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  1. I will also be joining !!
  2. Nice! now i've got some competition 😁 i'm at 158 achievements. Sadly the ''achievements completed'' counter doesnt work after the new gamble zone update. (your counter should be at 132 achievements) Best of luck on the achievements mate!❤️
  3. I'm guessing 20B and 950M May the best win 😀
  4. Good idea, ill add them soon! Thanks for the feedback ❤️
  5. Here is a map that shows all locations of every boss and monster in the wilderness. Check out the red quest tab for the current locations of Galvek and Wildywyrm. Let me know if there is anything else i can add to this map. any feedback is welcome. Enjoy ❤️ Special thanks to @ Minion , @ copskillcows for helping me out with some locations and info. And thanks to @ 2incher for his guide on the wilderness bosses and clue scroll locations.
  6. This would be awesome to see implemented , would be so much easier and faster to navigate and would be much faster for farming instanced areas, maybe also make a ::quicktp command with it.


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