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  1. Owner Arthur - a really good owner, always hyped to see him chatting ingame. instead of not interacting Supreme - i havent seen much of him but ive heard alot about him and how good he does behind the scenes Kevin - a nice guy no matter who you are if you talk with him he will be there to assist Head Of Server Foly Donation Manager Luke - always pushing them gud gud deals, never messes around Drogo - Ryan - Jor - Head Administrator Rapiid ags - a great guy all round, always treats everyone with respect, and always there if needed AK 47- Sezy - Administrator Dro - Pixie Joe - always willing to go above and beyond to sort the situation out Rob Macabre - Couvee Jr - R M B T - Bernard - Ntho Skiller Head Moderator Kreatiivs - Moderator Jonnie - Forums Moderator Bernard Ntho Skiller Server Support Bucky - Copskillcows - i see him always active, always willing to go the extra mile for anyone Stkdeath - Trial Support Sponsored By Offline X 99Slayerlol


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