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    i went through every thread in the guides to make this so its easier to direct new players to a guide on here hopefully it helps everyone out golden guide thread numbers and names ::thread 1084 for monsters and milestones ::thread 210 magic well items and chances ::thread 1445 special bonus item guide ::thread 1329 tournamnet guide ::thread 2498 crafting guide ::thread 2481 voting guide ::thread 272 Treasure island guide ::thread 2295 all in one bossing guide ::thread 1833 black screen and loading workaround ::thread 44 trivia answers ::thread 169 skill guide directory ::thread 1169 all in one new player guide ::thread 1129 guide to server events ::thread 1155 easy clue scroll loot ::thread 27 clue scroll locations ::thread 1131 simplicity bosses ::thread 490 beginners guide to money ::thread 1088 bossmonster guide/directory ::thread 488 frequently asked questions PVM guides thread numbers and names ::thread 3356 kraken quick guide ::thread 3352 video guide to nex ::thread 577 simple guide to zulrah ::thread 3327 short guide to frost drags ::thread 1388 corporeal beast guide ::thread 1734 infernal cape guide by trippin ::thread 2315 solo TOB ::thread 2529 workath guide ::thread 1077 simple hydra guide ::thread 2090 how to olm raids ::thread 1739 Ancient wyvern guide ::thread 1729 raids 2 Theater of blood ::thread 1728 raids 1 chamber of xerics ::thread 1318 cows guide ::thread 1168 TOB guide ::thread 286 Slayer guide ::thread 596 indepth solo/duo olm guide ::thread 579 vorkath killing guide ::thread 512 simple guide to inferno ::thread 344 demonic gorilla guide ::thread 252 great olm guide low level gear ::thread 114 cghs noob corp guide Skilling guide ::thread 87 99 mining guide ::thread 2889 afk spots ::thread 2563 prayer guide ::thread 2548 Firemaking guide ::thread 1807 fishing guide ::thread 1600 smithing guide ::thread 1607 herb exp table ::thread 1175 99 cooking guide ::thread 549 construction guide ::thread 428 indepth farming guide ::thread 545 summoning guide ::thread 86 runecrafting guide minigames ::thread 2905 treasure island ::thread 2904 jad guide misc guides ::thread 2578 how to make the ice twisted bow and where to get the items ::thread 2429 prestige shop guide ::thread 2387 craftable items guide ::thread 2373 beginners money making guide ::thread 1334 achievement skill guide ::thread 1752 completionist tips/rewards ::thread 1877 pets guide ::thread 1214 elite clue loot ::thread 1681 crystal key loot ::thread 1507 iron efficiency guide ::thread 1185 simple tarn guide ::thread 1171 skeletsl mystic money making guide ::thread 858 client wont run fix ::thread 693 from zero to hero guide ::thread 624 rocktails as non donor ::thread 616 account security guide ::thread 107 how to buy and sell on pos
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    Whooot whoot, it's my 25th birthday day! (1/4 of a century) Oh gosh I'm feeling old now! Hehe but then again I've always said I'm whatever age going on 40! I've lived a pretty wild life from growing up on the streets, living the uni life, I came from a broken home but it's not about who blood is, it's about who you choose to be family! I'm blessed to be alive and kicking, 2020 has been a crazy year! I have 2 kids and not been able to see either since this stupid lock-down, hopefully things get a little easier! I got a card from my youngest (Eliza-Mai) who is nearly 2 years old, It's really made my day! My lovely girlfriend has gotten me loads of presents, and taking me out for the day! I've somehow persuaded her to let me bring my laptop! So I'll be logging in now and then during the day! I'm also thankful for all the lovely messages I've woken up to this morning on discord, thank you all for being so kind! This community is truly inspirational! You have no clue how much you have all helped me recently as I suffer from EUPD, so I'm up and down alot! I balance my work life/social life with gaming/spending time online speaking to you lovely bunch of coconuts but you all have kept me happy and safe! This time last year I was just coming out of Rehab, lost and broken but on the mend! I've grown stronger and stronger this year, even with this stupid lock-down in place! ❤️ Thank you once again! and a big thank you to Kevin and the staff team! I hope you all enjoy the massive boss event! I'll be around that's for sure, and depending how my day goes I'll be hosting some hide and seek, first one to trade me and other little fun events! If you see me in-game be sure to wish me a little happy birthday as just them words mean a lot! Good luck with drops and see you beauties later! Also he's a little picture of my brownie cake my missus got me created! Hands down one of the best brownies I have ever tasted (had it before)
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    Please can we increase/add more drops to the nightmare beasts! You need Emerald donator status to kill these beasts and myself, plus others will agree it's not really worth killing it! Maybe increase the drop (cash) and add some other random drops to the log if possible please! This is the current drop table for the beasts - I believe increasing the drop rate/better drops will make players want to be emerald+ donator status! :3
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    Awesome work my man, cheers for going the extra effort ❤️
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    Happy Birthday friend! Many more years!
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    Happy birthday brother! Glad that you're having a blast today, you deserve it. All the best!
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    Staff Changes 24/11/20 @ Kattrockbell has been promoted to Global Moderator. @ whip 2 ags has begun his trial support, goodluck! - Simplicity Staff Team
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    Grats Katt and thank you Stickle
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    14.11.2020 - Added support for new items kept on death interface display. - Added saving summoning familiars in presets manager. - Item Kept on Death interface redesign. - Updated the items kept on death interface to 1:1 OSRS. - Added support for displaying & updating familiar loadout for presets. - Added IP-check for Halloween event boss. - Added support for uncharging tridents. - Added familiar saving to presets. - Added energy transfer lunar spell. - Added Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) with their special effect + immunity. - When Gargoyles are killed on slayer task they will drop a brittle key on a random chance. - Added Superglass make spell. - Added small and big slayer chest (larran's chest) and added the small table. - Added big chest reward for larrans key for slayer. - Added Snakeling metamorphosis. - Added the cure me spell and fixed bake pie spell. - Added the humidify spell. - Added support for incoming and outgoing hitmark colours. - Added cure group lunar spell. - Added vengeance other lunar spell. - Added tan leather & superglass make lunar spell. - Added highly exclusive custom order: Textured Dragonstone set (infernal). - Added updated Owner's Box to be the best box in Simplicity (limited). - Added 'lookup' option to halloween chest. - Added the BEST deals of the year, Owner Deals, to celebrate Supreme's Birthday - Fixed a model bug with chaotic long female. - Fixed a model bug with female arms when wearing twisted bows. - Fixed a bug to not allow more than the expected max amount charges for tridents. - Larrans keys are now properly dropped by monsters whoms slayer tasks were assigned by slayer master. - Fixed a bug with pet owners not being set at all. - Fixed cure group spell - Fixed a bug to not allow more than the expected max amount charges for Scythe of Vitur. - Fixed void spinner not being able to be summoned. - Fixed praying mantis dissapearing instantly after it is summoned. - Fix for Stone Chest incorrect rewards - Fixed tournament interface not going away when logging out during tournament. - Fixed delay for tan leather lunar spell. - Tan leather spell now uses a graphic and animation. - Treasure island is now instanced. - Fixed a memory issue that would possibly kick players offline for a few seconds. - Fixed several wrong server messages. - Treasure island keys are now stackable Thanks, Arthur, Supreme & Development Team
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    Simplicity's Official Monthly voting event! November Event! Hello Simp gang, Here at Simplicity, we would like to award the top 5 most enthusiastic and engaging playes each month for taking their time, and use their support on voting on our server on the toplists, its a thing that really means alot to us and helps us grow. Therefor each month we will be handing out 5 rewards for the top 5 most voted people on the server per month, each month will have different rewards than the previous. First Place winner will also recieve an #1 Voter of the month Award on their Forum account to display their achievement. ---> 1st Place Winner Onyx Box 2nd Place Winner: Ruby + Emerald Box 3rd Place Winner: Emerald Box 4th Place Winner: Sapphire Box 5th Place Winner: 2 Elite Warrior Boxes Goodluck to everyone!
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