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  1. Owner Arthur - Supreme - Kevin - Kevin is very active and responsive in game and in discord. very approachable and understanding and supporting. Head Of Server Foly - foly is forthcoming and helpful only dealt with foly in discord on a support ticket but was very helpful and resolved my issue quickly and and made sure I was who I said I was why recovering a back pin. which in turn was reassuring my account will and is safe. Donation Manager Drogo - had many of dealings with drogo with goodie bags and is all ways polite and welcoming! i also pm him for advice if I'm stuck and he is more than happy to help where he can. Ryan - only dealt with Ryan a hand full of times but he is helpful also and talkative! Jor - Head Administrator Rapiid ags - spoke to rapid in game not on discord but he is very polite and approachable via in game chat and pm. i use and will continue to use ags as a go to person at simplicity. Sezy - Administrator Dro - Rob Macabre - Couvee Jr - Ntho Skiller - Head Moderator Kreatiivs - Copskillcows - Moderator Jonnie - Xelta - Forums Moderator Ntho Skiller Server Support Bucky - Stkdeath - Offline X - 99Slayerlol - Finland - Finland is very active in game and can be contacted via pm or in chat. Finland, is a pro active player and goes out helping people with out the need to be asked to help and is a credit to simp. Trial Support Rytech - Disc Support - Lasauc - lau is a very knowledgeable person with in simp and he probably is my ultimate go to person regarding any thing I'm unsure about. I'm confident enough to pass people onto him as well if my knowledge isn't adequate to answer peoples questions and i know theyll receive the help they need.


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