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  1. I absolutely agree with this.
  2. Thank you for all the positive feedback guys I think this will encourage people to donate more aswell, there should definitely be a chest in the bronze area too! Maybe make those useless monkeys that drop roots drop the key? Key names could go by rank, Bronze key, Sapphire key, Onyx key and uhh... Crystal key 2.0 LMAO.
  3. Money scrolls would also be a great addition to this chest i think too, $10 up to $100, or maybe implement a new scroll? Add a very rare 500$ scroll? Would be something neat.
  4. I think adding donator rank exclusive keys would be a neat idea, we already know sapphire zone needs a complete overhaul, once that is done you could add some NPC to the Sapphire zone that drops this key, along with Onyx and Crystal zone. Each zone could have its given chest located somewhere in the room and it just has different loot (boxes, nex sets,skilling items, etc). Each ranks chest could have a lower-higher loot rate, Sapphire being the lowest loot rate for good drops, Onyx next and Crystal at the highest. You could make all NPC's drop the keys in the given donator zone or make it only certain NPC's? Porazdir would be a good one, and Dawn for Crystal zone. Sapphire zone is a whole different subject. Please leave your comments and thoughts down below thank you!
  5. We NEED a St0nk NPC with exclusive drops! Lets get it we need 100 comments! LETS GO!
  6. Focus on perfecting PvP and the wilderness!!! Our PvM is just fine right now! RS is 50/50 with pvm and pvp. People come on here to pk and they quit immediately because PvP is so dead. We need to master the pk mechanics and add things to the wilderness to encourage people to go out and boss/skill/fight.
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