would adding food be bad or no when looting with key as addition if invy full would like drop on ground below you orr when you get a kill you'd get key + food idk. just some suggestions/thoughts
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  6. WAZZZZUPPPP YALLLLL!!! I am from the dirty south and want to accomplish a couple things during my time here.- 1. LEARN DEVELOPMENT SKILLS in Java and MYBB so that I can add creativity into Simplicity. I have experience using MYBB PLUGINS when I created MY OWN SITE when I was just a kid. 2. LEAVE AN OPTIMISTIC MARK ON Simplicity The Graphics (GFX) Section combined with the MYBB PLUGINS is where my INVINCIBLE PASSION FOR (GFX) started. When I saw the GRAPHICS (GFX) SECTION, on this site it filled me with joy because everyone can express themselves there and bring ALL IDEAS TO LIFE with a little practice. I might pursue my love for (GFX) once again,( STAY TUNED) , but I am very rusty and have not made anything in 8 years. I would love to create INSANE QUANTITIES of HD DESIGNS FOR EVERYONE!!! (Signatures, Avatars, and Banners) IF INTERESTED, COMMENT BELOW , AND I WILL MAKE AN OFFICIAL POST IN THE GFX SECTION FOR ALL SPECIAL REQUESTS!!! I strongly recommend everyone to CHECK OUT THE GRAPHICS SECTION located in the COMMUNITY SECTION of the forum where I will post more info on how to request HD DESIGNS. I promise it will be the best thing you ever did. Lookin forward to meeting everybody and most importantly, LESSS GETTT THE BIG MONEY!!!!
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  9. if you can @ samuelduf12@gmail.com can you join our discord and create a ticket? We can look into this a bit more.
  10. i cant find anything about an account with that name at all
  11. Good luck on the grind Great PvM gear to continue your journey
  12. Bro, excitement overload. Another fire update. Loved seeing how this server has grown and changed since I've joined. Great job to the devs for this, and to the staff team for making it a great environment for players.
  13. Y'all have done a great job yet again! Loving this new update 🔥 Looking forward to what the future holds!
  14. omg im so hyped, i waited so long for this ❤️ lets freaking goooooooo !!! biggest update everrrr!!!!
  15. So I'll preface by saying that I have donated IRL money 2 times on this account and the only thing of significance I've received from it is a Sang staff. I did this relatively early on the account to help speed up my mid game, otherwise it's a huge grind and very RNG based getting to late game. Everything else on the account has been obtained legitimately. Thanks for checking out my progress, good luck on the grinds!
  16. Hi Kevin can you unban my ip and acc Phoo1? I am banned 5 or 6 moth 

  17. hey join the discord and react to the rules and read me tab then make a ticket under support by clicking the emoji so higher ups can get you fixed
  18. tooka

    wont let me login

    wont let me login... says "invalid UID / make sure your using the right client"
  19. i have just logged in and all items in my pos are gone..only emerald box sold which gave me my cash but no items can be seen in my pos, can someone please look into it?
  20. Hey John! Super cool talking to you in disc and game looking forward to seeing you around more often!
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