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  1. Kaspeer

    Hello, At first I would say that I really regret what I did in the past, gambled stuff that werent mine.. I don't know how long its ago though I think like 1,5 year or so, and I know I was wrong been through rehab aswell for my gambling addiction... Hope this is enough Kind regards, Kaspeer
  2. Kaspeer

    Gzzz mate
  3. Thanks for this giveaway and gl to all!
  4. Kaspeer

    Lmao nice vid
  5. Kaspeer

    Nice video! When are you going to pick the winners?
  6. Kaspeer

    Heya, Can someone make me maybe an signature?
  7. Kaspeer

    I don't know how this works I have that in a notepad and still lagg..
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