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  1. nice guide but why would you farm 500 slash bash, what a over kill, if you kill 100 zulrah with crossbow, you have huge change of getting blowpipe or magma blowpipe
  2. really nice update with the zoom! thanks guys!
  3. the camara zooming in and out is really bad idea, you use the zoom maybe few times a day, but you use scrolling normaly for reading chat back or check quest tab. i think the way before was much better! please change it back
  4. call me noob

    Vote store

    would it be possible to add lamps to the vote store aswell? I know you can get lamp in donate zone, but for ironman like my self this isnt option because i will get acces to all kind of gear and items which detroys the concept of being ironman. Kind regards Call me noob
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