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  1. Oo congrtaz man
  2. Welcome back man and great goal to achieve would love to see the progress threads as soon as possible
  3. Great work on it, it will help a lot of people finding the guides
  4. Well of Goodwill The new well is holding a max of 1,250,000,000 gp and the benefits can be up for 5 stages (increments of 250m) and will be active for 2 hours then needs to be refilled. You can check the well's current status by investigating the Well of Goodwill at home or by just typing ::well 1/5 - 30% Bonus XP (active to all skills and works with dragonkin lamps) 2/5 - X2 Slayer Points when finishing tasks 3/5 - X2 Blood Money when PvPing or killing bosses/npcs in the Wilderness 4/5 - X2 Vote points on claiming vote scrolls (can be tracked from the player panel) 5/5 - X2 Experience and Pest Control Points (::pc to teleport to the minigame) Hope this guide helps you towards deciding how much you want to contribute
  5. Nice guide to help new players know the donator teleport commands and NPC locations with them, love to see it
  6. Welcome to the server, excited to see new people more and more and make sure to enjoy playing :3
  7. Glad to see that you put great effort in this guide, well done man and keep up the good work would love to see more and more content from you <3
  8. Great suggestion man keep it up
  9. Good Suggestion man, Keep it up
  10. Who is liquids?
  11. Thank for your suggestion, We are going to have a weapon in the mid tier after the blowpipe soon .
  12. Hi, Thank you for the suggestion. We are going to implement methods to give proper feedback on staff members .
  13. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, These will be implemented into the game soon .
  14. Thank you for your suggestion, the staff team have agreed upon most of your suggestions and the ones selected will be implemented: Add a new Slayer Master that only assigns tasks for NPCs located in Wilderness. You would gain double the amount of Slayer points that a task from Summona etc. would give. Add Odium and Malediction shields into the game. Be able to get the shield by collecting the 3 shards from the 3 wildy bosses. Add Vetion boss with drops like Ring of the Gods, Vetion jr pet and Kodai wand.