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  1. Owner Arthur - I have not had the pleasure of meeting him but if he's a big part of this server, he's got to be killing it Supreme - ^ Kevin - Kevin and I had a nice chat the other day and I found out some things that genuinely made me feel way more dedicated to the people on this server. Kevin seems very genuine and always willing to make things right. Management Foly Shiftynex Forum Manager Foly Donation Manager Jor - Jor is a great donation manager but also a very friendly, vocal person. When he's online, he's always communicating with the players and goofing around with people. He doesn't just want our money, he also wants to help build a stronger player base and community. ProBaillie Head Administrator Rapiid Ags Kattrockbell Mak3 - always bossing, don't really know him personally. Administrator Dro Sezy - Sezy was the first staff to welcome me to the server. He gave me tons of tips to get moving and also made me feel very comfortable playing the server. He cares about the community and is always available to help people out. Eli AK 47 Head Moderator Couvee Jr Fatal Novaz Moderator Ntho Skiller Pixie Joe Rob Macabre Forum Moderator Ntho skiller Server Support Big wewestew Kreatiivs Slinky Joey Trial Support I did better GanjaClown R M B T Some of them I haven't gotten to meet, but the ones I have really made an impression that most other games do not.
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