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  1. Got 99 Slayer Got cleaned gambling, time to rebuild!!!
  2. If a monster has 6 items at 1/900 drop rate, does that mean that each item has 1/900 drop rate, meaning the drop rate for any item is actually 6/900?
  3. Simplicity Rsps - Ironman Walkthrough 1. Get thieving 90+ 2. Buy: black dhide top black dhide chaps black dhide vambraces snakesking boots neitznot helmet ava's accumulator rune crossbow magic shortbow 1000 ruby bolts (e) 500 rune arrows sharks super restores 3. Click on the slayer skill and select vannaka as your slayer master. Click on the slayer skill again and teleport to slayer master. Get a slayer task. 4. Teleport to your slayer task and kill them with ranged on longrange with your magic shortbow until you're 55 defence, then switch to rapid. Keep training ranged and slayer until 85+ ranged. 5. Kill 5 blue dragons and use the bones on altar for 44 prayer 6. Kill Slash Bash until 500 boss points and buy Blowpipe from the boss point shop. If you get any 100M drops along the way, spend that on food/potions/bolts. 7. Get thieving to 99 if you need money for food/pots/bolts 8. Kill Zulrah until you get a magma blowpipe. Pick up all the drops and sell to general store. 9. Kill Nex until you get at least full pernix. You can grind for all the nex sets if you want. 10. Kill Vorkath until you get Vorkath whip 11. Train slayer to 99. Will be more than enough to get maxed melee/magic. 12. If you followed this guide you now have full nex set, magma blowpipe, vorkath whip and 99 all combat stats including slayer. From now on you can pretty much do whatever you like. Maybe go for max/comp cape, grind for other boss drops, etc.
  4. Hello Simplicity, I figured I'd make a thread to track my progress in this game. I'm starting tracking my progress at 32h playtime and with the following bank/stats One of my first goals is going to be to get a max cape, and that's what I'll be working on. I'll also do Raids and other PvM when I feel like it.
  5. Hello Simplicity, My name is Victor, I have about 31 hours played and figured it was time to introduce myself on the forums. I enjoy mostly PvM and gambling and this is what my bank is looking like: If you feel like PvMing together feel free to pm me in-game
  6. 100 = 900 63 = x (63*900) / 100 56700/100 567 If my math is correct you have 1/567 chance of getting loot on a 1/900 item with 37% bonus drop rate