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    straight to the point: - make hydra bones notable DONE - make drake bones notable DONE -allow hydra to give boss points DONE - allow players to be able to lure hydra over the pools to weaken and also avoid it regaining hp whilst not attacking - extend time on all NPC's it takes to regen health when not being attacked - make flasks decantable - allow it to show when friends log in ' x has just logged in' though the pm chat - when an item is used on a bank, all of the same item within your inventory becomes noted (skilling purposes) -allow Sagittarian to boost hp over 99 (like nex sets) - buff anguish stats without the ornament kit, for the price it has the same stats as split dragon tooth nec - give boots of brimstone some stats - instance nex and corp NEX DONE - add group instancing for nex and corp so that more than one group can kill the boss - Ass noted overloads to ::dzone druid shop for double the price of un noted single pot -make overloads notable - make overloads tradable (can only be traded through pos at the moment) DONE - change the look of afk tree, its not Christmas -buff dragon thownaxe price for gen store and make them useable. PRICE DONE -get rid of dragon thrownaxe rare drop announcement DONE -rename old school bond from demonics (new players get confused) -fix barrage timers -add monkey agility course as middle ground between barbarian and wildy courses -refine trivia store (keep the top row, guilded, coloured robin hood hats, charm box / add combat boxes and replace zammy spear for hasta) - rework clue scroll rewards, adding some unique rares only obtainable through clues crolls making them worthwhile -boss point store rework, adding combat boxes for 50 pts ea and reducing price of mbox and leg mbox (ALL STORES JUST NEED A DE-CLUTTER FROM USELESS STUFF!) - introduce some mid range melee weapons into the game, the jump between vorkath vine whip and scythe is too big -make wildy boss drop tables more desirable and introduce wildy keys (could be used on stone chest?) - add dragon hunter crossbow with damage effect on dragons DONE -add kodai wand to raids drop table -add stone keys to more bosses in the same way gold bags were added -trade chaotics in for dung tokens -add boss teleports page 3 to teleports interface for the bosses not on the list, make them more known and accessible for people wanting to try new things -add 10% xp skilling pet boost when its summoned whilst doing the skill ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS FEEL FREE TO POST IN THE COMMENTS------ Additional suggestions: -make hydras flame attack that constantly hits 1 damage stop when the boss dies - make protection prayers work on hydra - hydra - if flames go right up to the door when you enter it makes you run through the wall and the boss doesn't appear, can also have a chance of entering other peoples instances. - add rocktail fishing back to rogues castle or make move it to regular fishing spot, catherby spot isn't known at all so non donator players miss out on fishing rock tail DONE - add 2b xp capes (cosmetic or stats?) - make wyrm bones notable - make it so that we can scroll more of the cc list (players are being taken off the bottom so we cant see then (hard to moderate) -Add AFK tree in ::home2 so that it balances the lag (run on the same 6 hour location system as edgeville so they both swap at the same time) -Add ::zulrah or ::zul for zulrah tele - change the barrows minigame to have the brothers of their respective hills as NPC's ontop of the hill, dropping their own kind of barrows armour, this would increase activity there and would also be a good money maker for new players as they can now make box sets and have them sold for 40m at ::dzone druid -be able to gamble infernal capes for a chance at the pet Discord Suggestions: - make it possible to create barrows set boxes DONE -add scoreboard to raids (maybe with highest number of raids by a party or best loots with date of drop?) https://gyazo.com/4ac374b8774aea9404a62a49d6e56c02 - take a look at range attack speeds (rune knives for example are not as fast as they should be) look into other weapons - real bank booth at raids so players can access pre-sets (or add function to the existing chest) - fix ::bossevents timers - clean up highscores section on website (separate different forms of ironman mode, 'HCIM' mode shows normal ironmen) -add HCIM mode (server announcement on death showing play time and total level) -add looting bag drop to help out UIM - create more methods to gain crafting xp (gems are the only method worth doing) -add elite clue scrolls (obtained through boss drops, all dig locations located in the wilderness) - add more magic well options for whips (reg=tent / tent=vine / vine=vorkath vine) - add more well options for boots (d boots=steadfast / ranger boots=glavians / infinity boots=ragefires) - make rogues castle skilling count towards achievements - trade in duplicate pets for a certain amount of xp -add mbox, lmbox clue scroll and crystal key drop tables to ::boxloots
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    So following on from Iron Trees achievement topic, I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of the pets that you can collect from Simplicity in this how and where to find guide. Skilling Rift Guardian - RC Rocky - Thieving Giant Squirrel - Agility Rock Golem - Mining Heron - Fishing Beaver - Woodcutting Tangleroot - Farming PVM Crawling Hand - slayer Tower teleport under dungeon teleports 3rd column 3rd down Rock Crab - Monster Teleports TzTok-Jad - Fight Pit/Fight Cave Teleports or for 300k tokkul from the Gem store near the Tzhaar minion teleport under monster teleports Olm - Raids Teleport Tzrek-Zuk - Inferno found in gen store at home, also found in Varrock west of ::home2 tp King Black Dragon - Boss teleport top left or ::di Slash Bash - Boss Teleport under kbd tp or ::di Tormented Demon - Boss Teleport under Slash Bash or ::di Bork - Boss Teleport under Tormented Demons or ::di General Graardor - Godwars/Bandos Commander Zilyana - Godwars/Saradomin K'ril Tsutsuroth - Godwars/Zamorak Kree'arra - Godwars/Armadyl Frost Dragon - Boss Teleports 2nd column 2nd down, says they are wilderness but they arent or ::di Green Dragon - Player Killing teleport East Dragons/West Dragons or ::di Bandos Avatar - Bosses 2 teleport top 2nd column Baby Blue Dragon - Taverly Dungeon, use the pipe to the right then south,you can also get the pet from Blue Dragons Barrelchest - Boss Teleport bottom of column 2 or ::di Lizardman Shaman - Boss Teleport Bottom 3rd Column or ::di Chaos Elemental - Player Killing Teleports - Rogue Castle (Wilderness Boss) or Boss teleport 2nd column 3rd down Corporeal Beast - Boss Teleport 3rd Column 3rd down Dagannoth Supreme - Boss teleport 3rd Column 2nd down Dagannoth Prime - As above Dagannoth Rex - As above Kalphite Queen - Boss teleport top of 3rd column Phoenix - Bosses 2 teleport Top of 1st column Nex - Bosses 2 Teleport under Phoenix Cerberus - Bosses 2 Teleport under Nex Skotizo - Bosses 2 Teleport 2nd column next to Cerberus Kraken - Bosses 2 Teleport bottom of 2nd column Giant Mole - Bosses 2 teleport bottom of 1st column Vorkath - Bosses 2 teleport bottom of 3rd column Ice Strykewyrm - dungeon teleport 2nd down 2nd column Desert Strykewyrm - As above Jungle Strykewyrm - As above Venenatis - Bosses 2 teleport 2nd down 3rd column (wilderness boss) Scorpia - bosses 2 teleport 2nd down 2nd column (wilderness boss) Wildywyrm - Random locations around the wilderness Hydra - ::hydra
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    You forgot the Crawling Hand pet!
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    This is a nice overview thanks.
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    Thanks Pix!! And @Kooda I didn't even know that existed on simp, I now need it in my life
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    Very well done - we definitely needed this thread. Thanks Pixie!
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    Thank you for your suggestion, added to the list
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    Thanks incher and its good to see the devs responsing to this list, updates incoming I don't mind at all, the list is full of the communities thoughts and opinions, Id like to share it and it to become a 'go to' source for the developers when putting together an update!
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    Hello, This will be a thread to help you diagnose most of the common Client problems. I. General Issues II. Mac Client loaded, but unable to login: If you have successfully finished loading the client, and yet unsuccessful to login. There can be a few issues causing this. 1. Your account might already be logged in, I advise to check if you already have a client open with your account logged in. 2. You somehow have been "forced logged out", and the server still recognizes your user as logged in, I advise to wait 10 minutes, and if you're still having trouble with logging in, you should contact a staff member. 3. Server might be Offline/Down due to hosting problems or there is some undergoing maintenance. 4. Your account might be banned, or there has been used som incorrect credentials for that specific user, might also be a login server problem. Some staff members should be able to check the client error messages for the server, and provide you with more info, please do contact a staff member. 5. There might be a rare case where your account has been Nulled/Corrupted. Please contact a staff member. Client is stuck on 0% 1. Your cache is corrupted and needs to be deleted. You can use the Simplicity's reset tool, or manually delete the cache, it's default route in most cases are this. C:\Users\username\.SimplicityCache 2. Your internet connection is too low/or keeps dropping, to make a stable connection to the server. 3. Server might possibly be offline, and not allowing connections. 4. Might just be alot of cache for a some old pc's, try to give it some time. 5. Might need to update Java to the latest version, here is the link. Client stuck on anything else than 0% This is most likely caused by a cache problem. Use the Simplicity Cache Reset tool. Or you can manually go in to the Simplicity cache folder and remove the cache, thereafter relaunch the client to update the cache. Unable to download Client In most cases, some Antiviruse program might block the client download, because it's a .jar file/or because it's from an unidentified source. You would need to go into your Antivirus program and allow it to download the client. (And don't worry, there is no viruses.) Unable to open Client This is most likely because you don't have Java installed on your machine, or your Java is corrupted or missing files. Install the latest Java SE and right-click your client and make sure to use open with "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" Unidentified Developer If you are using a Mac, that you have aquired through work/school, you might be connected to its domain, which has some filters put on your machine, that doesn't allow some downloaded content from the internet. There is not much to do in this case, since it's managed by your work/school's system administrator. If you indeed do have administrative rights of the machine, you can go under "System Preferences" --> "Security & Privacy" ---> And click "Open Anyway" and thereafter be prompted for administrator credentials. JDK missing If you're still one of the few people using Mac OS X Lion or below, java won't be automatically installed on your machine. You will have to download the latest java. Here is link, and make sure the installation file is a .dmg or .pkg, of course. How to manually delete cache on Mac? This is a tricky one, because the storage of cache, sometimes changes depending on the Mac OS X version and file format, but generally there is 2 different kinds of cache, the system cache (Which you dont touch), and the general user applicated cache. It should be located around Macintosh HD/Users/username/Library. But it's alot easier to just use the cache reset tool mentioned above, or redownload the client to overwrite current cache.
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    Updated the list. If anyone has anything they would like to add, please send me a pm over discord or find me ingame
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    WE HAVE ADDED 4 SUPER EXCLUSIVE DEALS AND 1 LIMITED DEAL FOR EVERYONE THAT LIKES TO HELP THE SERVER OUT WITH A NICE DONATION! 🔥 CLAIM $50 TO GET: 🔥 ▲ 120 Points ▲ 10 Six month anniversary bags ▲ 10 Combat boxes (Archery, Wizard or Warrior) 💥THIS DEAL IS WORTH 180 DONATOR POINTS💥 - 🔥 CLAIM $100 TO GET 🔥 ▲ 250 Points ▲ 20 Six month anniversary bags ▲ 20 Combat boxes (Archery, Wizard or Warrior) ▲ 1 Sapphire box 💥THIS DEAL IS WORTH 410 DONATOR POINTS💥 - 🔥 CLAIM $200 TO GET 🔥 ▲ 550 Points ▲ 40 Six month anniversary bags ▲ 40 combat boxes (Archery, Wizard or Warrior) ▲ 10 diamond boxes ▲ 3 sapphire boxes ▲ 1x Full torva / Pernix or Virtus 💥THIS DEAL IS WORTH 1075 DONATOR POINTS💥 - 🔥 CLAIM $300 TO GET 🔥 ▲ 800 Points ▲ $100 Donation Scroll ▲ 100 Six month anniversary bags ▲ 100 combat boxes (Archery, Wizard or Warrior) ▲ 25 diamond boxes ▲ 5 sapphire boxes ▲ Full Nex set 💥THIS DEAL IS WORTH 2150 DONATOR POINTS💥 - ___________________________________________________________________________________ SUPER HOT EXCLUSIVE FIRE DEAL (LIMITED) ONLY 6/10 LEFT 💥💥💥 CLAIM $500 TO GET💥💥💥 💥 1400 DONATOR POINTS 💥 💥 50 Diamond Boxes 💥 💥 10 Sapphire Boxes 💥 💥 Full Sagittarian Set 💥 💥 $100 Donation Scroll (3x) 💥 💥 200 Six Month Anniversary Bags💥 💥 Ring Of Bosses & Angelic Boots 💥 💥 200 Combat Boxes (Archery, Wizard or Warrior) 💥 ▲THIS DEAL IS WORTH 4250 DONATOR POINTS▲ NOTE: The previous limited exclusive deal was sold out within 5 days. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If Arthur is not online, Pm one of the staff members if you have claimed the donation to get your extras. It is also possible to directly donate to Arthur his paypal email, Pm him on discord or ingame for this. And donating with OSRS / RS3 Gold for this deal is also possible as well. Thank you for the support, Simplicity Team
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    Agreed with Kevin. Honestly think we should get rid of all the afk trees and the westerfish.
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    Simplicity Rsps - Ironman Walkthrough 1. Get thieving 90+ 2. Buy: black dhide top black dhide chaps black dhide vambraces snakesking boots neitznot helmet ava's accumulator rune crossbow magic shortbow 1000 ruby bolts (e) 500 rune arrows sharks super restores 3. Click on the slayer skill and select vannaka as your slayer master. Click on the slayer skill again and teleport to slayer master. Get a slayer task. 4. Teleport to your slayer task and kill them with ranged on longrange with your magic shortbow until you're 55 defence, then switch to rapid. Keep training ranged and slayer until 85+ ranged. 5. Kill 5 blue dragons and use the bones on altar for 44 prayer 6. Kill Slash Bash until 500 boss points and buy Blowpipe from the boss point shop. If you get any 100M drops along the way, spend that on food/potions/bolts. 7. Get thieving to 99 if you need money for food/pots/bolts 8. Kill Zulrah until you get a magma blowpipe. Pick up all the drops and sell to general store. 9. Kill Nex until you get at least full pernix. You can grind for all the nex sets if you want. 10. Kill Vorkath until you get Vorkath whip 11. Train slayer to 99. Will be more than enough to get maxed melee/magic. 12. If you followed this guide you now have full nex set, magma blowpipe, vorkath whip and 99 all combat stats including slayer. From now on you can pretty much do whatever you like. Maybe go for max/comp cape, grind for other boss drops, etc.
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    Need help finding, killing, mastering Zulrah? Look no further! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I. Introduction To Zulrah & Understanding: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zulrah is a multi-phase snakling boss that attacks with all 3 combat styles: Magic, Ranged, and Melee. You will only be using ranged to kill this boss. Use this guide below to judge which prayer to use on which phase. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ II. Gear Setups: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ [Low Tier] ~ Estimated Kill Times: 1:30~2:00 Kills Per Hour: ~25 ~ [Mid Tier] ~ [Upgrade to Magma Blowpipe Possible] [Use Rune Darts in Blowpipe] Estimated Kill Times: 0:50~1:20 Kills Per Hour: ~35 ~ [Max Tier] ~ Estimated Kill Times: 0:30-0:40 Kills Per Hour: ~50 [Reasoning behind lower food with each upgrade is with better gear you are tankier, as long as you get the prayers right when fighting zulrah, you shouldn't need more than whats pictured.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ III. How To Get There: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zulrah can be found at ::home or ::home2 by talking to the NPC "Master Zulri" ::Home ::Home2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IV. Strategies: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter Zulrah lair by following step 3 and talking to "Master Zulri" Once in there pray range and run to the spot circled to the north-west and begin attacking Be sure to turn on Eagle Eye or Rigour if you have 80 prayer Zulrah will ALWAYS start with its three phases in this order Green [Pray Range] -> Red [Pray Melee] -> Blue [Pray Magic] *It is possible Zulrah will skip these two phases and go right to the Ranged Poision cloud phase* After those phases, zulrah will to all the way to the south, and begin placing her poison clouds I never attempt to attack it when its at this phase, as its (somewhat) out of range and will drag you into the poison clouds After that poison cloud phase, it will spawn back in the center with Melee Zulrah will then go back to Mage but on the West Side By this time Zulrah should already be killed, if not, stay in the same place the whole time and pray its phases accordingly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ V. Loot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Zulrah will VERY COMMONLY drop these items, making it very sturdy/profitable way of money: ~ Raw Rocktail [50k-75k via the market price] Runite Ore [100k-150k via the market price] Adamant Bar [78k ea sold back to Mining Instructor] Coal [7k-10k via the market price] Magic Logs [14k ea sold back to Firemaking Instructor] Caskets [Varies, Includes a lot of sell-able skilling items if opened] 2.5M Cash [At these prices, Zulrah is a good 35-50m h/r with no rare drops] ~ Zulrah will RARELY drop these items: ~ [These Items don't go for more than 5m ea] ~ Zulrah will VERY RARELY drop these items, at a rate of 1 in 900 [1/900]: ~ Magma Helmet: 290m-320m Magma blowpipe: 1.6b-1.8b Toxic blowpipe: 300m-400m Serpentine Helmet: 400m-500m Diamond mystery box: 600m-1b Pegasian boots: 900m-1b ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope this guide helps, if there is anything that needs to be tweaked please feel free to add me in game 'Cyrex' and tell me or leave a post below and ill be sure to edit it!
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    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Welcome to the FAQ for Simplicity, where (hopefully) all your questions will be answered. If I missed any questions or some answers are not clear enough, be sure to let me know and I'll edit accordingly. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your time playing Simplicity. A special thank-you to 2incher, Iron Trees, and the Simplicity Staff Team for helping me out with this post! CLIENT-SIDE: My right-click isn't working. How do I fix it? There are a few ways of tackling this problem. Firstly, go to [this thread] and try the method. If that doesn't solve the issue, then check to make sure you have Java 7 installed. Finally, if that still doesn't solve the issue, try deleting your cache. For a guide on how to install Java 7 and deleting your cache, go to [this thread]. If you're using a Mac and want to delete your cache, go to [this thread]. I launched the client and the screen is dim/dark. How do I fix it? As of creating this post, it's not entirely certain what causes this problem (at least to my knowledge), but relaunching the client should fix the issue. All the NPCs at home disappeared. How do I fix it? Relaunching the client usually fixes the issue, or going down the ladder to summoning at ::home. An alternative is to use the Varrock home, which can be accessed by using the command ::home2, or going into your Spellbook -> Home Teleport -> Varrock. I'm having a client-side issue that's not listed here/the solutions aren't working. What do I do? If the problem you're having isn't listed in this post or the solutions provided aren't enough, contact a member of the Simplicity Staff Team (scroll down to the end to learn how to contact them). NOTE: A lot of issues with the client can be solved by deleting your cache. It's suggested to do this fairly often to keep the game running smoothly. You can manually delete it by going to your C: Drive -> Users -> whichever User you use -> delete .Simplicitycache and reload the client. GAMEPLAY: How do I make money? What do I do first? Unfortunately, there's no one good answer to this question. Everybody has their own opinions and tricks when it comes to making money on Simplicity, but there are a few methods that most people can agree is a good way to start earning a decent amount of cash. EDIT: The Beginner's Guide to Money is now posted. You can check it out [here]. How long does New Player Protection (NPP) last? You must wait 16 minutes before being able to trade with any players, enter the wilderness or be granted access to the POS (scroll down for an explanation on the POS). How do I train [combat skill]? If you're just starting out on the server, use the command ::train. This command will teleport you to Rock Crabs. If you would rather train on other mobs, go into your Spellbook -> Training Teleport. TIP: If you want to train Mage, I personally recommend going to Armoured Zombies for fast levels, as the area is multi-combat. How do I train [non-combat skill]? To train any non-combat skill, click on the Skills Tab -> any skill you would like to train. You will then be teleported to the area where you can train the skill you clicked. Be sure to check out [this thread] for guides on skilling. How do I start Slayer? Where do I go to fight [task]? What can I do with Slayer points? To start Slayer, go into your Skills tab -> Slayer skill. After the dialog opens, click on Teleport to Slayer Master. Right-click the Slayer Master and choose Get-Task. If you're not sure where your current Slayer task is, there are a few ways of figuring this out. Firstly, talk to your Slayer Master, and choose What's my current assignment?. It will tell you where your current task is and how to get there. If you still don't know where they are, consider buying a Ring of Slaying (8) for 5 Slayer points if you can afford it. The ring will teleport you to your Slayer task 8 times. Finally, if neither of the solutions above is working out, don't be afraid to ask the Simplicity Community in the help chat. We'll be more than happy to help you out. Slayer points are used in the Slayer shop, which is located under the Rewards option when right-clicking any Slayer Master. You can purchase exclusive items, including a Slayer helm and a Fighter Torso. TIP: To check your current task and how many mobs you have left to kill, go to your Quest tab and scroll down to Slayer Information. How do I check the drops of a certain mob? Use the command ::drops to bring up the panel that shows all the different mobs and their drop rates. Alternatively, you can click on the Quest tab, then scroll down until you see NPC Drop Table. You can also use the command ::finddrop insert name of mob to get the specifics on a certain mob’s drop rate. How do I change my prayer/mage spells? There are three different altars located directly north of the Edgeville home (type ::home and run up), and the same three altars located directly east of the Varrock home (type ::home2 and run to the right). What’s Warmonger Boss/Muhammad Ali’s Dummy? How do I get there? Warmonger is an end-game boss that spawns every 30 minutes. To get to Warmonger, either use the command ::warmonger, or go to your Spellbook -> Dungeons Teleport -> Warmonger Dungeon, then run south to the other side of the dungeon. It is recommended to use Ranger gear when fighting Warmonger. Also, use Protect from Melee when being attacked by the Gargoyles and Protect from Melee/Mage when fighting Warmonger. Muhammad Ali’s Dummy is a server-event that happens every 6 hours. To get to Muhammad Ali's Dummy, you must have everything unequipped, then use the command ::ali. You will then be teleported to the Muhammad Ali's Dummy area with boxing gloves equipped. Make sure to unequip the boxing gloves and equip them again. NOTE: Only one (1) account can be at the Warmonger/Muhammad Ali boss at a time. For the full list of rules, go to [this thread]. How do I get to Zulrah? Talk to Master Zulri at Edgeville home and he will teleport you to the boss; he’s right outside the Edgeville bank beside the obelisk. Ranging gear is highly recommended when fighting this boss. Do I lose my items on death? No, you do not lose your items on death. You will only lose items on death if you die in the wilderness. Unless skulled, you will keep 3 items, 4 with protect item. Untradeable items will always be kept on death, even if you die in the wilderness. What’s the price of [item]? Check out [this thread] and the comments for a general idea of the prices of most items in-game. Just remember that the prices of almost every item in the game tend to fluctuate every day, so I recommend asking members of the Simplicity Community. How do I vote? How do I claim votes? What are vote scrolls? I can’t claim my votes? To vote, type the command ::vote in the client or click [here]. This will take you to the voting page, where you can vote for Simplicity by clicking on the links shown. To claim your votes, use the command ::claimvote. You gain 2 vote scrolls for each website you vote on (4 if double voting is active). Voting on all the websites will grant you 10 vote scrolls (20 if double voting is active). Vote scrolls are exclusive items gained only from voting. You can claim the vote scrolls by right-clicking them in your Inventory and clicking Claim or Claim-All. You’ll then be presented with two different options: 30% bonus experience for 10 minutes, or 1M coins and 1 vote point. Choosing either option will consume the scroll(s). Vote points can be used in the Vote Shop, which can be accessed by talking to Sir Vyvin. He’s located at the Edgeville and Varrock homes. The vote system has recently been updated, so there are a few known issues. The Simplicity Staff Team are working hard to fix these issues and will update the community when such fixes are made. In the meantime, if you’re unable to claim your votes, contact the owners Supreme/Arthur either in-game or through ::discord and they’ll compensate you accordingly. NOTE: You must have evidence you’ve voted in order to be compensated. What are Loyalty Points? How do I earn them? What can I do with them? Loyalty points are earned through playing on the server. Pretty much anything you do will earn you a steady income of Loyalty points. You can use Loyalty points to purchase titles through the Loyalty Shop, which can be accessed by talking to Sir Vyvin. He’s located at the Edgeville and Varrock homes. Loyalty points are also a requirement for the Veteran cape; you’ll have needed to earn at least 500K points. NOTE: Being AFK will not earn you Loyalty Points. How do I answer trivia questions? What can I do with Trivia Points? To answer a trivia question, use the command ::answer answer. All the questions/answers to trivia can be found [here]. Trivia points can be used in the Trivia Point Shop to purchase items, which is located at both the Edgeville and Varrock homes. Am I able to prestige? What can I do with Prestige Points? To prestige, go into your Skills Tab and right-click -> Prestige on any skill that is level 99. You can earn anywhere between 3 – 20 Prestige Points, depending on the skill and the amount of experience you’ve accumulated. Prestige Points are used to purchase items in the Prestige Shop, which can be accessed by trading with Max. He’s located in the Edgeville and Varrock homes. What are Boss Points? What can I do with them? Boss Points are earned when you defeat any boss. Each boss you kill gives you 1 Boss Point. Unfortunately, there are too many bosses to list for this thread, but almost all of them have good drops. You can use Boss Points to purchase items in the Boss Point Shop, which can be accessed by talking to the Boss Point Shop NPC located at both the Edgeville and Varrock homes. There are valuable items you can purchase through here, including a Toxic/Magma Blowpipe and a [Legendary] Mystery Box. How do I zoom out? Hold CTRL + scroll using the mouse wheel. I need help with my clue scroll. Where do I go to dig? [This thread] gives you the location of every clue scroll currently implemented in the server. If you’re not entirely sure how to get to the locations shown in the thread, the Simplicity Community is full of people that are more than willing to guide you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. How do I set my “F” keys? Click on the Settings Tab -> PC -> F1 icon at the bottom-right. This should then take you to the Keybinding Panel, where you can adjust the F keys accordingly. What’s the Evil Tree/Crashed Star? How do I get there? The Evil Tree and Crashed Star are both a D&D that randomly spawn in select locations. Their locations vary, but they spawn 45 minutes after being fully mined/cut. To find their locations, use the commands ::tree and ::star. Alternatively, go to your Quest Tab and their locations should be under General Information. You must have at least level 80 Mining to mine the Crashed Star, and 80 Woodcutting to cut the Evil Tree. If the command gives you an error, it means they’re no longer in the world. The Evil Tree gives you Evil Tree Kindling when cutting it, which sells for 27,000 coins each in the General Store. The Crashed Star gives you Stardust when mining it, which can be used to purchase items in the Stardust Shop by talking to the Expert Miner. NOTE: Only one (1) account can be mining/cutting at the Crashed Star/Evil Tree at a time. For the full list of rules, go to [this thread]. What’s the Well of Goodwill? The Well of Goodwill is a special well located right outside the Edgeville bank and west of Varrock square. Players can donate up to 100M coins into the well, which will grant every player 30% bonus experience for 2 hours. There is also another well for items, called the magic well, which you can read about through [this thread]. What’s the lottery? How does it work? How do I gamble? The lottery is a weekly event where players have a chance to win a large sum of cash. To enter the lottery, you must talk to the Gambler NPC at ::gamble. Click Talk about the Lottery -> I’d like to enter; it will cost you 10M coins to enter the lottery and be qualified. At the end of the week (usually Friday or whenever the owner draws it), a random qualified player will be chosen, and they will win the pot accumulated over the past week. To start gambling, use the command ::gamble (the lottery NPC is also located here). There are a few different games that you can play, which [this guide] does a good job of explaining. CAUTION: It is highly recommended to record any gambling you do, as you must have video evidence of being scammed in order to file a report. By agreeing to gamble, you acknowledge that the Simplicity Staff Team waives all responsibility for your losses. Please gamble responsibly. What’s the POS? How do I buy/sell items through it? The POS stands for Player Owned Shop and, as the name suggests, is a shop owned by players. You can use the POS to sell or buy items from other players by talking to the Player Owned Shop Manager (hereafter referred to as POSM) located at both the Edgeville and Varrock homes. It acts similarly to the Grand Exchange. To buy items, right-click the POSM -> View Shops. Click on any of the player’s name to open their shop. Once opened, you can see all the items that player has for sale. You can only buy items from POS using coins. To sell items, right-click the POSM -> My Shop. You can then put any item in your inventory for sale for any price you desire. There is also a search option at the bottom, where you can search for a certain player's shop, or a certain item you're looking for. TIP: When setting the price of an item in the POS, or handling money in any way, you can type “10M” instead of “10000000”, as an example. It is the same thing and makes the process smoother to insure you don't put the wrong value by accident. MISCELLANEOUS: I need to contact a member of the Simplicity Staff Team. How do I go about this? For starters, you can send them a private message in-game. To check which members of the staff are currently online, use the command ::staff. Alternatively, you can use the command ::help, which will submit an in-game ticket. If they don’t respond to your message or accept your ticket right away, don’t fret! They may be busy with other player requests or preoccupied with other responsibilities. Another way of contacting the Simplicity Staff Team is through the Simplicity Discord server. You can join the Discord server through [here]. They will get back to your messages/requests as soon as possible, so please be patient. How do I donate to the server? What are the benefits? NOTE: Before donating to the server, please read the Terms & Services regarding donating, which can be found [here]. To donate to the server, you can either type in the command ::donate in-game, or [click here] to visit the shop. It's also possible to donate directly to Arthur, or to donate with RSGP through Arthur or Supreme. Please contact them for those options! As of creating this post, there are currently a few deals going on. For more information, visit [this thread]! The benefits of donating to the server can be found on [this thread], which include but are not limited to bonus experience, double loot at Barrows, and access to exclusive bosses in the donator zone.