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  1. Owner Arthur havnt met sadly has created afantastic server however Supreme Kevin really good guy had every right ot ban me and didnt (sorry for my ttle kev) Forum Manager Foly : foly seems really poltie has been quite helpful was first on scene to a bug me and better found Donation Manager Jor : easy to access in regards to donation i have seen him help so many people in my short time on the server promote this man/woman Server Support Kreatiivs : awesome ss has helped me out so much since joining with general informatiion and figuring out teles etc. Slinky Joey- STRAYA !!!!!!!!!!!! Trial Support I did better: the best server support ive met so far has been crucial in my wanting to stay at this server wit hhis help and friendly conversatiion please giv this guy permanant support
  2. thank you all for welcome just thought i better not give you all notifications with replies but tyvm ❤️
  3. thank you yeah such a fun friendly community so far have all been very welcoming
  4. i just stand on the platform and direct people ot there train but i mean dealing with that many people is tough work XD
  5. hey simplicity members ive just started playing today so complete noob and thought this might be a good way to meet some people to boss / learn the server with my names darcie im from australia im 23, im a bartender and railroad worker and umm yeah i used to play os for a long time so alot of the simplicity content is new to me any help/advice along the way would be welcomed just shoot me a pm in game or add me on disc happy gaming


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