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  1. Ruben


    Hi dumbass! Welcome to the server!! I’ll see ya ingame!!
  2. Well that’s one of the best ways to gain experience because trust me I have pretty big goals in life and all of these things are stepping stones
  3. Oh boy, I started at a butchers shop, then as a 800 ton press operator in a factory, then went to school for HVAC (heating and cooling), did that for 5 years and now I’m getting my CDL (commercial drivers license) to haul steel :). In between all that, small social media company and another business startup that fell through because I was 19 and slightly overconfident 😭
  4. Ruben

    sAMMYk here

    Welcome Sammy! Hope to see/talk to you ingame!
  5. Oh you betcha!
  6. Ruben

    Selling Nex Cape

    Selling a Nex cape in my store! IGN: ruben93
  7. Yooooo Simplicity the city of simps :))) I’m Ruben, 27, been around the RSPS community for close to 9 years!! Really enjoying the server so far, have aspirations of becoming a well trusted dicer/mm and eventually a staff member!! Just trying to max out a normie account at this point, and then on to a realist! I will also be making YouTube videos for this server!! IGN: Ruben93 for anyone that wants to add me and chat!!
  8. How did you find about Simplicity?: YouTube of course! What is your favorite gamemode?: started with realism but realized (hehe) that to learn the server quicker, make a normie first. your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: just hang out in help chat and make friends! If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: an axe because a knife can’t chop down a tree 😂 How would you rate the server from 1-10?: solid 9 at this moment because of the awesome community! What's your IGN?: Ruben93


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