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    You will get those refunded in blood money. Was supposed to happen automatically but somehow it didn't work. So don't worry we will sort that out when the developer fixes it!
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    Thank you for taking the time to make this forum post. I will be sure to make a note of both the missing items and the unwearable ones to be fixed in the future. We will also take into consideration your suggestion for clue scroll drop table additions at a later date.
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    To start, I just want to say I love this server. I played the original simplicity and was one of the first 10 people to comp on it. I've donated over $500 to this server and want it to succeed. The two huge issues I continue to see on this server are that it is extremely hard for new players to make the amount of money it takes to camp the higher level bosses (Raids, Hydra, Nex etc.) and it's extremely hard to buy items from other players because a majority of players seem to hold onto items even when they aren't using them. Want proof? Try buying a Scythe or a Sagi Set and let me know how long it takes. Regardless, I think both of these issues can be solved by doing one thing. Improving the drop rates of PvM Bosses to get them to a point where players actually have a shot of making real money from them (not 100m or 500m, but REAL money). I'm aware that as it stands, drop rates are already quite high. I understand that if I went to Raids right now I would have a good chance of getting a 100m+ drop. I don't want the rates to be increased by 50% or anything insane. I think a lot of players feel like right now, the only way to get rare items (Scythe, Tbow, Ftbow etc.) is to donate, which I don't think should be a goal of this server. I've played 150 hours on this server and never seen a Tbow drop from Raids. I've also never seen a Olm's fire or heard of a Scythe being dropped from WW. I get that these items are rare, but they shouldn't only be available to those who donate or win big at ::gamble or ::duel. I've come up with 3 possible solutions to this problem and hope others can come up with more. 1) Add drops like Justiciar pieces, Saggy pieces, Scythe, Tbow to bosses that currently, don't really have a purpose, like GWD bosses. Even if the drop rate is something like 0.2%, it would give players with lower tier gear the opportunity to get a drop that's actually worth something and actually excites them. Remember the first time you got a Tassets drop in OSRS? That feeling isn't replicated on this server because Tassets just aren't worth anything. Now imagine getting a Scythe from Bandos. You might actually have players camping these bosses (and not just the rich ones). I brought up GWD bosses as an example, obviously, Scythe and Tbow should only be dropped by mid or high tier bosses, but just have them drop at a rate that doesn't seem completely impossible. 2) Have daily events where players can collect points that they can then spend in a store to buy these items. Not only would this provide players with a reason to continuously play, it would give new players an opportunity to gain these items through ways other than PvM and staking and might actually increase community engagement. 3) Make changes to rare drops so that every 1 in _____ amount of kills you're guaranteed something from the top drop table (1 in 900). To be completely honest, the 1 in 900 items are a bit broken when it comes to getting them from drops. For one, most of these items have turned into junk that either has no use or can't be sold. Secondly, if I have to kill 900 Great Olm's to get a drop worth 1.5b... chances are I'm going to give up real quick. If it was guaranteed that I'd get a rare drop (from the 1 in 900 items) after 500 kills (if I didn't receive one before that), I would absolutely keep camping the boss until that point. Like I said above, I love this server, and I really want it to succeed into the future. I think that there is a key issue here that needs to be solved if we want to grow the player base. If anyone has other ides I would love to hear them. Also, I know how hard the staff currently work. The amount of events you guys run + the amount of updates you roll out is unlike any other server. I don't mean to make this sound like I'm complaining that the staff team isn't doing enough, I just thought I would start the conversation and come up with some possible solutions that could maybe get you thinking about how to fix the current state of Simplicity's economy. Thanks for reading!