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  1. Pogo


    Hey Ozan! I've seen you around but it's nice to read a bit about you. What type of work did you do pre-pandemic? Sorry to hear you lost your job because of it. I hope you're doing well and staying safe also!
  2. How did you find out about Simplicity? There I was – running through RuneScape 3 lost and confused. Asking for help was not an option for there were far too many people around me only buying rune arrowheads because they hit their buy limits. Both the silence and the intimidating fact that I would never achieve my full potential was maddening. I would be a noob forever. It drove me deep into the dark web, where I purchased an ounce of crocodile pee for a later date. Don’t ask. Just as I was about to close my Incognito browser, though, I thought -- there must be another way. I remembered fondly the days I could yell across the server at some noob buying vote scrolls. So, I browsed the first private server website that appeared on Google (Moparscape because it had a full listing) and selected one that appealed to at least three of the senses. It was Simplicity. What is your favorite game mode? I prefer normal gameplay but I will be exploring realism and ironman in the very near future! Your favorite activity to do in Simplicity? I actually got two of my cousins and another friend to join the server, so bossing with them is my favorite activity. When I’m not doing that, I LOVE getting pwned by Vorkath. If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be? Probably a water filtration system. It’s only up from there. PSA: Don’t forget to drink water – hydration is the key to happiness. How would you rate the server from 1-10? 4 What’s your IGN? Pogo
  3. Pogo


    That sounds awesome! Please post pic updates when you get them -- can't wait to see! I've been to several tattoo artists but my favorite one (and the one completing my half sleeve/shoulder cap) is my good buddy's wife. I deployed with him so he had a long time to talk me into having her do it, haha. Definitely no regrets -- she is incredible and VERY detailed. I went to a tattoo artist in San Antonio, TX and had a random design tattooed onto my ankle (paid $60 and got a design from a gumball machine -- some promo they were doing). Definitely my second favorite artist. He KILLED it. It's the hag/Evil Queen from Snow White.
  4. Pogo


    Yes!! I'm getting my floral half-sleeve/shoulder cap finished with like 5 more flowers or so. I'm not sure what I'll do after that but I'm addicted. Will it be your first then? That's exciting! What are you thinking about getting?
  5. Pogo


    Anyone else have some ink? 😀
  6. Pogo

    Hi :)

    Pogo here — Dustin irl. I’ve been playing RS for years and RSPSs for about half of that time. I even ran my own for awhile before I crashed two family desktops (RIP the homies). I really like the community of RSPSs, especially this one! And the game itself? Incredible. I’ve only been playing for a couple of days now but I’m really excited to see the server/community grow & be part of it. About me: I’m a singer/songwriter & content creator on TikTok (yikes — I know), with almost 4 years in the Army. I also graduate in December with a Bachelor’s in Business Admin, taking time to learn Python and American Sign Language my final year. I have very diverse interests and unusual quirks, so I really enjoy meeting new people and finding commonalities. Nice to meet everyone I have so far & looking forward to meeting more! *Please drop your favorite song or Spotify playlist in the comments.*
  7. I really like this idea too! I’m no good at Pking but I’ll give it my best go. 😂
  8. Hello! Please see attached for a screenshot of my panel. Hope y'all are having a great day/night.


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