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  1. Starting Out / Locations Regular Herblore Shop Donator Shop (::di) EXP Rates/ Level Required to Clean Weed Potions/ Required Level/ Items / EXP Rates Advanced Potions/ Required Level/ Items/ EXP Rates All of the EXP Rates have been based on normal EXP Rate - No Well of Goodwill or added bonuses of Vote tickets. Congrats on 99 Herblore! The Crafting Tables have been created manually - Do NOT use these images outside of SimplicityPS without my permission!
  2. Welcome to Simplicity! Sorry to hear that after such a long time you gotta move borders, but i hope you are going to enjoy your stay here
  3. . Green - File names and Indicators | . Blue - Download links | . Cyan - Commands | . Blood Orange - Folders | . Gold - Misc. | . Purple - Operating system Section I. Majority of the problems/viewing bugs or other little things can be fixed by simply deleting your game cache and downloading it again. This ensures that all the files are 100% up to date and no corruption is at hand. To delete your Simplicity game cache all you need to do is; • Go to C: \Users\[Your Name]\.SimplicityCache <- delete that folder completely (Make sure you have all of your client closed before you delete your cache!) • After you have deleted the Cache make sure to download the new Client+ Section II. Another common problem among new players or people who have maybe received a new computer with nothing installed in there, is not being able to start .jar files correctly, or not viewing them correctly (.html or .txt) - In case you are not being able to launch .jar files (viewing .jar files as .html or .txt files) - For Window users • Uninstall of Java if its already in the system (Windows + S - Control Panel then > \Programs\Programs and Features; Uninstall a program) • Reboot the System • A clean install of Java (.exe file and NOT the .zip file) • Launch jdk-16_windows-x64_bin.exe file and install java in the System. In case the already downloaded .jar files do not appear in correct format - Reboot the system • In case nothing works use the Jarfixer (Launch with admin privileges - Right click on the application > Run as Administrator) - In very rare cases you need to select Java as the Application you want to open the program with, you can do that by; right clicking on the Launcher > Open with > Java(TM) Platform SE binary (If you are not able to see that as quick selection - Choose another app > Look for another App on this PC > C: \Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_221\bin\java.exe) Section II.I. - Not being able to launch .jar files (viewing .jar files as .html or .txt files) - For Mac users • First and foremost you will need to install Java; which is pretty simple, all you need to do is launch and install the jre-8u65-macosx-x64.pkg file. • After you are done - Reboot the system Section III. Possible Invalid UID fix: • Windows Delete the Simplicity cache folders (.simplicty and .SimplicityCache) located at C: \Users\[Your name] • Press Windows + R; The run window will come up type %temp% and hit enter - Delete everything from this location • Next go into C: \Windows - Delete the contents in the folders; tasks, temp, and prefetch. QNote: If you experience any Client related problems and none of the solutions worked please do contact us by creating a ticket on our Discord channel: right after click on the Channel called '#Rules-read-me' and click on the tick after you have read it. Then Scroll down and under 'Text Channels' click on '#Support' - React by clicking on the Envelope and your Support ticket will appear at the top of all Channels (Left side)
  4. Way ahead of you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to commend it and one of the Forum mod's or Charmie will add it (If it's going to be a good suggestion of course)
  5. sAMMYk


    Welcome back i only know you from scouting the "Staff announcements" haha, glad to see old people coming back to the server. Looking forward to meeting you and happy b-day
  6. Welcome to the team, don't be shy to say hello when you're online
  7. Before you start reading: With some people i didn't go too much into depth, either because i don't have much to say or because i don't/can't be 100% honest. If you in any shape of form feel attacked i apologize in advance and please do contact me on discord so we can talk about this. Most if not all of the feedback is based on personal experience with that person and not something i hear from other people. I like to create my own opinion about people and i love to chat 1v1 without those shiny badges beside our names. I wanted to keep this feedback as real as i can get without making people mad at me or starting to judge me because of my opinion. I feel like criticism is something you should thank for and learn from it, before you brush it away and just hate me for the way i see you. I am really interested in seeing how my opinion is going to change along the road. So, without bothering you too much, i hope you read this before you look up ur name and skip all of this. Love you all and like i said, if you have anything PLEASE do contact me personally. Owner Arthur - i've spoken to you a little bit, you seem like a friendly person, wish i could get to know you a bit better. Supreme - i'm sure you're busy with behind the scenes stuff so, no clue. Not had a single word with you. Kevin - Wish i would have met you before you moved to Thailand. Atm i'm not sure to what extent you are busy, but you do party a lot. (Don't bully me after this) Besides that i can't really say much about you, haven't really talked 1v1, besides on voice calls on discord. Would be interesting to see how you are when you're not surrounded by bunch of guys and just talking 1v1 about stuff. Maybe one day. Who knows. Management Foly - I've spoken to you a bit 1v1 and you're no different from us, just another guy doing his job, that has dreams and is working his way up in real life. You are being goofy most of the time, but you can be professional when you need to. Wish i could see more of that professional side from you, although i can't really complain too much since you seem like a chill dude. We had no issues so far so i hope it stays that way. Shiftynex - Uhh, where do i even begin with you.. I won't be here and pretend like i know you, but from all the chat's we've had all i can say is that you're an amazing person and i hope you stay like that. You approached me out of nowhere for one work and now i'm here, so i thank you for accepting me and being understanding about the little mistakes i've done. I would love to get a lot more into detail what i think, but for 'reasons' i can't, but i think you already know what i think. You do an amazing job and you seem very professional with everything you do, this is a trait that every manager should have. Much love ❤️ Forum Manager Foly - / Donation Manager Jor - Can't say too much, you can take a joke and you gladly give a helping hand even when you're doing your donation deals, keep up the good work. Luke - You seem like a happy person in general, i like your positivity and i think you should hold onto this, keep being a happy person about your work, whenever you're online and doing deals you still find time to visit and chat even if its for a little bit. You seem to be doing your job well, so keep on doing a good work. Head Administrator Rapiid Ags - I rarely ever see you online so.. can't really say anything about you. Would really like to see more activity in game. Kattrockbell - You're not online tooo much, but when you're one you gladly help people and chat with everyone, so i can say only good things. I'm sure you're a lot more active, but the timezone's can suck haha. Mak3 - the true GOAT haha. Probably had the most talk with you since you're always online and well you don't really say no to anything when i ask or just join the vc to talk about random stuff. You're very laid back, but you can also get a bit too harsh or how can i say this.. letting your emotions get a better of you, which is not all bad. You are very helpful and are always ready to answer any or should i say most question that are given to you. I agree with the majority stuff we've talked about on vc and i can understand where you're coming from with that. You're online more than any of the staff here and i appreciate that you still find love in this server and join us so often. Even tho you can get emotional about some things, i still hope you stay the way you are right now - helpful and ready to protec the weak. Administrator Dro - i've only had one big chat with you. You seem like a super busy person, but you're a good talk. I enjoyed reading about your experience with this server and would love to hear more. I don't really see you online (snooping on people from the shadows haha) ,but you're there when you're most needed. Can only say good things about you. Sezy - You seem chill, but i haven't seen you online that much, mainly because of the irl stuff. I don't know why but i can't really say much about you. We've worked on wiki, but i always feel like we're on different floors, if that makes any sense. Haven't really had any personal talk. Other than that you seem chill. Would like to get to know you a bit better. AK 47 - Wue wue baguette to the best rapper 2021 that SimplicityPS ever had, haha. You seem like a really helpful guy that is ready to help people out. Always ready to put your stuff aside when someone needs your assistance. You do a good job and i hope you keep it up. There are no complains from my side. Charmie - Known you just for a tiny bit. Can't really figure you out, but you do seem very helpful when you are online. Sadly i can't really say much about you. Fatal Novaz - You used to be a lot more online before your promotion, now i don't remember the last time i saw you in game. I don't know if it's because you got irl stuff or anything, but that's the only thing i can say unfortunately. Pixie Joe - Mr. Pixie , i can say only good things about you, you're always there to help everyone and give useful tips without even being asked, that's what i like seeing in staff, pure joy in helping and love for the community. (Aside them nubs who can't seem to understand their mistakes and need some pixie sprinkles to help them realize haha) Head Moderator Couvee Jr - I sadly don't really see you online too much, but when you do decide to join, you seem like a chill person. Sadly can't say much about you, but i got no bad things to say about you. Ntho skiller - Now it's time for you big boy haha, you approached me with an offer for the Fashion event that you hosted and it was the first interaction with you. You didn't really seem to be prepared for the event so the planning took longer than i would have thought it would, but this isn't something that you've really done before, so i don't judge you at all. You're super helpful and a really cool guy, i enjoy talking with you and can only say good things about you. Keep up the great work you're doing and you'll reach the top in no time! Sleepinwmy9 - i have honestly no idea who you are. I don't think i've seen you online. Moderator R M B T - Overall a really helpful guy, you do your job well and always up for a giggle or two. Ready to help everyone and even teach me a thing or two! Keep up the good work buddy! Rob Macabre - i unfortunately don't see you online that much, but from what i know you are busy irl. Hope to see you online more once your schedule is more open. Xelta - I know you have exams coming up so best of luck with that. I haven't really seen you online. Ganjaclown - I sadly can't say much about you, i haven't really noticed much from you and that may just be personal thing idk. We don't ever talk but i'm always happy to chat if you're up for that. Forum Moderator Ntho skiller - / Server Support Big wewestew - You seem like a friendly guy, i get a bit of a "unsure" vibe about you idk why, but i can't say anything bad about you also, i see you helping people out so that's always good. Would maybe be nice to see more interaction. Kreatiivs - I thought you got promoted haha (Ntho help this guy out ;D). You're a really friendly person, there to help and always up for a chat! I enjoy talking to you and i hope you keep up the good work buddy! Slinky Joey - From voice chats you seem like nice, but i sadly can't say much about you. I know you have some irl stuff to deal with, so i wish you best of luck with whatever you have to deal with rn. Come back to us soon.
  8. How did you find about Simplicity?: pretty much went to google and found you guys What is your favorite gamemode?: haven't really played the other ones besides normal your favorite activity to do in Simplicity? bosses or just talk with ppl If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: a boat How would you rate the server from 1-10?: 3.3x3.3/10 What's your IGN?: sammyk
  9. Would have been more informative if you started the Guide with pictures of the gear and potions/food that is needed for the TOB and maybe how to get there for those who don't know anything about our server, but I like how simple you make the battle look and not because you have good gear, but because of how you do it. If you would update your guide a bit more I'd gladly add it to the Wiki. Thanks for the guide!
  10. I'm a huge anti-gun person so I really don't see why anyone in school should be taught how to handle a gun or anything in that direction. Self defense is a different topic though, this is something that should be a separate lesson on itself, because it is so important.
  11. I don't think kids or teens should be allowed near a gun, it is not a toy and it is not something they should be playing around with. I can understand that in some cases it might be useful (?), but then again school shootings are still a thing and it's a scary thought of having a full class that is being taught how to handle a gun properly. @ Pocky. you have mentioned sexual education - this is something that starts with the day we are born until we are 6 feet under, something we can't really avoid and in my opinion it is important that children are being taught about the risks and safe intercourse. You could go saying that guns can't be avoided too and it's important for them to know how to handle them, but then again why would you need them to know how to dismantle and prepare a gun? I think it is unnecessary and extremely dangerous. Guns have and still are a problem in our society and even though they can be a life saver in some cases, they have also created chaos in the world and countless deaths that may have been avoided if there were no guns. The statistics show that having no guns are equal to less crime and death numbers which is actually a huge problem in the US as it is very easy to get a handgun. Without I go any further I will stop here. I will be waiting for you response.
  12. looking cleaaan, always love seeing an organized bank! i am working on that myself, but i am missing a lot of items :c
  13. First of all I would like to give a huge thanks to @ Ntho skiller for working with me, it sure was a challenge creating something unique for his event, so best of luck with this event buddy! and best of luck to everyone who will participate in this amazing event! I have decided to go for my classic look that I use pretty much in every server and yes I walked all the way to this place just for the pic (if you know where it is you're an OG)
  14. We live in hard times right now and life is too short to be sad or angry so i hope this video will make you smile. Let me know if this gets you laughing or do you pass? : D good luck!
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