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  3. Pretty simple, I know a lot of people say that crystal zone needs a revamp or isn't really worth the amount it cost to get it. I think adding something as simple as this will help give crystal a little bonus that people can actually use around simp, since most people that have crystal have a better weapon than a crystal halberd. Figure it's something small that shouldn't be to hard to add considering all the pets they keep adding. Possibly even make it have same effect as superior pets?
  4. I really like this idea. Let's hope it'll be implemented anytime soon!
  5. Hi! I have a couple of suggestions for changes in full Theatre of Blood. Drop table After a lot of full TOB runs, I can say the loot received is highly disproportionate to the amount of effort it takes to complete a full run. It roughly takes 15-25+ minutes to complete a full run, depending on the size of your team. It's just not really encouraging to do a full run for that long and get a bunch of herbs and runes as a reward. Obviously a chance of getting a scythe xi or a sang x is really appealing, but the odds of getting that are extremely (!) low and in the long run, doing a different boss would be much more profitable. So what does my suggestion for the drop table entail? I suggest that the droptable should get more valuable base drops for completing a full run. For example a guaranteed amount of cash for every player on a completed run. Or just more valuable base drops in general. It should be something players can actually benefit from, instead of getting worthless items. This way full runs of TOB becomes much more attractive to other players (I've noticed I'm effectively the only one hosting teams...). Furthermore, I've heard that dying in a run affects drop rates. I like that mechanic, because this way people get a little more serious and are actually paying attention to the boss fights itself, which is a good thing imo . If the guaranteed cash rewards were to be implemented, a mechanic I would like to see is that a death will result in a reduction of your guaranteed cash reward, next to the decreased general drop rate. Just as an incentive to remain focused during the boss. Nylocas Vasilias wave (third boss) This boss is just a pain in the butt to deal with and should definitely be altered in my opinion. It takes way too long and contains many visual bugs. For example if a mob is attacking one of the pillars, it becomes invisible for a brief moment, which causes it to do more unnecessary damage to the pillars you're trying to defend. So what does my suggestion for the Nylocas Vasilias wave entail? Besides fixing the visual bugs, my suggestion would be to make the amount of waves that are to be spawned dependent on the amount of people that are in the raid (just like the healers on the first boss (Maiden of Sugadinti)). So for example: 1-2 players in a raid means 15 waves to be spawned, 3-4 players would mean 20 waves and 5 players would mean 25 waves. Final words In conclusion, I think that these suggestions would make full TOB much more appealing to players and perhaps we will finally be able to see some more people doing it and get one of the higher valued drops. If you have an idea of what we could do to make full TOB, or even just the Verzik boss more appealing, feel free to post your suggestions down below. Thanks for taking your time to read this post!
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  8. Thank you I'm excited to join the team!
  9. Staff Changes 28/09/2020 @ Markahan has been promoted to Global Moderator. @ cerz has been promoted to the Moderator team. @ sleepy has begun his trial as a Server Support. @ Not Blu has begun his trial as a Server Support.
  10. i can not zoom out as much as in fixed mode
  11. Zoom in or out? You can use your scroll to zoom in/out.
  12. yes that works, but in resize-able i can not zoom far enough
  13. You go the little wrench next to your clan chat (yellow person), you click "Resizable". This should fix it.
  14. Got 335 uncut sapphire,615 uncut emerald,615 uncut ruby and 134 uncut diamond,would like to buy?
  15. I found this server one day bored at the public library, scrolling through one of the rsps vote sites i think. Made the account and thought id never play again. Inb4 6 months later and im ruby rank. gg.
  16. So.... It took some attempts, but I managed to get it in the end. It is definitely do-able
  17. Easy to implement, althought I don't see the need for it directly, as almost nobody uses a SOL. We'll see if it's worth the time I guess.
  18. what was your load out for the 1k kills?
  19. A suggestion to make the Staff Of Light do the 15% increased magic damage because currently it does not, which makes it no better than the master wand.
  20. I'm curious how the exp reward works for putting pay dirt into the hopper works? I put a whole inventory in and got 2 gold 1 Mithril and rest coal and 3600xp, am curious if the coal isn't giving exp because it seems really low exp reward.
  21. I'm curious how the exp reward works for putting pay dirt into the hopper works? I put a whole inventory in and got 2 gold 1 Mithril and rest coal and 3600xp, am curious if the coal isn't giving exp because it seems really low exp reward.
  22. As a donator you can skip any tasks for free anyway, so no need for banning tasks imo. More rewards I can agree with, what are you thinking on possible rewards tho? Expeditious bracelets shouldn't be too hard to implement, duo slayer might be a fun feature.
  23. I'd really like to see slayer get an overhaul. Like banning tasks. More rewards. Add expeditious bracelets. Also fix duo slayer so you stay in party.
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