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  1. Love these updates. I love you, and everyone who contributed. <3 Kevin
  2. I think this is a bit too OP and not needed.
  3. Welcome back to the server.
  4. Hey man welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Welcome to the server.
  6. Welcome to the server. Another swedish player joining. @Kevin will love you.
  7. This is so nice, you weren't lying when you said the update would be fire. Goodjob, to the developers and every staff who made this possible.
  8. This is a nice overview thanks.
  9. Hello, This will be a thread to help you diagnose most of the common Client problems. I. General Issues II. Mac Client loaded, but unable to login: If you have successfully finished loading the client, and yet unsuccessful to login. There can be a few issues causing this. 1. Your account might already be logged in, I advise to check if you already have a client open with your account logged in. 2. You somehow have been "forced logged out", and the server still recognizes your user as logged in, I advise to wait 10 minutes, and if you're still having trouble with logging in, you should contact a staff member. 3. Server might be Offline/Down due to hosting problems or there is some undergoing maintenance. 4. Your account might be banned, or there has been used som incorrect credentials for that specific user, might also be a login server problem. Some staff members should be able to check the client error messages for the server, and provide you with more info, please do contact a staff member. 5. There might be a rare case where your account has been Nulled/Corrupted. Please contact a staff member. Client is stuck on 0% 1. Your cache is corrupted and needs to be deleted. You can use the Simplicity's reset tool, or manually delete the cache, it's default route in most cases are this. C:\Users\username\.SimplicityCache 2. Your internet connection is too low/or keeps dropping, to make a stable connection to the server. 3. Server might possibly be offline, and not allowing connections. 4. Might just be alot of cache for a some old pc's, try to give it some time. 5. Might need to update Java to the latest version, here is the link. Client stuck on anything else than 0% This is most likely caused by a cache problem. Use the Simplicity Cache Reset tool. Or you can manually go in to the Simplicity cache folder and remove the cache, thereafter relaunch the client to update the cache. Unable to download Client In most cases, some Antiviruse program might block the client download, because it's a .jar file/or because it's from an unidentified source. You would need to go into your Antivirus program and allow it to download the client. (And don't worry, there is no viruses.) Unable to open Client This is most likely because you don't have Java installed on your machine, or your Java is corrupted or missing files. Install the latest Java SE and right-click your client and make sure to use open with "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" Unidentified Developer If you are using a Mac, that you have aquired through work/school, you might be connected to its domain, which has some filters put on your machine, that doesn't allow some downloaded content from the internet. There is not much to do in this case, since it's managed by your work/school's system administrator. If you indeed do have administrative rights of the machine, you can go under "System Preferences" --> "Security & Privacy" ---> And click "Open Anyway" and thereafter be prompted for administrator credentials. JDK missing If you're still one of the few people using Mac OS X Lion or below, java won't be automatically installed on your machine. You will have to download the latest java. Here is link, and make sure the installation file is a .dmg or .pkg, of course. How to manually delete cache on Mac? This is a tricky one, because the storage of cache, sometimes changes depending on the Mac OS X version and file format, but generally there is 2 different kinds of cache, the system cache (Which you dont touch), and the general user applicated cache. It should be located around Macintosh HD/Users/username/Library. But it's alot easier to just use the cache reset tool mentioned above, or redownload the client to overwrite current cache.
  10. I dont like the restoration pool idea, since its already a donor benefit. I dont like the hit predictor aswell, I feel like it can be abused in pk someway. I like the daily money making tasks tho, and the housing suggestions.
  11. Took the words off my mouth. I think this could be something good with more planning. +1
  12. Hi! And welcome to the server. Remember to join the Discord aswell, we talk alot in there and share some drops with each other. See you online.
  13. Welcome to the server. Glad to see yet another scandinavian join the server.
  14. Yup, It only makes sense. + 1
  15. Honestly all donor zones/benefits should just get revamped.