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    We need your feedback! 2020 is going to be our year at simplicity with great content updates & qol but i got an idea i want some feedback from the community about before we get started! Would you guys like a blackjack table in simplicity? How would it work?: you get into the gambling mode then only chat will be visible we then clear the chatbox from all text then teleport the players to an instanced area so only their chats will be visible to each player X player pays X buy in amount X player wins X amount what's inside the pot
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    Simplicity Staff Changes @ spud Has been promoted to Server Support @ Tineepockets Has been promoted to Moderator @ Heroic Has been promoted to Moderator @ Fastneasy Has been promoted to Moderator @ Minh Has been promoted to Moderator @ Neon Has been promoted to Moderator @ Abe Has been promoted to Global Moderator
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    junk well is a great idea as most people either drop those items when they get or just have them sitting in the bank, also adding cash to raids/tob is a good idea since quite a few do raids daily, i also think there should be a shop to sell the ores/pure ess you get from raids to like you can with the gems would help bring more money in and possibly up the price that herbs sell to the gen store, both those would also be good for people skilling too giving them other ways to make money skilling
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    I agree with most of those + I think we should add additional coin drops to certain bosses like TOB,Raids.
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    I think if loot share worked we could have more fun and communicative events, like boss masses for the community. it would give the people who don't spend a lot to get high level gear a chance to get in on some drops from tougher bosses like Corp or Nex and so on.
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    Hello Simplicity, Only one big update today and that's the addition of Awards to our forums. You can view all the collectible awards right here or at the "Awards" tab in the main menu above this post. If there is any Awards you'd like to see obtainable by players, please let me know below. Goodluck collecting them all! - Simplicity Staff Team
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    Nechryarch: My idea of this Boss would be to have multiple Magic oriented drops such as: Among other drops Tormented bracelet alone would be same stats as flame gloves but (or) version slightly better than flames (e) magic wise Along with the Imbued Heart doing it's normal boost: In my opinion it would be nice to make it require either a certain slayer level of 80+ or make the Boss unlockable via Slayer points Also making his location in the wilderness 2. Adding Callisto pet to Callisto's drop table 3. Adding Dark claw To Skotizo drop table to make: Idea for helm would be increased magic damage while on task more than regular full slay helm Thanks for checking out some of my suggestions, Let me know what you think Thanks
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    Smithing Where to start: By clicking the Smithing Skill Smithing Shop Smelting Smelting XP Rates Bronze bar 100xp Iron Bar 360xp Steel Bar 500xp Mithril Bar 1,000xp Adamant Bar 1,400xp Rune Bar 2,000xp *xp is based on 1 bar and with Well of Goodwill active without smithing brawlers Brawlers increase exp by about 12.5% if my math is right going from 18,000xp per bar to 22,500xp Level 1-15 Buy 6 Bronze bars and make a couple bronze daggers. Level 15-30 Make 6 Iron daggers which should get to level 30 Level 30-50 Buy some Steel bars and proceed to make 4 Daggers (2,700 xp) until Level 35 Make Steel Arrowtips (3,240xp) in preparation for Fletching Which will take roughly 25 Steel Bars for 35-50 Level 50-70 Proceed to make Mithril Daggers (5,610 xp) until level 55 You can either Start making Mithril Arrowtips (5,310xp) Slightly less exp but for Fletching later on or Carry on with Daggers. Daggers are more exp per bar compared to 2-3 bar items. Approx 120 Bars for 50-70 doing Mith Arrowtips Approx 114 Bars for 50-70 doing Mith Daggers Level 70-85 Start with Adamant Daggers (8,700xp) until level 71 Approx 9 Bars Proceed to make Adamant hatchets (8,870xp) until level 73 Approx 21 Bars At level 73 Make Adamant Bolts (9,000xp) until level 85 Approx 252 Bars At level 75 you can make Adamant Arrowtips (8,610xp) for Fletching Approx 264 Bars Level 85-99 Make Rune Daggers (17,610xp) until Level 86 Approx 19 Bars Start making Rune Hatchets or Bolts at level 88 (18,000xp) At Level 90 you unlock Rune Arrowtips (11,100xp) if you plan on comping i recommend just making the 5,000 arrowtips which would be roughly 334 Bars and 3.7m getting you halfway thru level 95 If you're not aiming to comp and just want to max then continue with Rune bolts from level 90-99 Approx 428 Bars Congratulations on your New Smithing Cape!
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    This is a super cool idea, that way lower value items would have a dedicated price floor, and the bulk of random low-level items are removed from eco. Seems like a win-win.
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    I agree with Justin it'd be pointless adding a new completionist task especially the way it is right now, also agree with Bernard with adding addition coin drops to TOB and Raids. Nerf magic knife drop rate and buff the loot. feel like if someone could already get a superior pet from it. Isn't it buffed enough already? Also the more love to skilling should be towards things that actually involved people to skill and not the afk zones. This way those people that do love to skill can benefit more from them. Gives also a sort of active community vibe, than an afk zone vibe. Besides that I agree with everything else.
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    Owner Arthur Supreme Co-Owner Kevin Staff Manager Justin Manager Lewis Global Administrator Athos Administrator Bernard Dro Dutch Mak3 Shiftynex Global Moderator Rapiid ags Pixie Joe Abe Moderator Fastneasy Minh Neon Tineepockets Heroic Server Support Spud Trial Support Forum Manager Justin Forum Moderator -
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    Im sorry I suggest a lot 😮 But I think maybe adding who buys stuff from your POS would be interesting. It could give the community a way to thank someone for buying from their shop, just adding a little more respectful communication into the game.
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    Hey there friends, I'm posting my experience as a player who has been on this server for a total of 40 hours and would like to give my feedback/opinion/general discussion on the state of the economy of the server. The first day I joined this server, I was already at a plateau in terms of items/weapons. I was easily able to obtain all combat 99's, and after all this, I had a total of around 10m, with rune armor. I was stuck and couldn't understand how to make money, even when asking everyone what the best methods were. I then came to find out that the only way to break through this plateau is with the help of another playing 'kick starting' your bank with free gear or money. Personally I believe this evident of a very weak economy with no stimulation for lower income players. Next, the second sum of money I made was at ::cows when I got a sapphire box, selling for 10B. The only money I could make that was worth anything at this current time was done through the help of another player, and then done through a event where items are spawned and given out. This further solidifies the argument that the lower to medium economy can only run with handouts. Next, the income that I have accured over a week has been done through 2 x 50B in name donations a 1 x $10 donation and voting on 2 times a day and selling votes. Having a bank that is fueled solely by real world trading is unstable and not a long term goal. Things that I think can be done to fix, or slowly help the market: - Use the $1000's of dollars of donations that the server receives to pay someone to fix the bugs in the game. - Change drop rates of monsters to add a larger variety of items, more rares, and more expensive items. - Stop doing over the top drop parties that give every single player a box that serves as a lifeboat for their bank over the next 4-5 hours of gameplay. - MAKE SKILLING A VALUABLE INVESTMENT, RUNESCAPE IS ABOUT THE GRIND, AND TIME IS MONEY. - Change the income of AFK skills, to allow players to AFK for a 15-24 hour period and earn more than 1B, which is equivalent to 1M in OSRS (in my opinion). - Make a wider variety of items, armors and in-slots so that players aren't stuck climbing a tree with price gaps of 10B a piece (Pernix to Sag). - Make the middle class money making more reliable, not based of drops and free stuff given by the top players. - More expensive rares, and a wider variety; this will get the dead stock that everyone has in their bank (5+ Scythe's of each class) out into the market and will crash their prices, resulting in an influx of middle class players getting better items and being able to make more money doing bosses with these, which will result in a boost to the economy. - Make attaining gear more accessible, not done through extras like voting, donating, trivia points, tournament points. I am not trying to trigger anyone, I'm just stating my opinion and giving solutions that I believe may or may not help. I have invested a small amount of money into this server, and personally believe this investment should give more returns than a short burst of good items. - Fayde
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    There has been plenty of discussion about how the eco is this, and the eco is that. I was thinking, to help somewhat stabilize the eco would it be a good idea to have an items history setup? I.E: If I look up the history of let's say a Twisted Bow or an SOV. I would be able to see the last month of sales of the item and how much it's gone up or down. I know there is a History section on the POS Manager at the moment but I don't think it's working, and when it was I think it only showed your own history. I believe that the ::poshistory command works but it only shows what I have sold. Let me know what you think!
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    This thread should have way more attention. This is the story of basically every new player that enters the server and I frankly feel that this is spot on. The server should focus it's attention to retaining new players as it is true that veteran players are seen handing out starter sets(much like myself) which includes items like blowpiples, arma sets, gold bags etc. that we obtain from donator zones. It is extremely intimidating starting out on the server and struggling to achieve the first 10b with potentially shit gear. Not every new player can donate $$ and not every player receives handouts.
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    I like this idea. Well thought out in my opinion and would attract more users to use mage vs the usual sov for pvming
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    Follow the rules mr pink boots
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    I agree, Maybe implement a "POS Time Limit" where items after a certain period (hours / days) could be sent back into the players bank after not having a success on selling
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    adding cash to raids would help tremendously
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    Resignations: @ Lupa has stepped down from his server support role, due to irl reasons we wish him the best of luck!
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    All the bosses outside of the wilderness are safe to play, no need to be scared!
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    interesting idea to get more cash circling in the eco.
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    What about adding a "junk well" where you can dump items like 3rd age, serp helms, pvp armors, etc for a chance at like a 1b ticket or something? would definitely clear up the pos and help newer players whilst giving everyone a chance at making some extra cash while increasing the value of such items that are practically useless.
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    I say yes to all, Buff all coin drops aswell. We need more cash in game!!!
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    Kind of late to this post, however feel like I could also voice my viewpoints on this. There are two sides to everything Liquids you're right that their does need to be a revamp on drops for all npc's and not just donator ranked npc. However I also have to agree in part with Tubbyy things are difficult to purchase now for any new player coming in. By understanding the price differences you know how much of a grind you will have to do. I'm also not saying it's a great thing that prices have dropped definitely decreases my own bank value, but also it's helpful to other players in order to strive for that specific gear. One side has to take a hit in order for the other side to grow. Introducing higher gold drops definitely would give people more of an incentive to farm those bosses. I'm sure Kevin is working with the developers and something will soon even out this debate. The eco is always changing but it's to be fair to all players not just those that have quicker access to item/cash.
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    No point adding more achievements if Completionist is as bad as it currently is. Everything else is a big yes.
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    Promotions: @ Heroic has done a splendid job at his trial support and has passed with flying colours and is now a server support. Congratulations!
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    Welcome to my Herblore Experience Table Firstly click the Herblore Skill to teleport there: Herblore Store The book is the Ingredients Book Cleaning Herb Exp Rate Potion Experience Table Refer to Ingredients Book for Extreme potion mixes and Overload Extreme Attack = 17,720 xp Extreme Strength = 19,012 xp Extreme Defence = 20,008 xp Extreme Magic = 21,632 xp Extreme Range = 23,696 xp Overload = 52,412 xp Xp based on Well of Goodwill xp rates By following this guide you should have 99 within an hour Congrats on 99 Herblaw!
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    Promotions: To bring us into the new year we would like to announce the following staff promotions. @ Bernard has done really well and has been promoted to Administrator @ Pixie Joe has also done really well and definitely deserves the promotion to Global Moderator. @ Tineepockets has passed his trial support period. @ Lupa will begin his one week trial as Server Support. @jet kai will also begin his one week trial as Server Support. Resignation: @ Cody has resigned from his Moderator position, we thank him for the excellent help and service he has provided to the server & wish him the best of luck on his future endevours. Congratulations to all of the mentioned people above.
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    Summoning Guide Hello all, Jabrone here. Decided to take some time to create a guide for those trying to grind 99 summoning without lamps. Fair warning, it won't be easy. Special thanks to @Mak3 and @yeli for helping with some of the information gathered for this guide. Teleport Click on the Summoning skill Next will be all pouch exp rates. PSA: EXP rates gathered with well active. No server double XP and no vote double XP. The following information will provide the pouches' name, how much xp it gives, what charm it requires, and with some, a special note. This note could either be NIS (not in store), what summoning store the item needed is in (nothing = store 1, S2 = store 2, check the item at the obelisk), and/or what skill/TP to use to gather the item needed. Spirit Wolf - 123 xp L1 GOLD Dreadfowl - 222 xp L4 GOLD **Chicken pen Spirit Spider - 247 xp L10 GOLD Thorny Snail - 296 xp L13 GOLD Granite Crab - 543 xp L16 GOLD **Mining Spirit Mosquito - Proboscis NIS Desert Wyrm - 765 xp L18 GREEN Spirit Scorpion - 2050 xp L19 CRIMSON Spirit Tz-kih - 2395 xp L22 CRIMSON Albino Rat - 4989 xp L23 BLUE Spirit Kalphite - 5434 xp L25 BLUE Compost Mound - 1235 xp L28 GREEN Giant Chinchompa - 6298 xp L29 BLUE Vampire Bat - 3359 xp L31 CRIMSON Honey Badger - 3482 xp L32 CRIMSON Beaver - 1432 xp L33 GREEN **Low level WC TP Void Ravager - 1482 xp L34 GREEN Void Spinner - 1482 xp L34 BLUE Void Torcher - 1482 xp L34 BLUE Void Shifter - 1482 xp L34 BLUE Bronze Minotaur - 7829 xp L36 BLUE **Mining/smithing Bull Ant - 1309 xp L40 GOLD Macaw - 1778 xp L41 GREEN **Herb drop Evil Turnip - 4569 xp L42 CRIMSON Spirit Cockatrice - Cockatrice Egg NIS Spirit Guthatrice - 1852 xp L43 GREEN S2 Spirit Saratrice - 1852 xp L43 GREEN S2 Spirit Zamatrice - 1852 xp L43 GREEN S2 Spirit Pengatrice - 1852 xp L43 GREEN S2 Spirit Coraxatrice - 1852 xp L43 GREEN S2 Spirit Vulatrice - 1852 xp L43 GREEN S2 Iron Minotaur - 10003 xp L46 BLUE **Mining/smithing Pyrelord - 4989 xp L46 CRIMSON **FM TP Magpie - 2050 xp L47 GREEN S2 Bloated Leach - 5310 xp L49 CRIMSON S2 Spirit Terrorbird - 1679 xp L52 GOLD S2 Abyssal Parasite - Abyssal Charm NIS Spirit Jelly - 11954 xp L55 BLUE S2 Steel Minotaur - 12177 xp L56 BLUE **Mining/smithing Ibis - 2445 xp L56 GREEN **Fishing TP Spirit Graahk - Graahk Fur NIS Spirit Kyatt - Kyatt Fur NIS Spirit Larupia - Larupia Fur NIS Karam. Overlord - Fishbowl NIS Smoke Devil - Goat Horn Dust NIS Abyssal Lurker - Abyssal Charm NIS Spirit Cobra - Snakeskin NIS Stranger Plant - 6965 xp L64 CRIMSON Mithril Minotaur - 14350 xp L66 BLUE **Mining/smithing Barker Toad - 2148 xp L66 GOLD War Tortoise - 1457 xp L67 GOLD Bunyip - 2964 xp L68 GREEN **Cooking TP* Fruit Bat - 2988 xp L69 GREEN S2 Ravenous Locust - 3260 xp L70 CRIMSON S2 Arctic Bear - 2297 xp L71 GOLD S2 Phoenix - 7434 xp L72 CRIMSON S2 Obsidian Golem - 15857 xp L73 BLUE Granite Lobster - 8052 xp L74 CRIMSON S2 Praying Mantis - 8151 xp L75 CRIMSON S2 Adamant Minotaur - 16524 xp L76 BLUE **Mining/smithing Forge Regent - 3309 xp L76 GREEN S2 Talon Beast - 3334 xp L77 CRIMSON S2 Giant Ent - 3383 xp L78 GREEN S2 Fire Titan - 17166 xp L79 BLUE S2 Moss Titan - 17166 xp L79 BLUE S2 Ice Titan - 17166 xp L79 BLUE S2 Hydra - 3482 xp L80 GREEN S2 Spirit Dagannoth - 9015 xp L83 CRIMSON S2 Lava Titan - 18031 xp L83 BLUE Swamp Titan - 9237 xp L85 CRIMSON S2 Rune Minotaur - 18697 xp L86 BLUE **Mining/smithing Unicorn Stallion - 4183 xp L88 GREEN S2 Geyser Titan - 21273 xp L89 BLUE S2 Wolpertiger - 11003 xp L92 CRIMSON **BONES S1 MEAT S2 Abyssal Titan - Abyssal Charm NIS Iron Titan - 11356 xp L95 CRIMSON S2 Pack Yak - 11464 xp L96 CRIMSON S2 Steel Titan - 11818 xp L99 BLUE S2 If you couldn't tell by now, pouches made with blue charms tend to give the best experience. Now the annoying part; the road to 99 making the least amount of pouches. I'll even include what charms you need for each pouch again. Spirit Wolf - 3 pouches GOLD Dreadfowl - 4 pouches GOLD Spirit Spider - 3 pouches GOLD Thorny Snail - 3 pouches GOLD Granite Crab - 2 pouches GOLD Desert Wyrm - 1 pouch GREEN Spirit Scorpion - 1 pouch CRIMSON Albino Rat - 1 pouch BLUE Spirit Kalphite - 1 pouch BLUE Giant Chinchompa - 2 pouches BLUE Bronze Minotaur - 5 pouches BLUE Iron Minotaur - 9 pouches BLUE Spirit Jelly - 2 pouches BLUE Steel Minotaur - 25 pouches BLUE Mithril Minotaur - 35 pouches BLUE Obsidian Golem - 22 pouches BLUE Adamant Minotaur - 28 pouches BLUE Fire Titan - 51 pouches BLUE Lava Titan - 51 pouches BLUE Rune Minotaur - 67 pouches BLUE Geyser Titan - 385 pouches BLUE This comes to a grand total of 15 gold charms, 1 green charm, 1 crimson charm, and a whopping 684 blue charms. If my calculations are correct, though, you will have indeed reached level 99 summoning without lamps. Thank you anyone who took the time to read any of this and if there's any incorrect information presented or anything I'm missing, please feel free to either comment or message me in-game. Enjoy!
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    ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: DRAGONSTONE CAPE ■ ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: SCYTHE OF VITUR DS ■ ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: DRAGONSTONE SET ■ ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: OWNER'S ULTRA BOX ■ ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: OWNER'S BIRTHDAY BOX ■ ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: INFINITY BOX ■ ■ THESE DEALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN: PRIZE KEYS ■ ■ These deals do not stack with the goodiebags ■ THE OWNER DEALS EXPIRE ON JANUARY 31 OWNER DEALS CLAIM $50 TO GET: 120 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $20 Donation Scroll 1 Sapphire Box 5 Prize Keys + 3 Owners Birthday Boxes (Limited) 25 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $𝟒𝟎𝟎 CLAIM $100 TO GET: 250 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $50 Donation Scroll 1 Emerald Box + 1 Sapphire Box 1 INFINITY BOXES (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 15 Prize Keys + 6 Owners Birthday Boxes (Limited) 50 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎 CLAIM $200 TO GET: 550 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $100 Donation Scroll 3 INFINITY BOXES (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 2 Emerald Box + 2 Sapphire Box + 2 Ruby Box 30 Prize Keys + 15 Owners Birthday Boxes (Limited) 100 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $𝟐𝟐𝟎𝟎 CLAIM $300 TO GET: 800 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $100 Donation Scroll (2) 5 INFINITY BOXES (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 4 Emerald Box + 4 Sapphire Box + 3 Ruby Box 1 OWNER'S ULTRA BOX (HIGHLY LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE) 30 Prize Keys + 15 Owners Birthday Boxes (Limited) 150 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $𝟒𝟓𝟎𝟎 OWNERS VIP PACKAGE LIMITED DEAL: 10/20 AVAILABLE CLAIM $400 TO GET: 1050 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $100 Donation Scroll (2) 6 Emerald Box + 6 Sapphire Box + 4 Ruby Box 40 Prize Keys (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 8 INFINITY BOXES (Highly Exclusive & Limited) 1 OWNER'S ULTRA BOX (HIGHLY LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE) 35 Owners Birthday Boxes (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 200 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) Scythe Of Vitur X + Raids Cape (HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $8𝟎𝟎𝟎 OWNERS vVIP PACKAGE LIMITED DEAL: 11/15 AVAILABLE CLAIM $500 TO GET: 1350 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $100 Donation Scroll (4) 8 Emerald Box + 8 Sapphire Box + 6 Ruby Box 60 Prize Keys (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 10 INFINITY BOXES (Highly exclusive & Limited) 2 OWNER'S ULTRA BOX (HIGHLY LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE) 50 Owners Birthday Boxes (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 250 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) Scythe Of Vitur X + Raids Cape (HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $92𝟎𝟎 VIP DRAGONSTONE LIMITED DEAL: 8/10 AVAILABLE CLAIM $750 TO GET: 1600 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $100 Donation Scroll (6) 120 Prize Keys (Highly exclusive & Limited) 15 INFINITY BOXES (Highly exclusive & Limited) 12 Emerald Box + 12 Sapphire Box + 8 Ruby Box 50 Owner's Birthday Boxes (Highly exclusive and Limited) 3 OWNER'S ULTRA BOX (Highy Exclusive and Limited) 400 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) Scythe of Vitur DS (Dragonstone Edition) 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 $14500 EXECUTIVE DRAGONSTONE LIMITED DEAL: 4/5 AVAILABLE CLAIM $1000 TO GET: 2800 Points (rewarded on donation claim) $100 Donation Scroll (10) 120 Prize Keys (Highly Exclusive and Limited) 18 INFINITY BOXES (Highly exclusive & Limited) 12 Emerald Box + 12 Sapphire Box + 8 Ruby Box 100 OWNER'S BIRTHDAY BOXES (Highy Exclusive and Limited) 4 OWNER'S ULTRA BOX (Highy Exclusive and Limited) 400 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) Scythe of Vitur X + Light Twisted Bow + Hand Cannon X (Exclusive) Scythe Of Vitur DS + DRAGONSTONE CAPE (EXECUTIVE LIMITED EDITION) DRAGONSTONE SET (EXECUTIVE LIMITED EDITION) _____________________________________________________________________________________ How to claim your deal package? 1. Simply visit the store page and check out the amount that is needed: https://simplicityps.org/store/ 2. Claim the donation in game by using the ::claim command after purchasing 3. Pm one of the administrators to get your deal package extras. Thank you for the support, Simplicity Team
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