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  1. Well to start, as of right now the wilderness is DEAD and I believe we can change that. I have a few suggestions but encourage other players to post theirs as well. -Add demonic gorillas to wildnerness (around level 35) that have a different drop table than the originals and more health. Some suggestions for the new loot table could be Ruby Box, PvP armor, Barrows Sets. -add a 1/1600 chance to receive virtus armour and thammaron sceptre from mage arena -add more desirable items to blood money shop such as $10 scroll for a massive amount of bloodmoney, sapphire and emerald mboxes, Elite combat boxes, etc. -create a drop table for when you kill targets that can reward you anything from blood money shop thats work 20k blood money or more -buff larrans chest to include more desirable loot -add items to wildy slayer shop such as elite combat boxes, dream potions, pvp armor, overloads, dragonkin lamps -buff wilderness slayer monsters drop tables to have rare chances at better items -make the wilderness bosses more soloable -remove reduced veng timer for donators in wildy -add a redskull for risk fights -add skotizo (with more HP) with buffed drop table including PvP armours, PvP weapons, blood money, chaotic weapons (level 50+ wildy in multi zone) -add 50 blood money to the reward for completing wildy agility course -buff wilderness weapons to be more on par with mid tier wildy banned weapons such as Hand Cannon X (only for PvM) -add x2 blood money to well at 2b donated


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