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  1. Probably not gonna win, but hey, lets try at least
  2. Thanks!
  3. IGN: Sun God Gwyn Rsn: Sun God Gwyn/Iron Sunny D I’ve been playing Runescape since early 06’, and no matter what happens I always seem to come back to it. I steppeded away from the private server scene for awhile while I was in the military, but now that I’m done, I hope to make this my home server. The community seems so nice so far and I’d love to gain some new friends along the way. If you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of the souls series, logging over 1000 hours in the first 2 games and 500 or so in demons souls and dark souls 3. Im a lore hound and always down for some interesting stories, feel free to share! Id love to see custom quests added to the server and I’d be glad to help make them. AMA, I’m a pretty open book.