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  1. Hi there. It is actually very easy to create an account here. You open the client, enter a username and password. If the username is already taken, it will tell you that you've entered an incorrect password. If the username is not taken, it will log you in and create the account for you. Auth codes are an extra layer of security that you can add to your account in-game so that even if somebody figures out your password, they can't get into your account without the constantly changing code that is given to you on your mobile device. Please feel free to PM me if you need any extra help. Join our Discord server for faster responses too :)
  2. What's up Church. Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  3. Thanks guys! Glad to grow with the team!
  4. Great update, thanks to the development team for making it all happen and improving the server day by day!
  5. Riv

    Discord Rewards

    I can understand maybe rewarding people for hitting like top 5 or something in the Discord ranking system or maybe even just giving small rewards randomly to people who are active in chat and stuff like that? I don't like the idea of offering incentives for people to join VC. A lot of people aren't comfortable with speaking to people they don't know and you can't really offer rewards to people who are comfortable with it as it just provides an unfair advantage to the players who are comfortable with talking to anybody. A lot of people have or have had anxiety and it wouldn't be fair on them. Possibly adding rewards for actively chatting or reaching top numbers in the ranking system could be a better suggestion though?
  6. All the best @ tmk420 - wishing you well ❤️
  7. Well deserved Skovos, good job buddy!
  8. Love both the original idea and the idea Kevin brought. I feel this would bring market back to boss capes and it would be a really good addition. Would love to see it implemented in-game. +1
  9. Welcome to the team @ Elias - look forward to seeing what you bring to the server
  10. Such a cool idea, best of luck, hope you get it soon
  11. Really good guide, love to see it
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