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  1. Just to keep the thread active... here's another clothing concept made for a client
  2. Back to more rank emblems... What do you guys think? @ Pocky. @ Kevin @ Pixie Joe @ Jonnie @ misclicking @ Ganjaclown @ Slowasshonda @ 99skill99 @ Aeron Modern Value "The older times had more meaning" Blood Diamonds "Don't let your blood stain the jewls"
  3. Here's a mix of more work from posters to clothing designs and etc! @ Kevin @ 99skill99 @ Pocky. @ Aeron @ Ntho skiller what you think?
  4. This response has my knees weak!!! ❤️ Thank you!
  5. Here are 2 more rank emblems, be sure to leave your feedback! All PSD's are saved for those who want me to use them in their designs within the future! Thoughts? @ Kevin @ Ak 47 @ Pocky. @ Kreatiivs @ Ganjaclown @ Aeron @ Slowasshonda @ 99skill99 Shine In The Darkness "Be your best during your darkest times" Geometric Chambers "Enter with caution"
  6. TehPeaks


    Stop the cappery, I model my emotions on Photoshop instead 😎
  7. TehPeaks


    Me 1yr Ago...
  8. Anytime man!! Glad you like it
  9. Thanks Skill!!! I used you for inspiration, if you get it you get it 😛
  10. All this positive feedback is making me blush
  11. Into The Infernal "Live your best dreams before you see your worst nightmare" Requested work for @ Aeron , What do you think? @ 99skill99 @ Kevin @ Slowasshonda
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