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    Chambers Of Xeric Guide How to teleport there? To teleport to COX you can do ::raids in the chat alternatively you can Click the "T" next to the orb then minigames and then Raids Great Olm. Creating A party? Once teleported to raids head over to the quest tab, here you'll find the party screen. Just simply click "Create" In order to invite players just click on them and it'll send them a invitation. (Max 5 players) If you're planing on soloing just enter the dungeon after creating the party. Gear required? There are many different setups that can be used in order to kill COX. I'm going to show you first the minimum setup you'll need in order complete it smoothly and effective. Setup 1 (Minimum required) Setup 2 (Any Tbow and Pernix/Sagittarian) Setup 3 (Min Melee setup) (Sacred clay set can be used) Wouldn't use magic unless sanguinesti staff and celestial Type of inventory and Pray required The type of inventory you'll need will depend on your gear, this invent will be aimed at the lower tier armour/weapon. Once overload is used Saradomin brews don't drain stats. The super restore is only used to restore prayer. Rocktails are helpful to 2 tick eat when you're under heavy attack. (If using Twisted Bow or Scythe you'll require less/if any) If you're using the lower tier armour/weapon you are going to have to pray magic. If you're using a Twisted Bow or Scythe you'll do enough DPS to soul split Olm. Where to enter COX? Once you're in a party and ready the leader needs to head north the the red exclamation mark and click enter on the door. How to kill COX? There are 3 phases you need to complete. The East Hands The West Hands Olm Killing the east hands first you want to kill Right claw first then the Left claw. The west phase is exactly the same as the East phase just on the opposite side of the room. The final phase is killing the olm. This is located back on the east side Once you've killed Olm head straight north to the chest and receive your loot. Click the chest and click the loot in order to receive it. Portals/Falling rocks/Under-feet rock/Green spirals/Poison/Red Portal and Purple Boulder During the raids you'll probably experience most of these. The aim is to avoid them in order to take no damage. I'll explain now in more detail what each are. White/Green and Orange portal? Whilst in raids and you get any one of these portals around you you'll need to go and match up with the other one. These are normally other players if you're in a squad. If you're soloing you'll just have find the other portal and stand as close to it as you can. If you're soloing you'll only get the White portal. The colour portals depend on the order in the party you created before you entered. Rocks under your feet? When this happens all you have to do is move 1 square either left - right - forward or backwards to take no damage. Falling rocks? These happen after phase 1 and after phase 2. All you have to do is move away from them to take no damage. Green Poison? These are random attacks from the Olm. Once poisoned all you'll have to do it keep moving. Be careful where you walk/run to though as it leaves a trail of poison which can poison your teammates if they stand on them. This attack only lasts a few seconds. Red portal? Again this is a random attack from Olm. Similar to the poison you'll just have to keep moving. This doesn't leave a trail so doesn't matter where you walk/run it won't affect your team mates. Green Spirals? These again are random attacks. The come from North to South and South to North. The idea is again to avoid these as they freeze you, take hitpoints away and knocks pray off. Purple boulder? This is an attack by Olm. It fires a purple boulder at you which will deal some damage but knock your pray off, So keep an eye out of this attack. I'll say this in the chat box once it's hit. What does it drop? To find what Olm drops just do ::finddrop Great Olm in-game. What do the drops make? Mythical Cape + Cryan Crystal = Raids cape (Which gives 20% drop rate increase at Olm) Fire of Nourishment + Flame Gloves = Flame Gloves (e) Olm's Fire + Tome of Fire + Twisted Bow = Fire Twisted Bow Orb of Light + Fire Twisted Bow + Twisted Bow = Light Twisted Bow Great Olm's Crystal + Slayer Helm = Great Olm's Slayer Helm Olmet + Superior Scroll (From Note trader in home bank) = Superior Olm (Unlimited Soul Split) Tips and Tricks Turn on NPC attack priorities so you can left click only Olm. Set F-Keys on prayer book and invent - Makes easier to eat and flick pray back on after it's been knocked. Reload your Simplicity client after 10-15 runs. This prevents Olm getting bugged. You can also use quick prayers. This makes it easier to re-flick prayers after purple boulders or Green Spirals. Hope this guide helped you achieve your goal of killing Olm!
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    Welcome Back :) Hope you enjoy all the updates we've had since you last played! Any questions feel free to ask! Mak3
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    Wilderness rejuvenation Season 2 Ep 3 Unpopular opinion: You won’t fix the wilderness by adding custom npcs that drops mad cash, the issues still exists. Quick fixes Add a ::mb teleport which brings you to mage bank add a ::wests teleport which brings you to West dragons add a ::easts teleport which brings you to East dragons Make this lever work (should bring you to Mage arena) Add a lever at this place that brings you home Add webs to all the places they’re supposed to exist I.e Mage bank and this place (can’t remember the name) Remove the portal at wilderness agility course (getaway too easy) Nerf Statius warhammer, currently when you successfully land a special attack (meaning you do at least 1 damage) your opponents defence goes down to about 30. This is how it’s supposed to work: which requires 35% special attack and deals up to 50% more damage and lowers your opponent's Defence level by 30% Correct Korasi’s sword stats/make the spec work again Obtainability: Blood money Currently there’s two ways of gathering/getting blood money. Killing wilderness bosses. You get approx 100-200 blood money per wilderness boss kill. So let’s say you’ll have to kill 4600 wilderness bosses to buy Necklace of Anguish (700000/150) Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Player Killing You get between 130-300 BM per PLAYER KILL. Doesn’t matter what killstreak they’re on or how much they’re risking. Introduce hotspots Currently there’s no hotspots at all. A hotspot is essentially a designated area in wilderness that rewards you with more Blood money/PVP drops. These should shift between Edgeville dungeon, 44s portals, Rogues castle, West dragons, Mage bank, zombie graveyard and Chaos altar. Killstreaks & shutdowns Killstreaks just marginally improves the amount of blood money you’ll get by killing a player. I.e my alt is at 261 killstreak (insane I know) and I don’t receive more than 500 blood money EVER. Introduce shutdowns. If a player were to kill a player on a killstreak they’d be awarded by extra Blood money and high chance of receiving a PVP-drop. Artifacts: These bad boys have been slept on. If you trade in artifacts to the blood money store you receive COINS (???) and it’s not a large amount at all, quite depressing actually. The best artifact gives you 8M GP. That’s just messed up. They should reward you with BM and quite frankly, give a lot more than they do at this moment. (Remove the drops from revenants or make them more rare if you were to implement this) Blood money store Whoever made this shop was awfully high on crack cocaine. What on earth was going through your mind? Putting Bandos as one of the most valuable items. Currently blood money is priced 100k ea (ISH) That would mean a Bandos set is worth 8B GP. You can combat this issue easily. Either you lower all the store prices or make blood money easier to obtain. Core issues Mage prayer: This issue has existed far too long. Mage prayer doesn't negate any damage. Tread lightly with this one so you don’t mess it up even further (read this so you’ve got a general understanding) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Protect_from_Magic Perma freeze: You’re currently able to permanently freeze a player which leads to them inevitably dying cause they couldn’t get away. The freeze effects shouldn’t overwrite the last one. The duration should be 20 seconds if someone successfully landed an Ice barrage. After the 20 seconds are over you’re supposed to get a 3 second immunity to any freezes. Doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new player that’s attacking you or if it’s still the same target. Pathing: Do I really need to explain this? Lag/delays: MOST players have got some kind of lag/delay while playing Simplicity. I’m not sure whether this is a packet loss issue or just a host issue. Sometimes my hits gets delayed by a few seconds, literally freezing the game leaving me wondering if i’ve killed my target or if i’m dead. Pid swaps: This is a thing in OSRS as well but it happens way too frequent on Simplicity. You can stake/fight a guy and PID has swapped 11 times in 20 hits, making you scared of risking your HP cause you don’t know whether he’s gonna get the PID all of the sudden.
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    Corporeal Beast Guide How to teleport to corp? To teleport to Corporeal Beast you can do ::corp in-game or Click the "T" next to the orb then bosses and Corporeal Beast. (As shown below) Type of gear required? Low Level Range Low Level Magic (Trident can be used) (Recommed using blood barrage to heal) High Tier Range (Any type of Twisted bow can be used) High Tier Magic (Sanguinesti X also be used) High Tier Melee (I'd only use this wouldn't use any lower) Regular Sov and X just as effective. Type of inventory needed? Corporeal Beast drains stats so restore pot is required. When using overload and drinking brews it doesn't decrease stats. Obviously if maging you'll need runes in invent Killing Corporeal Beast You'll want to protect from range and rigour - if ranging You'll want to protect from range and augury - If maging You'll want to protect from range or soul split an turmoil - If meleeing You'll want to stand back from the Corporeal Beast to prevent him attacking you via melee. This applies when ranging or maging. (As shown below) Now the complex part, Meleeing Corporeal Beast will take a few attempts in order to get it right. (As shown below) You'll need to insure you're max melee distance away from Corp. This will prevent Corp attacking you via melee. Use of pets? There are 4 type of pets which i'd recommend using at Corporeal Beast in order to help you. Steel Titian (This will attack Corporeal Beast with melee) Superior Olm (Unlimited Soul split whilst protecting from range) Superior Vorki (Unlimited Soul split whilst protecting from range) Superior Zuk (Unlimited Soul split whilst protecting from range) What does it drop? To find out the drop rates and drops for Corporeal Beast just do ::finddrop Corporeal Beast or ::bosses in-game I hope you found this guide helpful, you're now able to kill Corp!
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    Nice guide a lot of pictures and detail.
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    Very nice and in-depth guide.. If you havent already id suggest making some more like this for other bosses (shit even if there is already a guide on certain boss). Very clean and professional looking thread. +1!
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    Sweeeeeeet there is a typo on Soulsplit though
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    Recently while going about my normal activities in game, I came across some trouble. I will avoid going into detail for obvious reasons (involved a breach of my personal device/integrity of my data). I reached out to Kevin for assistance and he was at my side almost instantly. He quickly worked to understand and create a temporary solution before reaching out to Justin for further assistance with the more technical aspects of my problem. Justin dropped what he was doing (he was at his job) as he realized the severity of the situation and acted quickly and effectively to build a solution to the situation at hand and a prevention tactic for future complications. I can't describe how quickly and efficiently these two acted and handled the situation with a calm collected attitude and professionalism. Keep doing what you are doing you are both awesome, thanks a bunch.


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