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  1. SIMPLICITY HD We are aware of some model bugs using HD. If you experience any other bugs please report in the #hd-bugs channel on discord! The HD plugin for RuneLite, dubbed RuneLite HD, has been added to Simplicity. The aim of the plugin is to alter the graphics and textures by making them high-definition, while remaining faithful to client textures. The plugin was built over the course of two years and approximately 2,000 hours of work. We have implemented RuneLite's GPU rendering along with 117HD's enhancements. The plugin can be toggled from the plugin sidebar. If you encounter any issues then please check out GPU FAQ from RuneLite's wiki: https://github.com/runelite/runelite/wiki/GPU-FAQ More Content • Added making of dragonstone dragon bolts using dragon bolt tips + dragon bolts. • Added enchanting crossbow bolt spell to allow dragonstone dragon bolt e making. • Added loads of missing npc spawns for slayer tasks. • Added Enchant crossbow spell + enchanging of bolts interface functionality. • Added new statues for Arthur, Supreme & Kevin at the donation manager zone. • Added Slayer ring (eternal). • Added personal kill record tracker for missing bosses. • Added overlord cape right-click teleport option functionality when having it equiped. • Added amount to be displayed as deposited on screen for the money pouch. • Added bank all and take all button functionality on Chambers of Xeric rewards interface. • Added ability to cut zenyte stones. • Added drops for Turoth. • Added drops for Banshee. • Added drops for Ankou (Slayer). • Added drops for Pyrefiend. • Added drops for Kurask. • Added drops for Jelly. • Added Supreme's Owner Box (Overlord), highly exclusive and limited. • Added Mythical Supreme Box (2021). • Added Book of balance. • Added Book of darkness. • Added Book of law. • Added Book of war. • Added Holy book. • Added Unholy book. • Added and reworked the ::drops command to search npc's easier. • Added hovering and title of droptable to the ::drops command. • Added all the extend slayer features. • Added Rockslug drops. • Added functionality to new npc drop checker for monster right click option. • Added dart fletching. • Added dragon arrow fletching. • Added Lil' Dharok pet. • Added Lil' Verac pet. • Added Lil' Ahrim pet. • Added Lil' Torag pet. • Added Lil' Guthan pet. • Added Lil' Karil pet. • Added Lil' Hespori pet. • Added drops for for Warped jelly. • Added drops for King sand crab. • Added drops for mutaded bloodveld. • Added drops for Daganoth. • Added Max zone statue at home 2 area. • Added 'get bird' option on lake molch. • Added possibility to NOT close the open interface when a dialogue is finished. • Added all 4 godswords (or) forms to item combination • Added drops for Cockatric. • Added drops for Basilisk. • Added drops for Shade. • Added drops for Deviant Spectre. • Added the Supreme X Black Friday Deals (EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED) Fixes • Fixed Zalcano bug and shockwave attack logic. • Fixed slayer reward interface + added extend section. • Fixed a bug with chatbox message when player needs to clear both hands slot (Alry the Angler). • Fixed a bug with Ring of Bosses picking up loot in Raids. • fixed missing half of the npc list drop command due to scroll max issue. • Fixed the 'has logged in' spam when logging in. • Fixed a bug with Hunter brawling gloves, now boost hunter instead of construction. • Fixed normal spellbook right click autocast rectangle missing bug • Fixed Woodcutting achievement progress bug. • Fixed a bug with quick curses. • Fixed a bug with The miner 2 achievement. • Fixed a bug with fletching bolts/arrows/darts. • Fixed bugs with new duel arena interface disabling. • Fixed a bug with familiars from being allowed to enter nightmare boss. • Fixed a bug with player first login stance animation. • Fixed nsired message popping up for any item on object vs just the font. • Fixed loot all to inventory option fix on tob rewards interface. • Fixed a bug with making bowl of water. • Fixed a bug with Guthix rest making item requirement. • Fixed a bug with being unable to claim elite achievement rewards. • Fixed a bug with Kuradel slayer trivia question. • Fixed a bug with Elite knight achievement. • Fixed a bug with The venger achievement. • Fixed smithing armour making interface for bolts and dart tips. • Fixed making of dragon bolts with runite bolts. • Fixed a bug with set duo slayer partner using new interface. • Fixed jewellery moulding interface missing items. • Fixed ffakill command. • Fixed a bug with Dungeoneering cape model. Changes • Added option for dropping Magma blowpipe. • Made Boss point npcs trackable for kill records and kill count. • Stopped familiars from being allowed to enter nightmare boss. • Ring of bosses will no longer pickup loot while in raids. • Slayer masters now open new rewards interface. • Stopped npc drop checker interface from closing on lookup whilst fighting. • Slayer Rewards 4th click options on npc's will no longer keep re-opening the interface on closing. • Highlight the npc being viewed on the npc drop checker interface. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Development team
  2. Revamped Chambers of Xeric Today we present you the new raids rotation in Chambers of Xeric 1:1 OSRS, players have a 50% chance of entering the new rotation. The always cash reward has been changed from 75M to 100M. The Sirenic twisted bow creation has been added to the game and requires the new Sirenic ornament kit with the following items: 1x Ice twisted bow, 1x Light twisted bow, 1x Fire twisted bow , 1x Dark twisted bow, 1x Twisted bow and the orb of light. The Sirenic ornament kit has been added to the full Chambers of Xeric rewards. The Ice twisted bow has been added to the full Chambers of Xeric rewards. In this new rotation we have also added the farming, thieving, hunting, fishing rooms and the storage units. The Rotation starts from Scavengers -> Guardians -> Farming -> Skeletal Mystics -> Ice Demon -> Ladder room -> Lizardman Shaman -> Svanger hallway -> Muttadile -> Thieving room -> Hunter room -> Crystal room -> Great Olm. Scavenger Scavengers are a race found exclusively in the Chambers of Xeric. They closely resemble skavids, but are bigger and have slightly different faces. Currently, the only scavengers in the game are the scavenger beasts and the corrupted scavenger found in the Chambers of Xeric. Guardian Guardians are statues which appear in groups of two as a boss room in the Chambers of Xeric. These statues must be destroyed in order to pass the room, and can only be harmed with pickaxes; all other sources of damage will not count. The dragon warhammer's special attack applies before the attack's damage roll is reduced to zero. Attempting to enter the passage they are guarding will result in the guardian knocking the player back for moderate damage. Skeletal Mystic Skeletal Mystics are skeleton mages found within the Chambers of Xeric. They are found in the ritual room of the Chambers. In a solo raid or small groups, players can expect to find three mystics in the room. Skeletal mystics attack with both fire spells and a damaging variant of Vulnerability. Although their magical attacks cannot be fully mitigated, Protect from Magic is strongly recommended, and attacking the mystic closest to you with Ranged and dealing with them one by one increase chances of survival. Upon death, they drop various amounts of golpar, buchu, and noxifer seeds. Ice Demon The demon is initially standing in place protected by an ice storm, blocking the way deeper into the chambers. In order to dispel the ice storm, the braziers surrounding it must be lit, and kindling fuels them. There are plenty of trees outside the chamber it resides in to chop for tinder. Having a deposit chest built will greatly help for managing inventory space. Alternatively, players may drop some of their items and pick them up later, although it is recommended to only drop expendable items in the event the raid instance is closed (through a disconnection, for example). Kindling is obtained through chopping trees in the corridor preceding ice demon. The amount of kindling received per swing is determined by the player's Woodcutting level, with every 12 levels granting the ability to receive another kindling: at level 1 Woodcutting, only one kindling can be received per swing, and at level 96 Woodcutting or higher, one to eight kindling can be received per swing. There are four braziers surrounding the demon. An icefiend occupies each brazier (one icefiend for each player in the team, capping at four icefiends). They do not move, but they will extinguish any lit fires near them. The more wood is burning, the faster the ice storm is dispelled. Once the ice storm is dispelled, the icefiends will disappear and it will start attacking players. It has two attacks; a snow boulder and Ice Burst. The demon will take overhead prayers into account when fighting them; if the target is using Protect from Missiles, it will only use the snow boulder attack. If Protect from Magic is used instead, it will only use Ice Burst. Lizard Shaman Lizardman shamans are giant reptilian humanoids that are stronger than their normal lizardmen and lizardmen brute counterparts. They are often sought after for their dragon warhammer drops. They never become tolerant to the player. Muttadile The Muttadiles are bosses encountered in the Chambers of Xeric. It is a dog-like creature that has horribly mutated into a giant crocodilian beast. The original muttadile was pregnant at the time when Xeric transformed it into its current form and as such its offspring was warped too. The two beasts now act as guardians of the chambers. The two muttadiles that reside in the chamber are present upon entering; a small one is on the ground and the large one is lurking in the water. The small muttadile attacks with both Melee and Ranged. While this smaller muttadile is alive, the larger one will stay submerged in the water, where it is unattackable and attacks players with Magic (which covers the whole chamber). Standing in melee range, activating Protect from Melee and using Ranged gear is recommended for the small muttadile. This is due to protection prayers blocking its melee attacks entirely while ranged attacks only partially, as well as it using melee more often. In bigger groups though, it's easier to stay outside of its melee range and pray Protect from Missiles, as staying close to it with multiple people for the muttadile to target can be difficult. Thieving A corrupted scavenger blocks the path and must be fed cavern grubs until it becomes full and tired. Cavern grubs can be found by opening many of the chests located in the room. The scavenger's hunger level can be tracked with the bar above its head. The chests have a chance of containing the cavern grubs required, though it may instead contain unhatched cocoons. These odds and the maximum amount of grubs received are dependent on the player's Thieving level. Warriors Guild Basement In the basement of the Warriors' Guild, accessible by using the mini-game teleports, is another large room containing level 106 Cyclopes. Lorelai will require you to have a rune defender in your inventory before she will allow access to the room. You will be able to re-enter this room without showing a defender after unlocking access to it the first time. Only the Cyclopes that are located in the basement will drop the dragon defender from now on. Entry to the Cyclops room requires 100 Warrior guild tokens. 10 tokens are used upon every entrance, and then 10 tokens are charged for every following minute you stay. Blast Furnace The Blast Furnace is a members-only minigame situated in Keldagrim for smelting bars. The furnace here only requires half as much coal when smelting usually, so it can be useful when smelting the ores that require more coal. Soloing the Blast Furnace is easy as there are five different dwarves - Dumpy, Stumpy, Pumpy, Numpty, and Thumpy - operating the mechanics of the Blast Furnace, so the player only has to focus on running the ores to the conveyor belt. Hespori Boss The Hespori is a sporadic boss. In order to fight it, players must first plant a Hespori seed in the Hespori patch within the west wing of the Farming Guild, which requires level 65 Farming to access. It takes 1 hour to grow, depending on when it was planted. When fully grown, the flower behind the cave entrance will sprout open. Killing the Hespori allows it to be harvested, which grants 12,600 (12,915 with full Farmer's outfit) Farming experience, as well as seeds, including white lily and anima seeds, which can only be obtained from the Hespori. There are four flower buds surrounding the patch. The flowers will open up three times during the fight: once upon starting, again after the Hespori reaches below 66% of its health, and a final time after it reaches below 33% of its health. They have 10 hitpoints each and always die in one hit. The Hespori cannot be attacked while any of them are open, so you must subdue all of them before the Hespori can be harmed. The Hespori can attack with both magic and ranged. The magic attack's animation looks like the Hespori is twirling around, and can hit up to 14, while the ranged attack has the Hespori swinging its arms and throwing green spores at the player, and can hit twice for up to 8 each time. Protection prayers will not completely negate the damage, but will greatly reduce it. The Hespori will sometimes bind you with roots similar to the entangle spell, rendering you unable to move or attack. When you are rooted, click repeatedly on the floor, preferably the square next to you, or on the Hespori to try and struggle free until you can move and attack again. The chatbox will notify you when you become entangled and when you free yourself. If you don't free yourself in time, the vines will break on their own and hit you for a maximum of over 40 damage. The Hespori can also poison you, so bringing an antipoison or better (or simply drinking a dose before the fight) is recommended. Once the Hespori is defeated, players must clear the patch with a spade in order to obtain their loot. Players may leave the lair after this point and come back without having to do the fight again. Bird House Trapping Bird house trapping is a Hunter technique that is used to catch birds. With this technique the player sets up bird houses on Fossil Island and fills them with seeds. The player then has to wait around fifty minutes for the bird houses to passively fill with birds. Bird house traps are made using the Crafting skill requiring logs and a piece of clockwork with a hammer and chisel. They are then placed in designated spots on Fossil Island to catch birds, providing a passive method of training Hunter and gaining resources. Additionally, Ironmen will need a Construction level of 25 to build a crafting table 2 for assembling clockwork. Players can get to Fossil island by clicking on the hunter skill. Fremennik Slayer Dungeon The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, also known as the Rellekka Slayer Caves and the Fremennik Slayer Cave, is a cave system found south-east of Rellekka, featuring slayer monsters that can only be killed by players with the appropriate Slayer level. The monsters within require progressively higher levels as the player travels deeper into the caves. Lake Molch Lake Molch is a large lake found just west of Great Kourend. Here, players can speak to Alry the Angler to engage in aerial fishing, a combined Fishing and Hunter activity. It requires a minimum level of 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter. Players can hunt for various fish and salamanders with a cormorant, much like falconry where players hunt kebbits with a gyr falcon. Character Summary Tab The Character Summary is a panel of the game interface. The interface displays the various statistics the player has: Combat Level: Displays the player's combat level. Total Level: Displays the player's total level. Total XP: Displays the amount of experience the player has across all skills. Quests Completed: Displays the amount of quests the player has completed. Achievements Completed: Displays the amount of tasks the player has completed. Clicking it takes players to the Achievement Diaries tab. Collections Logged: Displays the amount of items the player has collected within the collection log. Clicking it takes players to the collection log interface. Time Played: Displays the amount of time the player has spent in-game. Duel Arena Interface The Al-Kharid Duel Arena is a place where players can go to engage in one-on-one Combat, either for fun or for staking coins and platinum tokens. With the new duel arena interface only coins and platinum token can be risked against your opponent. Skilling Set Bonuses (Experience-boosting Set) Experience-boosting sets increase the experience gained in a specific skill when worn. These sets can be obtained in a number of ways. When every part of a set is worn, they provide a 2.5% experience boost. Added several skilling set bonuses for Construction, Farming, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting. New Gamble Zone Content - Added Dragon, Crystal and Infernal harpoon passive effects for Fishing. - Added Dragon, Crystal and Infernal harpoon special attack bonus. - Added Dragon knife special attack. - Added Dragon hasta with special attack. - Added Player bird houses. - Added dismantle options + timers for bird houses. - Added teleport to Fossil Island. - Added cyclops spawns to Warriors guild basement. - Added all the slayer masters to the select slayer master dialogue. - Added new reminders (auto-messages). - Added Turael right click options + defs + world spawn + teleport. - Added Spria definitions + spawn + right click options + teleport. - Added Mazchna definition + spawn + teleport + right click options. - Added Nieve definitions + spawns + right click options + teleport - Added Chaeldar spawn + teleport + right click options. - Added bat spawns to slayer tower. - Added teleport position for bats slayer task. - Added teleport position for bird slayer task. - Added spawns + teleport for bear slayer tasks. - Added cave bug spawns + teleport. - Added cave crawler spawns + teleport - Added cave slime spawns + teleport - Added spawns + teleport + attack/block/death anim for cows slayer task. - Added teleport for dogs slayer task. - Added spawns + teleport for dwarf slayer task. - Added spawn + teleport for goblin slayer task. - Added spawns + teleport for ice fiends on the ice mountain. - Added spawns + teleport for lizard slayer tasks. - Added combat strategy for gargoyles that you need a rock hammer to kill them. - Added gargoyle smasher slayer reward benefit to smashing gargoyles automatically. - Added combat strategy for rock slugs that you need a brine sabre or bag of salt + slayer reward benefit. - Added combat strategy for desert lizards that you need ice coolers + slayer reward benefit. - Added combat strategy for mutated zygomites that you need fungicide spray + slayer reward benefit. - Added support for crafting broad arrows + the slayer reward unlock perk Broader Fletching. - Added support for creating broad bolts + slayer reward perk Broader fletching. - Added malevolent masquerade slayer perk when attempting to create a full slayer helmet. - Added Seeing Red slayer perk for getting slayer tasks from Konar, Durade and Nieve. - Added Watch The Birdie slayer perk for getting slayer tasks from Konar, Duradel, Nieve and Chaeldar - Added Hot Stuff slayer perk for getting slayer tasks from Duradel, Nieve and Chaeldar. - Added Reptile Got Ripped slayer perk for getting slayer tasks from Konar, Duradel, Nieve and Chaeldar. - Added Bigger and Badder slayer perk for getting superior slayer tasks. - Added all slayer variant creations for the slayer reward perks. - Added alchemical hydra heads item definition. - Added Duly Noted slayer perk which notes mithril bars dropped from mithril dragons. - Added Stop the Wyvern slayer reward perk. - Added double trouble slayer reward perk. - Added basilocked slayer reward perk. - Added minotaur slayer task position + spawns + attack / block / death animation. - Added a bunch more spawns + teleport positions + definitions for slayer tasks. - Added mogre spawns + slayer teleport position. - Added molanisk spawns + teleport position. - Added slayer teleport positions for moss giants and nechryaels. - Added Ogre slayer teleport position. - Added otherworldly beings spawns + teleport position. - Added Pyrefiend spawn positions. - Added rockslug and shade teleport position. - Added sea snake spawn positions + teleport position. - Added shadow warrior spawn + teleport position. - Added terror dog & spiritual warriors spawn + teleport. - Added troll spawns + location teleport. - Added turoth and vampyre spawns + slayer teleport. - Added wall beast spawns + teleport location. - Added werewolf, aviansie, black demon and cave horror spawns + teleport location. - Added greater demon and iron dragon slayer teleport position. - Added lizardman teleport for slayer. - Added Night beasts back for Emerald donators & higher. - Added mutated zygomite spawns + slayer teleport position. - Added Tzhaar slayer teleport position. - Added monkey slayer task position + spawns. - Added rat slayer task position + spawns. - Added scorpions slayer task position + spawns. - Added sourhogs OSRS map region. - Added skeleton slayer task position. - Added sourhogs slayer task position, definition and spawns. - Added spider slayer task spawns + positions. - Added wolf slayer task position. - Added zombie slayer task position. - Added Dragon pickaxe special attack with pre-eoc animation. - Added new items to the collection log data. - Added higher damage for Demonic hammers. - Added highly exclusive custom order (Investigator set), for more info regarding customs PM donation managers. - Added the correct weapon interface for Tridents and sanguinesti staff. - Added more pet dialogues. - Added Pet Jal Nib Rek with dialogues. - Added Kevin's Owner Overlord Box (came with last owner birthday deals). - Added Propeller hat (cosmetic). - Added new Trivia bot messages. - Added Kevin's Demonic Boss Event. - Added all the npc's + teleport for fremennik slayer dungeon. - Added Demon baby pet. - Added Youtube channel command & subscribe message on login. (Subscribe for weekly livestreams & giveaways) - Added more bank space. - Added new drop checker interface in misc tab. - Added Infernal (or) + Dragon (or) harpoons + special attack fixes. - Added a preventive system for abyssal sire to prevent double spawns. - Added a global announcement for when players enter lms. - Added nex time tracking. - Added zulrah instances tracking. - Added region for harmie bug swamp. - Added flickering for duel stakes when players decrease their stake for both coins as platinum tokens. - Added Sirenic Ornam kit. - Added the creation of Sirenic twisted bow: Sirenic ornam kit used on 1x Ice, Light, Fire, Dark, Twisted bow + Orb of light. - Added the new halloween keys & chest. Changes - Changed icon for Callisto boss. - Changed the intro tutorial on first login. - Nightmare will no longer prompt double points. - Zalcano mines are now removed when zalcano dies. - Disabled the sequence of sending zalcano mine objects to the players. - Disabled old way of prohibiting players to equip weapons with two handed. - Ancient wyverns instances now are tracked + gives boss points. - Bandos avatar instances are now tracked. - Corporeal beast instances are now tracked. - Fragment of seren is now tracked. - Hespori instances are now tracked. - Nightmare instances are now tracked. - Fully reworked the NPC facing. - Remove legacy facing updates - Removed lil seren reward from hespori. - Duels are now properly reset on victories. Fixes - Fixed the bug with the AFK-tree (including all donator afk-trees). - Fixed claiming issue with voting. - Fixed the XP Drops to make sense for skilling & combat experience - Fixed Woodcutting tree depletion. - Fixed a bug with Lake Molch. - Fixed experience gained when crafting broad arrows. - Fixed superior slayer task versions for banshees and twisted banshees. - Fixed a bug with the new duel arena interface. - Fixed a bug with game modes accessing Grand Exchange. - Fixed a bug with Verzik Vitur (shield) combat mechanic. - Fixed double s issue when checking slayer ring. - Fixed boss pets going invisible. - Fixed bug with duelling arena not checking for coins in money pouch. - Fixed nightmare totems dissapearing mid fight. - Fixed a bug with Blowpipe. - Fixed bug that gold ring was not displaying properly on the moulding interface. - Fixed minor bug with creating slayer rings. - Fixed issue with relogging and getting lms elite achievement progression - Fixed a bug with Fragment of Seren boss pet drop rate. - Fixed other stake's username on the duel arena interface. - Fixed a bug with autocasting with tridents. - Fixed a bug with general store noclipping. - Fixed issue with elite achievement tabs. - Fixed elite achievement teleblocked. - Fixed bug with total achievement points. - Fixed player message when trying to claim a reward while you have already claimed on multiple accounts. - Fixed bug with abyssal sire not spawning at all anymore. - Fixed potential nullpointer with nightmare. - Fixed a bug with Hespori flowers to die in 1 hit. - Fixed issue with lake molch coordinates. - Fixed some convention bugs for gargoyles. - Fixed several HIGH PRI bugs with the Grand Exchange. - Fixed issue with slayer reward interface closing when purchasing unlocks - Fixed several HIGH PRI bugs with the Last man standing mini-game. - Fixed several HIGH PRI bugs with the banking system. - Fixed a bug with collecting coins (Grand exchange). - Fixed several bugs with Hespori boss. - Fixed a bug where players can no longer double penetrate the gargoyles defences. - Fixed combat level requirements for certain slayer masters. - Fixed chicken slayer achievement. - Fixed pineapple achievement (now called bananas). - Fixed the pets achievement. - Fixed nieve examine text. - Fixed the boss achievement. - Fixed the void achievement. - Fixed the lobster king achievement. - Fixed the farmer achievement. - Fixed the dragonfire achievement. - Fixed the dungeoneering achievement. - Fixed the crafter achievement. - Fixed infernal achievement. - Fixed wolpertinger special attack achievement. - Fixed the summoner achievement. - Fixed the requirements for getting slayer tasks assigned by slayer masters. Thank you, WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE NEXT UPDATE: Halloween Event 2021, Slayer Point Reward Store & More! Arthur, Supreme & Development team
  3. SIMPLICITY UPDATE 17.07.2021 In today's update we present a list of high quality fixes, core changes, brand new data with all the latest content and more! The Fragment of Seren The Fragment of Seren was an entity whom Lord Iorwerth tried to summon to Gielinor that eventually became the final boss of the Song of the Elves. She was referred to as the "Dark Lord". Players can fight the Fragment of Seren through the Boss teleports: Fragment of Seren. She has an attack that is guaranteed to hit close to the players maximum Hitpoints so using Saradomin brews or rocktails to heal above the current max is recommended. Protect from Missiles is recommended to reduce her auto-attack damage (which caps out at 12-12) to non-threatening amounts (3-3 damage). All damage towards her is capped at 34; if players would have dealt over 33 damage to her, it is reduced to 32-33 damage. She is immune to all forms of recoil, including Vengeance. Due to her low magic defence in comparison to other defensive stats, using Magic damage is recommended for fighting the Fragment. Mechanics The Fragment of Seren has 2 standard attacks: - A ranged attack consisting of two projectiles. The first projectile does 0-12 damage, and the second projectile does either the same damage as the first projectile, or 1 less damage (e.g. 10&10 or 10&9). Using protection prayers reduces the max damage to 3&3. - If you are standing beside her, she may do a melee attack. She hits 5 times in 5 ticks, dealing up to 10 damage per hit. This attack is avoidable by stepping away from her. During the encounter she will cycle between multiple special attacks in this order. Each special attack is separated by about 15 seconds (usually enough time for her to do 3 normal attacks). She always announces a special attack by saying some text. The Fragment of Seren. Special attacks - The first special attack teleports the player next to her. This will then be followed by a melee attack, so walk away quickly to avoid damage. - The second special attack consists of spawning of multiple copies of her, attacking the correct one (the lighter coloured shadow) will despawn the false ones and cause the Fragment of Seren to reappear. - The third special attack consists of multiple beams of red crystals, which will surround the Fragment of Seren and heal her until they are destroyed (4-8 per heal per beam). Any attack will destroy them, so using a fast attack speed weapon such as darts or toxic blowpipe will deal with them quickly, but overall they do not heal much damage so slower weapons will work as well. The beams despawn before the Fragment initiates the final special attack. Using Blood spells on the beams will heal around 5-6 health per attack, despite them having only 1 health. - The final special attack is the most dangerous; she will teleport the player close to her and charge up an unblockable attack that's based on the player’s hitpoints, dealing all the way up to the player's maximum hitpoints minus 1, regardless of current hp. After clearing her third special, players should eat up close to their max hp, and then once she teleports the player eat to or above their max hp in order to survive this attack. The droptable for Fragment of Seren. The Grand Exchange The Grand Exchange, commonly referred to as the GE, is a trading system interface for players to purchase and sell tradeable items in Simplicity. Traders do not need to advertise, meet each other, or even wait at the Grand Exchange for trades to finish, because coins and items from fully and partly finished trades can be collected at any bank or deposit box. Additionally, players will receive a message in their chatbox when the status of a trade offer is updated. The old POS has not been removed from the game, yet, it is recommended for everyone to take out their belongings from the POS (Player owned shops) and use the Grand Exchange instead. The Grand Exchange interface The Master Achievements The brand new achievement diary "Master achievements" accessible through the Master achievement manager at home is for everyone that is up for a challenge. The new achievements come with unique rewards that the players can claim after completing achievements. The Master achievements are locked to a max limit of 2 accounts on every computer. The Master Achievements interface. Superior Slayer Monsters Superior slayer monsters are more powerful versions of normal slayer monsters that have a 1/200 chance to spawn upon the death of one of its normal counterparts. When a superior slayer monster spawns, a message will appear in the chatbox, stating "A superior foe has appeared...". Killing a superior slayer monster will reward players with a generous amount of Slayer experience for most, but not all of them, this is about ten times the Hitpoints of the superior monster. This experience will even be granted if the superior monster is slain after the completion of the corresponding Slayer task. Other players cannot slay a superior slayer monster that has been spawned for you. Holy Mythical Sanguinesti Staff The Holy Mythical Sanguinesti is the upgraded version of the Mythical sanguinesti staff. The staff has all the abilities that the normal Mythical sanguinesti has but with 10% higher accuracy and damage boost and 10% drop rate bonus. The staff also holds the capability of healing the caster's Hitpoints by 20% of the amount of damage inflicted. The special attack "Crystal birds" is the new record breaking special attack in the game. Players can create the staff by combining the Holy ornament kit and the Mythical sanguinesti staff. The Holy ornament kit is added to the Nightmare drop table 1/1800. The Holy Mythical Sanguinesti staff. The Holy Mythical Sanguinesti special attack "Crystal birds". Sanguine Scythe of Vitur The Sanguine scythe of vitur is the new best in slot melee weapon and the first edition of the new Sanguine SoV series, (predecessor; SoV (DS) Dragonstone series). The Sanguine scythe of vitur comes with 10% drop rate bonus and has a special health restore effect, the chance of restoring health is 1/5 hits. Players can create the Sanguine scythe of vitur by combining the Sanguine ornament kit, Sanguine dust, Scythe of Vitur XI and Sanguinesti X together. The Sanguine scythe of vitur is the first Scythe with a passive health restore effect making it one of the most deadliest weapons in the game. The special attack "Blood reaper" drains 15% of the opponents melee, ranged and magic and can hit up to 900. The Sanguine ornament kit is added to the Full Theatre of Blood droptable. The Sanguine Scythe of Vitur max hit followed with the special attack "Blood reaper". Headless Beast (Wilderness Boss) The Headless Beast can be seen spawning at black chinchompas. The combat mechanics are similar to Callisto, it is recommended to bring a team when slaying the boss because it can fire some serious attacks (combinations) that could stack up damage up to 700. The boss has some unique drops including rare ornament kits such as the Torture and Anguish ornament kits and a random chance to get a decent amount of blood money. The Headless Beast spawns every 30mins after being killed, an announcment will be displayed in the chatbox once it has respawned, It has 3 random spawn locations (Chaos Temple, Demonic Ruins, Black Chinchompa), The Headless Beast boss (wilderness). The droptable for Headless Beast. The Headless Beast pet. More Content - Added dragon knifes. - Added Granite maul (or) - Added Dragonfruit seeds to Hydra, Demonic gorilla and Vorkath droptables. - Added Crystal Scorn seeds to the Seren boss droptable. - Added Dragon boots ornament kit + creation. - Added berserker necklace ornament kit creation. - Added a command to view full cox drop table: viewcoxdroptable or coxrewards. - Added malediction (or) creation. - Added odium ward (or) creation. - Added Fossil Island maps. - Added a new drops interface ::drops and moved old drops command to ::drops2. - Added Wrath rune to the magic shop. - Added Lil' Seren pet. - Added Lil' Nylo pet. - Added Lil' Sot pet. - Added Lil' Xarp pet. - Added Callisto cub. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Vorki. - Added Talk-to Dialogue to the Snakeling pets. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for the Tangleroot pets. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Venenatis spiderling. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Baby mole. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Callisto cub. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Tangleroot (old). - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Beaver. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Chaos Elemental Jr.. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Tangleroot (old). - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Dagannoth Rex/Supreme/Prime Jr.. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for the Theatre of Blood pets. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Olmlet. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Little Nightmare. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Ikkle Hydra. - Added Talk-to Dialogue for Noon. - Added all the Godsword (or) creations + ornament kits. - Added item Zenyte gem/shards. - Added Zenyte ring creation. - Added skill requirements + experience for Zenyte ring creation. - Added Tormented brace (or) creation + Tormented ornament kit. - Added Swift blade. - Added Crystal axe + (or). - Added the creation of Crystal axe + (or). - Added Lil' maiden pet to the Completionist boss (Maiden). - Added abhorrent spectre. - Added abhorrent spectre superior slayer task. - Added Dust devil superior slayer task. - Added Nechryarch, greater abyssal demon and night beast superior slayer task. - Added uncut Zenyte to the Demonic gorilla's droptable. - Added Dragon + (or) + Crystal + (or) + Infernal axe special attacks. - Added barricades to the new FFA maps. - Added 0.5% chance to receiving Lil' seren pet from fragment of seren. - Added the hottest deals of the year: Summer Deals 2021. - Added fourth option to slayer teleports: Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. - Added extra option to hunter teleport: Fossil Island. - Added Chinchompa weapon interfaces. - Added Blast furnace interfaces. - Added Holy mythical staff. The new bis magic weapon in the game with 25% Drop Rate Bonus. - Added creation of Holy mythical staff. - Added Holy ornament kit. - Added Holy ornament kit to the Nightmare droptable. - Added new items to the Nightmare droptable and increased always cash prize to 100M. - Added Sanguine Scythe of Vitur, the new bis melee weapon with 25% drop rate bonus and chance to restore health. - Added Sanguine ornament kit to the Full Theatre of Blood rewards. - Added Sanguine dust to the Full Theatre of Blood rewards. - Added the latest OSRS data including items, monsters and maps. - Added prayer orb animation. - Added the collection log data for Nightmare boss. - Added the missing collection log data for Theater of Blood. - Added the collection log data for Fragment of Seren. - Added the missing pets to the collection log. - Fully reworked and improved the slayer skill with more slayer content planned for later. - Realism players no longer drop items when being in instances. The new pet Lil' Seren. The new pet Lil' Xarp. The new drops command interface. The Sanguine ornament kit in the Full Theatre of Blood droptable. The Sanguine Scythe of Vitur item creation. The Callisto cub and the Talk-to dialogue. The pet Chaos elemental Talk-to dialogue. The pet Venenatis "Venenatis spiderling" Talk-to dialogue. Fixes - Fixed the looting bug with Verzik Vitur's chest rewards (Verzik vitur & ToB). - Fixed a bug with collection log. - Fixed Trade request notification bug. - Fixed Friends list system. - Fixed the special attack orb animation. - Fixed tons of right-click options on pets/followers. - Fixed players getting stuck at barbarbian agility course. - Fixed a bug with twisted bow ranged distance in combat (10 tiles). - Fixed a bug with Scythe of Vitur distance in combat. - Fixed a bug with facing while fishing. - Fixed wrong slayer master message. - Fixed a bug with gnome pipe course being able to enter from the wrong end. - Fixed the animations for the Dragon pickaxe (or), Infernal (or) and Crystal pickaxe. - Fixed weapon requirements for loading presets. - Fixed cutting trees in high level woodcutting area. - Fixed drakes not being recognized as slayer task kills. - Fixed mithril dragons ancient cavern locations for slayer task. - Fixed Bloodvelds for Konar Quo Maten slayer tasks in the slayer tower. - Fixed level 7 enchantment spells. - Fixed issue with Dark beasts and Dust devils from Konar not counting as slayer task. - Fixed several trees that were missing woodcutting data. - Fixed multi drops for Maiden (comp) boss. - Fixed a bug with blood money model color. - Fragment of Seren now gives boss points. - Pet house is now untradeable & added missing pet drops to announcements. - Infinity box & diamond box are now stackable. - Abyssal Sire now drops items below players. - Buffed the dark twisted bow stats. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Development team
  4. $50 BUNDLE DEAL $20 Donation Scroll 30 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 1 Mythical Box + 1 Emerald Box + 1 Sapphire Box $100 BUNDLE DEAL $50 Donation Scroll 60 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 2 Emerald Box + 2 Sapphire Box 2 Mythical Box + 2 Ruby Box 1 Drop Rate Potion $200 BUNDLE DEAL $100 Donation Scroll 150 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 4 Emerald Box + 4 Sapphire Box 4 Mythical Box + 4 Ruby Box 5 Drop Rate Potion CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: TWISTED BOW $300 BUNDLE DEAL 2 $100 Donation Scroll 220 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 7 Emerald Box + 7 Sapphire Box 7 Mythical Box + 7 Ruby Box 7 Drop Rate Potion CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + TWISTED BOW $400 BUNDLE DEAL 3 $100 Donation Scroll 10 Prize Keys + Onyx Box 300 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 9 Emerald Box + 9 Sapphire Box 9 Mythical Box + 9 Ruby Box 10 Drop Rate Potion CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + TWISTED BOW + ROB $500 BUNDLE DEAL 4 $100 Donation Scroll 20 Prize Keys + 3 Onyx Box 400 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 10 Emerald Box + 10 Sapphire Box 10 Mythical Box + 10 Ruby Box 1 Crystal Box + Demonix Box 10 Drop Rate Potion CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB $600 BUNDLE DEAL 5 $100 Donation Scroll 25 Superior Combat Box 30 Prize Keys + 5 Onyx Box 475 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 14 Emerald Box + 14 Sapphire Box 12 Mythical Box + 12 Ruby Box 2 Crystal Box + 2 Demonix Box 12 Drop Rate Potion CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB + FREE OWNER BOX! $750 BUNDLE DEAL 6 $100 Donation Scroll 50 Superior Combat Box 50 Prize Keys + 7 Onyx Box 550 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 15 Emerald Box + 15 Sapphire Box 15 Mythical Box + 15 Ruby Box 3 Crystal Box + 3 Demonix Box 15 Drop Rate Potion CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB (i) + FREE OWNER BOX + SCYTHE OF VITUR DS $1000 MEGA BUNDLE DEAL THIS DEAL IS HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE AND HIGH IN DEMAND 10 $100 Donation Scroll 100 Superior Combat Box 100 Prize Keys + 10 Onyx Box 850 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 20 Emerald Box + 20 Sapphire Box 20 Mythical Box + 20 Ruby Box 5 Crystal Box + 5 Demonix Box 3 Owner Box + Elite Pet 20 Drop Rate Potion MEGA SET EXCLUSIVE MAGIC SET: FULL ROSEBLOOD SET & MYTHICAL SANGUINESTI CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB (i) + FREE OWNER BOX + SCYTHE OF VITUR DS + ANGELIC CAPE $1000 MEGA BUNDLE DEAL THIS DEAL IS HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE AND HIGH IN DEMAND 10 $100 Donation Scroll 100 Superior Combat Box 100 Prize Keys + 10 Onyx Box 850 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 20 Emerald Box + 20 Sapphire Box 20 Mythical Box + 20 Ruby Box 5 Crystal Box + 5 Demonix Box 3 Owner Box + Elite Pet 20 Drop Rate Potion MEGA SET EXCLUSIVE RANGED SET: FULL SIRENIC SET & SIRENIC TWISTED BOW / HCXI CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB (i) + FREE OWNER BOX + SCYTHE OF VITUR DS + ANGELIC CAPE $1000 MEGA BUNDLE DEAL THIS DEAL IS HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE AND HIGH IN DEMAND 10 $100 Donation Scroll 100 Superior Combat Box 100 Prize Keys + 10 Onyx Box 850 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 20 Emerald Box + 20 Sapphire Box 20 Mythical Box + 20 Ruby Box 5 Crystal Box + 5 Demonix Box 3 Owner Box + Elite Pet 20 Drop Rate Potion MEGA SET EXCLUSIVE MELEE SET: FULL DRAGONSTONE SET + DARK INFERNAL SCYTHE CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB (i) + FREE OWNER BOX + SCYTHE OF VITUR DS + ANGELIC CAPE $2000 MEGA BUNDLE DEAL THIS DEAL IS HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE AND HIGH IN DEMAND 20 $100 Donation Scroll 200 Superior Combat Box 200 Prize Keys + 20 Onyx Box 1500 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 40 Emerald Box + 40 Sapphire Box 40 Mythical Box + 40 Ruby Box 10 Crystal Box + 10 Demonix Box 5 Owner Box + Elite Pet 40 Drop Rate Potion MEGA SET EXCLUSIVE BIS MAGIC SET: FULL MYTHICAL SET + MYTHICAL SANGUINESTI MEGA SET EXCLUSIVE MELEE SET: FULL MASTERWORK SET + DARK INFERNAL SCYTHE CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW AND GET FREE: Sagittarian Set + DARK TWISTED BOW + ROB (i) + FREE OWNER BOX + SCYTHE OF VITUR DS + ANGELIC CAPE + FREE NIGHTMARE STAFF! EXECUTIVE BUNDLE DEAL PRICE ON REQUEST 40 $100 Donation Scroll 300 Superior Combat Box 300 Prize Keys + 30 Onyx Box 2500 Elite Keys (Chest Island) 50 Emerald Box + 50 Sapphire Box 50 Mythical Box + 50 Ruby Box 10 Crystal Box + 10 Demonix Box 10 Owner Box + Elite Pet 50 Drop Rate Potion EXECUTIVE SET BIS IN THE GAME: FULL OVERLORD SET + OVERLORD CAPE
  5. - Special message from the Owners - This update is update 1/2, the next one will be in a few more days. Next update will include: Last man standing, Vote Event Boss, New set, and a full new website including forums, vote, store. In today's update we have done our best to improve the PvM experience for all the players from newcomer to veteran. The players have spoken, and we always listen. There are tons of bug fixes, new game content and many improvements. This update will also follow with a part II as we are finishing more game content by the end of the week. We appreciate all the feedback and we would like to let you know that we do everything we can to improve the game and player experience. We hope that you enjoy the new updates and let us know in the comments what you would like to see in the future! This update is update 2/2, we worked really hard on the update. Last man standing, Solak boss, New exclusive set, New Store & More is out now! Thank you. SOLAK VOTE EVENT BOSS We've chosen to reward our players who spend their time everyday to vote for us to deploy a vote boss. Every time the server reaches 1000 votes Solak will spawn and everyone will be able to join on the fight by using the command ::solak. You can check how many votes are left for the boss by using the command ::checkvotes CHEST ISLAND With the new store comes new items that players can purchase. Some new items available are the Elite & Executive keys. The keys are used to teleport to Chest Island and can be used on the chest to get loot. There are 2 Elite Chests and 1 Executive chest. The best loot that you can get from the Elite chests are Executive keys. Executive keys are needed to get loot from the Executive chest. Elite chest Executive chest Drop-table for the Executive Chest... LAST MAN STANDING We have finally deployed the ultimate battle royale experienece.Last man standing is a player-versus-player battle royale minigame in which the player along with 3-23 others, are transported onto an island where they must fight for survival, killing each other and looting any items they can to become the last man standing. We have ALL 3 game modes available. Casual: Players can participate without reward and can begin a game with four players, though their rank and highscores are not affected and no points will be rewarded. Competitive: Highscores are affected, and players recieve points they can spend on LMS shop. High Stakes: Just like competitive, but players must pay a fee to enter and winner takes it all. See you on the battlefield. The last man standing shop FULL OVERLORD SET The Overlord Set is the most exclusive BIS set in the game and comes with DR & DDR benefits. - 45% Drop rate bonus on all bosses & monsters. - 40% Double drop rate bonus on all bosses. DEMONIC HAMMERS The Demonic hammers are the most exclusive weapons in the game. - 15% Drop rate bonus & BIS melee weapon. DROP TABLE IMPROVEMENTS CHAMBERS OF XERIC & GREAT OLM We have fully redone the drop-tables for Chambers of Xeric and Great olm. We noticed that some of the drops were hard to grind for and so we have decided to fully update the drop table and get rid of the items that were less in value to improve the rates of getting the rewards worth grinding for. The cash reward has also been increased to 75M for every full run. The changes and all the improvements for the Chambers of Xeric & Great olm drop-tables are the biggest in the history of Simplicity. To see the full drop table use the ::finddrop great olm command. EVENT BOSSES The drop-tables for the event bosses were also tweaked for this update, most useless items are cleaned out from the rare drops and better rares were added to improve the rewards. The bosses with the improved drop tables are the following: - Callisto - Wildywyrm - Muhammad Ali dummy - Tekton - Warmonger - Galvek - Maiden (Comp boss) To see the full drop table use the ::finddrop command. MORE IMPROVEMENTS - Fully redone the combat for Nex boss to make it smooth and fix all the old bugs. - Improved the drop-table for Demonic gorilla's and removed several useless items. - Improved the cash reward and drop rates for the Nightmare boss drop-table. - Added Wildywyrm (Safe) boss to the Sapphire zone, the drop table for Wildywyrm has been improved heavily. - Improved the drop-table for Tarn boss and removed several useless items. - Added stats to the Tekton set, the stats are equal to Justiciar. - Added several missing rares to the drop announcements. - Lava fire giant renamed to Lava giant. Players can use ::finddrop lava giant to find the drop-table. - Added a cave at home that will bring you to the lava giants. - Removed useless drops and improved the drop-tables for Kree arra & General graador. - Removed useless drops from Zalcano boss and improved the rates and chances for high drops. Sapphire zone portal to get to Wildywyrm (Safe) Tekton set with new stats AFK MONEY MAKING Changed all the prices for the AFK-spots & zones. Buffed the prices of the following AFK spot items: - Large rock (Crystal), - Westerfish (Afk-fish), - Magic roots (Afk-tree), - Endarkened juice (Afk-zone), - Gold fragment (Gold donator), - Mysterious herb (South edge) We also improved the rates of receiving boxes from the AFK-tree (Gold, Diamond and Sapphire box). OVERLORD CAPE Added the Overlord cape, the best cape and item in the game. Players can create the cape by combining all the boss capes with the Overlord relic. Message any donation manager for info about purchasing the cape. The cape contains several unique features: - 40% Drop rate bonus on all bosses & monsters. - 25% Double drop rate bonus on all bosses. - 25% Faster special attack recharging. - Ability to perform a special attack when equipped (Right click). - Right click teleport option that will bring you to the Overlord Dungeon (Exclusive zone). - Highest stats and bonuses to get from a cape. FFA EVENT IS BACK We have fixed all the remaining bugs for FFA, everything from prayer issues, loadout issues and even map issues. We have completely redone the maps for FFA and are planning to have the event hosted daily by the event managers. This doesn't mean we are done with FFA! We will continue to add future improvements to everything from maps, loadouts and add brand new creative ways to enjoy this feature. MORE GAME CONTENT - Added Overlord relic, the relic is required in order to combine all the boss capes. - Added new emoji features for chatbox - Added new message reminders. - Added new commands to see the full Theatre of Blood rewards ::tobloots ::tobdrops. - Added Demonic box (Highly exclusive), message donation managers for more info. - Added a pouch placeholder to the presets interface. - Added LMS minigame maps and regions. (more info coming soon) - Added correct sizes for Nex minions. - Added Achievement diary equipment that will be released with new achievements later on. - Added improved rates to the Magic well. - Added inquisitors mace weapon interface. - Added Angelic boots (Overlord limited edition), the first textured boots in the game. - Added the first edition Overlord Deals, these deals are extremely exclusive and limited. - Added all the customs orders on request. Nex boss Demonic boxes DROP TABLE IMPROVEMENTS THEATER OF BLOOD & VERZIK VITUR We have fully redone the drop-tables for Theater of Blood (Full) and Verzik Vitur. We cleaned all the useless items low in value that were in the rare drop tables and replaced them with items that are more worth grinding for and higher in value. The changes in the drop-tables are considered the biggest since the release of Theater of Blood. We have changed almost all the drops from low to high tier (Full & Boss only) and also added the Hand cannon XI to Full TOB drop-table for the first time! To see the full drop table use the ::tobreward, ::tobdrops or ::tobloots command. To see the full drop table use the ::finddrop verzik vitur command. MORE FIXES - Fixed a bug with the start screen. - Fixed several issues with Nex boss. - Fixed wearing darts on females. - Fixed Sanguinesti staff offset. - Fixed Hydra vent animation issue. - Fixed a bug with the new dragon pickaxe. - Fixed hovers on teleport interface. - Fixed several issues with LMS maps. - Fixed Chivalry prayer effects. - Fixed Piety prayer effects. - Fixed a lot of task performances to make the server more stable. - Fixed several bugs with skill cape emotes. - Fixed a bug with crystal tool seed. - Fixed some issues with Hydra boss. - Fixed the drops for Night beast and improved them. - Fixed a bug with mass clicking exp lamps. - Fixed jewelled crabs colliding in instances. - Fixed issue with ironman/realism trading. - Fixed a bug with Abyssal sire boss, it will now drop beneath the players. - Fixed crystal hatchet attack anim + weapon interface. - Fixed visual appearance of red boater. - Fixed typo with experiments. - Fixed the maps for FFA event. - Fixed trivia answer for jacks explorer shop. - Fixed some task leaks to prevent lag. - Fixed wrong id for tinderbox in one of the drop tables. - Fixed dragon arrow graphics effect on twisted bows. - Fixed portals at Saradomin Godwars. - Removed Hand cannon xi reward from the magic well. - Removed Easter bunny and Easter event. - Removed the Easter objects in Edgeville. MORE COMING SOON! Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Development team
  6. I approve this and will do my best to add improvements for the next update. Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned for the new update!
  7. SIMPLICITY UPDATE CONTENT - Added Easter 2021 event! - Added Easter event boss. - Added Easter mini quest. - Added Easter eggs returning to Easter bunny jr for rewards. - Added New Hair styles! (First time ever since the release of Simplicity) - Added Game mode icon message for rare loot. - Dark relic untradeable & Santa keys removed from drops - Added PoS NPC at Donator zone. - Removed some items from AFK tree. - Players can now use a bowl on the fountain to get a bowl of water. - Players can now empty their potions / flasks and Guthix rest. - Added mysterious donation scroll (can give up to +$200 to total donated). - Added icons for ::empty dialogue - Added Brimhaven stepping stones. - Added right clicks animations to the custom angelic boots (custom orders). - Added Extradimensional bag. - Buffed Night beast drops (Emerald donator zone). - Added Drop rate potion timer. - Added command to open the teleport interface (::tp) or (::teleport - Added Gamble & Duel warning messages. - Added better chances for Magic well upgrading. - Added more Icons to server messages. - Added recolored server messages. - Added flasks decanting with the ::decant command. - Added config saving for the rob rings. - Added return messages for Max hit dummy. - Added instanced for ancient wyverns. - Added Increased experience gained when creating divine super combat potions. - Players can now get the mimic casket from elite clue scroll rewards. - Added mimic casket drop table viewer. - Added Dark infernal scythe (Limited Edition Textured). - Added Gem bag to Mimic droptable. - Added Office zone teleport for Staff. - Added Wiki editor rank. - Added Nightmare cape. (Drop rate bonus on Nightmare boss) - Added higher cash drop for Nightmare boss. - Added Sirenic twisted bow pet. - Added Giant easter egg. (Right click once equipped to perform animation) - Added Easter egg (keys aka Choco eggs) to the drop tables. - Added drop announcement for the Easter boss. - Added Support for icons on dialogue. - Added better Path calculation to improve pathing. - Added headless beast pet (more info coming soon). - Added Donator bonds (more info coming soon). - Added Overlord relic (more info coming soon). - Added executive box (more info coming soon) - Added Easter eggs all around Simplicity and other places. - BUG FIXES & CHANGES - Fixed Elite Sirenic scaling for females. - Fixed Staff of light offsets for males & females. - Fixed Dragon pick & Trident of the seas for males & females. - Fixed Blowpipe offsets for males & females. - Fixed Flameburst & dragon defender on female. - Fixed Autocasting on Ancients. - Fixed model appearances on spellbook tooltip. - Fixed offset for spellbook text tooltips. - Fixed Abyssal tent whip for females. - Fixed Sirenic twisted bow for females. - Fixed Lots of other female offsets. - Fixed cape customizer UI. - Candy cane on female fixed. - Fixed Dawn boss stand animation (Crystal donator zone). - Fixed Cyan crystal name. - Fixed Right click reply for staff. - Fixed walking up to unreachable objects. - Remove Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby Box alerts. - Fixed alchemical hydra boss not respawning. - Fixed a bug with Night beast boss (Emerald donator zone). - Fixed issue with tob party not being able to be restarted after a full run. - Interfaces are now closed when the bank pin is requested. - Fixed the graphic that was playing while dragon trophy effect was active (Infernal donator zone). - Fixed drop announcements so it shows the players right icon. - Fixed Emerald box animation & more box opening animations. - Fixed issues with karuulm slayer hydra tasks. - Fixed issue with comp cape and other defence capes not having the properly. - Fixed issue with tzrek zuk not being added properly to the players bank. - Fixed tob glitching out rewards in players bank. - Improved venenatis combat strategy. - Fixed several custom orders on request. - Construction cape now also checks for requirements when trying to equip. - Fixed string jewellery lunar spell. - Fixed Lunar home teleport animation. - Fixed some NPC's in Crystal boss zones (Crystal donator zones) - Fixed Infernal walker NPC animations. - Fix for realism & group iron pm. - Fixed outdated shop item information and added new ones. - Fixed a bug with rob and rob (i) doubling drops. - Fixed a bug with Larran chest location. - Fixed some more bugs with Nightmare & Zalcano boss. - Fixed issue with clients freezing in xeric. - Fixed some bugs with the spellbook filters. - Fixed a bug with PM's. - Fixed trading for ironman and realism accounts. - Fixed Marble gargoyle death animation. - Fixed several Equipment types to display right models. - Gypsy in Edgeville text fixed to: in Varrock. UNDER DEVELOPMENT - Under development: Chest Island (More info coming soon) - Under development: Overlord cape (More info coming soon) - Under development: Headless beast Boss (More info coming soon) - Under development: Solak Event Boss (More info coming soon) Thank you, Arthur & Supreme & Development team.
  8. I remember adding this zone with the night beasts for the emerald donators ages ago, at that time the economy was way different and the drops were good enough. Times change and so does the economy, I will improve the drops and have it ready by the next update.
  9. Sounds good! Great idea. Will have it ready in the upcoming update.
  10. We recently started working on new hairstyle models and I also noticed that the skin colors need some improvements. Will have one of the developers working on this after the next update.
  11. Added, will be available on next update.
  12. We have been working on this. Can expect improvements with pathing soon.
  13. 𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐔𝐏𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐒 Zalcano is a demon imprisoned beneath Prifddinas that is fought using skilling rather than conventional combat. Being immune to traditional combat damage, players must use their Mining, Smithing and Runecraft skills to create imbued tephra capable of destroying her stone armour. Once her armour has been destroyed, they must damage her by mining her with a pickaxe. Zalcano has six different attacks that the player must watch out for as they attempt to take on the stone demon. Each of the attacks are performed at random intervals throughout the fight. 1. Zalcano will stomp on the ground, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. These are easily avoided by stepping at least one tile away. Boulders can be easily spotted by watching out for the falling pebbles/dirt, which will be followed by the falling boulder. It is also easy to know which tile they are falling onto by the location of their shadow on the ground. Players who are hit by these can take 40+ damage. 2. Zalcano will summon blue and orange demonic symbols. If a player is standing on a blue demonic symbol when attacking Zalcano with imbued tephra, it will increase the players accuracy and damage significantly. The orange demonic symbols, however, should be avoided, These will damage the player as well as reduce their run energy if they pass through it or stand in it. Damage is dealt constantly if a player stands within it and can result in a quick death if they are not paying attention. 3. Zalcano will summon a golem on the edge of the prison. If the golem reaches her, it will restore her armour's health based on the health of the Golem. If the Golem is at full health, it will restore 50 hitpoints towards her armour. It is possible for a player to hurt the golem with the imbued tephra. The golem will also drop 16-24 imbued tephra when killed. 4. Zalcano will fire a red ball of energy at the current glowing red rock formation to deactivate it, changing its location. If a player is standing near the rock formation when this happens, they will take 24+ damage. These can be avoided by walking away from the rock. 5. After Zalcano has fallen and players have caused her damage, she will rise again. If any players are standing next to her while this occurs, she will create a shockwave push them back, causing the player small amounts of damage. All tephra are destroyed as well. 6. Zalcano will randomly hit all players within the prison with a barrage of small pebbles. These are not avoidable, but players will only take a few hitpoints worth of damage. Players will also get damaged if they stand under Zalcano when she has fallen. Damage rate is much less than an orange symbol, dealing around 3-10 damage per tick, and the danger persists until Zalcano begins to rise again. the Mimic Always use Protect from Melee, move around the room when the Mimic throws sweets, and ignore the spawned Third Age minions. Use stat-boosting potions and prayers as well. The Mimic can be frozen using ice spells or Entangle evading the melee attack completely. Powered staves can then be used to quickly kill The Mimic. Although The Mimic is weak to Magic, players can also opt to use Ranged with a toxic blowpipe. The Mimic has three different attacks: Melee attack: The Mimic can hit you with a normal melee attack if you are standing beside it. Candy Attack: The Mimic throws six candies at you. If you fail to step out of the way, you will receive about 10 damage. Three candies are purple, and there is one red, one blue and one green candy. The red, blue and green candies spawn the Third Age Warrior, Third Age Mage and Third Age Ranger respectively. There is no benefit to killing them as they drop nothing and, when killed, they instantly respawn when another candy attack occurs. Stomp Attack: Sometimes, The Mimic will step one tile forward onto you. Alternatively, this attack is activated when you walk under The Mimic. For every tick (0.6 seconds) that you stand under The Mimic, you will receive damage. The damage scales as follows: 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-... and so on, capping out at 6 damage. Simply step away from The Mimic to stop and reset the damage counter. Bug Fixes - Fully reworked the spell books to improve the interface. - Fixed several bugs with the teleport interface. - Fixed several bugs with the spell book interface and hovers. - Fixed a bug with filtering spell book. - Fixed a model bug with Prince black dragon pet - Fixed several bugs with Nightmare boss. - Fixed a bug where you could smuggle in superior pets to certain bosses. - Fixed feet animation for Ale of the gods. - Fixed several animation bugs with Tent whip. - Fixed Toxic staff animations. - Fixed some of the broken doors at the dungeons. - Fixed a bug with Bandos avatar drops. - Fixed a bug with TreePatch from awarding multiple experience when checking health. - Fixed a bug with Dragon boots item prices. - Fixed a bug with Poison scorpion disappear delay fix. - Fixed issue with managers not being able to trade realism players. - Fixed a bug where players could use pos command in castle wars. - Removed br and other tags from examines of the berets to solve the search issue in POS. - Fixed dharoks armour set effect. - Fixed death animation issues with several monsters and bosses. - Fixed a bug causing yields to calculate too high for herb patches. - Fixed autocasting for modern spells. - Disabled selling items to the mining shop. - Fixed a bug with Abyssal demon death animation. - Fixed a bug with veteran hood model. - Fixed a bug with Barrows minigame. - Fixed broken gates at taverly dungeon. - Fixed casting magic spells on players. - Fixed the Fist of Guthix maps (Ancient wyvern). - Fixed Nightmare HP background color. - Fixed several bugs with female models. - Fixed Dragon pickaxe upgraded model. - Fixed issue for an agility obstacle walking up to. - Fixed a bug with Tent whip running animation. - Fixed a bug where Login messages were adjusted. - Fixed a bug with Infernal mage walk animation. - Fixed a bug with Rage, stead & glaivens models. - Full helm models fixed without side effects - Brackish blade female fixed. - When the bank pin now pops up all skill actions are disabled. - Added crystal dust item. - Added dark relic to great olm drop table. Added first two obstacle courses for varrock rooftop agility. Added the missing Larran's chest spawn. - Added stepping stones at Brimhaven/Taverley dungeon. - Added better Raids rewards. - Added Mythical Sanguinesti staff (Sanguinesti XI), the new BIS weapon in Simplicity. The staff comes with 5% Drop rate bonus and holds the capability of healing the caster's Hitpoints by 20% of the amount of damage inflicted. - Added new BIS Magic set: Mythical. This Set comes with the Mythical Shield & Angelic boots. Wearing the full set will give you 25% Drop rate bonus. - Added new Deals (Crypto Deals). Type ::xdeals in-game to open the new donation deals thread. - Added Sanguinesti staff X to the ToB rewards. - Added Torn/Dexterous/Arcane prayer scrolls to the drop announcements. - Added Fire of nourishment to the drop announcements - Added Drop Rate Potions. This potion gives a 10% drop rate boost when being consumed and will last for 60 minutes. - Added Mythical Box, a very exclusive mystery box. - Added Ring of Bosses (i), the ring comes with 5% higher drop rate bonus and better stats than the RoB. - Added creation of Ring of Bosses (i): Steel key ring + RoB + RoW + Ring of the Gods. - Added Steel key ring to Raids rewards. - Harvesting farm patches now roll a chance to unlock Tangleroot. - Added New pickaxes (Dragon, Upgraded, (or), Infernal & Crystal). - Added Mimic regions. - Added Strange casket at home (Mimic). - Added Dragon pickaxe (upgraded) cosmetic creation. - Added ornament dragon pickaxe creation. - Added creation for infernal pickaxe. - Added smouldering stone to drop table of Cerberus. - Lowered exp rate for catching lobsters. - Lowered exp rate for catching monk fish. - Added experience rates to Karamja agility obstacles. - When players reset their realism game mode their realism items are now taken away. - Removed ale of gods drop from Demonic gorilla's and added to Clue scroll rewards. - Removed comp boss from Zulrah's teleport title. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Development Team.
  14. 𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐔𝐏𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐒 𝟎𝟐/𝟏𝟐/𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 We would like to apologize for the attacks and downtime that happened last week and this week. A player wasn't happy with being banned and attacked us with a barrage of 1000s of different IPs. We took action on this by adding a suspicious IP and VPN detector; which stopped the attacks but also prevented alot of you from being able to login. We have now improved this new login system to minimize false positives but if you're still having trouble please make a ticket on discord we can get you sorted. One of the main parts of this update is game engine optimization and moving some core infrastructure to Amazon AWS hosting. If you haven't noticed already the server is much smoother; button clicks, walking, and all action response times have been reduced significantly! • Added the missing attack for Nightmare boss, Surge attack. • Added 3 new highly exclusive custom pets. The pets are extremely rare and only available to get from the new deals and boxes. • Elite Olmlet, this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on Raids & Great Olm. • Elite Zik, this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on ToB & Verzik Vitur. • Elite Nightmare, this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy on Nightmare boss. • Added the new Teleportation interface menu. • Players can quick-teleport by selecting a favorited location. • Added new client login screen. • Added all Brimhaven obstacle courses. • Added teleport to Brimhaven agility course. • Reworked the Hand cannon XI. • Added graphics to the Effigy animation. • Added Chinese New Year 2021 Owner box. • Added a limited edition: CNY Owner Box (Only a total of 50 will be sold) • Added the font of consumption for unsired offerings (Abyssal sire boss). • Added the creation of Abyssal bludgeon, players can now combine an abyssal bludgeon if they have all 3 parts. • Added Bludgeon spine. • Added Bludgeon claw. • Added Bludgeon axon. • Added Nightmare cyan hp bar. • Added ToB hp bars & hitsplat. • Added the new OSRS Tangleroot pets. • Added all tangleroot pets + switching states when using seeds on the pets in your inventory. • Players can now combine orbs with the nightmare staff to create special versions of the nightmare staff. • The special nightmare staffs are now untradable. • Dismantling nightmare staffs now properly works. • Disabled pets & soulsplit for Nightmare boss. • Enabled trading with Realism players for higher staff. • Added Raids key to drop announcements. • Disabled cow event for Realism players. • Managers can now trade realism players. • Prayers are now fully deactivated on login. • Added Priffdinas maps. • Added latest OSRS maps. • Added Jal-nib-rek pet as a follower + definitions. •Added the metamorphosis feature to the Hydra pets. • Added metamorphosis option for Jal-nib-rek. •Added metamorphosis option for Tzrek-zuk. • Buffed thieving rewards for stalls. • Fixed several combat bugs with Nighmare boss. • Fixed equipment model bug with Battle-mage helmet. • Fixed a bug with Paid yells for realism mode. • Fixed a bug for finding drops for Abyssal sire boss. • Fixed a bug for finding drops for Nightmare boss. • Fixed the freeze timer for Nightmare boss. • Fixed a bug with Varrock maps being bugged (home2). • Fixed a bug with woodcutting trees from a distance. • Fixed a bug for bank tab item dragging. • Fixed a bug with Friend & Ignore list menu. • Fixed a bug with reply option. • Fixed equip requirements for nightmare staffs + volatile + eldritch + harmonised. • Fixed a bug where you could still die after Nightmare boss was dead. • Fixed slayer marble gargoyles spawning on players positions. • Fixed a bug so players can no longer use the pos command when in region instances. • Fixed task message format when assigning new slayer tasks. • Fixed tob starting room for full runs. • Fixed realism icon for rare drops. • Fixed a bug with bestiary. • Fixed a bug where players could use bank command inside Nightmare. • Fixed a bug with Youtuber icon in yell. • Fixed a bug with server announcements. • Fixed a bug with Tekton Event Boss clipping into walls. • Fixed a bug with skilling when entering PoH. • Fixed tree patches being unlimited harvestable. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Developmen Team.


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