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  3. Very useful guide! & I'm quite lucky to have a HW beast, all the pets are pretty awesome but I likey the big guy! 10/10 on the guide! Love it :3
  4. Superior Pets Types of Superior Pets? There are 4 type of superior pets available in Simplicity; Superior Olm Superior Vorki Superior Tzrek-Zuk Superior Halloween Pet (This one is discontinued) What does a Superior Pet do? A superior pet when dropped provides you with unlimited Soul Split prayer this basically means you can pray melee/range or magic as well giving you full protection and also healing at the same time. (Example below) Where do you get Superior Pets from? Superior Pets are obtainable in a variety of different ways, Common method is killing the Boss that drops then turning into the superior (I'll explain later how to do this) ::raids (Olm) Vorkath (Bossing teleport) Inferno - Tzrek-Zuk - Located just outside ::shops 1/100 Drop rate They can also be obtained in a variety of mystery boxes, ::boxloots in game will show you which boxes drop them Opening the magic knife chest (Magic knife + Green Banana outside cooking teleport) Donation store 2 located inside edge bank How make a regular pet into a superior? Once you've obtained the regular pet you will need a superior scroll, Superior scrolls are purchased at the note trader inside edge bank It'll cost 50B Once you've bought the superior scroll you simply use on the regular pet making it a superior Hope this guide was useful
  5. Sticking to the path doesn't make a difference, you shouldn't run across unless you have max health! use the mini-map to click on the other side and spam brews, you ever done TOB before in osrs? It's the same!
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  7. Hi all 😉


  8. you'll need to delete both clients out of downloads and home screen, then go to a folder and click this pc, then local disk, then users, your user whatever the name is, then you should see a folder in it named .simplicity cache, make sure you delete that to, id recommend searching for anything simp related on your pc on your pc, that deals with the actual game and delete it, after that download the cache reset tool and use it just to make sure cache is gone. then just redownload the regular client off the website, to make sure it works and the xmas cupboard shows up, this is how I've fixed my client a few times, pictures to show how to get to cache. hopefully this helps everyone who needs it, might take a few tries to get it right
  9. I've never seen this bad pathing in my life, even when i try my hardest to stick to my target they always get away because the pathing here is horrible... But as mush as i would want this to be fixed it will never because you guys don't care @staffmembers
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    We're currently working hard behind the scenes to come up with ideas to help the current eco, We're trying get the balance between items/cash coming in and out of the game. Thank you for your suggestion, will be taken into consideration whilst we attempt to change.
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    There is probably going to be a lot of people against this but I'm sure I'm not the only one that believes the economy on Simplicity is shot. We are looking into the 100s of billions for some higher tier items which is fine they should be hard to obtain. The problem is stuff like all the whips where one is selling for max 100m but the drop rate is so low its never worth it. I feel that in time and I see it being sooner than later the only people left will be the donators as we have advantages that make a multi week grind take only a couple hours. now I'm not going to sit here and complain without offering a solution. The best solution I see being possible is one that will be massively hated. I believe this server needs all GP reduced but keeping the drop rates the same. this will push a 600b item to cost 10b per say but with a drop of 2.5m each lava giant makes it obtainable just after a major grind. I am also going to point out what is to blame for this. Donations are the biggest problem. Obviously don't get rid of them but some items could be removed. for example the 1b ticket is not needed especially when I can donate 30$ for a goodie bag and obtain upwards of 60b in that one goodie bag. Just off my one time donation 60b was poured into the game with no way for it to be removed properly thus furthering the ever more out of control rate of the economy of this server which after just 2 weeks of playing i have come to love it and am trying avidly to get friends to join me.
  13. Yeah, the acid sometimes can't be seen and you can only guess which tiles are the ones you need to avoid. Keep moving till you don't get poisoned anymore for now.
  14. What about the acid that needs walked that shows in normal game too? That gets me almost every time because I don't see it in time.
  15. With it seemingly being at 7:30am less and less, shouldn't it just not say a start time when someone does "::cows," when the event isn't active? For instance it could just say "The cow massacre event is currently inactive, please check back later". Just saying this because I wake up at 7:30am to attend on some days and it doesn't run. Even though Lexi was on this morning it didn't run. Thinking about just giving up on attending cows, like I did with the broken voting. No votes in a couple weeks for me, since I had to contact staff for scrolls two days in a row. EDIT *My main ingame is actually Maxxus_Thull didn't realize I was logged into Iamhardcore on the site*
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  17. Good work @ Skovos . Great guide and very forthcoming. Sure this is going to help many players!
  18. Nice write up @ Skovos Its definitely going to help all the new players joining the server.
  19. One of, if not the most, commonly asked questions in the Help Clan Chat is what the cost of certain items are or if there's a price guide on the forums. Now we, as staff and the community, are more than happy to help answer these questions and guide people in the right direction but I'm hoping this will assist you a little bit further than that as well! Firstly, I agree that a "price guide" would be an amazing addition but unfortunately prices would fluctuate far too much and often to write down any sort of specific numbers defeating the purpose and would cause too much confusion in the long run. Step 1: Determine if the item is junk or not. As with most loot based games a healthy portion of drops don't serve an important purpose other than that satisfaction of getting the drop itself and looking pretty in large stacks in your bank. There's far too many to list but I'll put some common examples below. Junk items tend to accumulate in large quantities at ::shops and is where you'll end up selling it anyways. Scythe Sharpener - Diamond Roots - Fenris Pelt - Ana in a Barrel - Long Sharp Claws - Rock Cab Caracas - Whiteberry Seeds - Evil Turnip - Mole Skin Step 2: Find the item in the POS (Player Owned Shops). This is going to be your best friend for getting an idea on the value of an item. The NPCs to access the POS are located at ::home inside of the bank. Right click the POS NPC and select View Shops Using the search bar type the name of the item in Click on the players shops on the right hand side View the cheapest listings (top of list) to get an idea of value Click on the items to display the prices in the chat window Note: The search bar can be picky i.e. using apostrophes and the more specific and accurate of a name you type, the better the results will be. Step 3: Determining the accuracy of the listed prices. Now if we've made it this far and determined the item isn't junk and price justifies selling it ourselves on the POS instead of to the shop keeper at ::shops we can check a few more things to ensure the accuracy of the prices in the POS. See if there's a few or a lot of the item available throughout the various players shops. Continue looking through the shops and see how closely priced the items between different people are. If one person has a hoard of the item in question. From those we can determine if a lot of people are selling / buying by how many and how closely they are priced. If one person has a hoard of the item, they may be collecting them, buying out all of the ones cheaper to resell it themselves, or simply saving them for later. If one is significantly cheaper than the rest, they may be trying to dump the item quickly under what it's really worth so don't short yourself either! Step 4: Listing the Item for sale on your Player Shop. Right clicking the NPC and selecting My Shop will open the window where you can then add items. When adding an item it will prompt you to type in the value you wish to list the item at. I.E. Putting in an item for 26B, type "26B" and it will add it to your store for that amount. The POS does take a %3 convenience fee to pay all of the hard working NPCs in Simplicity. TL;DR Step 1: Is the item junk? If yes, throw it in your bank or sell it to ::shops Step 2: If it's not junk then check the POS to see what others sell the item for. Step 3: Determine if the listed prices are reasonable or not by looking at how many there are for sale and how closely priced each player has listed them for. Step 4: Sell your in your own POS and/or ::yell a message for other players to see. Useful Tips/Info: If there's almost none for sale it can mean it's super junk OR it's super rare. When in doubt ask the Help CC. If the cheapest item is much lower than the rest, that person is probably undercutting to get a quick sale. This is a possible merching opportunity for you to buy it and sell it for more. If you want a quick sale you can list the price lower than everyone else so yours appears first on the list. If you're farming a boss or other monster and you plan on selling a lot of an item don't undercut others to avoid driving the price too far down and hurting yourself in the long run. Typing 10B when listing an item for sale is much easier than typing 10,000,000,000 Some items may be a bit wonky like the Old Key from hydra is listed as Stone Key. To see your recent POS history and sales try relogging to allow it to update. Sometimes an item is worth more to ::shops than in the POS. I.E. Ranger boots sell to shops for 1.9M! Claim your earnings by right clicking POS NPC and gold will be added to your pouch.
  20. I'm the exact opposite lol id rather deal with electricity any day over gas
  21. Maybe its just cause I've been in the gas industry for like 6 years now but I have never found it scary lol. Honestly electricity scares me more than natural gas. Like I'd rather fight a broken gas line with 60psi, then change a 120v outlet Xd.
  22. thats a terrififying job lol, i hate gas lines and shit
  23. I work with natural gas lines, with both installing new pipelines in the ground mostly residential and few industrial lines. I do everything from putting the pipe in the ground to installing the gas meter on the side of the house and going in and lighting appliances. It definitely an interesting lines of work being as I never have a set schedule since if something is hit we have to respond cant wait until the next day when you get natural gas blowing haha. Done everything from being a fitter fusing together plastic pipe in the ground, to a operator using mini excavators to dig up old lines, to plumber actually replumbing steel pipe out of people's houses to connect to our lines.
  24. I'm a Mobile Crane operator , i started since i was 22 years old. The heaviest i lifted was 25 Ton. We mostly do constrution but we lift variant things like pools , statues and lots more. For those who dont know what it is (this is my machine) : LTM 1070-4.2 50Meters height and capacity of 70T lifting
  25. That’s insane @ Endymion ! Very well done!
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