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  1. Why only sagittarian and not celestial which costs 1000 donator points?
  2. Love this topic!!! Get that healing boost in, and same for celestial. If sage gets health boost, more people will donate for it, more people donating makes owners happy which makes updates better etc!! UPDATE SAGI AND CELESTIAL PLEASE!!@#$#!@#$#@! <3
  3. Maybe the name of this cape could be, "Simplicity Cape"
  4. I don't know what you would think of this, but I would love to be able to combine all 3 of my capes into 1 so i didn't have to switch all the time. I'm not phased if this new combined cape had better stats slightly, or the same stats as these capes. Of course i think there should also be an uncombine feature if possible too. Let me know what y'all think