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  1. Owner Kevin - Straight up playa. Owner of one of the most profound, community-structured RuneScape private servers.. decades after RuneScape should've ended altogether. That s#%t really speaks for itself. Have no choice but to respect the dedication and time put in, even if you don't like the dude. Although he's making money regardless, he still goes out of his way to out-perform himself with constant updates and events to keep the community satisfied. Management Forums Manager Foly | Foly - I've only spoken with Foly once/twice. I can't necessarily recall what the situation was, but I do recall him being extremely helpful and answering questions I had asked in CC when I first joined the community. I really appreciated his insight then, and it definitely played it's part in convincing me come back around and login for the second time. Donation Manager Luke - Deal maker right here. When a goodie bag comes through with his name on it I'll be tempted every time. Luke comes out with the hottest prizes every time. If you're donating to anyone BUT Luke you're losing money; end of story. Although I've personally had the absolute worse luck with goodiebags and Luke, he's saved me billions with tips and advice that I wouldn't have known any other way. Another prime reason why this is the only community I really fw. Even the Staff keep it real with you and are honest at times you'd expect them not to be. Also Onyx boxes are for s e l l i n g y'all. Head Administrator Rapiid ags - I've seen dude on a couple times throwing out yells and promos. I've never really had the chance to talk with Rapiid, but every time I've seen him in cc/yell he's been hella out-going and has a chill vibe that's relatively refreshing in a sense. He's the fresh reminder that the Staff Team is just another player like us, just with extended benefits. No ego in sight. Kattrockbell - Same deal as before, minus everything I said before. I've seen Kat in cc a few times chopping it up with players and sharing knowledge. Again; chill vibe - great staff team member Administrator Dro - Never met this dude a day in my life but I really fw his username. Now I know why it was taken. 😪 All in all, I'm sure he'd make for a decent a$3 conversation - specifically about marijujus. AK 47 - Named after one of my most favorite Sativa strains, this dude's really lived up to his name. Relaxed, mellow, sour and earthy, yet sweet. I'm sure he'd make for a decent a$3 conversation too. Charmie - If you don't know Charmie, you haven't reached 10 hours on your account yet. Charmie, being one of the first staff I had met; was another reason why I chose to make this community my home. His kindness exceeded all expectations. I'm very grateful to have Charmie working as Simplicity Staff because he very well deserves it. Pixie Joe - I really enjoy helping the community where I can. When I see a question in CC from a new player, 99% of the time I will answer it. However, when I see Pixie Joe online - I just don't bother. She's Simplicities guidance counselor for as far as I'm concerned. Each time I or anyone else has a question and she was online, I knew it'd be answered. Extremely helpful whenever she's on, and I really appreciate the help she's already provided in the past! I had a lot of questions starting out, haha. Ntho skiller / Ntho skiller - Nthooo! Same deal. If you've played for any longer then a day, you've probably met Ntho. Another extremely helpful, contributing Staff Team member. Yes, I have him specifically added for questionnaires whenever I don't want to feel dumb in yell chat/cc. Rob Macabre - The very first Staff Team member I've met. I remember this specifically, because he tossed me my starter gear when I first started out about a two weeks ago. I was extremely grateful for his kindness and generosity on my very first day; and that's just something you have a hard time forgetting. Head Moderator R M B T - Always in CC helping out new players whenever he's available. Overall, a standup team member whose obligated to helping those in the community. He's answered countless questions of my own, and I really appreciate the help! Kreatiivs - Came through hella fast on a few occasions to fix bugs/problems I was having in-game, as well as other players. i.e. web at verzik etc A1 team player. Server Support Ganjaclown - Hella active. Super laid back dude, really happy to see him on the team. I'm sure that he'll make a great contribution to the team as well as the community. J - We've spoken a few times n every time this man's had nothing but insight and knowledge to share. I really appreciated the fact that he went out of his way to introduce himself, as well as offer any help I may need moving forward. It was really refreshing and nice to see when I first joined this community. Trial Support Copskillcows - Cops! I don't even know where to begin with g. I can't express how happy I am to see him as apart of the team now; it's beyond deserved and I can't wait to see him move up the ranks! I remember him since day one - that username caught definitely caught my eye. Bucky - When I thought of Bucky as Trial Support, I was caught off guard. Bucky has helped me since day one and I've always thought of him as an in-game support/moderator. Definitely deserved. Kind/friendly, contributing staff team member that I personally see throwing out answers in CC every day. Everyone who HASN"T been included here; I just simply haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. Looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team moving forward! Sorry if I missed any of you. It's 6AM n I'm a bit baked. Hmu in-game, post is editable. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hell yess looking forward to creating the dream team and taking home the bingo. Thanks for the hella creative event brotha love to see it, Simplicity always coming out with heat.
  3. appreciate it brotha 🙏
  4. I've only just started playing a couple weeks ago and finally decided to make a forums account! I was instantly addicted after all of the warm welcomes, super friendly community encounters and unique server developmental work all caught me by surprise. Looking forward to making this my home and meeting more people to come!
  5. Welcome to the community Shib! Happy to have you :) Also dope profile pic!
  6. Some nice work here dude keep it up
  7. I think you've touched up on a lot of good points here brotha, thanks for this.


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