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  1. It is. Now onto another grind!
  2. Some of the tasks I didn't get pictures of.. I was too focused on the grind and getting this done and over with. But I have finished and surprisingly it honestly didn't take as long as I thought it would. For those of you who see this and are currently grinding through it my only advice is to just keep pushing and don't forget to take breaks doing other stuff or else you'll get burnt out. Finishing off 10k monster kills with a 3.5k chicken massacre Comp Cape acquired 106/106 completed done and over! Thanks for all who viewed and commented on this post, chatted with me along the way, completed tasks with me along the way, and gave me moral support!
  3. When I first started mining runite ore for comp cape I would've agreed with this. But now that I've done it I like the way it is, its fair for everyone the way it is currently. Everybody hates it lol. But that's what make comp cape a grind. You get to AFK while doing rocktail, cooking, magics, and burning. I've been told you can mine the runite ore in wildy so that they are noted.
  4. It has been one heck of a weekend. The grind has been crazy! Some of the tasks can get to you but just power through em. I found it helps to take breaks from the really grindy ones and switch to the ones that is more afkable. So here is an update of my comp cape of what I accomplished over the weekend. 8k Bloods 5k Cannon Shots 2k Rocktails 1k Diamond Gems Harvest 1k Torstols Catch 100 Kingly Imps Runite Rocks... To be continued 5k Scimitars stolen 5k Magics cut Hopefully my next update I will be done!
  5. Welcome to the forums! Good to see more people being active on the forums. Look forward to seeing more posts from you and doing some PvM with you in-game!
  6. Welcome aboard the simpgang train!
  7. May not get much or any feedback on this post as I am the only player with the cape so far but I just wanted to give my thoughts/feedback on the cape. Let me start with the pros: First I would like to say the cape looks absolutely amazing. The effects, the colors, the spec animation, it all just looks so good. Also the stats and all the buffs it gives to drop chance, spec restore, and possible double drop are also awesome. Now with the pros out of the way let me move onto the cons: This cape comes with a special attack which is awesome but the cooldown of the special attack is 15 minutes. That is a long time for a cooldown, especially for what it actually does. I would think maybe 2-3 minutes would seem like a decent amount of time to use the special attack. This cape can also be used to teleport to a "exclusive" zone for people who own the cape. This seems like a cool idea but the zone is pretty lack luster in my opinion. There are two bosses there, dawn and porazdir. Now don't get me wrong these two bosses are good for making some decent GP but they are accessible once you reach onyx (for porazdir) and crystal (for dawn) rank. I feel like the people who will be able to acquire this cape are going to be onyx+ donators due to the amount needed to donate for the cape and will already have access to these areas such as myself. I think that there should be some new/different/more bosses (possibly move to a larger area) in the overlord area. This cape will be near impossible to actually craft due to there being such a low number of nightmare capes in game plus needing to get the relic from a demonic chest which is why I think the zone should be quite a bit better. This post isn't meant to be negative in any manner just giving my opinions on the cape and would like to hear some feedback or ideas. Thanks for reading, -Bucky
  8. As of the date of this post these are my current standings of the achievements. I have already completed the easy and medium achievement tasks and now it time to start with the really grindy ones! I will be adding to this post every few days with updates/pictures. Wish me the best of luck and if you are also on the road to comp and would like to grind some of these out together feel to message me in-game. Let the grind begin! HARD TASKS - ELITE TASKS -
  9. Post those loot tabs and don't be shy about having a messy bank! I've only been here a few weeks but it will steadily keep growing! 😄
  10. Appreciate it! Thanks for the response and acknowledgement Arthur. I am very excited to see what's coming!
  11. Yooo. I’m Bucky! Some of you probably already know me but for those of you who don’t, HI! I’ve been playing retail RuneScape and RSPS for a long long time. I’ve recently taken a break from RS3/OSRS and started looking at the RSPS list and stumbled upon Simplicity and I must say, I’m glad I did. Simplicity has some amazing people and very helpful staff which is the main reason I decided to make this server my home and will be here for a long time to come. Feel free to message me in-game, I’m always down for raids and other activities! I look forward to see what’s all to come with my time being here. Thanks in advance for giving this a read and see you guys in-game!
  12. Hello everyone! Some of you may know me and some may not. I've only been here for about two weeks and have noticed that the economy could use some work and see that quite a few others would agree. I have looked through and read all of the other economy threads and have seen this has been an ongoing issue for some time now. So without further ado let me begin: First off I just want to say that some places NEED a GP increase drop. Take full CoX (olm) runs for example, I can spend 10-20 mins doing a full run (or roughly 8-15 mins with group) and get 25m and junk drop. Or I can spend that same amount of time at hydra and make 10m+ every 10-30 seconds. Now I understand that CoX has some pretty decent drops, but, it's so rare to get anything it almost isn't even worth doing. I'll be doing runs with people and after like 3-4 runs everyone drops out because time can be better spent elsewhere (after all time is money). I for one enjoy doing PvM with other players so I can get to know the other players other than just in the "help" clan chat. I feel like modifying the drops to give more GP in the multiplayer activities would also help bring more people to CoX and ToB or even Nightmare boss and have a more active player base that does multiplayer activities rather than people just at AFK spots or camping at hydra. Cause sometimes it gets a bit lonely out here. One thing that confirms that there isn't enough GP in game is if you just take a look through the POS there are so many items that just aren't selling, especially the 150b+ items. So many items are brought into the game but no one can even afford to buy some of the stuff (plus there is nothing to do with said items if they don't sell) and it can be a bit off putting to some of the players, especially the new ones. Everyone has items to trade but not enough GP to buy items outright. This is a private server after all, there should be no reason for month long grinds to acquire items/gear that isn't even end game stuff. I understand that there needs to be longevity with players but wouldn't it be better that they play and be able to keep progressing and have the drive to play and possibly invite friends to Simplicity rather than playing and hitting a plateau or getting burnt out doing raids and never getting a drop and stop due to that? That's just my opinion though. An increase in drop rate to items in my opinion wouldn't really accomplish much given the fact that there is already so many items out there for sale and are slowly selling or not selling at all. So even if you do get blessed by the RNG gods some things are hard to sell to get GP for an item or gear that you actually want/need. Maybe a slight drop rate increase could be implemented in the future depending on how the economy changes. Another thing I would suggest even though I think I seen it turned down in another thread is.... increase profit at AFK spots. Doesn't have to be an insane number but I just AFK'd at ::crystal rock for roughly 2 hours while typing this and proofreading and can sell the rocks for 145m. That's 14 hydra kills.. which could be done by most people with ease in about 14 mins (and that's extremely slow). Don't get me wrong I understand that it is an AFK spot and shouldn't be able to make bank from it but what's really the point of it if it barely helps out? And yes, I do understand this contradicts what I said about a having a more active player base at other areas but some of us do have to go to school/work and do other activities. Plus this would help the newer players get started more easily while living life and being at AFK spots. Lastly I would like to say that I know that donating helps out the server and is much needed to keep everything up and running but some people just simply cannot donate and I would hate to see those people leave the server just because some gear/items seem unobtainable in a realistic timely manner. After all, the more the people on and active in the community the merrier. Any other thoughts or ideas are welcomed down below. I would love to hear what everyone has to say and even give their own opinions on the economy/drops. Thanks for reading, -Bucky


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