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  1. I see both sides of argument. To whoever said wildy should be completely safe... that is stupid. It is meant to be dangerous. However I like there being a second option that isn't in the wilderness for people to fight without risk of getting PKed by the one clan on the server.
  2. Updated once again :P.
  3. So these will not be any particular order but these are all things that would improve the game Fix Rev caves a bit more, the revs are still very odd to kill and also the drop tables are still off atleast as far as npc drop checker goes. Ancient Wyverns should not be locked behind a 15m item that disappears each time. If you want to make it a one time payment, however it seems unfair for like iron men etc. plus it just locks content down behind a money sink. Fix Money Pouch being used with shops. Still doesn't take from money pouch and is a rather large pain. Farming bug needs to be addressed. Whenever you logout without picking your patch it will null your patch and when you go to pick it you will instead just rake it. Drop Tables of NPCs bug me. Like why does Olm drop tassys and dragon scim (or). Just seems weird and not very creative. Phoenix should drop Flame gloves. Add some better zones for other donation ranks(you skip everything from Bronze to Platinum) Maybe add a safe Rev spot in one of those(diamond+) Why does Vorkath not drop the Dragonfire ward???? Prayer does not seem to protect against certain npcs(revs mostly) Add in Mage Arena 2 capes + a minigame Add in more options for Agility training Try and sort out where drops belong like certain bosses shouldn't have certain drops(so for instance the bandos tassys should not be coming from Olm) Also to go along with the above. Rework Skotizo completely. Give him the pet drop, the dark claw(for recolor slayer helm) and make him drop lots of skilling supplies which are good for ironmen. Then add the Magic fang to Zulrah and the Staff of the Dead to K'ril. Another huge piece of criticism(hear me out on this) is to slow down on sounding so money hungry. Sure the server is thriving. But it will only last so long with that kind of mind set. That is what kills servers. you willl make money regardless, I understand you need to pay devs etc. but eventually it will show that you are doing more updates that add Pay to win items into the game instead of fixing the bugs, and eventually people will start leaving because of that. I donate because I enjoy the server, however it seems that is your major goal when running the server. That will eventually be your downfall. You are a good guy man and this server has potential, you just need to make sure you continue to run it the right way. @Simplicity Fix Great Olm fight as it shuold only boot you to the starting room rather than home when you die.(ending the instance) Ancient Wyverns also need their Anicnet wyvern shield drop as well. You already have some of the Superior Slayer npcs added. Finish them and actually make Superior Slayer a thing. Move Skotizo to his correct home(also add in Kourend Catacombs) along with the Ancient shards and Arclight etc. Crystal Halberd would be nice to have in game. Also I am not sure if with that new update the Olm Slayer helm is a renamed version of the KQ one, but if so make it slightly colored differently that way KQ head slayer helm can still exist as I love the Slayer helms from OSRS. Also can add Purple slayer helm and the dark claw to Skotizo. Drygores need a buff Fix Zulrah(from what I know he only needs a little work to be functional) Add Pegs to Cerberus drop table Demonic Gorillas hit through prayer and hit VERY hard. Fire Max cape should be made using the Fire cape and the max cape together, not with this weird 3 items deal. Diamond Demons are useless. Can't make Red Slayer Helm with abby head? Add a text when using item on well and not being successful such as "The magic is not in your favour, better luck next time." rather than nothing interesting happened. Add an interface to the well to show what you can sacrifice and what rewards and odds you have to succeed. Add ways to get all items including Raids 2 gear etc. Avernic Defender pl0x Sanguinesti staff OSRS Slayer Helm variants should be made from either reg slayer helm or full, reg making them the Red slayer helm for abby demon head, and with the full making it Red slayer helm (i) Will add more ideas as they come to me.
  4. Some great suggestions. Have to say man you got some solid ideas andI hope to see them implimented. I would love to see Pyromancer released alongside Wintertodt as for some reason I love that minigame. But all around a solid group of ideas and I hope to see more from you my friend!