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  1. Starting Locations We're going start Hunting by clicking on the Hunter skill and teleport to Puro Puro. There we will find the Hunting Expert where he will sell you the basic required items needed to start Hunting. Make sure to buy 1 butterfly net and a few impling jars to start with, since you will be catching imps. Here's a list below if you'd wish to spend time at Puro Puro training Hunter from 1 - 99. If you've decided not to keep imp catching at Puro Puro then you can follow these next 2 steps of guides. Bird catching at Karamja trapping area, from 25 - 60. You can only set 2 Bird snare's at a time. In the image below one trap shows a bird which means your trap has successfully trapped a bird, the other empty one is still waiting for a bird to get snared. . After hitting level 60 you are now eligible to trap Chinchompas from 60 - 99, you can catch them by laying 5 box traps at a time scattered not too far away from each other so you can easily catch your shaking box and re-plant the box trap. Thank you for checking out this guide, hope it was useful! CONGRATULATIONS ON 99 HUNTING! NOTE: Donators benefits from catching red Chinchompas at the skilling zone from ::di and Kingly Implings at ::di or ::szone
  2. Dre Tenogard, good luck to all HCIM with their success and unsuccess! RIP to Alb who already lost KEKW.
  3. Tenogard


    Hello Waylon and welcome to Simplicity! Hope you'll have a blast as the community here is great with a dedicated staff!
  4. Time Online as in Time played? because that can be found in the Quest Information Tab, also as for the rest I would suggest adding more detail and reasons. Hopefully you'll get a positive staff feedback.
  5. Back with a Big BAAAM!! GL to everyone!
  6. Great Idea! This would also help attract PK'ers grinds and further more!
  7. Dis sum sweet guide! Noice!
  8. Hmm.. interesting suggestion.
  9. Thanks for sharing Faceb.. I mean Winds.
  10. So let's start from.. Hydra: Staff Team knows about the Hydra that's why it's blocked due to current fixes Guides: We will note this and make sure that every newcomer get's the help they need, if not via guides it will be as usual via in-game. But we'll make our best to fill the guides section. New Zone: Once you donate $20 you have ::di (Normal Donor Zone) then once you reach $Sapphire$ rank you have ::szone I think how it is it's fine due to the perks you get through $Bronze$ to $Diamond$ till you manage to reach $Sapphire$ for a new Zone (Which also needs and will be discussed to be buffed) Chambers of Xeric: The raid only contains the boss fight not the whole raid, so I think it's good as it is. But I will still forward this to the staff team. Magic Well: Those Suggestions have already been made and are under discussion. Mystery Boxes: Regarding the ::togglealert I will try to forward this to staff team to make up a solution for choices on what box loots to mute maybe. Nex: Will bring the Idea forward the staff team. - Scythe-X Spec idea doesn't sound bad, but Scythe-X is already OP as it is.. so might need to check into it more. Thank you for your suggestions.
  11. Thank you once again for taking a look at my suggestions! 1) New High tier Gloves better than flame gloves. 2) Since Bandos can be welled into Torva can armadyl be welled into pernix? 3) ::shops command where it will teleport you to the shops in edgeville 4) Drewens are now empty for some reason (Speaking for non-Donors Max players) Maybe a small buff on their loots or HP nerf? For now that's what i got I hope you'd all for consider these suggestions! #SIMPGANG
  12. I would like to thank you all for your hard work and great job on this new exciting update! A big well done and a big thank you for listening to our suggestions! You guys rock! <3 #SIMPGANG
  13. To lazy to press that printscreen?


play now
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