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  1. Okay so as we all know and have seen in many other suggestions, the eco isn't the best prices are way out of control on some items, so the idea i had is also kinda an event of sorts. So every other weekend or so host a well even which gives slightly better well rates (not extreme increase others wise it will kinda defeat its purpose) that way will motivate people to toss their extras in well, and maybe add some new well items such as flame gloves (e), boxes (bronze>gold>and so on), maybe add for the event only dark clay, light tbow, and scythe xi with rates like 1/10 just so we can get rid of some sovx and sacred clay sets in the server and this will make people wanna buy these items i dont think this will completely fix the eco but it could be a good start, and also going back to neon's suggestions about the boss capes, maybe add angelic cape to well with a 1/30 chance with boss capes because lets face it hydra cape is hitting down under 10b at the moment, and thats pretty bad so let me know what you all think!
  2. i feel you have a great idea would make some of the more inflated get taken out of the eco and add a new spin on things, great work!
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