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    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Welcome to the FAQ for Simplicity, where (hopefully) all your questions will be answered. If I missed any questions or some answers are not clear enough, be sure to let me know and I'll edit accordingly. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your time playing Simplicity. A special thank-you to 2incher, Iron Trees, and the Simplicity Staff Team for helping me out with this post! CLIENT-SIDE: My right-click isn't working. How do I fix it? There are a few ways of tackling this problem. Firstly, go to [this thread] and try the method. If that doesn't solve the issue, then check to make sure you have Java 7 installed. Finally, if that still doesn't solve the issue, try deleting your cache. For a guide on how to install Java 7 and deleting your cache, go to [this thread]. If you're using a Mac and want to delete your cache, go to [this thread]. I launched the client and the screen is dim/dark. How do I fix it? As of creating this post, it's not entirely certain what causes this problem (at least to my knowledge), but relaunching the client should fix the issue. All the NPCs at home disappeared. How do I fix it? Relaunching the client usually fixes the issue, or going down the ladder to summoning at ::home. An alternative is to use the Varrock home, which can be accessed by using the command ::home2, or going into your Spellbook -> Home Teleport -> Varrock. I'm having a client-side issue that's not listed here/the solutions aren't working. What do I do? If the problem you're having isn't listed in this post or the solutions provided aren't enough, contact a member of the Simplicity Staff Team (scroll down to the end to learn how to contact them). NOTE: A lot of issues with the client can be solved by deleting your cache. It's suggested to do this fairly often to keep the game running smoothly. You can manually delete it by going to your C: Drive -> Users -> whichever User you use -> delete .Simplicitycache and reload the client. GAMEPLAY: How do I make money? What do I do first? Unfortunately, there's no one good answer to this question. Everybody has their own opinions and tricks when it comes to making money on Simplicity, but there are a few methods that most people can agree is a good way to start earning a decent amount of cash. EDIT: The Beginner's Guide to Money is now posted. You can check it out [here]. How long does New Player Protection (NPP) last? You must wait 16 minutes before being able to trade with any players, enter the wilderness or be granted access to the POS (scroll down for an explanation on the POS). How do I train [combat skill]? If you're just starting out on the server, use the command ::train. This command will teleport you to Rock Crabs. If you would rather train on other mobs, go into your Spellbook -> Training Teleport. TIP: If you want to train Mage, I personally recommend going to Armoured Zombies for fast levels, as the area is multi-combat. How do I train [non-combat skill]? To train any non-combat skill, click on the Skills Tab -> any skill you would like to train. You will then be teleported to the area where you can train the skill you clicked. Be sure to check out [this thread] for guides on skilling. How do I start Slayer? Where do I go to fight [task]? What can I do with Slayer points? To start Slayer, go into your Skills tab -> Slayer skill. After the dialog opens, click on Teleport to Slayer Master. Right-click the Slayer Master and choose Get-Task. If you're not sure where your current Slayer task is, there are a few ways of figuring this out. Firstly, talk to your Slayer Master, and choose What's my current assignment?. It will tell you where your current task is and how to get there. If you still don't know where they are, consider buying a Ring of Slaying (8) for 5 Slayer points if you can afford it. The ring will teleport you to your Slayer task 8 times. Finally, if neither of the solutions above is working out, don't be afraid to ask the Simplicity Community in the help chat. We'll be more than happy to help you out. Slayer points are used in the Slayer shop, which is located under the Rewards option when right-clicking any Slayer Master. You can purchase exclusive items, including a Slayer helm and a Fighter Torso. TIP: To check your current task and how many mobs you have left to kill, go to your Quest tab and scroll down to Slayer Information. How do I check the drops of a certain mob? Use the command ::drops to bring up the panel that shows all the different mobs and their drop rates. Alternatively, you can click on the Quest tab, then scroll down until you see NPC Drop Table. You can also use the command ::finddrop insert name of mob to get the specifics on a certain mob’s drop rate. How do I change my prayer/mage spells? There are three different altars located directly north of the Edgeville home (type ::home and run up), and the same three altars located directly east of the Varrock home (type ::home2 and run to the right). What’s Warmonger Boss/Muhammad Ali’s Dummy? How do I get there? Warmonger is an end-game boss that spawns every 30 minutes. To get to Warmonger, either use the command ::warmonger, or go to your Spellbook -> Dungeons Teleport -> Warmonger Dungeon, then run south to the other side of the dungeon. It is recommended to use Ranger gear when fighting Warmonger. Also, use Protect from Melee when being attacked by the Gargoyles and Protect from Melee/Mage when fighting Warmonger. Muhammad Ali’s Dummy is a server-event that happens every 6 hours. To get to Muhammad Ali's Dummy, you must have everything unequipped, then use the command ::ali. You will then be teleported to the Muhammad Ali's Dummy area with boxing gloves equipped. Make sure to unequip the boxing gloves and equip them again. NOTE: Only one (1) account can be at the Warmonger/Muhammad Ali boss at a time. For the full list of rules, go to [this thread]. How do I get to Zulrah? Talk to Master Zulri at Edgeville home and he will teleport you to the boss; he’s right outside the Edgeville bank beside the obelisk. Ranging gear is highly recommended when fighting this boss. Do I lose my items on death? No, you do not lose your items on death. You will only lose items on death if you die in the wilderness. Unless skulled, you will keep 3 items, 4 with protect item. Untradeable items will always be kept on death, even if you die in the wilderness. What’s the price of [item]? Check out [this thread] and the comments for a general idea of the prices of most items in-game. Just remember that the prices of almost every item in the game tend to fluctuate every day, so I recommend asking members of the Simplicity Community. How do I vote? How do I claim votes? What are vote scrolls? I can’t claim my votes? To vote, type the command ::vote in the client or click [here]. This will take you to the voting page, where you can vote for Simplicity by clicking on the links shown. To claim your votes, use the command ::claimvote. You gain 2 vote scrolls for each website you vote on (4 if double voting is active). Voting on all the websites will grant you 10 vote scrolls (20 if double voting is active). Vote scrolls are exclusive items gained only from voting. You can claim the vote scrolls by right-clicking them in your Inventory and clicking Claim or Claim-All. You’ll then be presented with two different options: 30% bonus experience for 10 minutes, or 1M coins and 1 vote point. Choosing either option will consume the scroll(s). Vote points can be used in the Vote Shop, which can be accessed by talking to Sir Vyvin. He’s located at the Edgeville and Varrock homes. The vote system has recently been updated, so there are a few known issues. The Simplicity Staff Team are working hard to fix these issues and will update the community when such fixes are made. In the meantime, if you’re unable to claim your votes, contact the owners Supreme/Arthur either in-game or through ::discord and they’ll compensate you accordingly. NOTE: You must have evidence you’ve voted in order to be compensated. What are Loyalty Points? How do I earn them? What can I do with them? Loyalty points are earned through playing on the server. Pretty much anything you do will earn you a steady income of Loyalty points. You can use Loyalty points to purchase titles through the Loyalty Shop, which can be accessed by talking to Sir Vyvin. He’s located at the Edgeville and Varrock homes. Loyalty points are also a requirement for the Veteran cape; you’ll have needed to earn at least 500K points. NOTE: Being AFK will not earn you Loyalty Points. How do I answer trivia questions? What can I do with Trivia Points? To answer a trivia question, use the command ::answer answer. All the questions/answers to trivia can be found [here]. Trivia points can be used in the Trivia Point Shop to purchase items, which is located at both the Edgeville and Varrock homes. Am I able to prestige? What can I do with Prestige Points? To prestige, go into your Skills Tab and right-click -> Prestige on any skill that is level 99. You can earn anywhere between 3 – 20 Prestige Points, depending on the skill and the amount of experience you’ve accumulated. Prestige Points are used to purchase items in the Prestige Shop, which can be accessed by trading with Max. He’s located in the Edgeville and Varrock homes. What are Boss Points? What can I do with them? Boss Points are earned when you defeat any boss. Each boss you kill gives you 1 Boss Point. Unfortunately, there are too many bosses to list for this thread, but almost all of them have good drops. You can use Boss Points to purchase items in the Boss Point Shop, which can be accessed by talking to the Boss Point Shop NPC located at both the Edgeville and Varrock homes. There are valuable items you can purchase through here, including a Toxic/Magma Blowpipe and a [Legendary] Mystery Box. How do I zoom out? Hold CTRL + scroll using the mouse wheel. I need help with my clue scroll. Where do I go to dig? [This thread] gives you the location of every clue scroll currently implemented in the server. If you’re not entirely sure how to get to the locations shown in the thread, the Simplicity Community is full of people that are more than willing to guide you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. How do I set my “F” keys? Click on the Settings Tab -> PC -> F1 icon at the bottom-right. This should then take you to the Keybinding Panel, where you can adjust the F keys accordingly. What’s the Evil Tree/Crashed Star? How do I get there? The Evil Tree and Crashed Star are both a D&D that randomly spawn in select locations. Their locations vary, but they spawn 45 minutes after being fully mined/cut. To find their locations, use the commands ::tree and ::star. Alternatively, go to your Quest Tab and their locations should be under General Information. You must have at least level 80 Mining to mine the Crashed Star, and 80 Woodcutting to cut the Evil Tree. If the command gives you an error, it means they’re no longer in the world. The Evil Tree gives you Evil Tree Kindling when cutting it, which sells for 27,000 coins each in the General Store. The Crashed Star gives you Stardust when mining it, which can be used to purchase items in the Stardust Shop by talking to the Expert Miner. NOTE: Only one (1) account can be mining/cutting at the Crashed Star/Evil Tree at a time. For the full list of rules, go to [this thread]. What’s the Well of Goodwill? The Well of Goodwill is a special well located right outside the Edgeville bank and west of Varrock square. Players can donate up to 100M coins into the well, which will grant every player 30% bonus experience for 2 hours. There is also another well for items, called the magic well, which you can read about through [this thread]. What’s the lottery? How does it work? How do I gamble? The lottery is a weekly event where players have a chance to win a large sum of cash. To enter the lottery, you must talk to the Gambler NPC at ::gamble. Click Talk about the Lottery -> I’d like to enter; it will cost you 10M coins to enter the lottery and be qualified. At the end of the week (usually Friday or whenever the owner draws it), a random qualified player will be chosen, and they will win the pot accumulated over the past week. To start gambling, use the command ::gamble (the lottery NPC is also located here). There are a few different games that you can play, which [this guide] does a good job of explaining. CAUTION: It is highly recommended to record any gambling you do, as you must have video evidence of being scammed in order to file a report. By agreeing to gamble, you acknowledge that the Simplicity Staff Team waives all responsibility for your losses. Please gamble responsibly. What’s the POS? How do I buy/sell items through it? The POS stands for Player Owned Shop and, as the name suggests, is a shop owned by players. You can use the POS to sell or buy items from other players by talking to the Player Owned Shop Manager (hereafter referred to as POSM) located at both the Edgeville and Varrock homes. It acts similarly to the Grand Exchange. To buy items, right-click the POSM -> View Shops. Click on any of the player’s name to open their shop. Once opened, you can see all the items that player has for sale. You can only buy items from POS using coins. To sell items, right-click the POSM -> My Shop. You can then put any item in your inventory for sale for any price you desire. There is also a search option at the bottom, where you can search for a certain player's shop, or a certain item you're looking for. TIP: When setting the price of an item in the POS, or handling money in any way, you can type “10M” instead of “10000000”, as an example. It is the same thing and makes the process smoother to insure you don't put the wrong value by accident. MISCELLANEOUS: I need to contact a member of the Simplicity Staff Team. How do I go about this? For starters, you can send them a private message in-game. To check which members of the staff are currently online, use the command ::staff. Alternatively, you can use the command ::help, which will submit an in-game ticket. If they don’t respond to your message or accept your ticket right away, don’t fret! They may be busy with other player requests or preoccupied with other responsibilities. Another way of contacting the Simplicity Staff Team is through the Simplicity Discord server. You can join the Discord server through [here]. They will get back to your messages/requests as soon as possible, so please be patient. How do I donate to the server? What are the benefits? NOTE: Before donating to the server, please read the Terms & Services regarding donating, which can be found [here]. To donate to the server, you can either type in the command ::donate in-game, or [click here] to visit the shop. It's also possible to donate directly to Arthur, or to donate with RSGP through Arthur or Supreme. Please contact them for those options! As of creating this post, there are currently a few deals going on. For more information, visit [this thread]! The benefits of donating to the server can be found on [this thread], which include but are not limited to bonus experience, double loot at Barrows, and access to exclusive bosses in the donator zone.
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    I voted yes on adding benefits to Max and Completionist capes. As to what benefits, I am unsure of as of right now. Also, I am strongly in favour of removing those Master capes from donor shops and putting them where they honestly really should be which is at the Wise Old Man. I had hoped but was extremely disappointed to find out they weren't available to everyone via this npc. And I actually really agree with the 200m price. If you think about it, if those capes that are in the donor shops were pulled and placed to the Wise Old Mans shops then 200m would be an incredibly good deal for us players. There is a bit of a formula Iron Tree's and I talked about in coming up with a price of 200m for the capes. Max is 50m, Veterans is 75m and Completionist is 100m. These Master capes should probably be tweaked a bit, as they provide exp bonus the way they are now. But that isn't very beneficial if your maxed exp in the skill already. They could be made to provide cool bonuses like Firemaking master cape while worn would give you cash for each log you burn. Maybe Magic logs would = 30,000 gp each log burned, Yews = 20,000 and so on. Thieving master cape perk could be something like while worn you get 50% more loot from the thing your stealing from. Fletching master cape could be that you would be able to string 5 bow's with a single bowstring. Runecrafting master cape would allow you to craft double the amount of runes you would if you were not equipping it Crafting master cape could provide the ability to tan dragonhides anywhere, craft armour without requiring any thread just only a needle, and be able to cut gems without requiring you to have a chisel. Farming master cape could provide you with the ability to water your plants without possessing a Watering Can and provide 50% larger yields of your crops. There is so much potential for us to be creative and create something truly unique.
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    MR. BROKE TALENTS' GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY Welcome everyone, to the Beginner's Guide to Money. In this thread, I'll try my best to put you, the Simplicity player, on the right path to making the big bucks. While I can't guarantee you'll be buying Twisted Bows within days after reading this post, I can guarantee you'll be able to buy its little cousin, Dark Bow. As always, if there's anything I missed or some parts of this thread aren't clear enough, be sure to let me know and I'll edit accordingly. With every private server that's made, their own little demons tend to fester. Each server has their own demons to deal with, but there's one demon that's the bane of every private server, and that's this question here: How do I make money? Well, consider this thread an exorcist cause I plan on getting rid of this demon; you're welcome. Now, let's get started. Unfortunately, there's no one good answer. Everybody has their own opinions and tricks when it comes to making money on Simplicity, but there are a few methods that most people can agree is a good way to start earning a decent amount. THIEVING: Probably one of the most common ways of earning money on any private server. The stalls can be found at both Edgeville and Varrock homes, alongside the NPC Merchant, to whom you can sell the items to. If you're fresh off the boat, then this method can help you grab all the necessary starter gear with a little extra in the bank. Although, I should add that this method is rather tedious. The stalls (and their level/sale price) are as follows (starting from the right, referencing the image above): Banana Stall (requires 1 Thieving) - Banana, 1,629 coins each. Ring Stall (requires 30 Thieving) - Gold Ring, 3,189 coins each. General Stall (requires 60 Thieving) - Damaged Hammer, 6,786 coins each. Magic Stall (requires 65 Thieving) - Staff, 11,312 coins each. Scimitar Stall (requires 80 Thieving) - Scimitar, 13,692 coins each. TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what the Merchant will purchase them for. WOODCUTTING: If you're not willing to do Thieving due to all the clicking, then this method is definitely a good alternative for beginners. To start, go into your Skills tab -> click on Woodcutting skill -> Low-level Woodcutting. Buy a hatchet from Wilfred and start cutting down trees. The logs themselves don't sell for much, but you'll be able to cut a lot in a short amount of time. The logs (and their level/sale price) are as follows: Logs (require 1 Woodcutting) - 409 coins each. Oak logs (requires 15 Woodcutting) - 527 coins each. Willow logs (requires 30 Woodcutting) - 1,056 coins each. Maple logs (requires 45 Woodcutting) - 2,821 coins each. Yew logs (requires 60 Woodcutting) - 7,389 coins each. Magic logs (requires 75 Woodcutting) - 14,023 coins each. TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what Wilfred will purchase them for. MINING/SMITHING: Another underrated method of earning money. To start, go into your Skills tab -> click on Smithing skill. Buy a pickaxe from the Mining Instructor and start off by mining tin and copper ore. You'll be making your money off the bars themselves, not necessarily the ore. While the bars themselves sell for a hefty price, it's time-consuming to mine all the ore, smelt it, and sell it. This method is recommended for players who are willing to go the extra mile. The bars (and their level/materials/sale price) are as follows: Bronze Bar (requires 1 Smithing) - 1 tin ore; 1 copper ore, 4,605 coins each. Iron Bar (requires 15 Smithing) - 1 iron ore, 7,591 coins each. Steel Bar (requires 30 Smithing) - 1 iron ore; 2 coal, 14,271 coins each. Gold Bar (requires 40 Smithing) - 1 gold ore, 23,166 coins each. Mithril Bar (requires 50 Smithing) - 1 mithril ore; 4 coal, 37,286 coins each. Adamant Bar (requires 70 Smithing) - 1 adamantite ore; 6 coal, 78,551 coins each. Rune Bar (requires 85 Smithing) - 1 runite ore; 8 coal, 166,032 coins each. TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what the Mining Instructor will purchase them for. FISHING: A method similar to Woodcutting, in the sense that they don't sell for much, but you'll be able to fish a lot in a short amount of time. To start, go into your Skills tab -> click on Fishing skill. Talk to Master Fisher and buy a small fishing net, then start fishing for Shrimp. After you finish fishing, go into your Skills tab -> click on Cooking skill. You'll be able to sell your raw fish to Charlie the Cook. The raw fish (and their level/sale price) are as follows: Shrimp (requires 1 Fishing) - 106 coins each. Trout (requires 20 Fishing) - 387 coins each. Lobster (requires 40 Fishing) - 1,393 coins each. Monkfish (requires 62 Fishing) - 7,881 coins each. Shark (requires 76 Fishing) - 12,789 coins each. Sea Turtle (requires 79 Fishing) - 16,092 coins each. Manta Ray (requires 81 Fishing) - 24,030 coins each. *Rocktail (requires 90 Fishing) - 34,524 coins each *(donators only) TIP: Do not sell these items to the General Store, as the sale price will be a lot less. The values listed above are what Charlie the Cook will purchase them for. For raw fish that aren't listed above (swordfish, anchovies), you are unable to sell them to Charlie the Cook. For the Anchovies, sell them raw to the General Store for 103 coins each. Raw fish sells for more in shops than cooked fish (Swordfish is the only exception). For the Swordfish, it would be better to cook them, then sell them to Cook (different NPC) for 763 coins each, who are located at both Edgeville and Varrock home. AFK TREE: The AFK Tree has three different locations, all of which are in the Edgeville home. One is located north-west of the Edgeville bank: Another is located north-east of the Edgeville bank: The last one is located south-west of the Edgeville bank (currently despawned): Cutting the tree will give you Magic roots, which sell in the General Store for 1,800 coins each. There is also a small chance of getting a Legendary Mystery Box, which typically sells in the POS for 100M coins. The trees switch between one of those three locations every 6 hours, so if you click on one of the AFK Trees and it gives you an error, try the other two locations. It's a good idea to have an alt account cutting down the tree while having your main account free to do other things. NOTE: Only one (1) account can be cutting the AFK Tree at a time. For the full list of rules, go to [this thread]. DEMONIC GORILLAS: To get to Demonic Gorillas, click on the Red Portal located right outside the Edgeville bank. Alternatively, you can go into your Spellbook -> Dungeon Teleport -> Fremenik Slayer Dungeon, then follow the path straight ahead until you see them. For a guide on how to fight them effectively, check out [this thread]. Demonic Gorillas drop Superior Dragon Bones and 100,000 coins on every kill, which make them worth grinding. They also have a chance of dropping a Legendary Mystery Box, a Gold Bag, and Staff of Demonic (among other things). BOSSING: To start bossing, go into your Spellbook -> Boss Teleport. For starters, it's recommended to start fighting either Giant Mole, Slash Bash, or King Black Dragon. These three bosses are great for beginners, as they require very little to fight them and have good drop tables. Giant Moles have a chance of dropping a Dragon Hatchet (among other things), which doesn't go for much, but is currently in very high demand. They require to Protect from Melee, several pieces of food, and a few prayer/restore potions. Slash Bash has a small chance of dropping 100M coins (among other things), which will help you get one step closer to that Twisted Bow. Like the Giant Moles, they also require to Protect from Melee, several pieces of food, and a few prayer/restore potions. Finally, King Black Dragon has a small chance of dropping 50M coins, Draconic Visage, and a Dragon Kiteshield. While the coin drop isn’t as much as Slash Bash, its items definitely make up for it. All requirements remain the same as the two bosses mentioned above, except using Protect from Mage instead of Protect from Melee. Thanks for reading this insanely long thread. I hope you've learned a thing or two about Simplicity! Check out [this FAQ] if you have any questions regarding the server.
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    Have Zulra drop scales, to add to the the blow pipes, either for slightly higher damage then d-darts or just an alternative. and add boss points. Zombie Mini-game: Have the charming imp pick up zombie fragments, not sure if it already does this but planning on buying one soon. Have higher zombies drop more then one fragment Add an item you wear to give unlimited coal, not sure if this is in game already or not, could be the cape,a ring not being used, blacksmith's helm, any item not being used. <-- needs to work with superheating Add a wield-able harpoon, barbed-tailed harpoon, or dragon harpoon - possibly faster catches with this and count as all around fishing device
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    i fully support this the only problem is the master capes if you wanna keep the bonus xp on the capes you should move it down to atleast 1b xp to claim since in rs3 you need 120 to get a master cape which is 104m xp but if you wanna make it 2b xp to claim just remove the bonus xp and give it a different benefit so people will wear them.
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    Welcome back! Glad to see ya finally took my advice
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! • Inferno boss you can get to inferno boss through NPC at Edgeville • Zulrah boss (fixes) • Added more night beast to emerald cave • Fixed issue with log in limit (client) • Fixed issus with server stability • OP items disabled in wilderness • Added new animations • Added Arthur's Birthday Box • Removed santa key drop from Raids • Removed Christmas & Santa box Also added limited birthday deals for everyone that is interested! Thank you. Simplicity team
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    Welcome back! I didn't play the old one so i'm a complete randomer to you, but i'll be more than happy to change that Enjoy your second stay here!
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    I think most of us would agree that the Slayer Point shop is terribly outdated and the rewards aren't very rewarding at all. I feel the shop needs an update badly. I came up with a Reward shop list that I feel would help give the Slayer shop the long overdue boost it deserves. Please tell me what you think is a good idea, and what's not. What would you change? What would you put in there? I tried to keep the rewards reasonable and not be too OP, but I think they are still sufficient rewards. SLAYER SHOP Flame Gloves - 600 pts Archery/Mage/Warrior Boxes - 500 pts Quest Points Cape - 400 pts Gold Mystery Box - 350 pts Slayer Helm - 350 pts Blowpipe - 350 pts Steadfast/Ragefire/Glavien Boots - 325 pts Legendary Mbox - 275 pts Lava Dragon Boots - 250 pts Gold Bag - 225 pts Holy Elixr - 225 pts Barrows Sets - 200 pts Dragonkin Lamp - 200 pts Charming Imp - 200 pts Seers/Warrior/Archer/Zerker ring - 200 pts Golden Maul - 175 pts Ring of Wealth - 150 pts Charm Box - 150 pts Bonecrusher - 150 pts Saradomin Sword - 150 pts Barrelchest Anchor - 150 pts Balmung - 150 pts Zammy/Sara/Bandos Hilts - 150 pts Fighter Torso - 150 pts Mystery Box - 130 pts Zamorakian Spear - 125 pts Staff of Light - 125 pts Dark Bow - 125 pts Abyssal Whip - 125 pts Dragon Boots - 100 pts Amulet of Fury - 75 pts Ranger Boots - 75 pts 100 Dragon Arrows - 50 pts 100 Dragon Darts - 40 pts Super Combat Potion - 25 pts Steel Titan Pouch - 15 pts Overload (4) - 10 pts Crystal Key - 5 pts Ring of Slaying (8) - 5 pts Cooked Rocktail - 3 pts Now, part 2 of my suggestions. I think a good idea for duo Slayer, which I feel would benefit the community by allowing and encouraging people to interact, would be to give the Duo the ability to both teleport to an instance for EVERY monster assigned to them. With more and more people online, the bosses are often occupied, and I see that as an issue that negatively impacts the server as it disheartens some players because they don't have a chance to boss. A neat way to remedy this issue is this Duo Slayer instanced dungeons idea. Have an option on the slayer gem or something like that that would teleport the player to the instanced dungeon and their partner would do the same and they would get teleported to the dungeon as well. I think allowing the duo to actually be together and not in their own separate dungeons would be best as it feels like that's the way Duo Slaying was meant to be done. In some of these instanced dungeons there would be multiple npc's to attack, like Slash Bash, Lizardman Shamans, Phoenix's so each player can earn boss pts and help accomplish the slayer task. However bosses like Corporeal Beast, Nex and the other "end game" bosses like that would just have 1 npc to be fought. I am unsure of what the proper solution to wilderness bosses would be, as I don't feel like having Abby Sire, Scorpia and Vennenatis in a safe instanced dungeon would be a good idea. I think it would likely be best to have those Wilderness bosses not available to be assigned if your in a duo. Please leave your comments and tell me what you think of this idea and what you would change etc.
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    I'm a fan of all the ideas you suggested, I'm not a major pker but going off everybody else replies there wouldn't be any problem implementing into the game! This would also give a fresh incentive for pkers.
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    One way I think Imbued capes would be cool to obtain since regular ones are already available in mage shop is by making Mage Arena a dangerous mini-game and have those Imbued capes replace the regular god capes from there. You had suggested adding them as a PK drop, but dont you think adding some more content like this would be a neat idea? We would get nice new capes, a new minigame, the minigame would be dangerous so it would satisfy pkers, and overall it adds a new piece of fresh content for people to explore.
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    Support to 1 and 3
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    Hey Zulrah's already being worked on should be out soon. I like the sounds of charged glories and imbued capes. Don't know much about the first one cause I don't pk but maybe someone else will have a better opinion than me!
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    Welcome & enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome to the server! I'm sure you'll have fun! hopefully see you in-game!
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    Welcome!! I've seen you around ;p
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    see u round.
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    Welcome to Simplicity, hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask for help here on the forums or on our discord server. (You'll receive a much faster answer on discord)
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    A higher tier master cape for 2b xp sounds cool I'll discuss it and see if that's something we can do!
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    Awesome! But would have really liked the master capes to be obtainable in game by getting 2b xp in a skill Also very happy to see " removed "dupe detection" that was added long ago causing players to lose money from their pouch" on the list. Thanks a lot for putting this together Supreme! Very appreciated.