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  1. I'd like to suggest adding boss points to Derwens in the max zone to make grinding them a bit more worthwhile. While the drops are decent it takes a lot longer to kill them if you don't own a scythe as they're at 1500hp and they're only semi-afk-able without a scythe or with mid-tier loot (ranged with a tbow isn't fully afk-able either) whereas a boss such as the giant mole awards boss points at 500hp and fully afk-able. I feel like these should award boss points as they're a lot harder to kill and take a lot more time than some other bosses.
  2. Thanks for this chris, really useful!
  3. Riv

    Event topic : Cows

    Looks really cool
  4. Pretty nice update! Good job guys. Hopefully, a lot more people grind for completionist now.
  5. Riv

    Vote NOW!

    Seems like a good idea. A little change of scenery is always good
  6. Riv

    Simplicity Pets

    Very well done - we definitely needed this thread. Thanks Pixie!
  7. Riv

    Carn Brax

    Hey, welcome to the server man. Hope to see you around in-game
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