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  1. Well there is a reason why they probably won't get rid of the afk spots, which im sure some people may realize while others do not but the reason those are there are to keep the player count of the server up. And i doubt they would remove it seeing as the player count would drop significantly at certain hours of the day. I do however believe they should be removed but highly doubt they will be due to the previously stated reason.
  2. The calculator is from https://oldschool.tools/calculators/melee-max-hit. And considering i did the calculation using only melee strength bonus, ultimate strength and super set, that should be correct whether it was this server or any other server, seeing as this isn't a eoc server. But there is a chance that I am indeed wrong, but considering the max hit for even the whip is severely lower then that of say OSRS, just makes me wonder if the only weapons that are correct are the custom ones?
  3. I noticed the other day that some (if not more then what I've been able to test) damage calculation for certain weapons/Bolt Proc's are off by a considerable margin and I feel that this should be looked into. This probably won't apply to a lot of people that can bypass these weapons in there entirety, but for those who are irons or are just coming into the game I feel that this is kind of a bummer, Ive taken some screenshots as proof to my claim thus far. As you can see in the pictures provided, the max i should be hitting with chaotic rapier is a 41 with my gear, pots, prayer, yet the max hit is a 31. Also another thing I noted was that the Ruby Bolt (e) Proc is supposed to do 10% of the max hp of a boss, which for zulrah on a first hit (if you proc) would be a 50, where as its a 32 in-game atm which would be 6.4% vs 10% as they should be. I am not able to check out various weapons as I am a ironman so this may not apply to all weapons. TLDR: Damage calculation seem to be incorrect, and should be looked at and corrected accordingly or on a per need basis.