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    Hey everyone, I have a couple general suggestions in regards to pets. 1) Make it so you can click through pets (E.G when your cursor is on someone's pet, you can just walk on the tile instead of being given the option of clicking on their pets, or the option to hide pets that aren't your own) 2) Adding Drop Rate effects to boss pets (E.G Hydra pet gives 5-10% additional droprate when farming/killing Hydra, etc) 3) Upgradable pets IF suggestion #2 is supported/approved (E.G Hydra gives 5% drop rate base, then 10% if successfully upgraded via Well, OR if you get multiple pets you can combine them to raise their level) I'd appreciate some feedback so I know if these ideas are worth the time. Thank you for reading!
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    Promotions: @ Nate formally known as Eboy111 has been promoted to administrator, he has put immense amount of work behind the scenes and it has not gone unnoticied. @ noki has been re promoted to server support, welcome back to the team mate! @ Dpowerhouse has passed his trial phase and is now a full fledged support, good work mate!
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    I tried making the ::benefits way less cumbersome. please let me know if I removed anything important. All ranks maintain previous benefits, in addition to some increases (noted by italicized text). Everything else is copy-pasted from ::benefits. Ranks Bronze Member - $20 in total donations Silver Member - $50 in total donations Gold Member - $100 in total donations Platinum Member - $250 in total donations Diamond Member - $500 in total donations Sapphire Member - $1000 in total donations Emerald Member - $1500 in total donations Ruby Member - $2000 in total donations Onyx Member - $3000 in total donations Crystal Member - $8000 in total donations The Benefits Bronze Member -Donator rank in game and on forums* -Access to donator zone (::dzone, ::di) -Access to ::yell chat -1.10x experience bonus -Access to set a custom player title using the ::title command -Access to dzone thieving stalls that give pure cash -Free potion decanting -Free resets for slayer tasks -Access to recharge altar (hp, prayer, spec) at dzone -Access to exclusive frost dragons and other NPCs at dzone -Access to donator shop at dzone -Double loot at Barrows Minigame -35 Pest Control points per game -10% chance of double blood money per kill -3k bonus cash per thieve at thieving stalls -1/25 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast -1/15 chance of your casket not deleting when opened -1/15 chance of your crystal key not deleting when opening the chest Silver Member -1.25x experience bonus -40 Pest Control points per game -15% chance of double blood money per kill -5k cash bonus per thieve at thieving stalls -1/20 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast -1/12 chance of your casket not deleting when opened -1/12 chance of your crystal key not deleting when opening the chest Gold Member -1.50x experience bonus -20% chance of double blood money per kill -45 Pest Control points per game -No kill count required to enter Godwars Dungeon -27.5 second vengence timer instead of 30 seconds -7.5k cash bonus per thieve at thieving stalls -1/15 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast -1/9 chance of your casket not deleting when opened -1/9 chance of your crystal key not deleting when opening the chest - Access to Gold AFK Tree (::goldtree) Platinum Member -1.75x experience bonus -50 Pest Control points per game -25% chance of double blood money per kill -25 second vengence timer instead of 30 seconds -10k cash bonus per thieve at thieving stalls -1/10 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast -1/6 chance of their casket not deleting when opened -1/6 chance of your crystal key not deleting when opening the chest Diamond Member -2.00x experience bonus -60 Pest Control points per game -30% chance of double blood money per kill -20 second vengence timer instead of 30 seconds -Access to ::bank command -15k cash bonus per thieve at thieving stalls -1/5 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast -1/3 chance of their casket not deleting when opened -1/3 chance of their crystal key not deleting when opening the chest Sapphire Member -2.25x experience bonus -Double drops for rare drops up to $50 (ex: Dragon Kiteshield drop = 2 Dragon Kiteshields) -Unlimited prayer -2x boss points -2x trivia points -2% increased drop rate -Access to Sapphire Zone (::szone) Emerald Member -30% chance of double blood money per kill -No kill count required to enter Godwars Dungeon -20 second vengence timer instead of 30 seconds -Access to ::bank command -4% increased drop rate -Access to Night Beast's cave (::nightbeast) [::finddrop night beast for list of drops] - Free exclusive item: Emerald Rapier Ruby Member -Double drops for rare drops up to $50 (ex: Dragon Kiteshield drop = 2 Dragon Kiteshields) -6% increased drop rate -Access to Ruby AFK Tree (::rubytree) - Free Exclusive Item: Infernal Axe (chops 2x faster than dragon hatchet) Onyx Member -9% increased drop rate - Access to ::pos command - Access to Onyx Hall (::ohall) including 5 exclusive monsters! - Free Exclusive Item: Onyx 2h (powerful 2h sword with OP stats and a custom special attack) Crystal Member -10% increased drop rate - Free Exclusive Item: Crystal Halberd (i) (powerful weapon with 3 HITS (same as Scythe of Vitur), OP stats and a custom special attack) Exclusive bosses at ::crystal With Donator Points you can buy items from these shops
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    What's up guys, I joined simplicity a few weeks back, and I've noticed that for new players, the economy is NOT good and it needs to change to keep interest in new players. It can be denied, but realistically speaking, the only way to obtain custom, end-game weapons and gear is through goodiebags. I know this will be denied, but since I began playing, unless I grind CoX or ToB for months on end, it'd be near impossible to see one of these weapons that runs 600b + in price. This is an insane turn off for new players. Custom weapons are fun, but when the only way to get them is through donation essentially, it ruins the fun. I understand the purpose of a RSPS is to make money, but there NEEDS to be a balance between profit, and sustainability for new players. Luckily, simplicity has a system in place that can cause this to become a very easy fix, and its the magic well. This system is very fun and unique, but who wants to gamble like that when the risk v reward isn't worth it? My suggested solution, is to greatly increase the drop rate of the base Twisted Bow and the base Scythe of Vitur from their respective bosses. When I say greatly, I mean bump it from 1/900 to 1/150 - 1/200 . This sounds crazy I know, but before you exit out of this suggestion, let me explain how this will benefit everyone. Obviously, this would drastically drop the price of twisted bows and scythes for newer players, I'd imagine it'd be somewhere in the price range of 10-15b after stabilization. This would in turn mean new players could easily obtain 1 after a week of semi- consistent gameplay and voting. Now, with that said, since the base of the weapon would be easier to obtain, that would make the custom weapons MUCH easier to obtain, but that's not what is wanted They still need to be hard to obtain, but not impossible. My solution to this, is to first off, nerf the base twisted bow and scythe by about 40% . This will allow these weapons to still be very useful in raids, which would be the introduction to allowing players to farm for the custom end-game weapons. Secondly, make the Magic Well upgrade chance for Scythes and Twisted bows HIGHER. As it stands now, the chance of this happening is 1/5-1/10 chance. Bump this up to 1/15-1/20. This way, the custom weapons are still rare, but not only obtainable through goodie bags. This will allow more of these weapons to be in game , and when there's enough in game, you throw in more custom weapons to keep people gambling their Tbows and scythes at the well. With all of this being said, I am still almost certain this change will be overlooked, but hear me out. I understand the administration team have a very solid system and a nice income from the ::goodiebag system . But think of the long term situation you guys are putting yourselves in. You will still maintain a solid playerbase with the system you have now, because there are quite a few donators on this server who donate mass amounts on a regular basis. This system does not entice new players though. They log in, and see how unrealistic it is to make 600b + without donating, which shouldn't be the only way to obtain this stuff. I know there will be people who say " just stake" or "just donate", but that's not the point. For the longterm health of the server, it needs to have a economy more welcoming to newer players, because in the end, they're the ones who keep servers alive. Chuck
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    Hi, Relatively new to the community, and have played for a few days. Not sure if this has been suggested before. It's hard for the newer players to start off as the drops early on aren't really easily sold since the player base isn't high enough where drops can be sold often. My thought, if possible would be as followed. A shop that buys rare drops similar to the general store at a loss of 15 to 25 percent of its value. You get the value based on the traded value of the previous day similar to the G.E in runescape. At least new players can off load their goods knowing it'll be at a loss, but players looking to purchase something quickly could possibly buy from it with a tax imposed on the item. Seem like a good way to sink some cash out of the game. Thanks,
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    Going for 10k ankou kills got 5k so far Update 1: Update 2: Update 3: Will update the loot tab once I reach 10k let's get it
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    Hi there gamers, my name is Alb. I'm 19 years old and currently one of the coolest (if not the coolest) staff members in the game right now In my spare time I like to drive around my city and listen to bangers hope to see yall ingame
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    I approve this. Will forward it to the development team right away.
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    +1, big fan of #1 and #3. Normal pets shouldn't give extra drop rate though as @ Alb mentioned in his reply but I like the idea about the well!
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    This is what we've all been wanting; thanks for taking the time to make a concise, easily-readable version! I'd love to see this implemented! +1!
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    Hey, welcome to Simplicity forums I can kinda agree with the current benefits page that it's not the best way to compare the different type of donator ranks we have even though it's easy to read. The picture you posted is easy to read which is ideal to compare. if this post gets a lot of attention, you may be able to make a more detailed overview for newer players Personally I like this idea a lot and give you a +1
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    I really like the idea of this Xelta! Nice job with elaborating on some ideas! Would love to see what everyone else has to say about it! Keep it up bro!
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    So you're suggestion is for all HCIM to get an "Iron Man" suit in a Tony Stark style? If so, I'd elaborate a little more and edit your original post to better reflect what you're suggesting. It's a bit unclear for a first glance-over and no context. Maybe give a visual example for the cosmetic aspect and elaborate some on the stat-side of the suit.
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    +1 for ranging ammy, but I'm in the same boat as @ Liquids , I think I'm misunderstanding the intention of "Iron Man Suit". Clarification would help tremendously!
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    No lie that's honestly insane I die in max gear F
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    Welcome Noki! It's good to know you're having a good time!
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    This is dope! Although I feel a few of the ranks could just say "just skip this one". *cough* Sapphire *cough* But phenomenal post regardless
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    Little late but we'll take it! You the best Noki ❤️
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    Nice to meet you Noki. I have spoken to you a few times in game and you do alright.. Nice into and Goodluck with your work mate sounds complicated..
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    Hey Noki, nice to meet you! See you in game
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    Welcome and good luck out there ! Grats on Server Support . Hope to see you around!
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    I like your PFP @ Alb 😉 I know we've had our issues at one point, but overall, I appreciate you and wish you all the best in the community! I don't hold anything against you and I hope we've moved past it. I hope to see you more in-game!
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    Straight from server intro to server support, big ups mate, happy to have you dikn!
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    Aaaaaaaaaa dikn, let's have fun. 😙
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    aaaaaa dikn hello bro, i'm glad u could join me in this journey dikn welcome
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    Suggestion is that raid party doesnt dismiss after u finish the run, mad annoying and it takes time to invite everybody over and over and over again. thank you for reading this little suggestion. NB! THIS GOES FOR TOB ASWELL
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    We currently have 6 ffa styles they are, DDs only, Dharok, Zerker, Pure, Ranged, Torva.
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    I was going to make a reply but @ Alb essentially took my words. This. +1 for your ideas, but some needs some more consideration. I agree with the inferno being really difficult, but as @ Alb said it's technically supposed to be the end-game challenge. The benefits screen has confused and overwhelmed me as well, it could definitely use a bit of tidying up. As for the bugs, they're to be expected with any private server. Just know they're planning updates and I'm sure the things we're seeing as issues in-game will be fixed in due time.
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    Awesome suggestion post I must say. I have read thru it and I do agree with some stuff and some others i'm not sure off. 1: +1 on the ::benefits there is always room for improvement, maybe try make a template yourself which you think could stand out more? I'm sure the staff team would appreciate that. The pinned message i'm not 100% sure of yet, since i'm not that active on the forums yet. 2: no experience in this as of yet, haven't made any glorys 3: 100% agreed on the yells, they blend in too much with the current chat which makes it hard to see. ofcourse you can type @red@ to make ur chat red but srsly who does that? 4: idk 5: the game isn't perfect, we know that and there are still a lot of bugs which are getting reported every day. the development team are working on the bugs like farming where u log out when u try plant a seed. everything takes time and i'm sure they work on it almost 24/7 6: 10 000% agreed on, the inferno is at a hard stage, I myself tried it with pernix and a twisted bow and just get send back to edgeville. But then again it's the hardest challenge in the game. 7: idk 8: removing the veteran rank as a requirement is a +1 for me though, i think it should be way harder to earn this rank. 9: +1 10: 10 000% Agreed on, skillers need to have benefits aswell!
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    Hey, thank you for taking your time and writing down your point of view about this subject! We will review your suggestions for any future updates.
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    +1, Zulrah pet is a cute lil snake, I don't see a reason not to add him!
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    I have been playing the server for about 3 days now and only just noticed on zulrahs drop table he/she doesn't drop the "pet snakeling" which I am pretty disappointed about as it is one of my favourite rs/rsps pets. just suggestion for the pet to be added into the game :) much appreciated.
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    support 100%
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    Minor but very useful change, agreed!
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    aaaa dikn welcome and good luck!
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    Great idea actually! Will definitely save time with people asking how much time is left
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    I posted this in a comment to an existing thread but I figured I'd make it it's own thread to bring more attention to it. Let's face it, this server is 90% PvM. Everyone on here has camped bosses for gear at some point or another. However, when was the last time drop tables, chest loots and box loots were updated? I've seen nerfs (ex. Dawn losing Death cape) but I've never seen additions (apart from junk items). Personally I think this is a big reason why certain boss drops have become so worthless in the economy. Bosses will always be over camped, altering their drop tables would be a good practice to get into to not only help economy, but keep PvM fresh for everyone and if some of the easier bosses (Slash bash, KBD) were updated as well, it would give new players with lower tier gear an avenue to making some decent starter money. Boss capes? Great, love them. Rob? Dope, put it on my finger. Donator rank drop rate increases? Gimme gimme. There are so many reasons why PvM is awesome on this server, I personally think this change would ony improve it even more. React with a thumbs up if you agree, or a thumbs down if you think drop tables are fine the way they are! Curious to see what other people think.
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    SIMPLICITY CUSTOMS LIST [S E T S] The Halloween Skeletal Set The Normal Skeletal Set Sky Blue Torva Silly Jester Set Pyromancer set Evil Black Chicken Set Spookier Outfit Samurai Set Dark Ancestral Set Dark Ankou Set Ankou set [Individual Items] The White Sanguest staff X Rainbow Party Hat Dark Rainbow Party Hat The Katana Rainbow Scarf The Highly Exclusive Halloween scythe XI version The Exclusive Sky blue Scythe of Vitur The Green Scythe of Vitur X Sky Blue Angelics Boots Rubber Chicken Blood Infernal Cape Purple infernal cape Yellow Infernal Cape Yellow-Green Infernal Cape Bloody Infernal Cape Ocean Infernal Cape Frozen Cape Stone Cape [Ordering you Own Customs]
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