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  1. First off I want to say this is one of the best pvm RSPS I have ever played, that being said I have a few ideas that could further improve our experience. -My first suggestion would be to add an Ikki hydra per superior version. The pet is a bit glitchy rn but its my favorite and I would love to make it my superior pet someday. -I also want to do something with boots of stone, they are a rare drop and are worthless right now. - I want to add corp and nex instances as this is a big server and it is tough to kill these bosses when you have to compete with max range/melee. - Update ring of wealth as it give 10% and the ring of boss only gives 15%. If its 13b it should be a decent bit better than ring of wealth besides just picking up items automatically. -Hydra boss cape would look super cool and make people want something other than the raids cape. -The last thing I wanted to note is that when it lags bosses such as olm, and hydra will regenate half to all of its health through a lag spike. This happens even if you try to continue to attack the boss. I am a huge pvm player so these changes would greatly enhance my gameplay here. Take care all!
  2. So I started this server a little over a week ago and I immediately fell in love because I have always been a huge pvm/boss player. Of course I had to set my sights on the popular twisted bow. After countless raids, hydra kills, votes, warmonger kills, and luck with giveaways I'm pleased to say ive achieved both my Twisted bow and a Ring of Bosses. Time for more diverse bossing boys! Gotta get my Pernix back
  3. please