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  1. Good work, my young Padawan. I've taught you well. No but seriously, nice post especially for new players who can find everything they need in one place.
  2. Owner Arthur - King of Camelot? Supreme - Dagannoth? Kevin - Has been helpful with donations/goodiebags, but refuses to let me win anything of value Management Foly *afk* but this is my anime partner, fellow weeb. Nice to talk to when he's 'around' XDDD Shiftynex Forum Manager Foly Donation Manager Jor Luke - very helpful with donations and goodiebag deals! Head Administrator Rapiid Ags Kattrockbell Mak3 - incredibly helpful in sorting out a friend's client issues, always quick to respond and help one I won't hesitate to ask for assistance. Administrator Dro Sezy - extremely helpful in game and on Discord. Very quick to respond and provide support. AK 47 Charmie - I should hate Charmie considering he stole all the loot in ::cows but is one of the more chill staff members, spamming clan chat with lyrics WE LOVE TO SEE. Down to earth genuine person, always helping me with queries and in-game assistance and easy to approach and converse with, one of the best staff tbh. Fatal Novaz Head Moderator Couvee Jr Ntho skiller - Ntho quick as heck to help with staff tickets on Discord and provide his/her input on the matter. Sleepinwmy9 Pixie Joe - can't explain how helpful Pixie Joe has been since my first day on the server, and goes out of her way to support all players regardless of their playtime. Pixie even went out her way to DM me to re-enter this feedback as I had incorrect format. 10/10 BEST STAFF MEMBER EVER. Pixie for Admin??? Moderator R M B T - like an assassin, he's silent, but very quickly and surprisingly provides responses to queries. Rob Macabre Xelta Forum Moderator Ntho skiller Server Support Big wewestew Kreatiivs Slinky Joey Ganjaclown Trial Support Sammyk - got off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding, but we resolved it. Otherwise he/she is active in Help clan chat and ready to help at any given moment. Waffels
  3. How did you find about Simplicity?: Searching Online for a Group Ironman server What is your favorite gamemode?: Group Ironman your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: Started on 21/03/2021, so grinding out slayer at the minute. If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: Flint and Steel (full item) How would you rate the server from 1-10?: 10 out of fookin 10 thus far! What's your IGN?: Ozgen
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