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  1. Hey, Was wondering how the droptable works and is displayed. Lets make an example case. Counting the drops displayed below. So what i think is that having 5 drops at 1/900 droprate means that you have 5/900 chance of receiving one of these. making the rate for ANY of these uniques 900/5=180. The other variation that i got was that these are displayed as a general rate for 1 roll on table for any unique making it look more like 1/5x900=1/4500 for specific unique and 1/900 for any random unique. Cheers. -Tas
  2. Donation Manager Jor - Awesome guy, always interacting with community when online Luke - One of my favourite admins here. Pleasure to do business with him. Head Administrator Rapiid ags - Usually meet him at bosses, Seems to interact alot with community and answers questions. Kattrockbell -Havent talked yet Sezy -Havent talked yet Administrator Dro -Havent talked yet AK 47 - Would love to interact more but both of us seems to be grinding alot, always teles me to easter even regardless, great guy! Charmie - Absolutely great guy! As long as we dont cross each others path pvming. Always good to talk with Pixie Joe - Banter all day with him, very welcoming person Ntho skiller - Havent had that much interaction besides helped me alot with my questions. Head Moderator R M B T - Absolutely deserved spot here at head mod. Communicates with everyone in help cc. Trial Support Ozgen - Great guy, been pvming with him, also helped me abit with skilling giving tips when i first started.


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