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  1. Owner Arthur - Supreme - Kevin - Very helpful and fast to respond. Dont see him ingame very often but always know your gonna get a quick prompt answer from him. Management Foly - Forum Manager Foly - Donation Manager Luke - Drogo - Was promoted around the same time i started this game, extremly knowledgeable and helpful and is always willing to lend some guidance Ryan - Jor - Very friendly and helped me with my first donation, explained how everything worked in a very easy and efficant way Head Administrator Rapiid ags - When i first started this game, i ran into some errors, ags very calmly and quickly addressed my concerns, submitted tickets and even offered a little friendly beginners advice. hes always willing to teach and is a great leader on this server Kattrockbell - Sezy - Administrator Dro - AK 47 - Charmie - Pixie Joe - pixie is probobly one of the most laid back admins i have encountered next to rob. very easy going, and will find answers to even the most odd questions regarding the server. very prompt in answering and does not stop looking until he finds you that answer Ntho skiller - i havent really had to many interactions with skiller but the few times i have interacted with skiller he was very polite, quick to respond and straightforward with his answers. addressed the concerns i had quickly and effectivley. Rob Macabre - good old rob, when i first started i had encountered some questions of where certain things were located, and rob went above and beyond to show me by not only explaining but teleing to me and guiding. several times i have had dealings with rob, and i can say he is very professional in his dealings while still keeping a nice easy going temperment, i have a lot of respect for rob Head Moderator Couvee Jr - Sleepinwmy9 - R M B T - r m is just an all around cool character man, hes always found somewhere interacting with the people of the game, or teaching someone how to do somthing, rmbt is a very helpful mod and a great part of the staff team here Moderator Xelta - Kreativis - Ozgen - is the only moderator i have even met. he is friendly and helpful when he is on... sadly i have not had many interactions with the mods as it seems not to many are very active sadly. Jonnie - Forum Moderator Ntho skiller - ^^ Server Support Whip 2 Ags -very active, extremly helpful, fast response, a very friendly staff member to deal with Ganjaclown -
  2. I have not been on this server very long, but so far i have had interactions with two staff members and both were exceptional in assisting me. Couvee jr is extremly knowledgeable about the server and is an excellent mentor to new players like myself. as much as im sure i annoyed him with my million and one questions he was more then happy to continuosly answer them no matter how out there they were. He is an excellent member of your staff and i recomend any new players who need a little guidance getting off the ground to contact him as he strives to be as helpful as he can be. My second interaction was with slinkyjoey. I had encountered a bug at the farming patches and he was very quick to respond. he offered possible solutions to the problem and when none would work he was quick to file a report for me in regards to the issue. He was extremley fast at responding and i had a very pleasent expirience dealing with him in regards to the issue at hand. I look forward to conversing with more of the staff and leaders as my time increases here and i thank you guys for being so quick and helpful during my journey on this server.


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