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  1. We NEED a St0nk NPC with exclusive drops! Lets get it we need 100 comments! LETS GO!
  2. Focus on perfecting PvP and the wilderness!!! Our PvM is just fine right now! RS is 50/50 with pvm and pvp. People come on here to pk and they quit immediately because PvP is so dead. We need to master the pk mechanics and add things to the wilderness to encourage people to go out and boss/skill/fight.
  3. LMAO, i love the humor in the thread, but all jokes aside he is very correct with all of these statements. Something needs to be done!! We need wilderness activity! I have seen many players quit due to no wilderness activity. Pking is 50% of the RS community! Lets focus on this subject please!
  4. +1 i agree with it all! LOVE YOU NOOBVILLE
  5. +1 love the ideas. I hope to see this soon!
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