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    @ copskillcows Has been promoted to Head Moderator, well deserved. @ Lausac and @ Discord Support welcomed as are newest Trail support @ Bernard has been demoted, we wish him the best of luck.
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    Actually togglealerts only works for box loots and we are spammed my goodiebags near 16 hours a day (Unless it has been updated in the few days I've been inactive) I agree people should be able to get a rapid growth in their power if they donate, otherwise they wouldn't do it. Having some items that are game changing near unobtainable otherwise is absurd in any MMO. I could go to any real MMO i.e. FF14, ESO, GW2 and WoW and get BiS long before I could do it here. Albeit I do have over 15 years of high level PvE and PvP experience (excluding Runescape as it's the easiest PvE experience on any MMO) You don't need to say it's a game based on grinding. That's Runescape in general. I grew up playing Korean MMO's (Lineage), have well over 15,000 hours on that game as a minimum. The difference is that game was actually a challenging grind, whereas this is quite frankly mundane. The problem lies that this server is built around getting donations rather than it's true playability. Which you're right, is absolutely amazing for it's owners but it also hinders it's potential growth. I doubt this server will grow larger than it is, fortunately they have a great community of active, social players.
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    Name me a MMORPG that you can obtain BIS end game gear in under 1 month without any kind of donating that is actually worth playing. You got to realize at the end of the day this is a business. As a business owner (which I'm not) you would want your brand/game/product to grow as much and as fast as possible. Now we all know money doesn't grow on trees. I don't think anyone should be ashamed or feel bad for spending money on a game, its their money let them do what they want with it. Now at the same time if your spending money on a game you want to get your monies worth correct? You don't want the same old thing everyone can get in a couple weeks of just playing. Imo this server is one of the more conservative on pushing goodie bags. Its throw in the chat but every player has the option to turn them off and if you do you get no alerts. So if you feel like they are pushing ads all the time, ::togglealerts fixed. Does every game have flaws yes but you your not going to get away from that no matter where you go. Now I 100% agree there needs be some fill in items in between Magma Bp-Tbow, Raiper-Scythe of Vitur, and honestly I think mage is probably fine how it is with thammaron-sang, well if sang ever goes back down. I am in no way saying that I think people NEED to donate, but if someone wants to spend their own money, let them. Mak3 if living proof that someone doesn't have to donate a bunch of $$$ to get to end game gear. This is a game based on "grinding" remember that. #nowroastmyopinionlol
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    @ Rytech has been promoted to trial support, he has shown a lot of potential. None


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