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  1. Hey guys, I know crystal zone already has dawn which is amazing I am not asking for anything better than Dawn I wanted to start out with that. However, I wish the other NPC's within the crystal zone had more interesting/profitable drops. I am talking about Lizardman Brutes and the Rock Guardians or whatever they are called. I am also not asking for them to be as good as dawn I just want reason to go after the other NPC's whether there are pets, cool aesthetic items, or just better boxes to spice it up. Lizardmen brutes used to be so much better back like a year ago that they were worth grinding as well. As a player who has played multiple years and donated a bunch I just want more interesting grinds not necessarily better profits. Thanks for reading!
  2. Not like anyone cares tho...... Once again a cry fallen on deaf ears goodbye simplicity fam
  3. Title says it all.... Been asking for 6 months for this update and its the reason i quit the game due to the fact that I was told it was on the to do list over 4 months ago... I might actually start playing again if we balance the combat styles. Im not doing theater of blood with 99hp, any form of soulsplit just knocks you directly back down to 99hp. Sincerely A player who has been playing for a year
  4. Hey Guys, So lately sapphire boxes have been added to the voting shop as well as the pking shop. The ::deals also give hundreds of Elite boxes. With these changes the benefits of crystal zone have been drastically reduced in terms of profit as these are the main ticket items that actually sell. Being a player with $8000+ value in donations I feel that I should have the benefit of bosses that make me a decent amount more Gp than the ranks below me. That being said not only are the big ticket items dropping in price, the main monster to kill for the most profit is Porazdir. This is a boss that Ohall has which I know in crystal there are more, but they basically make the same gp/hr as I do and I spent another 2-3tril more for my rank than they did. I just really feel like crystal zone needs some extra love in terms of gp/hr or just some cool benefits that makes the rank feel worth it. A suggestion I have is definitely to improve the stone guardians drop table, but also maybe edit the current drop tables for the crystal bosses or even add an additional one. Thanks for reading all of this, I just really feel like grinding 1-2tril is still as impossible now as it was when I was sapphire rank haha...
  5. Hey everyone I've been thinking about ways to make simplicity more enjoyable for all types of players and I have come up with a few ideas. First we need celestial to be 139hp I have suggested this for so long and it just hasn't happened so I am bringing it up again. Magic is so underused in the game, TOB was supposed to make it usable again, but with the hp you just get one hit nearly every run. Second I believe we should make sang staff and sovx able to be upgraded in the well with a 1/10 drop rate. I do not want the rate to be super good or anything but i just see the price of these items crashing. Sang staff in particular is less than a tbow at this time which is insane to me. Third we have too many $ scrolls coming into the game with all of these orb drop parties and donor benefits. I love the whole $1000 orb light up aspect I just think it is crashing the prices of boxes as there are so many, which leads to an excess of donator scrolls into the game. Fourth I think that crystal zone needs a bit of a rework. The fact that porazdir is still the most profitable thing to kill is really demotivating as I can kill that with onyx rank. I love having a few extra bosses like lizardman and dawn but they literally are a bit less profitable than the ohall boss. The stone guardians in Risen's area really need some love as they drop crap and no one uses them. Maybe add a cool box or ring of bosses to their drop table? Lastly, Pking needs some love and attention. There are some combat bugs that need to be looked at, and the items in the wild that are banned really need to be taken a look at. If we can make pking fun and viable, then I think our server would grow exponentially as any type of rsps player would potentially be interested in joining the server. Maybe make an easy way to regear fast to run back out there and continue pking. Thanks for your time guys,
  6. I think with my addition to crystal I can say with confidence that this end game zone is getting a bit crowded. If we were able to make some of the areas at crystal zone instanced that would fix everything permanently. I know its a hassle to constantly put more monsters in these zones so an instance would be perfect. I also think that stone guardians at Risen Siren's statue needs a loot rework. Compared to the other bosses the stone guardian just is not worth going too which is sad because I think that statue needs some love haha. Maybe have them drop pernix or some good box such as infinity, ruby, 1 year box, emerald, kevin's birthday, or sapphire. This rework alone would provide an extra boss to kill and give us more space when all of the crystals are logged on. Thanks for reading,
  7. @Master Cut22 is there a loot table for this wilderness key tho? You said it was moved because of the loot but all i get are uncut gems and 20k.... stuck in 46wildy lol
  8. Still no celestial buff CMONNNNNN........ Plus why take out skeletal mystics i was actually interested in trying those out? I need a reason to be in the wildy
  9. It seems like every other day we get another player entering the Ohall for the first time. This is great and all but everyone comes straight to Porazdir because its a good money maker and unfortunately once again it is crowded here. I am suggesting we either get rid of the night beats and add more Porazdir because thats an emerald boss and no one kills it, or we could add an instance spot for these monsters so every Onyx donor can access a decent amount. IMO we don't really need Derwen there either. Also Mage desperately needs a buff. Unless you have max mage this combat style is legit useless. And even with max mage it pails in comparison to melee. Can we atleast get 139hp on celestial or just an overall magic buff to get the players using every style to its fullest potential. Thanks for the continuous updates Staff I cannot wait for the next bossing update to come out!
  10. Yeah the nightbeast isnt really useful at all seeing as theres a emerald zone for it and it doesnt drop shit
  11. I am just figuring out that there is no Ava Npc neither can you upgrade the basic ava backpack. Vorkaths head is supposed to be used with 75 mithril arrows and the backpack to create the accumulator. I know its a drop at vorkath but I dont see why the regular vorkath head is only intended to color a slayer helm in the game.
  12. Bump! Gonna suggest this until it is added. The Eco is crazy right now but mage isnt affected at all which shows just how much ppl neglect this combat style. It really bothers me because mage is my favorite and I feel I wont ever get the additions to it that I need based on the amount of players that currently utilize it.
  13. See the problem here is that people tend not to support things that do not directly affect them. Being a member of the small portion of Simplicity that likes to boss with Magic means that I would like the combat styles to be balanced. Max mage deserves an HP bonus just like Melee and Ranged. Saying other items give you bonus HP isn't saying much as those items tend to be food which does not stack with Soul Split. The fact that I cannot use my superior pet at the majority of bosses means im supposed to be on curses which puts me at a disadvantage as I can't boost my HP like everybody else as well as I am uses crappy prayers for my combat style.
  14. I stand by my statement. The implementation of the superior pet was to be used for high level bossing. It costs 50b to upgrade and a minimum of 250 donator points. The main attraction is being able to use SoulSplit as well as Augury or Rigour. It makes a really useful item obsolete if more than 3 upper level bosses do not allow for familiars. I mean at least let me use it at Vorkath...


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