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  1. Gonna be pain arranging the sets😤, next drop table update gonna be cool 😉
  2. Great UPDATE !!!!! New pets, Full raids 1/2, Full construction 😍 As always great stuff coming up 😋
  3. Maybe a new boss like Ali so everyone have a fair chance? (no Armour/weapons/Buffs) +1 for a world boss -More Hp so everyone could join - with a unique drop table, maybe drops tokens for a new store that gives new mid tier equipment (gear and weapons) -Make it deal damage randomly to everyone in the area (with food spawning around players so they can heal) (not AFKable like ali) -Reward for players reaching a min damage output and then randomly dropping the tokens among the players -Untradeable Tokens so it would need every player to grind for the items instead of buying/selling them
  4. Nice :0 i mean i die with my full clay and sovx 😔 so that's hard for me 😂
  5. TOO MUCH FIXES AND CONTENT!!!! CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!! ❤️ WAY TO GO SIMPLICITY TEAM !!!!! Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. This is working perfectly, it had problems with either not able to loot ur items back (not you drop) or item dissapearing from the game.
  7. Athos

    Ironman ideas!

    Would be a nice addition and unique content for Ironman which is missing alot, BIG +1
  8. as always great guide from a great man 🤩
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