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  1. Owner Arthur I have not spoke with Arthur much, but whatever problem he is involved in gets solved good and clear. After working on TOB fixes he messaged me to ask if its all right now, thats much appreciated! Kevin Hard working owner who really cares about the players, every problem ive come up with to him gets solved fairly and smooth. Keep going on the good work! Management Foly He has helped me alot on searching for all TOB bugs, he clearly listened to all of the bugs and problems and took them serious. Good manager! Donation Manager Jor Best donation manager around in my opinion, works very smoothly and is being clear about the donation rules and how it all works. KEEP JOR! Ryan Ive had some small problems with Ryan about being clear on how the goodiebag goes (first showing the items, then hussle them then pick the numbers). That was a one time accident wich was solved perfectly and quickly and i have no bad words to say about Ryan as donation manager. Keep up the good work! just try to be as clear as possible to avoid any miscommunications. Head Administrator Rapiid Ags I havent had alot of experiences with him yet but for what ive seen, he is very helpfull to people in the cc whenever they have a question. Kattrockbell I havent had alot of experiences with her yet but for what ive seen, she is very helpfull to people in the cc whenever they have a question. Administrator Sezy Sezy is a very helpfull Administrator and would definitely deserve promotion. When me and some friends had troubles with a staff member, Sezy was the one who instantly came to solve it and really took the problem serious. He puts the server and the players on number 1 wich is very important. RESPECT! AK 47 Very humble and helpfull guy, whenever there is a question while he is online it will have a response. AK is also an administrator who puts the players and server on number 1. Pixie Joe I am not positive about Pixie Joe, she does not take problems about "corrupt"/bad staff members seriously. Every decision that a staff member makes seems right in her eyes and thats not how it works. Please Pixie if you read this, take an example to Sezy about how it all should be done! Head Moderator Couvee Jr However i had not so many experiences with Couvee, he always responds on pms and is active in the cc. A helpfull moderator wich i cant say one bad thing about! Ntho skiller He deserves to get a big promotion, he is in my opinion one of the best staff members in the team. Always active, always helpfull, very honest and knows how to do his job! Moderator R M B T A great Moderator with much potential, clears up situations smoothly and is always helpfull in the cc! Deserved the quick promotions he had! Rob Macabre Also a great Moderator with much potentional, very active and helpfull in the cc and pms. He has much patience with helping people running TOB! Server Support Big wewestew Funny and helpfull support, very active as ive seen and helpfull. Sammyk Sammy is also a good server support and very helpfull, keep on the good work! All the staff i have not wrote about is because i dont have enough experiences with them yet. Some staff feedbacks are only one sentence, this would not help you alot but i do want to show that i appreciate them and that they have nothing to get better at in my opinion!
  2. How did you find about Simplicity?: Youtube What is your favorite gamemode?: regular your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: TOB If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: my tob team How would you rate the server from 1-10?: 8 What's your IGN?: Muna
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