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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Yea we had this in mind for quite awhile. And we are gonna have a general complete overhaul of minigames to make them more attractive. Very good suggestion, keep em' coming
  2. Hi, this will get implemented thanks for the suggestion
  3. These 2 will be implemented, thanks for suggesting it. Yea we will also increase the value of mbp, it only makes sense. And yea Wyrms are quite difficult to kill, and players should be rewarded for their effort, we will tweak drops. When sell / withdraw / deposit x is entered it should be remembered like it is on osrs. So that when you click buy x or withdraw x it has whatever value last typed instead of (x), so its just a clickable button This will also be implemented. Infernal eel should be considerably cheaper in donator store - its currently the equivalent of $100 and makes a cape several behind BIS. My suggestion would be to make it purchasable in the boss shop or add it as a drop from jad. Considering the other part needed is an infernal cape which is kinda tough as is. We will make it obtainable outside of donation. Perhaps a 1/900 drop from jad and 1/200 drop from inferno, and buyable for tokkul for a large amount. When grinding mobs theres a noticeable time between kills where it still says you're in combat and this should be reduced for sure I feel We will decrease the timer Thanks for these good suggestion, they will all be implemented.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. We will make the set have the same HP increasing bonus like its counterparts.
  5. Hey thanks for the suggestion. We have discussed this with the rest and chosen not to implement this since there is just way to many cons than pros, and not enough usage for it. But very interesting suggestion, please do keep em' coming
  6. We have been discussing this with the rest of the staff team and we have concluded, there definitely needs a buff for its usage, we are not completly sure if make it 100% not degradeable is the way. But we would like to increase the charges to around 2000 or higher instead of 500, and take it from there. Thanks for the suggestion and input.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. This has been approved and will be implemented.
  8. Not quite sure, but it will be same value as if it where PKP shop. So you will get the full value
  9. Another huge set of updates!
  10. OMG didnt even read that at first. I wanna cry even more now...
  11. I certainly agree with the dragon hunter lance. Also it should be the best weapon in game against any type of dragons, but since Scythe and tbows are so OP its useless. So perhaps make scythe/tbows weaker against dragons so dragon hunter lance is actually prefered.
  12. I cry everytime
  13. Agree with all of these.
  14. At the same time price is gonna be really low, since there is people who already got like 200+ of each set. Including myself where I got 100+ vls Its just gonna be a diry cheap item then.