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  1. Updated, thanks for letting us know
  2. Good work on it, gonna help new people to be more familiar with this event
  3. Good luck everyone :3 and nice video
  4. This is very much needed for Pking or alternative way is to add "Hit predictors" as a toggle option from Xp counter +1
  5. Good suggestion but why would you need bulk amounts since it's easy to buy, i believe it was added to donors so it can benefit them more and adding it in noted will be more accessible to everyone so i don't really support it.
  6. Oo turkey grinding goals :3 Nice loot u got there, gonna be helpful for ppl asking on expected loots. <3
  7. Man took me approx 2 hours for full inv of the keys and the loot wasn't as expected. guess my luck sucks but nice goal, hope you get better things next time
  8. Love to see kevin dying on live stream hehe
  9. @Hubbuhubbu0 Will work on it, thanks for letting us know
  10. Great video, good luck for the winners.
  11. Note that there are alot of Skillers, Ironman + HCIM (won't get loot or thier gear back) and many more who won't prefer Pking to get Comp cape so Buying Pk Achievements is there best option.
  12. Liking the new Completionst player boss event and good job on the fixes <3
  13. Good luck everyone :3 and nice video
  14. New cosmetics i like it , but Afro's are already being used in some Cosmetics goodiebags and the Scythe it's already added as Wildywyrm drop check ::finddrop wildywyrm
  15. Hype!! Good Luck everyone !!