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  1. Owner Arthur: It would be a pleasure to write down anything good but sadly i do not have any information/ had conversation with him so i can't tell much, just to thank him, that this server exist. Supreme Kevin: Kevin is a really nice and chill guy if i may say so, he likes the jokes and goes with em. He responds in no time and that is really grateful. Management Foly: Sadly can not describe or tell about him anything. Shiftynex: Shifty is a helpful person, he helped me out 2-4 times and he was always very polite. Forum Manager Foly:Sadly can not describe or tell about him anything. Donation Manager Jor: He is a very active Staff member, (from my view) he is really good in explaining Information about the game itself for new players. (like he did at me) Luke: Did not meet him so often, but when he comes online, he often asks and PM's. He asks, how we doin, if we need any help. So in overall i cant say more, he is also a very polite and helpful person. Head Administrator Rapiid Ags: A very attractive person. (Attractive to the game) Sadly cannot tell more about him due of no conversation. Kattrockbell: Katt is a very active "Yell"-er if i may say so. Always doing the job as a Staff member and a very helpful person. (If i had to choose, Katt helps and asks mostly). That does not mean, the other staff member do not help!!!!! Administrator Dro: No information, i dont think i've seen him yet. Sadly, cannot tell much about Dro. Sezy: Always a good Raid member, a little more serious than the others but it is alright. AK 47: A very active Tob group member, he and muna taught me how to do properly Full tob. Actually very funny and goes with the jokes all the time. Really nice to see Ak online. Charmie: Tries to help whenever its possible. It is really nice that Charmie always making Event/Tournaments a bit more exciting with normal extra Bonus gifts. (Sapphire box, etc.) Fatal Novaz: Good at Trivia Question. Pixie Joe: I think he is one of the most active Staff member, always there to help and he is a very funny guy. Mak3: A very helpful person, also really good with Trivia Questions. Head Moderator Couvee Jr: Sadly can not tell much about Couvee Jr. Moderator R M B T: A very active and polite person. Mostly (99%) is able to answer any kind of Question. He is also good in explaining things like Full tob or Money making methods. Server Support Big wewestew: I can only tell my only experience with Big we, he thought i lured him to WIldy and tried to kill me. Was a little missunderstanding but he accepted the fact that he was wrong. I appreciate it. Also always helping the new players. Sammyk: Sammy is the most funny person in Simplicity and always goes with the jokes. I really like how he reacts on "Stupid" players (for example: Not acceptable names). I think i can use the word "COOL" on Sammy, because he is cool.
  2. Fashionscape for the poors my loves (inname: Goodhex)
  3. How did you find about Simplicity?: As a simple rsps / osrs player, googled the best private server and i tried every out i found. And i stayed here. What is your favorite gamemode?: I would choose, Regular but i tried Ironman but sadly do not have enough time for Ironman. your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: I would choose, Tob, KGB, Dungeons/Slayer tasks and as a maxed player, Dark portal. If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: A Swiss knife How would you rate the server from 1-10?: I tried out many server and i never stayed more than 1 week. Im here since 2 weeks so...i would say 10. What's your IGN?: Goodhex


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