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    Latest staff changes. @ Charmie has been promoted to Global Moderator @ Noki has been promoted to Global Moderator @ Maxime has been promoted to Administrator Congratulations! @ Ventura has been demoted from Server Support @ hiddenblade9 has stepped down from Moderator
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    Look at this fancy ass guide
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    Congratulations boys especially @ Charmie well deserved.
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    Yeah, its a pretty shitty one to get to be fair. Comes with negative drop rate bonus.
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    Congrats on the promos everyone!
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    Keep up the good work! Well deserved!
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    Loot from 10,000 Alchemical Hydra 10K Hydra's roughly took 10 days averaging 700-800 kills per day. I'm too lazy to open the magic knife/old keys etc so going roughly calculate the earning. (This is based on the POS prices currently) 644 Stone keys = 96.6B 15 Anguish (or) = 60B 9 Anguish kits = 5.85B 280 Magic Knifes = 84B 568 Gold bags(Average 18M)= 10.2B 11 Sapphire Boxes = 49.5B 11 1B tickets 110B cash from the cash drops Grand total = 427.15B
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    💥Neon's Guide Directory💥 What's up guys, Neon here with my first guide since I've been back. I noticed that staff are frequently linking to threads for different resources, so I thought I would make this post to organize everything in one place. If there's anything you'd like that is missing or could use more explaining, let me know! ctrl + F will make it much easier to find guides! 💢Brand new to the server? Start here💢 New Players Guide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Starting an Ironman? read this. Another Useful Ironman Resource Armor/Weapons guide 💰Want to Make Money?💰 Start with this guide. Skeletal Mystics can be good too if you're new Demonic Gorillas are decent as well 🎮Skill Guides🎮 Construction Guide Herblore Guide Smithing Guide Cooking Guide Farming Guide Firemaking Guide Mining Guide Prayer Guide Runecrafting Guide Summoning Guide For prayer just save up a bit by voting and buy hydra bones from POS to use when the well is active. Shouldn't take too many. I'll be making/adding more skill guides, so this will be updated. Going to start with dung first. 🔥Boss Guides🔥 Tarn Guide Vorkath Guide Inferno Guide Low level Olm Guide / In-Depth Olm Guide Theatre of Blood Guide General boss guide (lots of bosses included) Treasure Island Bosses/Minigame Corporeal beast guide Alchemical Hydra Guide Donor Bosses Guide 😎General guides/tips😎 Special items guide Guide to Simplicity Pets Tournament event Guide Trivia Answers Guide Server Events Guide Clue Scroll Locations Magic Well Items/Chances Gambling Guide Donator Benefits NPC Box Drops Bonus event orb guide Credits: Big Thanks to Sean4755, Cass, Victor, Talents, Iron Trees, Kooda, Alexa, Cloud9Toes, Jabrone, Ruhbeartoe, Cava, Tramp, Ebyss, Mak3, Master Cut22, Bigzy, Pixie Joe, Dro, spud, 2incher, All Might Me, Adam, Bryan, and Kevin for their contributions to this post! If I included your guide and didn't give credit message me here or ingame and I'll add you.
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    Owner Arthur Supreme Kevin Staff Manager Lewis Manager Athos Minh Global Administrator Foly Shiftynex Administrator Alb Dro Dutch Rapiid ags Spud Maxime Global Moderator Sezy Noki Charmie Moderator Sleepinwmy9 Cody Server Support Spookydoo2 Rabe37ob Skovos Trial Support Mr Xii Forum Manager Foly Bodhi Forum Moderator Sezy
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    You were jailed for the drop party, which was after the hide and seeks (which any give away's are against the rules unless you ask for permission and 9/10 times, under 10b will be approved). I messaged you in cc before you were dropping items, then tele'd to you and you didn't stop or reply. You were jailed because of that and you have multiple prior offenses. You've been a player since Day 1 as you mentioned yourself much earlier in the evening and should be very familiar from the rules because of these reasons. Not to mention the discussion of another private server prior to any of this that I did pm you and mention it being in the rules regardless of whether the server is still active or not. This was another opportunity for you to refresh your memory on what is and isn't allowed. "I wasn't told not to do it" does not make it okay. ::Rules are there for a reason and need to be followed but you're more than welcome to submit an appeal.
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    Introduction Hello everyone, Its about time for me to introduce myself. You may or may not have seen me in game probably killing Derwens but my name is Visecs, I've been playing various Private servers for some time now looking for a fit and i think i may have found it in this server. Im looking forward to meeting you all and grinding out some good drops in the future.
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    Killing 1000 Derwen. Hey guys I've been looking for something to grind out alot of to make some money towards future investments and I've decided to grind Derwen. For now im starting off with killing 1000 and tracking all the drops for whoever is curious about what you can expect if you didnt know. Some of the loot shown in the Tab comes from casket drops. Progress: 300/1000 Update One: 500/1000 Update Two: The grind is finally done, After a change of house IRL and a few internet issues i can finally update you all on the loot. I think i got pretty damn lucky with the loot that i got in the 1k Kills
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    Outline Today im going to draft up a suggestion i have been thinking of over the last few days, It was originally thought up in game by Mrnoluck420 i believe but im adding in a couple of my own ideas and typing it up cause he didnt want to. So we all know Treasure island right? A place that is seemingly dead content 90% of the time. The basis of the idea is to add in Pets of the treasure island NPCs I would also like to apologise if this isnt well written i suck at formatting lol. Benefits Personally i think there could be alot to gain from this being implemented into the game and im going to share some of my ideas along with photos of the NPCs themselves so you can both see where this can benefit and how cool they look. So i'll start by running you by the NPCs that reside on the island and what they look like. First we have Cobra, Cobra is a level 903 mage that along with all the other bosses on the island has a 1/4 chance of dropping a key in his name as shown below. Next we have Fear, Fear is a level 844 Archer sporting the same 1/4 chance for a key in his name. Next up we have Death, Death is a level 941 Warrior once again sporting the same 1/4 chance at a key in his name. Last but not least we have Blitz, Blitz is a level 913 Warrior and once again like the others he has the 1/4 chance at dropping a key in his name. You need 1 key from each boss to open the chest in the middle of the island, There is alot on offer from the chest itself but you dont see many people doing this content at all. My suggestion could give a little bit of life into these bosses and also into bossing content as a whole, I suggest adding in the pets of the individual bosses on the island at something like a 1/1000 drop rate, Not only are they really nice looking NPCs but i was thinking as a sort of a middle ground before getting the superior pets which are currently the be all and end all of pets due to the passive soulsplit ability we could give these new pets a buff in damage output coming from the player, as an example Fear as a pet could have a bonus of maybe 5% Range damage, Cobra could have a 5% Magic damage boost and for Death and Blitz it would be a 5% boost in Melee damage output. I think that for players who cant yet obtain either the 50b for a superior scroll or cannot donate to buy a superior pet from the store this would serve as a good starter goal to help them into the end game bossing. However it doesnt only serve a purpose to newer players this could also serve people like myself that dont necessarily need the Superior pet and would rather more damage output and thus quicker kills, better PB times and grinds not taking as long. All in all its upto the relevant developers and staff but i think the addition of damage boosting pets could serve very useful for the players on the server all the the percentages i mentioned were purely just an example and are to be decided by the developers if this is to be put in place, The droprates could be increased, lowered or left as i suggested. I look forward to see what people have to say about this idea.
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    Gz Skovos knew you would ace the Trial period 💪 Also Welcome back to the team Cody 😁
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