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  1. Only time I ever interacted with Owners/Donation Managers was when they were asking for donations. Any other time, they never responded to you at all. Seriously, feels like a used car dealership every time you login. No thanks. And I got banned for giving something away(which I did before I knew it was against the rules, but ignorance is not an excuse)? I paid for it, it's mine to give away. Why's that a fucking rule, ya shits. Anyways, most helpers are very helpful and friendly. Great server, I like the take on upgraded weapons, weird behavior when it comes to money.
  2. Let's goooooo! Rooting for you bro
  3. BINGO BE LIT I'm down for this
  4. Shib

    My Recent Work

    Damn these are so sick! Are you using photoshop?
  5. Thanks J! I've already had some of your help in an indirect way 😎
  6. GL Bucky! I'm working my way there as well
  7. Hey everyone! Just wanted to post an intro to you all here. I'm Shib - a long time RS player, RSPS creator, and gamer. Professionally, I'm a software engineer and a community manager at a good sized tech company. I'm a husband and a dad of 2 toddlers Super glad to have found Simplicity - awesome community to be apart of


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