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  1. Missed the rank in bottom but its cool I know youre HC
  2. Dre Skillin ready to rumble! Good luck!
  3. Welcome to the simplicity Hard Core Ironman Challenge! Your goal? To gain the most points out of all the entrants, points will be earned by achieving certain ingame items on your account. You will have 1 week to accumulate the most amount of points possible, according to the screenshots provided here on this post. Once the week is over, we will be checking the accounts with the most amount of points and announce the winners! Your account MUST have the 3 letter prefix in order for account to be entered. (the prefix for this event will be DRE) Example: DRE Lausac MAKE SURE YOURE ON THE BLUE TAB IN PLAYER INFO SO TOTAL DONATED SHOWS (MUST STAY AT $0) You may not donate on the account (we will be asking for ss of player info at end of event) Duplicate items will not reward the points! MUST BE HARDCORE IRONMAN If you lose hardcore status during event you may create a new account and start over. (will need to enter here again) You MUST be able to provide screenshot proof of all the items you get at end of event so hold onto them in a separate bank tab. You must enter here on this forums post with the name of your HC account so that you can edit the post at end with screenshots of items obtained. (please try to keep them tidy in a separate bank tab perhaps) In the case of a tie winner will be decided by total level, if total levels match total xp will decide winner. The event will run from Tuesday November 30th at midnight server time until Tuesday December 7th at midnight server time. (ANY PERSON WHO HAS NOT ENTERED THEIR FINAL SCREENSHOTS BY THIS TIME WILL BE DISQUALIFIED) HOW TO EARN POINTS There will be 3 levels of items that each give different amounts of points! EASY, MEDIUM, HARD EASY - 1 point MEDIUM - 2 points HARD - 3 points Pets will also rewards points with skilling pets being 8 points and boss pets being 5 points!(AFK SKILLS DO NOT COUNT so Fishing/Woodcutting pets will not count.) (only the 1st pet will count so any duplicates WILL NOT COUNT) 1st Place - $200 Donation Deal 2nd Place - $100 Donation Deal 3rd Place - $50 Donation Deal
  4. 26.7b hard cash is my guess. Good luck everyone!
  5. Hey Reys! If you're still having issues could you join our discord https://discord.gg/CgYK5Zvc and go to #support to make a help ticket?
  6. Well to start, as of right now the wilderness is DEAD and I believe we can change that. I have a few suggestions but encourage other players to post theirs as well. -Add demonic gorillas to wildnerness (around level 35) that have a different drop table than the originals and more health. Some suggestions for the new loot table could be Ruby Box, PvP armor, Barrows Sets. -add a 1/1600 chance to receive virtus armour and thammaron sceptre from mage arena -add more desirable items to blood money shop such as $10 scroll for a massive amount of bloodmoney, sapphire and emerald mboxes, Elite combat boxes, etc. -create a drop table for when you kill targets that can reward you anything from blood money shop thats work 20k blood money or more -buff larrans chest to include more desirable loot -add items to wildy slayer shop such as elite combat boxes, dream potions, pvp armor, overloads, dragonkin lamps -buff wilderness slayer monsters drop tables to have rare chances at better items -make the wilderness bosses more soloable -remove reduced veng timer for donators in wildy -add a redskull for risk fights -add skotizo (with more HP) with buffed drop table including PvP armours, PvP weapons, blood money, chaotic weapons (level 50+ wildy in multi zone) -add 50 blood money to the reward for completing wildy agility course -buff wilderness weapons to be more on par with mid tier wildy banned weapons such as Hand Cannon X (only for PvM) -add x2 blood money to well at 2b donated


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