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  1. Owner Arthur I have not had any encounters with Arthur Supreme I have not had any encounters with Supreme Kevin Great guy, doesn't really push buying stuff down your throat, of course he has to promote but just by his typing he isnt " superior" Seems like a regular guy who had a great idea. I enjoy when hes online Management Foly no encounters Shiftynex no encounters Forum Manager Foly Donation Manager Jor Jor is funny asf, I always see him online, he is a regular player in my mind, but always helping always chatting, he enjoys the game and plays just like a regular member. I enjoy when Jor is online PortBaillie Never seen this player Head Administrator Rapiid Ags A great guy, I actually was chatting with him in ::di and didnt even realize he was staff, helped me with a question I had than I saw the crown by his name, totally surprised me Kattrockbell never seen this member Mak3 ive seen them in chat, helping answering questions, just never got personal with them Administrator Dro never encountered Sezy never encountered Eli never encountered AK 47 i see ak in the chat a lot, always chatting and helps when needed, never built a personal encounter Skovos never encountered Head Moderator Couvee Jr never encountered Fatal Novaz novaz is always chatting and helping in chat, just never built a personal encounter Moderator Surdabsalot never seen this player Ntho Skiller probably my favorite mod, hes corrected me a few times with talkin in german or when chat is gonna get a little out of hand, but never abused power just told me wrap it up take it to pm but would put a winky smiley face after, making me not feel so bad... I always see nytho chatting and helping when im on, a wonderful mod Pixie Joe pixie Pushes the favorite mod, ive just had more encounters with ntho, pixie is always online and always chats in CC, always see Pixie helping. I have seen people push pixie to the literal breaking point, yet remains calm and in-charge. Never screams via keyboard and just a Great MOD Rob Macabre No idea who this is Forum Moderator Ntho skiller already commented Server Support Big wewestew no idea who this is Kreatiivs no idea who this is Slinky Joey ive seen them help, and chat in cc, just never built a personal encounter Trial Support I did better I see 'i did better ' always playing, always chatting and helping, wonderful staff member GanjaClown ive seen ganja online many times, helps often and seems to just be a normal person, never personally encountered but seems cool R M B T no idea who this is The staff that I have not encountered may be on different time zones, nothing personal at all! I mean who can really get to know EVERY SINGLE MEMBER, but that doesn't mean I dont want to! Overall I love this community, I love this server, thank you for the creation and hopefully many many years from now we will all still be playing because we are true runescape fans.
  2. ehh I see it, But just would like it paper white, Just some of my fashionscape looks weird, my favorite color is white.. So im a little biased XD Bruh... My eyes o.<
  3. Hello, I was wondering if the skin color white could be adjusted. It is more of a greenish.. Here is a pic, I clicked white as my skin color and it's more of a boogy green.
  4. Totally agree, gives the person more of a reason to preform the tasks at hand! I like the D hatchet idea,
  5. Codes for Platinum forum rank, please and thank youu. :3


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