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  1. 7.3, death dotting Its just part of honorless PKing, it always has been. Its a scummy thing to do but if youre looking for an "honorable" pvp fight then there are other alternatives. Wildy is a free for all, if you want to avoid getting DD'd then you need mithril seeds. Its an inherent part of pvp and its just gonna cause (and presumably already has caused) situations where someone gets DD'd and then bitches and wants their stuff back. Im not the biggest fan of NH tribridding but its not a rare occurrence in any hybrid/tribrid on the official OSRS, nor is it against the rules there. Unrelated, there should be more clarification on what is and isnt against the rules when it comes to typing. Obvious ones are obvious, directed at a user in aggression is frowned upon, but theres gotta be a line somewhere that is acceptable within limits, what can and cant be said, etc. Having someone yoink your drop party item and responding with "oh you fucker" could be considered the same as outright insulting someone, because without auditory context, a flaw with text as a whole, you cant really tell if that was of humorous intent or not.
  2. Behold, 35 combat, can hit a 36/36/36 with the golden maul 1 attack, 99 strength, 10hp, 1 defense, 1 range, 1 magic, 1 prayer Wearing third age melee, a fury, flame gloves, fire cape, climbing boots, berserker ring (i) and my favorite boater what i want to do next is get an inferno kill down, try and find better 1def boots and then rebuild the account quickly again
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