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  1. @ Right Way rank has been given And I've increased the total amount of size you can upload to your thread now
  2. Yo that looks sick, I like the undertoned digitalized flair
  3. Yo that looks dope im definitely interested! Can you edit mine to be Janitor of Simplicity instead of Member of Simplicity? And of course put my name on it.
  4. Good to finally see a intro lmao, also good to see a fellow weeb
  5. Foly


    Ahh HR, everyones nightmare, jk jk welcome bud
  6. Today I will be hosting a few events sponsored by the Staff team. Event will start 22/02-21 16:00 pm GMT +1 You can see the countdown below, if you are unsure of the time https://countingdownto.com/?c=3469522 The first event will be Boss pet drop / Skilling pet drop These drops are NOT included in the event (Inferno Pet + Heron + Beaver + Rift Guardian + ) And NO NPC drops since they are too easy to get (Example: Baby blue dragons, Green dragons etc.) P.S you can still win if you won already. First place winner: 3 Emerald Boxes + 1 Sapphire Box Second Place winner: 2 Emerald Boxes+ 1 Sapphire Box Third Place winner: 3 Sapphire Boxes -THIS EVENT WILL START AFTER THE FIRST ONE- Next event: Questionnaire! Game is simple! I will ask 3 different questions, and first person to guess correctly will win! First place winner: 2 Elite Archer + 2 Elite Warrior + 2 Elite Wizard Boxes Second Place winner: 2 Elite Archer + 2 Elite Warrior + 2 Elite Wizard Third Place winner: 1 Elite Archer + 1 Elite Warrior + 1 Elite Wizzard Best of luck
  7. Hello Simp gang, we have decided to start the initiative to start a monthly raffle that anyone can participate in, we feel this would be a good way to help us learn more about our players, and the same time have a little fun with some incorporated prizes! -Information- The Prizes will be different for each raffle! Raffle prize: Fire Twisted Bow! Anyone who enters will receive a Elite Warrior Box at the end of the raffle, even if you dont win, as a thanks for joining in. You cannot fill out twice, or post on yet another forum account, this will be checked and will lead to ban from future raffles. Event starts 24/02/21 and I will pick out a random winner 24/03/21 How to enter the raffle? All you have to do is fill out the questions below and you are eligible for a chance to win! How did you find about Simplicity?: What is your favorite gamemode?: your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: How would you rate the server from 1-10?: What's your IGN?: Best of luck to everyone entering!
  8. Staff Changes 21/02/2021 @ProBaillie is our new Donation Manager, welcome! @ Riv Has resigned from his Administrator position, to focus more on real life. @ Lexi Has been let go from his Donation Manager position We wish them both the best of luck in their future endeavors!
  9. Welcome to the server, took you long enough for this introduction. 😂
  10. Staff Changes 17/02/2021 @ I Did Better Is our latest addition to the staff team, he will start out as Trial Server Support! @ Couvee Jr Has been promoted from Moderator to Head Moderator and will help manage the mod team along with Stickle! @ fatal novaz Has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator, huge GZ! @ Rob Macabre Has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator, huge GZ!
  11. Along with the news above. I would also like to congratulate @ slinkyjoey on the promotion to Trial Server support!
  12. Foly

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the server
  13. Staff Changes 14/02/2021 @ Stickle Has been promoted to Forum Moderator/Event Manager. @ Big Wewestew Has passed his Trial Server Support position! @ Pixie Joe Has been promoted to Moderator! @ Bizzey has been demoted from his Moderator position. We wish him best of luck in his future endeavors!
  14. Personally I think it sounds too OP, you already get a ton of benefits from ::di and being donater. Adding the option for unf potions, grimy herbs, and bones would make it way to easy. Defeating the purpose of having a market on it for POS and drops on bosses. But I can definitely see where you are coming from, and would like to hear the rest of the community's opinon on this, not a bad suggestion at all.
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