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  1. So you’re suggesting the 2% starts from Diamond and Onyx to end at 10%? I like this idea as Ring of Bosses is more common and should have different perks to Diamond status!
  2. Ideas and Improvements for Donator ranks within Simplicity Firstly, I want to begin with how amazing I find Simplicity and how thankful I am for everything the staff provides for us, content wise and their timely server updates. They listen to us, their players, and they improve the game within the boundaries we are asking for. I have noted down some improvements that may be noted for higher Donator status’. I feel that once you get to sapphire ranks we almost get forgotten about. Here are my thoughts for non-donors: · Magic secateurs double harvest to work towards achievement diary!! For everyone to have access to this. · Non-Donor hiscores to be a thing. · Tree patches to be implemented. · Cooking gauntlets to increase cooked rate. · Teleport to catherby for access to rocktail spot. · Vorkath to respawn without leaving instance, same with hydra. · Something needs to be added for mage to become a low level pvm style alongside melee and range. Weapons need to be buffed below sang staff. · Crafting xp to get buffed, way too expensive if trying to grind for hiscore rank (with onyx rank I get 19k for cutting dstone where as stealing from scimitar stall I get 41k if that makes sense). Regular ::dzone ideas: · Extreme supply to go to 20. · Overload supply to go to 5. · Maybe a slayer master to be moved to dzone which only assigns dzone monsters and they give double the slayer xp? · More lizardman shaman, currently only 1. · Increased drop rates (slight nothing drastic e.g kbd to drop d kite currently 1/850 go to 1/750 or 1/700) on monsters within dzone. Sapphire rank ideas: Personally I think it would be awesome, since there is a szone already, to expand it and for this to become like a dzone+ kinda thing (thanks for the idea DAKA). Here are some thoughts I have; · Frost dragons to drop double bones (maybe even noted however not necessary with ::bank) also to have their own small dungeon. · To have a fire or range added to ::szone. · Donator Shops/boss point/max to be added to ::szone, alongside a ::pos store added (not command) maybe even place for summoning? · Herb patch added. · Gem store to have discounted gem prices. · Rune thieving stall to be afk, one click, but still requires you to bank. · Pet chance increase 2% Emerald rank ideas: In my opinion Emerald rank is the most underwhelming out of all donator ranks as the night beast currently isn’t appealing to anyone.. Here are some thoughts.. · Be able to catch double rocktails. · No longer burn rocktails. · Night beasts drop table to be reworked. 2m coins instead of 50k for example? Maybe also for it to drop Blue charms say 1/5 or 1/10 so it can be farmed for charms? Make this monster more appealing. · No longer require coal for smelting bars. · Add a rune rock that doesn’t deplete. · Pet chance increase 4% · A second tree patch or exclusive farming area, 2 tree patches, 2 herb patches. Ruby rank ideas: Again, in my opinion, ruby rank has the rubytree which is awesome, I love it, great money and great to afk, but outside of this, not much. Here are some thoughts.. · Combat dummy to give 2x damage towards achievements. · Frost dragons to now note bones. · Store to have 100 stock of extremes NOTED so overload making is quicker or gathering is quicker. · Dragonkin lamp to be lowered to 75m. · Pet chance increase 6% Onyx rank ideas: Everyone knows the ohall needs improvements, there’s been lots of discussion and I hope my thoughts here reflect what we would like to see.. All of the following in ohall.. · Thieving store to be completely afk, just like afk tree and afk fishing. · Be able to catch noted rocktails, again afk fishing with a perk.. Doesn’t have to be rocktails if you think this is too OP. · Furnace to be added if coal is no longer needed for bars. · Gem store to have cheaper prices again, dragonkin lamps to be lowered to 50m, 1000 stock of extremes in herblore shop. · Pet chance increase 9%. · 2 herb patches to give double harvest (3x or 4x with magic secateurs) Now for improvements for the bosses within the ::ohall.. · All of them to have a 4-8m coin drop always · Their rare drops to reflect what is important in game right now, i was thinking 1/900 drops of graceful cape/Stuffed vork head/mythical cape/cyan crystal/maybe new drops for nex cape? · To always drop charms · Improve the Onyx 2h weapon to be comparable to reg scythe. Too big of gap from vorkath whip to scythe · Maybe one of the bosses is weak to melee, one weak to mage, one weak to range etc. With whatever it weak to it has a 1/900 or greater chance of dropping Sang staff/Tbow/Reg scythe or New weapons in each combat style just under these tiered weapons that non donors can afford. For example Vork whip goes from 500m to scythe at 60. Lets create a weapon that Master Arthur drops that might go for 10-20b for melee? Same idea for Mbp to Tbow and no one uses mage unless it’s a Sanguinesti staff… · Noted Overload drops always · Noted Rocktail drops always · Blood rune altar to give double runes and double xp · Fire with double xp per log and range with 100% chance of cooking A lot of my ideas I tried to categorize accordingly with what ranks I thought were fair, however maybe people would like different ideas categorized within different ranks. The more important meaning behind this was to give you guys ideas rather than just tell you I or we as a community want improvements. I hope you guys enjoyed reading as again, I love the server and just would like people to donate and strive for these high ranks and fully reap the rewards. Thanks so much! Zerravack Improvements.docx
  3. I agree with Foly that outside the diamond for ::bank and sapphire for unlimited prayer, every other rank is a little underwhelming. Personally, very new to the whole onyx rank, but to save up 317b to afford it I have been very underwhelmed with the experience. I can't imagine how people like Bernard feel who have spent over $2000 irl to achieve this rank. I love the server and I think you guys do a great job, but us Onyx members are the ones that will stick by you and help maintain the server +1
  4. Hey guys! I know i am one of the few in the game with this celestial set as the only way to obtain is through 1000 donator points, however i'm requesting that it should have a health set boost, just like sagittarian does/pernix/torva/sacred clay/justiciar etc. I think, considering it is the most expensive set (item) to donate for, that these benefits should match it's fellow tier sets (sacred clay and sagi) Thanks! Zerravack
  5. Why only sagittarian and not celestial which costs 1000 donator points?
  6. Love this topic!!! Get that healing boost in, and same for celestial. If sage gets health boost, more people will donate for it, more people donating makes owners happy which makes updates better etc!! UPDATE SAGI AND CELESTIAL PLEASE!!@#$#!@#$#@! <3
  7. Maybe the name of this cape could be, "Simplicity Cape"
  8. I don't know what you would think of this, but I would love to be able to combine all 3 of my capes into 1 so i didn't have to switch all the time. I'm not phased if this new combined cape had better stats slightly, or the same stats as these capes. Of course i think there should also be an uncombine feature if possible too. Let me know what y'all think