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  1. Welcome, Your husband kinda looks like Dyrus, thatsa dub
  2. +1 from me
  3. :OkayChamp: :Clap:
  4. Very good suggestions! Keep them coming.
  5. I dont see why not, I like it.
  6. Most of this stuff are getting fixed, since we are working on wilderness in the upcoming future.
  7. I like the suggestion with combat boxes on gwd boses. - Celestial to 139 is already approved, and will be changed in a future update. - We are working on updating boss/Trivia store. Im not sure if I agree on the last suggestion, but I will remain neutral until I see more peoples opinions/suggestions on it.
  8. Hope you all like the update
  9. i like that +1
  10. Nice updates
  11. Welcome 😊
  12. Hi, Yea this is deffinetly something I would like too. I'd show this to the other staff members.
  13. Hi, The bosstimer, should be fixed by next update. And we are working on making Sapphire zone, alot more appealing for sapp donators. We are also working on making Nightbeast more attractive. Also we will find a mid tier weapon betweeen MBP and Tbow to decrease the huge cap in cost.
  14. Hi, We will add it as a slayer task, perhaps along with the other bosses that are not assignable as boss tasks. Thanks for the suggestion
  15. Hi! Great suggestion! We are gonna implement a way to block slayer tasks. Keep the great suggestions coming