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  1. The last thing I am going to add is everyone sees money going into this server and never see any of it go to the game. Greed is the downfall of every single private server.
  2. Glad for your insite! and for fixing my mistake with max cape! You have sunk more money and time than most in this server so it means a lot for you to comment on this.
  3. Yeah thread 1202 is great for suggestions on this! thanks for showing me that!
  4. totally agree with the skilling being more rewarding with each prestige! great idea! Also very true about players not being independent. I'm only at where I am because of handouts.
  5. I will say this loud and clear! I love this server but it needs some love! This post may seem a little harsh but it comes from a place of love for this server I will try to make this post as short and to the point as I can get. I absolutely love this server and the community that it has. As I have started my journey from noob to max I have noticed a lot of grimmy things about this server, and I'm not talking about people or staff. I literally mean this server feels like it gets no love from the development team. This server has a really great foundation but as I Have continued to play I keep noticing these little things that really make me mad. Here are some of the things that I have found that just irritate me and I will simply list them and go into more detail afterward. Prestige shop, and Prestige Skilling Overabundance of shops redundancy of shops The maxed cape is fairly pointless There are honestly way too little "rares" / good items very little progression once maxed pking is non-existent voting Ok so let me explain, Prestiging feels like its a complete waste of time and energy, when you prestige all you get is 2 points and the shop is a joke with nothing really worth it enough to reset a 99, I would rather prestige be only for those who maxed and remove the lamps to really make it a challenge. Once you prestige you should have a noticeable +1 - +15 on your account as well as a different reward for each time you prestige. like a mystery box, or a boost to drop rates, and lower XP gain. Skilling has virtually no point but to the max, you cant make money with it. There is no point in any of the gathering, or crafting (making) skills since you can buy everything in a shop, but I have already made a forum post on this. Side note: Nobody ever uses summoning There are way too many shops making almost everything except PvM drops worth nothing. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at one shop and seen the same item in another shop, It really hurts the value of a said item, when there at 2 different price points or one of the "points" is easy to obtain than other, but yet it's the same item. Like just look and see how many different shops have a charming imp, or Bonecrusher in it (which are amazing items outside of a private server) The maxed cape is pretty pointless, I was able to obtain the Death cape which gave better stats before I was even able to gain the max cape, Like what's the actual purpose or reward for maxing if a max cape is so weak?? like seriously? No money, no Boxes, no reward, just a crappy underpowered max cape. After getting some drops and looking at the market, There is maybe a handful of rares that are actually valuable or even traded. I think in total maybe like 20? there are very few custom items on this server as well as very little custom armors. These could be expanded upon and added to the drop tables. Make more elite items that people will actually want to use. Once you have maxed, what are you going to do? Maybe a few raids, maybe max our gear, kill some more mobs. There is very little for a maxed player to do that someone with 99 in combat can't do. Like Maxed players should be rewarded for obtaining max, making it something people really want to go for, instead of maxing just to be maxed. I can't speak much for Pk'ing as I am not a PvP person, but I know other players have complained about the lack of PVP on this server. Voting is the fastest way to get rich. In one vote you can sell the 16 votes for 80m each = 1.2b for voting for one day. like really? aswell as the extra reward I recently got was literally 1m, That's a joke. I haven't seen a player "get lucky" off a vote ever. To put it all in summary. This server is really amazing and has a great foundation, but there really needs to be some development love to this server. Donations are really high priced on this server and the fact of how many people I see donating and with how little updates I see, I wonder where all those donations are going. People donate to keep a server up and keep it updated, and it feels like it is neglected. I love this server and I don't mean to bash it, but there really does need to be some change and more frequent updates. Like the title says: this server is a lambo with a 99 chevy engine Somebody take it to a god damn mechanic and fix it up! I really love this server and don't mean to make anyone mad or attack anyone but as I have played ive developed a love-hate relationship with this server and just need to express my passionate loving anger and hopefully start a change.
  6. Glad to hear feedback from a new player as well! welcome to the server man! and thanks for the comment! If you have any suggestions as you continue to play that would benefit money making with skilling please let me know or post a comment here
  7. HAHA, Well as I am fairly new I don't think my suggestion would go over to well, so I wanted to more or less bring light to the issue that I can see, and hopefully the community can come up with some suggestions. There could always be an implementation of drop tables to skilling, similar to pets but a little easier to obtain. skilling boxes, skilling gear, maybe specific skilling areas for those with 99 in the skill. I don't want to specify anything because I'm just not too familiar with everything just yet so ill leave it at that. But in saying that, I think the best thing that can be done to boost how "valuable" and "viable" skilling is removing just how many items you can obtain from the various NPC's of the game.
  8. Hello! So this is my first forum post for this sever and I have only been playing for a little bit of time. Some of you may not agree with me on my suggestions but this is what I see a problem with. The current state of the game's economy is very high. I am fully aware that this is a mostly PvM server and I really enjoy that, as I personally love PvM. At the same time, I am also a fan of skilling and being able to make money with various skills. Because of the current state of eco, Thieving is a bad money maker and as I have been training the other skills on my way to max, I have noticed that almost every other skill has no viable money-making method to keep up with this economy. I think it would do the server well if we looked at the various different skills and reworked them and removed a lot of the shops from the game in order to make the gathering skills valuable and keep players interested in more then just PvM. Thieving stalls should give much higher gold, fire making is a waste of skill but can easily be changed with "random" loot from burning logs. woodcutting has relatively no value because all logs can be bought within a store. crafting has no value. fishing has no value. There are just too many shops carrying the items from the various skills within the game making it hard for them to be "profitable" in any way. I think this server would do really well with a rework to the various skills to make skilling a viable money-making method as well as giving players another way to make decent money without PvM. This is only a slight suggestion and more of a discussion because there are just so many skills that have no value to training them except for maxing your account and I really disagree with maxing a skill just to max your account. every skill should have some value or use case, and I understand that is a big task to do, but I really do believe it will give a lot more value and playtime to this server. Skill's Worth looking into for reworking This is just a basic list that I personally see could benefit from reworking. There is no particular order altho I do think Thieving should be first as its the first thing players start doing when they join a new server. after that, I would prioritize the gathering skills: Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Herblore (if you count it). Thieving Crafting Fishing Woodcutting Mining Firemaking Runecrafting Farming Hunter Herblore Fletching I Understand just how much of an undertaking this will be as I have previously coded in the past but I really do think that the effort put into this rework will truly benefit the longevity of this server, as well as help, keep newer players that much more. Most of us currently playing the game are Fans of PvM but there a big group of skillers out there, that this server could benefit from the player base of skillers.


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