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  1. Grats man!
  2. Today Wet Wizard joined us for a nice review video! Check it out here: Also click and open the video if you want to join the giveaway and reply with your in-game username etc. Thank you!
  3. SIMPLICITY UPDATE IS HERE! VALENTINES, CASTLE WARS, AND MUCH MUCH MORE! SIMPLICITY GANG GANG! - Added Castle wars like original Runescape (Real Oldschool). - Added Drop party room system like original Runescape (Real Oldschool). - Added Latest OSRS maps for the new Hydra boss (coming soon). - Hydra Boss 80% Finished but still in testing phase. - Added Original OSRS Raids lobby & shamans area. - Added Sapphire mystery box (Most OP box we have ever added to Simplicity, Super juicy). - Added Valentine mystery box. - Added Runefest shield (Very cosmetic), Check my POS if you want to buy one. - Clicking someones store in POS no longer clears search - Added more shop item information to the store. - Added new detection system to make it easier for mods to find scammers. - Added more OSRS items from latest osrs update, adding them to the game soon. - Added new senders for discord. - Added new moderation commands for admins and higher. - Added fixes with boss instancing. - Added fixes with clipping. - Added multiple loot for the Sapphire box, you need 6 free slots in the inventory to open the box. - Fixed some issues with clipping (certain areas and some new areas). - Fixed some stability issues to make the server have less lag when 200+ players online. - Moved Raids lobby room to the Original location (Entrance for Chambers of Xercic). - Removed the portals at edgeville and added commands for the teleports instead. Thank you for playing Simplicity! - Arthur, Supreme and the Simplicity Team.
  4. Hello everyone, a very interesting update today. Our developers have been doing a very excellent job at development. Still a lot new content under development, so stay tuned for big updates coming out very soon! PLEASE RELOAD YOUR CLIENT TO GET ALL THE LATEST CHANGES! - Added all the latest OSRS maps and regions - Added all the latest OSRS items - Added all the latest OSRS npc's - Added more logs for easier moderation - Fixed the maps for a new zone that is currently under development (more information will follow soon) - Fixed the alts command for moderation - Fixed some issues with player updating - Fixed some issues with server stability - Fixed some commands for the high staff moderation Thank you for playing, Supreme & Arthur
  5. We are aware about the issues with Raids and we are looking into it! Thank you.
  6. Huge update full of fixes and new content! We would like to thank our new developers for working so hard, the players for staying active and supporting the server and of course the staff team for helping the players and doing an excellent job at managing reports and player issues for Simplicity! - Please reload your client to see all the latest changes - • Clicking ticket adds all to pouch instead of 1 at a time • Can now remove tickets from money pouch directly by right clicking • You can now sell in POS for up to 1000b • Fixed a major bug with NPC updating. • Fixed barrows staircases. • Fixed Slayer Tower staircases. • Fixed Derion Resetting achievements and all points when changing game mode. • Fixed unlimited DFS charges and animation recurring. • Fixed a bug with item combining. • Fixed a combat bug with Inferno to make it perform better. • Fixed issue with releasing bank-placeholders. • Added TzRek-Zuk pets. • Added Superior Vorki & TzRek-Zuk. • Added bonus gold for thieving stalls if donator. • Added all chaos tunnel ropes and portals. • Added higher stats for comp cape. • Added more npc's at varrock (home2) • Added teleport for home2. ::home2 • Added command for demonic gorillas. ::demonics • Added more room for players to join clanchat. • Added a command to open a ticket for in-game issues or to appeal. ::support • Removed Demonic SS from Wildywyrm droptable. • Removed Arthurs bday boxes from Donator store 2. • Superior pets now show and always give you soulsplit when active. • Made Infernal max cape untradeable. • Made it possible to add items with a higher value than 2.1b to PoS. • Made it possible to get the pet from Inferno boss. (1/50) • Nerfed blowpipe drop rate for Zulrah. • Nerfed Earth Wave Spell damage. • Now x-tele commands will make the player stop skilling. • Updated ::alts command to show log interface. Thank you, Arthur & Supreme
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! • Inferno boss you can get to inferno boss through NPC at Edgeville • Zulrah boss (fixes) • Added more night beast to emerald cave • Fixed issue with log in limit (client) • Fixed issus with server stability • OP items disabled in wilderness • Added new animations • Added Arthur's Birthday Box • Removed santa key drop from Raids • Removed Christmas & Santa box Also added limited birthday deals for everyone that is interested! Thank you. Simplicity team
  8. Hello everyone and welcome to the first update log of Simplicity 2019. Please reload your client launcher to get all the latest updates. - Added a serial number connection limit per user and a special command for high staff administrators to toggle a block for account spammers. - Added New Year Lucky Star (Available in donator shop till January 31), best item to get from lucky star is Scythe of Vitur X! - Added new overload animation (matrix style). - Added Angelic boots, the best boots in-game and also has a hidden magic bonus. If you right click -> operate the boots it will let your character perform the floating animation. - Added a new command to subscribe to the Simplicity notification updates. ::subscribe - Added more gold bags to drop tables. - Fixed a bug with edgeville bank walls. - Fixed some graphical bugs with Pre-sets. - Fixed some item bugs and also added stats to Twisted buckler. - Fixed special attack animation for Scythe of Vitur X. (Also decided to not take out the item from the shop yet, it will be removed on January 31). - Fixed the timer for Muhammad Ali's Dummy (Event boss). Has Perfect time formatting for timers now. - Fixed the timer for Warmonger boss. - Fixed the timer for bonus XP. - Fixed the Player updating limit on low memory, the characters will not look animation bugged anymore when we have 150+ playes online and a lot of people in the same area. - Changed the max new players per cycle to 255 to fix some animation issues. - Removed santa and the santa keys from all the drop tables. Thank you, Simplicity Team
  9. Nice
  10. Hello everyone, Here is the update log as promised: - Added Daily Boss Event: Muhammad Ali's Dummy (Spawns every 6 hours), you can only hit this boss if you are naked and only wearing boxing gloves. You can go there by typing ::ali or ::dummy . Bug noticed, the timer is not 100% correct, will be fixed shortly. - Casket saving fixed for all the donator ranks. (I had reports that some ranks couldn't save, donator and staff) - Added Experience Symbols that give 20% Extra XP if equipped to certain skills. (Symbol of Artisans, Symbol of Life, Symbol of Combat and Symbol of Collectors). More information about how to obtain these items will be available soon. - Added some missing ID's for drop announcements.- Added Lava dragon teleport tab. - Added a new set: Sacred Clay, this armour is better than Justiciar and has a special 100% recoil effect. - Added Effect timers for Lunar (Vengeance), Freezing (Barrage/Ancient spells) and Bonus XP. - Fixed some Drops for bosses. - HOLIDAY SPECIAL ITEM: SCYTHE OF VITUR X (Very limited item and available till January 5), has a faster attack speed and very powerful special attack. Thank you, Simplicity Team
  11. I never removed the rocktail fishing spot, but I will look into it. Thank you
  12. Ho Ho Ho! Message from Santa: Santa wants to thank you all for helping him. But there are still some keys left to find. Santa is loaded and has big houses all over Varrock and Falador, find Santa his keys so he can return to his home. This will be your last chance to find his keys! - Wildywyrm will spawn every 30 minutes now and has 3 more locations added. - New drops added to Wildywyrm, Lava dragon, Giant mole and more bosses. - Item combination has world announcements now. (Creating vorkath/raids cape as example). - Santa's Secret Box win announcement fixed. - Fixed message colours for Full screen and re-sizeable screen mode. - Removed Objects from Edgeville to reduce lag for certain players. - Added Exclusive item: Dark sled (Has red particles) (Return santa his keys and you might receive one). - Some fixes related to random DC's players were getting. Thank you, Simplicity Team
  13. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! - Added Christmas event, type ::hint for more information - Added bank placeholders - Added rune pouch (can hold runes and makes it easier to hold more items in your inventory) - Added Gold bags (Bags that give random cash prize) - Added items back to Stardust shop - Added Warmonger boss timer (10 minutes before respawn) - Added particles to SLED - Fix with Scythe of vitur - Fix with achievement saving (new achievements coming soon) - Fix with keybinding interface Also made $50 and $100 scrolls trade-able again Thank you, Arthur & Simplicity Team
  14. I like that
  15. Thanks for the idea!