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  1. LOOOL, what the heck is wrong with female eyes in the game. LOLOL, some of the cosmetics that you wear as a female.. It pulls their faces out. My ghost robe set, for example, my character's stomach gets stuck.
  2. Pocky.

    Recent sketches

    I thought the first one was Squidward for a second, LOL.
  3. Thank you, if by chance I'm busy with school. I'll definitely keep in touch with you so that we could go travelling together one day! <333
  4. Before the Pandemic though, I was working as a Pharmacy Clerk and Assistant to a Pharmacist (most boring position imo). Then worked at a ton of retail positions and have like 8+ years of Customer service (Customers aren't always 100% right) and hopefully when this lockdown is over, I could just go back to working while I'm in school. I'm sure I've mentioned this on my introduction post, but going to mention it anyways. I'm a full time student at a college for Biotechnology, but I will be attending university after I finish college for Wildlife Biology and Conservation. When the lockdown is completely over, I'm going to be volunteering at a local animal shelter, may able to work at the Toronto Zoo to gain experience as well. In the future, I'm going to save up some money to open an animal shelter for rescued animals. In hopes that they'll be able to live a much safer and comfortable life. That's pretty much it.
  5. If you zoom in and look closer, you'll see the original color of your skin.
  6. If you need assistance with comp later, lmk. ;]
  7. Ayooo, ooh a railroad worker, must be tough and exhausting. Welcome to the server! If you need any assistance in the future during your stay at Simplicity, help CC, staff members and players will be happy to assist you. 🙂
  8. Give Kebab pls, I beg.
  9. I really like the Onyx Emblem, has a mysterious Superman (logo makes it feel like Dark, mysterious Superman) feel to it with a sense of Batman to it (because of the color scheme). 10/10, it just feeds my dark soul. I like how you used a crystalizing effect to the Emerald and added your own touch of "crystalizing" to make it look a bit like a melting, poison effect. (Can't be asked to explain what I mean). Definitely would give that a 10/10, as well. Keep up the hard work!
  10. Pocky.


    Smh. Go get some in-name donors, gogo.
  11. How did you find out about Simplicity? While voting for other games over on RuneLocus and Top100. :^) What is your favorite game mode? I don’t mind Realism but I get to trade amongst other players freely and have no additional restrictions on a Normal account, so definitely Normal. What is your favorite activity to do in Simplicity? Camping Hydra till it gives me double drops of Old Keys. If you could bring 1 thing to a desert island, what would it be? Soju How would you rate the server from 1-10? Personally, I'd like to give this server a 9/10, the only problem I have is with the PoS system. I find that it is a little bit buggy. For example, when you search for a product and you try to find the cheapest in PoS.. It shows you the list of players, however when you click the player's name - it shows you a different player's PoS. It's really annoying to have to keep trying to refresh the system by relogging and/or reloading. I hope that it will be fixed in the future and maybe there will be a chance for a PoS system upgrade? Who knows, but otherwise the server is extremely fun to be on and there's a ton of people you could socialize with and get to know. What’s your IGN? Pocky. Black Sesame Flavored Pocky sticks.
  12. So uhh, if you need help in-game with skilling stuff. I'll help you out. (':
  13. Pocky.


    God damn. When Lockdown's over, go model. ;]
  14. Pocky.


    Get your forum color for your name, smh. ;]
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