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  1. Owner Kevin : helpfull and always hosting good events. Donation Manager Jor : always offering good deals to those who donate Administrator AK 47 : online alot, helpfull, thinks he can rap eminem better than me Charmie : active and always taking part in activities `` Pixie Joe: Very one sided and often takes the side of staff no matter the situation, very quick to help who she likes before new players Hopefully this will change in the future Moderator Ntho Skiller : super helpful and super active Pixie Joe : another active and helpfull mod Rob Macabre : At TOB and happy to help new players Forum Moderator Ntho skiller : active and nice to see him hosting things like fashion scape Overall its nice to see active staff that are happy to help and answer questions
  2. Nice and simple, (excuse the buggy slayer cape)
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