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  1. Welcome, Your husband kinda looks like Dyrus, thatsa dub
  2. Very good suggestions! Keep them coming.
  3. Foly

    game tab filter

    I dont see why not, I like it.
  4. Most of this stuff are getting fixed, since we are working on wilderness in the upcoming future.
  5. I like the suggestion with combat boxes on gwd boses. - Celestial to 139 is already approved, and will be changed in a future update. - We are working on updating boss/Trivia store. Im not sure if I agree on the last suggestion, but I will remain neutral until I see more peoples opinions/suggestions on it.
  6. Hope you all like the update
  7. I really like this. Good suggestion.
  8. Foly

    QOL Suggestion

    Overload timer is gonna get in game, we are working on it And I dont see no problems in adding more of the Porazdir
  9. Yea, this has been debated alot, and we are currently working towards a way to make minigames alot more attractive.
  10. Glad you enjoy it, welcome
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