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  1. Pretty standard a cape or ring that gives x2 coin drops from any npc this may help with making more money for everyone in general maybe also it could be upgraded to a max of x3 or whatever everyone thinks to be a good amount but you’ll have to spend heaps of money on it to upgrade it’ll be a money sink too. preferably a boss or new boss drops it so new players can grind for it not just donate for it, that is just my suggestion!
  2. Good stuff brother totally agree!
  3. The title speaks for itself, I know it’s not very important but it would be a nice quality of life change, just a little option on the interface you click it and whatever you purchase comes out noted, would come in handy for pots also extremes, ect. Let me know what you guys think there shouldn’t be any real issue with it not that I can think of
  4. Hey guys I just want to say a few things towards money making on the sever, I know a few other players have given suggestions but I’m just re making this one. some of the items in the game are super expensive, without donating and without gambling there isn’t really a proper source to make money, since hydra is being fixed also Nex what are new players meant to do? they join the server and see all these items being sold for 700b it would take a NORMAL player months maybe a year to afford that kind of stuff and that’s just wrong, I know the server is a business and wants to make money and I totally am fine with that, but for players who can’t donate and stuff leaves a big gap in their capabilities to get higher Tier items. even at the afk zone it isn’t that profitable, it’s something but even that would take a long time, if items are going to get more and more expensive I believe things should be buffed the trees the prices of items, being able to sell chaotic weapons for money or something, when you donate and get boxes majority of it is pointless cause you can’t do anything with it and just hope for a scroll. thanks for reading boys and girls 🏆
  5. I agree completely, I would like to see a coin buff for most bosses, items are super expensive and with 500k drops you can almost never make enough money without gambling and risking it all, there should be a better more safer way to accumulate big amounts of cash even at crystal rank the money isn’t overpowered or anything it’s just decent and that’s 8k rank. New players that won’t even come close to 8k donations have no chance of making decent money, even so it’s not that good
  6. Tom Platz

    Another tree

    Hey guys, My suggestion would be to have another tree or money making method between diamond and ruby. Diamond is $500 and ruby is $2000 its a huge difference I know that you get perks for being diamond such as ::bank but yeah just an idea and nothing too overpowered just something more then a gold tree but less then a ruby
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