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  2. Okay Iron you can stop flexing now Nah but well done maybe you should make a video guide on how to do it for the newer players.
  3. Did it.. twice. Once on my pure, and then again on an account I created specifically for it. 75 combat
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  5. Hi

    Thanks for the greetings fellas, not sure why it won't let me slap a like on all of your comments but I guess it is what it is
  6. Zulrah: 100% should have boss points. It makes no sense for something like Glacors or Giant Mole to give points over Zulrah (even though Zulrah is still pretty easy). I'm sort of neutral on the scales personally, if they were added it would be cool but if not I wouldn't exactly be heartbroken either. Zombie Minigame: Could add a variant of the gem bag to the minigame's shop for a couple hundred points, just for QoL while playing through. I also agree on the point of higher level zombies dropping more fragments. Otherwise you're just better off teleporting out and restarting when the hard zombies come along for more fragments/hr. Unlimited Coal: Caskets are a fairly reliable source of coal, but regardless it would be cool if the smithing cape or something offered an unlimited/daily-capped source. Maybe with an "operate" option on it or something it could fill empty inventory slots with coal. I feel like this would be helpful for those going for max smithing xp, or the bar achievements for Comp. Wieldable Harpoons: I'd love to see at least the dragon harpoon put in with similar benefits to existing dragon tools (chance for double resources). Just my 2cents =)
  7. +1 from me for improving the quality and usefulness of all the capes Iron Trees mentioned. I also feel that the xp requirement for 120 capes should be lowered, as well as the price for them if they are moved to the Wise Old Man. The reason being is this: If you look at it, 2b xp for us is like the RSPS version of 200m xp in rs3, so lowering the xp requirement to say... 1.04b xp would make sense. This way, the double (or any bonus) xp would still be viable and it would also leave room for adding a cool perk to each cape. Though, that's just me. I also feel like these capes should be worth less gp than AT LEAST the Comp. Cape because from my experiences grinding out xp is WAY easier then completing the achievements for Comp., especially on an Ironman account. One more thing.. has anyone mentioned or thought of (on a general level) a cape to distinguish those who have maxed-xp in all skills? If this doesn't already exist in-game I think it would be really neato.
  8. Demonic AGS - 300 pts AGS - 150 pts Flame Gloves - 150 pts Korasi - 130 pts Toxic Staff of the Dead - 125 pts Dragon Claws - 100 pts Ring of The Gods - 100 pts Trickster helm - 100 pts Trickster top - 100 pts Trickster bottoms - 100 pts Zaryte Bow - 80 pts Trickster boots - 80 pts Trickster gloves - 75 pts Blood Necklace - 75 pts Dragonfire Shield - 50 pts Ragefire/Glavien/Steadfast boots - 35 pts Abyssal Whip - 10 pts Something like this with a bit more added to it I think wouldnt be too bad,
  9. Have Zulra drop scales, to add to the the blow pipes, either for slightly higher damage then d-darts or just an alternative. and add boss points. Zombie Mini-game: Have the charming imp pick up zombie fragments, not sure if it already does this but planning on buying one soon. Have higher zombies drop more then one fragment Add an item you wear to give unlimited coal, not sure if this is in game already or not, could be the cape,a ring not being used, blacksmith's helm, any item not being used. <-- needs to work with superheating Add a wield-able harpoon, barbed-tailed harpoon, or dragon harpoon - possibly faster catches with this and count as all around fishing device
  10. gottem
  11. I voted yes on adding benefits to Max and Completionist capes. As to what benefits, I am unsure of as of right now. Also, I am strongly in favour of removing those Master capes from donor shops and putting them where they honestly really should be which is at the Wise Old Man. I had hoped but was extremely disappointed to find out they weren't available to everyone via this npc. And I actually really agree with the 200m price. If you think about it, if those capes that are in the donor shops were pulled and placed to the Wise Old Mans shops then 200m would be an incredibly good deal for us players. There is a bit of a formula Iron Tree's and I talked about in coming up with a price of 200m for the capes. Max is 50m, Veterans is 75m and Completionist is 100m. These Master capes should probably be tweaked a bit, as they provide exp bonus the way they are now. But that isn't very beneficial if your maxed exp in the skill already. They could be made to provide cool bonuses like Firemaking master cape while worn would give you cash for each log you burn. Maybe Magic logs would = 30,000 gp each log burned, Yews = 20,000 and so on. Thieving master cape perk could be something like while worn you get 50% more loot from the thing your stealing from. Fletching master cape could be that you would be able to string 5 bow's with a single bowstring. Runecrafting master cape would allow you to craft double the amount of runes you would if you were not equipping it Crafting master cape could provide the ability to tan dragonhides anywhere, craft armour without requiring any thread just only a needle, and be able to cut gems without requiring you to have a chisel. Farming master cape could provide you with the ability to water your plants without possessing a Watering Can and provide 50% larger yields of your crops. There is so much potential for us to be creative and create something truly unique.
  12. I think master capes should have another bonus for their respective skill, like mining 2x ores or cutting logs 50% faster or something along those lines.
  13. i fully support this the only problem is the master capes if you wanna keep the bonus xp on the capes you should move it down to atleast 1b xp to claim since in rs3 you need 120 to get a master cape which is 104m xp but if you wanna make it 2b xp to claim just remove the bonus xp and give it a different benefit so people will wear them.
  14. I think everybody can agree that the way capes are ingame right now, is ridiculous. Infernal Cape alone has better stats than Completionist Cape, AND Infernal Max Cape, which can be created by buying and using an Infernal Eel from the donation store 2. I believe in strength, the capes should go in this order. Completionist Cape (Believe Infernal/Completionist should be combined together to make Infernal Completionist Cape) Infernal Max Cape Infernal Cape Max Cape Tokhaar-kal (Kiln) Fire cape I also believe that you should be able to combine the Infernal Cape with the Completionist cape, and Max Cape. IMO the Infernal Eel should be removed completely. I suggest is to give the Completionist and Max capes benefits. Right now they're just capes with stats. People have grinded hours and hours to get these things. The last thing I want to cover is the 2b exp capes. I think it's very unfair for them to be in a donation store. They're experience capes. People grind 2b experience, for what? Nothing now. They should be added to the Wise Old Man, but I'd cover more in another thread. I added a poll above to see what people agree with more.
  15. I agree 100%
  16. +1 but no capes
  17. +1! but we dont need any more capes x)
  18. Support expect for the flameburst defender, demonic ags, and pk cape? There's a ton of capes ingame already
  19. This will be surely be fixed, but it's also 200 points because it's an Infernal Max Cape. How many other players do you see running around with that?
  20. Last week
  21. Greater the risk greater the reward. No support sorry.
  22. very good work
  23. Awesome work! Sticky thread this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  24. Im positive this will be fixed asap
  25. MR. BROKE TALENTS' GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY Welcome everyone, to the Beginner's Guide to Money. In this thread, I'll try my best to put you, the Simplicity player, on the right path to making the big bucks. While I can't guarantee you'll be buying Twisted Bows within days after reading this post, I can guarantee you'll be able to buy its little cousin, Dark Bow. As always, if there's anything I missed or some parts of this thread aren't clear enough, be sure to let me know and I'll edit accordingly. With every private server that's made, their own little demons tend to fester. Each server has their own demons to deal with, but there's one demon that's the bane of every private server, and that's this question here: How do I make money? Well, consider this thread an exorcist cause I plan on getting rid of this demon; you're welcome. Now, let's get started. Unfortunately, there's no one good answer. Everybody has their own opinions and tricks when it comes to making money on Simplicity, but there are a few methods that most people can agree is a good way to start earning a decent amount. THIEVING: Probably one of the most common ways of earning money on any private server. The stalls can be found at both Edgeville and Varrock homes, alongside the NPC Merchant, to whom you can sell the items to. If you're fresh off the boat, then this method can help you grab all the necessary starter gear with a little extra in the bank. Although, I should add that this method is rather tedious. The stalls (and their level/sale price) are as follows (starting from the right, referencing the image above): Banana Stall (requires 1 Thieving) - Banana, 1,629 coins each. Ring Stall (requires 30 Thieving) - Gold Ring, 3,189 coins each. General Stall (requires 60 Thieving) - Damaged Hammer, 6,786 coins each. Magic Stall (requires 65 Thieving) - Staff, 11,312 coins each. Scimitar Stall (requires 80 Thieving) - Scimitar, 13,692 coins each. TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what the Merchant will purchase them for. WOODCUTTING: If you're not willing to do Thieving due to all the clicking, then this method is definitely a good alternative for beginners. To start, go into your Skills tab -> click on Woodcutting skill -> Low-level Woodcutting. Buy a hatchet from Wilfred and start cutting down trees. The logs themselves don't sell for much, but you'll be able to cut a lot in a short amount of time. The logs (and their level/sale price) are as follows: Logs (require 1 Woodcutting) - 409 coins each. Oak logs (requires 15 Woodcutting) - 527 coins each. Willow logs (requires 30 Woodcutting) - 1,056 coins each. Maple logs (requires 45 Woodcutting) - 2,821 coins each. Yew logs (requires 60 Woodcutting) - 7,389 coins each. Magic logs (requires 75 Woodcutting) - 14,023 coins each. TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what Wilfred will purchase them for. MINING/SMITHING: Another underrated method of earning money. To start, go into your Skills tab -> click on Smithing skill. Buy a pickaxe from the Mining Instructor and start off by mining tin and copper ore. You'll be making your money off the bars themselves, not necessarily the ore. While the bars themselves sell for a hefty price, it's time-consuming to mine all the ore, smelt it, and sell it. This method is recommended for players who are willing to go the extra mile. The bars (and their level/materials/sale price) are as follows: Bronze Bar (requires 1 Smithing) - 1 tin ore; 1 copper ore, 4,605 coins each. Iron Bar (requires 15 Smithing) - 1 iron ore, 7,591 coins each. Steel Bar (requires 30 Smithing) - 1 iron ore; 2 coal, 14,271 coins each. Gold Bar (requires 40 Smithing) - 1 gold ore, 23,166 coins each. Mithril Bar (requires 50 Smithing) - 1 mithril ore; 4 coal, 37,286 coins each. Adamant Bar (requires 70 Smithing) - 1 adamantite ore; 6 coal, 78,551 coins each. Rune Bar (requires 85 Smithing) - 1 runite ore; 8 coal, 166,032 coins each. TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what the Mining Instructor will purchase them for. FISHING: A method similar to Woodcutting, in the sense that they don't sell for much, but you'll be able to fish a lot in a short amount of time. To start, go into your Skills tab -> click on Fishing skill. Talk to Master Fisher and buy a small fishing net, then start fishing for Shrimp. After you finish fishing, go into your Skills tab -> click on Cooking skill. You'll be able to sell your raw fish to Charlie the Cook. The raw fish (and their level/sale price) are as follows: Shrimp (requires 1 Fishing) - 106 coins each. Trout (requires 20 Fishing) - 387 coins each. Lobster (requires 40 Fishing) - 1,393 coins each. Monkfish (requires 62 Fishing) - 7,881 coins each. Shark (requires 76 Fishing) - 12,789 coins each. Sea Turtle (requires 79 Fishing) - 16,092 coins each. Manta Ray (requires 81 Fishing) - 24,030 coins each. *Rocktail (requires 90 Fishing) - 34,524 coins each *(donators only) TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what Charlie the Cook will purchase them for. For raw fish that aren't listed above (swordfish, anchovies), you are unable to sell them to Charlie the Cook. For the Anchovies, sell them raw to the General Store for 103 coins each. Raw fish sells for more in shops than cooked fish (Swordfish is the only exception). For the Swordfish, it would be better to cook them, then sell them to Cook (different NPC) for 763 coins each, who are located at both Edgeville and Varrock home. AFK TREE: The AFK Tree has three different locations, all of which are in the Edgeville home. One is located north-west of the Edgeville bank: Another is located north-east of the Edgeville bank: The last one is located south-west of the Edgeville bank (currently despawned): Cutting the tree will give you Magic roots, which sell in the General Store for 1,800 coins each. There is also a small chance of getting a Legendary Mystery Box, which typically sells in the POS for 100M coins. The trees switch between one of those three locations every 6 hours, so if you click on one of the AFK Trees and it gives you an error, try the other two locations. It's a good idea to have an alt account cutting down the tree while having your main account free to do other things. NOTE: Only one (1) account can be cutting the AFK Tree at a time. For the full list of rules, go to [this thread]. DEMONIC GORILLAS: To get to Demonic Gorillas, click on the Red Portal located right outside the Edgeville bank. Alternatively, you can go into your Spellbook -> Dungeon Teleport -> Fremenik Slayer Dungeon, then follow the path straight ahead until you see them. For a guide on how to fight them effectively, check out [this thread]. Demonic Gorillas drop Superior Dragon Bones and 100,000 coins on every kill, which make them worth grinding. They also have a chance of dropping a Legendary Mystery Box, a Gold Bag, and Staff of Demonic (among other things). BOSSING: To start bossing, go into your Spellbook -> Boss Teleport. For starters, it's recommended to start fighting either Giant Mole, Slash Bash, or King Black Dragon. These three bosses are great for beginners, as they require very little to fight them and have good drop tables. Giant Moles have a chance of dropping a Dragon Hatchet (among other things), which doesn't go for much, but is currently in very high demand. They require to Protect from Melee, several pieces of food, and a few prayer/restore potions. Slash Bash has a small chance of dropping 100M coins (among other things), which will help you get one step closer to that Twisted Bow. Like the Giant Moles, they also require to Protect from Melee, several pieces of food, and a few prayer/restore potions. Finally, King Black Dragon has a small chance of dropping 50M coins, Draconic Visage, and a Dragon Kiteshield. While the coin drop isn’t as much as Slash Bash, its items definitely make up for it. All requirements remain the same as the two bosses mentioned above, except using Protect from Mage instead of Protect from Melee. Thanks for reading this insanely long thread. I hope you've learned a thing or two about Simplicity! Check out [this FAQ] if you have any questions regarding the server.
  26. Support
  27. As someone who doesn't pk and doesn't like pkers all that much I still agree with the changes, but maybe not the spirit shields everything else tho sounds good.
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